Surprise, It's a X-Baby!

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Ambrose, Thimble, Showstopper, Blindfold, Seth and Mirage

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Lounge - Xavier's Mansion

Dani is switched with her X-Baby alternate

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==[ Lounge - Xavier Mansion ]==

This room serves as a way-station for all those students who need an area to duck into, relax, get away from it all and just sit. The room itself is spacious with hints of classical architecture, but with a modern appeal given that the furniture is positioned so people can have small social gatherings in one area while other areas feature the ability to watch a plasma screen or listen to music. Other clusters of furniture allow for connection to a table for board or card games while another has two chairs opposite one another with a checker/chess board inbetween.

Northern windows open up to the memorial garden and forest beyond. To the south is an exit into the gathering hall.


It's one of those days that students love and teachers don't mind so much either. A day free of classes. This of course has students spread out over the campus enjoying the day. Upon first look the lounge is apparently empty. Not a single person in sight.

Janie is one of the few who seem to stay indoors as the sun comes for the first real time this year. Some things seem to go strange in the last days and once again she seems to constantly have some things with her some people don't exactly like on her. This includes a butterfly knife, which is actually the thrid one she owns since joining as one was lost in the indian haven and the other was left in Disney World. The metallic handle glistens up from her backpocket as she looks around in the loungue, the sun rays coming through the window hitting it.

A class-free day, to Richenda, is a good time to sleep in. So she's only just coming in from the back of the mansion now. Her hair is damp and she's still a bit bleary-eyed, but she's dressed for the day, right down to her familiar red high-tops.

She catches sight of Janie as she steps into the room, giving the younger girl a smile and a wave. "Hey, Janie. Has the mail run yet?"

"Mail cannot run. It has no legs" Ambrose states upon striding in and hearing the question. He was looking a little sunburnt, with some cream across both cheeks and also seemed a little under the weather as he remained bundled up in his long jacket, but a tleast was not wearing his hat indoors, his hair askew in all directions like Doc Brown as he peers at one student, then another.

Janie looks over to the teacher. Not her favourite really, but there were not many people exactly she likes. Richenda for sure, maybe Dani, with some nudging even Ruth - even if her constant sorries are annoying and she digs in things she should not. "I didn't see the postman. I think he tosses the mail at the porter or the teachers office." she then replies, looking at a cuvert she had recieved yesterday but not yet opened.

"No, but it gets here just the same. Usually," Chenda ripostes with a chuckle, casually vaulting over the back of a sofa and dropping gracefully onto a cushion. "Morning, Ambrose. Feeling any better?"

She glances up at Janie and nods. "I'll check there later. I was expecting a package yesterday, but it seems to be running behind." At least /one/ thing's normal in this world today!

Sure the room looked pretty empty, but the sudden giggling coming from behind one of the armchairs in the corner proves that it was otherwise. Following the giggling is the single yap from a certain pooch and a whispered "shhhh! They'll find us."

"Err, please. Mister Smith. And no, not really. I did go numb about twenty five and a half minutes ago. so exhaustion is starting to set in. I estimate in three hours I should be out. "

"Mail is all unhygenic anyways. At least you do not have to TOUCH an email." remarks Ambrose distastefully "I believe they will be sorting the mail a little this afternoon. " he tosses himself into a chair, sighing as he sinks into it. Then he sits up abruptly, pulling out a small tea towel, folding it behind his head and then leaning back against it. A blink then at the giggles and whispers and he looks down " I think my chair is amused. or ate a dog."

Janie eyes the teacher for the comment, then looks over to the chair, slowly walking towards it. Her hand pulls the metallic hilt from the back pocket and with the characteristic *swish-click* the blade opens as she swings it forward in a long practiced move. At first it looks like she will toss it at the talking chair, but instead she uses the glistening blade to slice open the letter as she walks over to the couch Richenda occupies. With a quick movement and another *swish-click* the blade is closed again and tucked away in the back pocket of her jeans before she goves her friend a questioning look, indicating she would want to share the couch with her eyes only "may I?"

"Well, no... but you do have to touch the computer. And you can't send objects through email yet," Chenda points out. Really, she could go on about it all day, but the young computer-hater knows better. "But, package. I'll check on it after lunch."

She glances up at the sound of a small dog barking, and then someone whispering. She glances at the chair, then nods at Mr. Smith, puts a finger to her lips, and rises noiselessly from her seat. She smiles and nods in the affirmative at Janie, then moves on silent feet to the side of the sunburned teacher's sitting place.

Then she leans suddenly around the side of the chair, as if she'd been going to lunge and tackle someone but barely stopped herself. And stares, blinking, at what she sees there. "Um... hi?"

"Ah, but I can control WHO touches my computer, and I can sterilize it and isolate it if I have to. If someone on the other end sneezes, I have a very unlikely chance of caching it." he explains to her. He raised his eyebrows, but continued as though she was still sitting there. His eyes also follow Janie, blinking at the knife. Then he shrugs. Wasnt his school "Are you all enjoying your day off?" He turns his head, watching Chenda with a little bit of tired amusement.

The chair upon which Ambrose sits begins to shake, as if someone or something behind it is trying to move it. "Mistew Smith could...." the shaking and the voice stop as Richenda sneaks around the chair and greets the pigtailed X-Baby Dani and her Asgardian puppy "Wichenda!" she squeals "You'we back!" the little girl, who couldn't be more than 7 launches herself at Richenda, wrapping her arms around Chenda's legs "You've been gone, days and days and days."

Janie looks a bit bitter when Richenda gets up to check for the voice, pullign the letter from the envelope and eying it carefully. Something seems glued to the front, about the size of a credit card. Dropping the paper she glares over to the people around "Someone requested a drivers license for me..." she mutters. Well, not exactly one with Driving, but an ID-Card maybe Dani. As she notices what jumps from behind the chair she lifts an eyebrow. The kid does look familiar to Mirage really. "Richenda? Do you know if Miss Moonstar has kids?"she asks her friend.

Ambrose leans up and peers at the childlike voice, confused. THen he blinks and staers at the youth "... Err, I think this is the universal strings being tugged again." he remarks. He rubs his hands a little bit, running fingers over the backs as though itching badly.

Frankly, Chenda doesn't look any less surprised when the mysterious intruder jumps up and hugs her! And turns out to have an impressive resemblance to the very woman Janie's referring to, now that the gypsy girl can get a good look at her. "I think this /is/ Miss Moonstar," she says, blinking down at the little girl who's slowly sliding down her legs. "Any kids of hers wouldn't know me. Or have Asgardian Poodle puppies." She summons up a smile. "Hi, Dani! It's good to see you, too," she says, reaching down to playfully muss the young'un's dark hair on top.

The mini-Dani's arms go up quickly to fend off the hair mussing, inadvertenly dropping the puppy, that she was struggling to hold onto in the first place "Not my haiw!" the little girl seems to have a horrible lisp, but the reason becomes obvious as she grins, she is missing her top two teeth, pretty standard for a girl of her age "I'm playing hide-n-seek with Jaime, baby-Wahne and Sam." it would seem to her, that these three are children too.

Janie shakes her head "Last time I saw her she was triple her size." she mutters, making a rough calculation "an likely three or four times her age." Standing up she steps behind the taller Richenda "It Is Janie. N. not M. N like Nedle, not M like Mirage." she tells the small one, still having that paper in her hand, the ID glued to it.

Chenda giggles at the mini-Dani's sudden defense of her already slightly-unruly hair, which leaves her dropping out of that one-armed hug. "And you took time out to pull my pants down? With Rahne's nose, that's quite a risk," she teases, stooping to hug the kid with one arm and try to pull up her jeans with the other. "I'm surprised you aren't hiding outside in the fresh air."

She glances up at Janie, nodding. "This is /definitely/ a lot different than what happened to Jean," she whispers. "I /really/ hope it doesn't happen to me. Or you."

The x-baby Dani stands beside Richenda, her head reaching to about the older girl's waist. Flipping a long braid, somethings remain the same, she giggles at Chenda's predictament "I see London, I see France, I see Wechenda's underpants!" she singsongs before looking at Janie "Not you, Janie..Jamie...Maddwox." she means Multiple Man, another one of the X-Men. Her eyes unfocus a bit and she frowns "Baby-Wahne feels funny." she looks at the grownups, apparently for an explanation.

Ruth yawns as she comes tapping along, looking tired and like she's been crying

Janie looks at the Girl, then at Richenda, helping to pull her pants up the conventuonal way. "I don't see Rahne here. But I hear someones cane." she remarks, tipping her chin. "not happen to me? what you mean, Richenda?"

Chenda blushes, but she laughs, too. This has to be the first time Dani's ever teased her about something like this, rather than just giving her disapproving looks. "You and the room, kiddo," she ripostes, giving the tyke a quick tickle in the ribs, then straightening. She begins unfastening her jeans so she can pull them up more easily. "She does? Did she say what felt funny?" she asks, frowning thoughtfully.

She's just giving Janie an 'I'll explain later' look when Ruth comes in, looking distinctly post-weep. "Ruth? Are you all right?" she asks, giving the blind girl a look of concern.

Ruth smiles toward richenda "Yes thank you I'm alright just bad dreams and unpleasant visions but much had been learned as well." turning her head this way and that then "Hmm what's happened if I might ask please? More reality shifts?"

"Feels funny to me..." mini-Dani starts to explain as she taps her head "In here." she means that the mental link she has with Rahne is feeding her adult type emotions and not toddler type emotions like she would expect. When Ruth comes in she squeals again "Wuth!" the gap in the front of her mouth once more preventing her from articulating the R properly, she rushes across the room, the even smaller puppy Peanut hot on her heels "Wuth is sad? Who made my Wuth cry? No one makes my Wuth cry!

Janie nods a bit "good question. What's so sad and how do we get miss Moonstar back? I have to ask her about this piece of paper." she answers, looking around. "Is the Cub not allright?"

Ruth smiles kneeling down to hug dani "It's alright miss moonstar just curse side of my gift no one is to blame thank you. May I ask please what you meant by rahne felt funny?" then giggles toward richenda "Thank goodness some things are staying the same chenda" she teases

Chenda barely manages to hide a confused look at Mini-Dani's explanation. Fortunately, Ruth speaks then, and the little one dashes over to her, full of angry words that the gypsy girl can easily relate to. Doing something about them, however, is another matter. She looks to Janie. "I think it just has to wear off," she replies, holding her unfastened jeans up and moving to join the two.

"This is Dani, Ruth. It looks like the strangeness finally caught up with her, too." She grins. "On the other hand, she /is/ awfully cute this way. But I don't know what she means about Rahne." Ruth's comment triggers a blush and a laugh. "Right. The place might change all around us, but there will always be Chenda's clothing issues. No point in fighting that!" She shrugs, letting go and standing in her underpants, as if in surrender to the inevitable.

Dani squirms at the hug, even as a little girl she isn't much for PDAs. Instead she takes Ruth's hand in her much smaller one, and pulls the blind girl toward the sofa "Baby-Wahne doesn't feel like a baby." she again taps her head "Wahne and I winked, wemember." she climbs up onto the sofa, tucking her legs under her and attempting to pull Ruth down to sit next to her.

Janie eyes Dani, then the others "What kind of link?" she asks, searching a spot on an other sofa, giving Richenda a nod to sit next to her. "I didn't knew up to now. And Rahne... she is totally an adult."

Ruth lets herself be led over and takes a seat "As far as I know Nick is unchanged just a bit shaken up by his lady combat with the gods, it didn't sit well with him, thank you yes" Then smiles toward richenda and offers an arm out to her before turning her face back to baby dani " Well forgive four saying and please I hope you can believe me miss moonstar when I say that rahne is older then me and a full X-Men. Remember when genosha disappeared mysteriously, well it returned but with it came realities mixing with each other, overlapping, yes thank you" then turns her head toward Janie "I don't know how we put the realities back and seal up the leaks and reverse the flow or any of that but rahne and miss moonstar share a soul bond if I sense things right, thank you yes"

Chenda, seeing two different invitations, smiles and toes off her shoes, stepping out of her jeans and stooping to catch up the lot from the floor. She steps over and hugs Ruth warmly, then joins Janie on the other sofa. "I didn't know, either. Dani never mentioned it. I guess it was kind of private to herself and Rahne. I can't blame her for that. No wonder it feels strange, if she's bonded to /our/ Rahne!"

Mini-Dani frowns, not understanding what Ruth is talking about when she mentions gods or Genosha "Why aw you calling me Miss Moonstaw, I'm not a teacha." she is beginning to become very confused now "Don't know about any Ge-no-sha and how can Wahne be adult when she is only thwee?" she holds up three fingers to accentuate her point. "You guys aw playing mean joke on me. I don't wike it.

Janie leans bag against Richenda, as she takes her sofa "Ruth, you mentioned reality warp?" she repeats, looking at Dani "I try to get together what I think might have happened. You are Danielle Moonstar. Somewhat around 10 years old. But you are not at home. Here is the home of Danielle Moonstar, Teacher and Dean of this school. And Somehow you two switched places. Just that we don't know when or how. And when you two go back again."

"Girls, we're just confusing her," Chenda says, frowning faintly. It's natural to want to explain, but most of this stuff would just go right over a young child's head. She doesn't know the science, but she does know people, and the body-language signs the small one's giving off. "It's not a change to her. In her mind, Dani's always been this way." She gives Janie a quick hug, then moves over to sit next to Mini-Dani, leaning down to give her a hug, too. "We're not playing a joke, Dani. I'm sorry if we confused you."

Today is a teacher work day, so there are no classes to bother with. The free time has found a few students, several of the New Mutants even, in the lounge. The three girls Richenda, Ruth and Janie have converged on a little girl who bears a striking ressemblance to Dani Moonstar.

Ruth nods and squeezes dani's hand "I'm glad we're so close, yes thank you miss..erm Dani" then turns her face toward richenda and Janie "Yes thank you, we'll talk later about it, too much could be overwhelming for dani. I just hope my visions of death don't come true, yes sorry"

As if sensing his mistress's distress, the black and white puppy jumps into Dani's lap and presses himself against her with a low whine. Dani meanwhile looks at everyone like they are crazy and tears well up in her eyee, which she quickly wipes away before they escape, even this Dani has to much pride to let them fall "I don't undastand." there is more squirming at the hug she is given "And I'm not 10, I'm 6 1/2." she hmphs, absently petting Peanut on the head.

Janie smiles on the short hug but as she is abandoned she gives a short look at Dani who steals her hugs. "We will. Whose future you dug up this time Ruth? Unlikely mine."

And Seth walks into the Lounge, carrying his guitar's suitcase, and... Chibi-Dani! Now, he blinks a couple times, just standing there and looking at the others, then back to the young girl. Noticing the Native-American girl is rather upset, he mouths the words to the others so she doesn't hear him: 'What. Da. Fuq?'

Chenda, the one hugging Dani, lets go when Dani squirms. Funny, she didn't mind earlier! Then again, she hadn't gotten mad about Ruth crying and been talked at about people being pulled across universes, either. She reaches down and gives Peanut a few long rubs down his back. Pity her own loyalty isn't so effective as that of a poodle puppy. "Sorry, Dani. Too much talking." She puts a hand on the girl's shoulder. "Want to go play Hide And Seek?"

She glances up at the sound of someone's footsteps and guitar-case bumping, and sights Seth. Great timing, as usual. She blushes a touch, but smiles and waves as if baby-sitting age-reduced co-deans in her underpants is something she does every day. 'Long story,' she mouths back. 'Tell you later.'

Ruth awws and hugs dani "Do you really want to try and understand Dani, if you don't mind my asking please?" of course seth mouthing words Ruth doesn't hear him. "miss pryde is different too, yes thank you"

Janie smirks "what might be different about her? Unless she has dyed her hair or locked herself in her room to massaquer real people instead of pixels I have no idea."

Seth baps his forehead, "Right. People scattered across dimentions, with their counterpats coming here... Why don't I ever learn?" He covers the rest of the way over to the group. "Hey there, ladies... Lil' Dani... What's new around here?"

Dani had started tugging at one of her braids, another sign of her distress, she stops though at the mention of hid and seek and shakes her head "I was just playing hide and seek with Jaimie," Multiple Man "Sam," Cannonball and "Baby-Wahne." she hangs her head, burrowing her face in the puppies back so that when she speaks the words are mufflied "But they are all gwown up now and can't pway."

"Oh... right," Chenda murmurs. "Well, I'm not too grown-up to play," she adds, giving Dani a smile and patting her back comfortingly. "I'll bet Janie and Ruth aren't, either. Maybe Seth's not, too. Want to give it a try?" she asks, looking pleadingly around at the other three. Little girl lost, and sad. We should totally do something about this.

Ruth "Hmm just because people grow up doesn't mean they can't play, dani, yes please, grown ups play too, I'm sure rahne would love to play" then turns her head toward Janie and seth "think about it like rooms in a doll house but someone left all the doors and windows open, reach room is it's own reality or dimension, yes please. Miss pryde is a cat and Lockheed is big, course they might have changed since then too" nodding toward chenda "I'm not too old to play, yes thank you"

"I'm never too grown up to play!", Seth exclaims as he sets his guitar suitcase down. And, that's when he looks at the suitcase, which is different. And the logo on it, it's not the same as it was. He frowns. "I guess this dimensional shift also affects objects. I'm supposed to have a Godin LGXT, and apparently now I have a..." He opens the suitcase, "A Paul Reed Smith Custom 24." He chuckles some, "Talk about trading up..."

A short shrug is given back to too old. She sees herself as too old to be a kid for years already. "You are a childhead, Radiance." she comments nonchalantly, standing up to sit behind Richanda and lean into her. That is not playing, that is simply enjoying having her close. one of the few she allows. actually few means one in this case.

Dani's head lifts as the teens talk above her about not being to old for play "That's okay. I don't want to be twouble." her eyes widen slightly and the puppy in her lap begins to whine slightly "Oh! Oh! Oh!" she exclaims as she grabs the puppy and jumps up from the sofa "Peanut's gotta go potty!" with that she bolts from the room as fast as her legs can carry her.

"You wouldn't be," Chenda says. But Dani's already hurrying out of the room, Peanut held tightly in front of her. "I hope this isn't a permanent change," she murmurs. "I can see serious problems for the rug in the future."
She twists to hug Janie, then stands, collecting her jeans and shoes. "I'd better make sure they get all the way outside. I'll check back with you, Ruth. See you guys later!" And she hurries after the two.

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