Sword Training Day

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Sword Training Day

Sunfire and Nightcrawler

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2013/06/26 14:30

Xavier's - School

Shiro and Kurt practice at swords

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Afternoon has turned lazy, warm summer breezes offering little to cool one in the warm air with hints of humidity. Out on the cliffside, Kurt seem has found a moment with a sword and is going through some routine or another close to the edge. It is interesting enough to watch and almost deadly in how close to the edge he is, expect that, well, he can teleport at will so if he did fall, there is always a safety net for the imp. Presently he is not wearing super-suit get-up, but is in relaxed shorts and t-shirt intended for exercise, much as a runner or biker might wear, with a dark red stripe and some logo on the side for the company that made the items.

Near the edge of the cliff, Kurt may feel a very sudden increase in temperature, flying up from the bottom is his teammate the Asian plasma wielder, Shiro Yoshida. Shooting up quickly past Kurt, Shiro dressed similarly for the summer in blue shorts and black muscles shirt. Holsters are strapped to his back. The holster reveals hilts to swords. "Kurt Wagner." He announces as he hovers in the air above the teleporter and looks down at him.

Feeling the rush of air, Kurt slows to look at the arrival. Seeing who it is, he offers sort of a salute with his sword. Probably something of a mix of Errol Flynn swagger and Captain American patriotism, but not really either where it meets. "Shiro-sama," greets the elf with half a grin, "Out for a bit of training yourself?" He curiously looks from swords to Shiro for the moment, expressing that same curiousity as was evident in his question.

"Yes, but I was actually seeking you out." Landing next to Kurt, the fiery aura about the Asian mutant disappears. Shiro unsheathes one of the swords from the holster revealing an ornately designed Oriental sword. "I thought we could train. While I have some skill, I am lacking in the area or swordsmanship."

"I would be glad to train with you Shiro," grins Kurt, looking at the one sword that was drawn by the other. "I wouldn't imagine I'm a master in the area of swordsmanship," half a chuckle, "Life-long student at best, I think. But perhaps in training together we might both learn something of the art between the two of us?" He takes the humble approach it would seem.

Smiling and nodding his head. "Excellent." Shiro takes a step back and bows, holding out the sword in a defensive manner similar to a fencer, though the sword itself is not a fencing sword. "Shall we?"

Pulling the sword up, placing his right foot forward, his left perpundicular to the right, Kurt offers a salute to the other. "We shall indeed Shiro," he says, letting his sword fall as well. "You are good fencing, no preference to practice your quick draw," he says, deferring to the art of Iaido. Not that he's a practitioner himself, but pondering if the other so wishes to do so. Giving a moment for Shiro to decide and regardless of what he so chooses, Kurt will offer a lunge to initiate sword play. Not knowing full well the extent of Shiro's ability, he'll start with simple lunges simply to see how the other defends and parries, not overly commiting to attempting anything realy but only watching the other's reactions.

Taking a moment to decide, Shiro simply engages and hits his sword to counter Kurt�s lunge. He is not using any particular style, just going with the flow and let the sword guide him. When his blade makes contact with Kurt's, he pulls back and then thrusts forward somewhat quick, but not fast enough to strike Kurt, but enough to telegraph where he is aiming which is in the general area of Kurt�s midsection.

Countering the strike in a counterclockwise arch, blade down and rotating upwards, Kurt steps back slightly as if to see if Shiro would follow. He uses the rotation from bottom to top to follow through with a slash. Its not meant to be close to the other's body other than to see his reaction and if focus is on blade or on Kurt's body as they move. "Very nice," he says as he does this, offering a compliment and seeing if the other engages in bater as well.

The blade matches Kurt's, showing that Shiro is paying attention to the weapon and not the wielder. His sword counters the slash and then Shiro leaps back putting a little distance between himself and the elf, "Thank you. . .though I see my limits already." He holds the sword up high and slashes forward putting some strength behind it but with enough space to slash directly in front of Kurt but never make contact with his body.

Kurt cheats the format, side stepping out of the typical fencing field of play, going with the sword slash of Shiro as fair play with edged weapons, missing on purpose. He will rotate his hand and slash in turn at Shiro as he sidesteps, such that the back of the blade will be the leading edge. Over the arch of the downward slash, the sword arm in front of Shiro. If he still watches the sword, Kurt will swing his tail around to reach for Shiro's free sword that is still behind his back.

"There are no limitations," says Kurt during this move, "Only opportunities, take them for your opponent and capitaloze on the ones you are given."

"And a well-played opportunity on your part with the one I gave to you." Shiro pays more attention to Kurt's sword, that the demon�s tail is able ot grab the other sword from his holster. Shiro blocks the back of the blade slashed towards him and when the tail grabs his free sword, Shiro dives into a roll and leaping up into the air and turning his body making a stabbing motion with his half turned body towards Kurt.

Having meant to pass the sword to his free hand, Kurt's angle and Shiro's dive to another position leaves his flank exposed. He is left to keep turning in the direction of his initial blocked side slash in order to defend with the tail. "And on your part as well Shiro," says Kurt, then back stepping and making the sword shift to one in each hand. "Gave my pause, I wanted to say watching the sword is good, but focusing on the shoulder and torso can give a better advantage. You can see the intention of the sword as the body moves to put it where it wants to go." Then he uses both swords, his left arm swinging over and across and easily telegraphed by his torso twist and leading hip, but it should miss and if Shiro watches his body, he can see that his right arm moves, to slip the second sword under the A like frame of body and left arm such that the point comes through there. Much like a fan fighter uses the fan to hid the other hand arm.

Heeding Kurt's advice, Shiro pays more attention to Kurt's body as well as the swords not in play. Shiro leans back and attempts to knock the second sword as it comes from the opening between the frame and his left arm. "With how your body is shaped and moves. . .I am surprised you don�t hold with your feet and engage into combat that way." Shiro laughs as he attempt a upward slash moving from up to down as he pivots his body to allow such a move.

"My tail was a bit much," agrees Kurt, his left hand allowing the sword up so that it may continue to near the hilt, his right arm coming down with the back of the blade from the opposite direction, "My feet would be outright cheating." Letting the motion flow and seeing how Shiro counters/moves himself, "Though, I have been known to use them as well."

"You are a veritable Henry McCoy, Kurt-san." Stepping completely back away and once again putting some distance between himself and Kurt so that the blades fly past each other without actual contact. Shiro steps back and grins and rests the sword on the ground as he leans against it, almost using it as a cane. "Well that was educational."

"I would concur Shiro-sama," says Kurt in response stepping back himself and offering his makeshift salute as before, the sort of lazy GI/swaggering sword lift and finger lift. "I think next time I would like to see your draw, only if you promise not to cleave me in two." He affords the idea that Shiro is versed in the art of drawing and was being respectful to Kurt not to injure him, at least entertaining the idea out of respect.

Bowing formally as well Shiro adds, "I agree. Perhaps we can use the Danger Room to liven up the environment as well. And perhaps, Logan can join us. His samurai skills are on par with some of Japan�s greatest warriors." He places his sword in the holster and hoilds his hand out for Kurt to give him the other one.

Kurt gladly hands over the sword gently when Shiro is ready to accept it, taking safety as a primary issue when it comes to swords. "Ja, Logan is a good sparring partner, and with some variatble environments, we could really liven up the training. If you like, last year we created some wooden dummies for training purposes as well, so it just wasn't danger room. You're welcome to practice on them. Just respect the rules, you hack off a piece, you replace it, and everyone will be happy."

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