Suspicious Minds

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Finesse, Richenda Gray

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10/01/12 10:41

Girl's Dorms, Xavier Mansion

Finesse comes in from her Pumpkin Man hunt and sees Richenda, who she suspects has something to hide following a meeting with Emma Frost

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Morning at the Xavier School, early. Too early in many minds, including Chenda's. Clad in a well-worn purple tee and powder blue briefs, the dark-skinned girl is making her way back from the communal shower, struggling to tie back her damp, recently-brushed hair and dodge bleary-eyed fellow student girls at the same time. The latter is easy enough, but the former is proving trickier.

At last she reaches her room, pausing at the door. She puts her ear to it, frowns faintly, and pulls out the key she keeps on a strand of bright pink yarn around her neck, a long-ago precaution to forgetting it and being locked out of the room.

There's curfew and everything, and yet sometime, some students use their skills to do daring stunts and defy certain rules. Finesse seems to have been doing a bit of it lately, more so after the Jack O'Lantern note that she got before the whole robo-fiasco. The window at the end of the girl's dorm flips open, and she jumps inside, dressed in her costume. Slowly closing the window behind her, she heads towards her room, stopping a moment when she spots Richenda, "Ms. Frost sends her regards, Richenda, I take it you know her on a personal basis?"

That window's pretty quiet, but it still makes enough noise to hear. Chenda glances up in surprise at the sight of Finesse using it for a door. Which wouldn't get a second glance from her, but then the other girl pauses and speaks to her, which /is/ unusual. "Hello to you too, Jeanne," she replies, with a wry smile for Little Miss Manners, along with some good-natured teasing. "Charm school let out early today?"

Her eyes widen a bit at the mention of a message. "Miss Frost? Sort of... What did she say?"

Finesse, as expected, doesn't seem to follow on Richenda's joke, as she looks at her blandly, "I would never waste my time attending Charm School, such a terrible waste of time. I'm far too busy with more important things to be doing that." Crossing her arms, she adds, "not much, just to send regards to you, I was just wondering how she would know you and why she would care?"

"Where did you run into her, Jeanne? I haven't seen her since my time at the Academy," Chenda replies, smiling a little at the costumed girl's missing of her joke. Same old Finesse, just like she remembers from that time. "I'm surprised she even remembers me fondly."

"In the city," Finesse offers as little detail as possible, New York City is a rather big place after all. "Ah, so you were a student of hers, still, I doubt a headmaster would get into such a good relation with a student as to particularly care to send her regards." Finesse tilts her head a bit at the last few words, "were there any special services you rendered for her? You know she is of questionable repute."

Chenda shrugs. "Nothing much. I did work in her office for a while, after classes, but I wasn't very good at it. It was a sit-down job," she replies. "Why so interested? It was a long time ago."

"I was just curious why someone like Emma Frost would take such close interest in a student of Xavier's, the math seems off," Finesse comments, and then shrugs, as she starts to walk past Richenda towards her own room, but then stops to look back over her shoulder, eyeing Richenda a bit strangely, "you're not doing special assignments for her, are you? Reporting about the affairs of this school maybe?"

Chenda blinks. "Spy on a school I barely have time to pass? Surely you jest, Jeanne. I've got better things to do." She turns back to her door, unlocking and opening it. "Hope you aren't this suspicious of your roomie!"

"I have come to learn you can expect anything from everyone," Finesse says to Richenda not in the most pleasant of tones, but then when is she ever pleasant, "just wanted to make sure you are not up to no good, because if you are, you may slip...that won't be good." With that, Finesse heads towards her own room.

Chenda just looks after the unpleasant girl and shakes her head. "Suspect, suspect, suspect... what an unhappy life she must lead," she murmurs, shutting her door behind her.

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