Sword of the Warlord

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Sword of the Warlord

Peter Parker, Xiu Lin Tseng

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08/07/12 13:00


Peter comes to Chinatown looking for an antique dealer. Instead, he finds Sue Lynn, who helps him find his antique dealer and some answers.

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It's rare that Peter really gets out and about in New York. At least it's rare that he gets out and about without a webline and tights. Yet sometimes there are things that the Spectacular Spider-Man can't quite handle that Peter Parker can.

Such as tracking down some people and talking to them without scaring or freaking them out, Peter Parker is much better at the whole non- freaking out thing. So today, middle of the day with the city still warm and vibrant after having survived another crisis, Peter Parker found himself on a bus. A bus that let him out right there near Canal street. He's got a backpack slung over one shoulder, a long thin cardboard box under his arm, and a perplexed look on his face as he stands at the bus stop with map in hand. Entirely too much like a tourist.

For her own part, Xiu Lin Tseng is just out enjoying the City. It's another day for her. She is apparently not needed for NYPD translation efforts today, so she has her backpack on and is making her way through the streets, nimbly dodging being knocked down by those taller and heavier than she who tend to miss that she's even there. She is near Canal street because she is seeking Edward Chen, a street vendor who may be able to help her narrow down a few questions regarding an open case that 'Yishi' and others are investigating. Of course, he'll never know he is talking to a 'vigilante'. That'd be stupid and reckless. He'll just be talking to a curious young woman who clearly belongs in his neighborhood, and is willing to buy his silly trinkets at their ridiculously inflated prices.

Spotting someone looking lost as a tourist, Xiu Lin slips to the side and comes to a halt behind the young man, giving him a light once-over. She's not quite sure why such a well built young man chooses to dress in a way that quite purposefully plays down that build, but his fashion sense is his choice. "May I help you? You look a bit lost." she inquires softly from behind. In blessedly clear English, not a hint of the locally-acculturated accents that make it nearly impossible to understand what is being said.

Turning around to look at her, the young man in his Empire State University sweat shirt and blue jeans seems to get a flash of relief. He espies her and there's an honesty in his gaze as he faces her, still holding a small slip of paper in his hand as well as the foldable tourist map.

"Oh, hey. Thanks." He adjusts the hang of his backpack on his shoulder, making sure he doesn't drop the long box as he smiles to her. "Just was trying to find this antique dealer..." He extends the small piece of paper to her and there upon it is the name of the vendor as well as the address that clearly would lead into Chinatown proper though it's clearly one of those places that most likely hasn't seen a Google-mobile drive through it and probably never would.

"Ah, yes. I could give you directions, but I think you'd get a little lost." the young woman offers, as she looks over the piece of paper. "Maybe I can lead you there? If you wouldn't mind the company?" Xiu Lin is pretty well aware of what part of the neighborhood that is, and she knows it's a section where they tend to view outsiders as 'marks.' This young man clearly doesn't speak the language, and that'd make him a victim, unless he's there as a guest with someone else that the natives will accept. She extends her hand with a smile, wondering at the weight of the clothes given the weather. "I'm Sue Lynn Tseng. And you are?" Mighty friendly of her to offer and introduce herself like this. But she tends to trust her instincts, and her instincts say this is the way to go.

Curiously enough, Peter Parker does the same. Though not so much instincts as spider-sense, and this young woman hasn't set it buzzing quite yet. "Parker, Peter Parker." He says as he accepts her hand. The way he gives her a shake might give someone the impression that he's timid, hesitant. But perhaps she can sense that subtle distinction as he's someone who has practiced being very careful when taking someone else's hand. Just a small squeeze, firm, then he steps back with a smile.

"And thanks, that sounds like an entirely more thought out plan than my whole initial idea of wandering around blankly and trusting to fortuitous circumstance." He starts to walk with her, looking up and down the street as they get set to cross. Then he adds, "Which, upon reflection you could kinda say worked." And then he smiles, an easy-going thing that brings those blue eyes to life behind the glasses. "So what do you do, Sue Lynn?"

To be fair, of course Sue Lynn notices those very subtle cues and clues about Peter Parker, man of mystery. But she says nothing. After all, he's not the only one with a secret. And he's right, his crazy plan really did work. Luck powers, maybe? "I suppose you are right, your plan did work out." She offers, and leads Peter across the street, and then down several blocks as they make their way towards the heart of the oldest, most traditional parts of Chinatown.

"I am a translator, actually." The name 'Peter Parker' seems familiar. Sue Lynn leads the way from Peter's side, helping along the way. "I am curious. I hope you won't mind my asking. Would you be any relation to the Peter Parker who is a photographer for the Daily Bugle?" She's not trying to poke holes in his secrets. She's hoping asking that much, at least, is safe.

"Oh that, yeah." Pete looks at her askance as they walk, one eyebrow cocking with a hint of incredulity as they move. But then he smiles and walks on, trying to be very careful with the long box he's carrying and occasionally nodding and murmuring his apologies to the passersby that he inconvenienes with its bulk.

Looking back to her he says, "I used to work for the Bugle for... gosh, ages. Though last year I got a position at ESU teaching science. Chemistry and all."

"Oh, how nice. You enjoy teaching, then?" Sue Lynn inquires, as they continue walking. She does her best to help guide him around knots of people that might threaten his lovely box, and turns them down a very tightly cramped old street that seems almost more alleyway than actual street, now that they are nearing their destination. She caught the looking askance, and has to assume it is because few people seem to bother to notice the names of those credited for photographs in their newspapers. But noticing fine details is rather who she is; she cannot help that. "If you don't mind, Peter, I will stay with you when we reach your destination. You may have need of my translation skills."

"That's very kind of you," Of course it's usually at this point that the ninjas attack, so she might actually catch him considering their surroundings rather intently. Which, might come across as strange since if anyone was walking along with a young attractive woman who is being markedly friendly... well the surroundings would quickly fall by the wayside.

He pauses for a moment to breathe in the scent of a street vendor hawking his fresh wares, some form of soup that he's doling out to a decently sized line for the locals. Peter looks back to her and smiles faintly, almost apologetically. "So be honest, do I come across as that lost? And here I've been totally working on my tough guy image."

Oh, how that straight line rather begs for a response that would startle Peter Parker out of his webby shorts. But Sue Lynn merely shakes her head. So far, no ninjas. She'd know if they were there. Maybe her company has prevented their appearance at this juncture? "Yes, Peter. You come across as lost. As for your tough guy image, I think you might want to work on that a bit more. Tough guys don't apologize three times to the same person for bumping them with a cardboard box."

Once they reach the address that was on Peter's slip of paper, Sue Lynn motions to the storefront. "That's the address. But I suspect if you were looking for 'antiques'," She points towards a stand set up virtually in the street, two folding tables covered with genuine (straight from Sam's Club) Chinese rugs, and covered with a variety of 'authentic' Chinese antiques. "You were looking for that, instead. Shall we?"

With his free hand he rubs the back of his neck almost awkwardly and hey there might even be a tiny bit of a blush as she calls him out on his being a nice guy. He keeps close to her, however, and lets her take the lead for the moment as they wend their way through Chinatown.

"Maybe I should grow a moustache. Bet I'd look tough then." He gives a solemn nod as he says this, as if to himself. Though with her senses she can probably detect that way he is, not so much outright neurosis and more some form of deflection.

When they reach their point of destination he gives her a nod. "Sure thing. And hey, thanks again." That having been said he steps after her towards the dealer and lets her take point, just in case she might have business with the person as well.

"To be fair, I do not believe you would look good with a moustache. But it is your facial hair, do as you wish." Sue Lynn offers Peter. Yes, it probably comes off with a tone of voice not unlike countless other women in Peter's life. But she can't help that. Once they arrive, Sue Lynn takes the lead and steps up to the tables, nodding her head to the proprietor. "< Good afternoon. If you will pardon me, my friend is looking for mister Jacob Chin. >" She speaks in perfect Cantonese, and waits for a response.

"Maybe just a big Amish beard..." Peter says this thoughtfully until they reach the area where the proprietor reclines upon an old wooden chair that's clearly seen better days.

When the young woman addresses him, the aforementioned Jacob Chin looks up, eyes narrowing suspiciously as he looks back and forth between the two of them. He's not an old man, at least not that old. Perhaps middle-aged, reaching fifty and some. A brimmed hat shields his eyes from what sun there is and he has on loose shorts and white t-shirt as well as a pair of flip-flops.

"< Good afternoon. I am Jacon Chin. What does he want? >" The merchant squints at Peter, and to Pete's credit he beams pleasantly exuding the aura of an individual without malice... and perhaps who might seem a bit simple to a casual onlooker. "< Is something the matter with him? Did he get hit on his head? >"

Sue Lynn seems perhaps a mite taken aback by Mr. Chin's assumption, and shakes her head. "< No, Sir. Not that I know of, anyway. I only know that he was looking for you, Sir, and was quite lost. >" She stops, there, and turns to Peter. "This is Mister Chin. What is it you need with him, Peter? He is asking, and I do not know exactly what to say to him." A hard thing for a translator, that.

Parker, for his part, bobs his head in acknowledgement and smiles his thanks to Yishi first before he swings that long cardboard container from under his arm and places it before the vendor upon one of his many tables, trying to find the place where it'll have the least amount of impact on the fellow's stock.

"A, um, friend of mine found this the other day. Said it was a big deal, sort of antiquey and he wanted me to check it out a bit with people. He's not sure what he wants to do with it, but I told him I'd see what I could see for him." And as he says this he opens one end of the container and slides a long curved blade from within. It's clearly a sabre of some sort, short hilt, still bright steel with a keen edge. Definitely has Mongolian roots, signified by perhaps some of the work in the weave of steel in the construction of the cross guard. Not a replica, that's for sure, and it even has a few notches as if used in combat.

Sue Lynn steps to the side to let Peter approach the table and discuss things with Mister Chin directly. Still, she is more than knowledgeable enough to recognize a /real/ sword in place of a replica, however realistic such might be. She waits for Mister Chin to speak, however.

The proprietor looks over the sword carefully. He does not touch it, instead picking up a kerchief and lifting and moving it with that instead of bare hands. "< Well, you can tell your friend that this is a very old Mongolian blade, likely fifteen-hundred years or so. A warlord's blade, but of an age after the great Khan. The mark here at the pommel and the hematite match a description I've seen for a relatively legendary blade from that era, from a lesser Khan whose name has been wiped from history. The legends say he lives on in the blade, and shall enslave the living to his will to restore his domain. I would advise that he encase the weapon and never touch it again. If he hasn't been enslaved already, better to not take the chance. >"

After Chin finishes, Sue Lynn steps forward and speaks to Peter in English. "Mister Chin says that this blade is quite old, perhaps as much as fifteen hundred years, Peter. It matches descriptions he has read of a mythical, supposedly cursed blade of a Khan that followed the fall of Ghenghis Khan. The curse would supposedly enslave the unwary to serve in restoring his domain. He suggests you never handle the sword, and perhaps have it encased for safety's sake." She says nothing baout whether or not she believes Chin. She's here as a translator, not as a purveyor of the strange and unexplained.

A furrow touches the young man's brow. It's clear he's taken aback slightly though to his credit he does a good job of not showing it too much. It's just that she is so terribly perceptive. But what is more, there's a narrowing of his eyes, signifying some measure of focus and determination. It's as if his thought it not to capitalize upon it, but to make sure the right course of action is taken.

"Thank him for me please? And if you could be so kind as to ask him if there was perhaps a museum he'd like to recommend or perhaps some national society who would have the best claim?"

As the young man says this he carefully puts the blade back into the cardboard box, trying to not touch it as much as feasible. Once it's back in place he closes the container then turns his attention back upon her and the vendor.

Sue Lynn nods to Peter. "Of course." To Mister Chin, she then explains matters. After a few questions back and forth, she can return to Peter's attention once again. "His two best suggestions would be the National Museum of the Arts, or the Mongolian American Foundation for Arts and History. They have an arrangement with several museums, including some back in China, and would welcome the chance to recover a piece of their history such as this."

What she doesn't translate is Chin's commentary on foolish foreigners who meddle about with such things of the ancient world so unwisely, or his advice to Sue Lynn to get as far away from this fool as he can before it all goes wrong. "Was that all, then, Peter?"

"Yeah, that was great. Mongolian American Foundation for Arts and History?" He asks this just to verify even as she can perhaps observe him mentally repeating it to himself as if commiting it to memory. He slowly nods and tucks the package back under his arm as he takes a step to the side. "That was pretty much it, but is there anything I can do to help? I mean seriously, big thanks for all this. I'd be completely lost without your help."

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