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Magik, Wolfsbane, Showstopper, Wolverine and Mirage

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Kitchen - Xavier's Institute

Illyana surprises Dani, others drop by.

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==[ Kitchen - Xavier Mansion ]==

The kitchen of the Xavier Mansion is reflective of a professional restaurant kitchen. Large stainless steel fixtures and appliances line the walls with a central stainless steel work table down the center running the length of the room. There is a walk-in freezer and a separate walk-in refrigerator.

Here, one can make food enough to serve an army if need be. The appliances, portable and fixed, are all modern and highly maintained.

There are three exits from this room. The south exit leads to the dining hall while there is a northern exit to the outside. The third exit is a dumb waiter (industrial sized) that descends into the lower level for storage and shipment of foodstuffs and items.


Later in the evening, supper has long since past and most of the students are preparing to turn in for the evening so the communal areas of the Mansion are full of peace and quite. With all the preparations she has been having to do, Dani worked through that meal so has come down to the kitchen to make up for it. She rummages through the fridge taking out what she needs to make a sandwich.

A perhaps familiar flash of light sparks from behind Dani, and before there's really much time to react, a pair of arms in pink sleeves embrace Dani tightly from behind. "I misset you, chief," the voice is unmistakably Illyana's, who apparently is no longer a 6 year old anymore. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Spreading the necessary items, ham, cheese, etc onto the counter, Dani gets to work, that is until the flash of light. She had been warned that Illyana had been coming around, twice now, but until the arms and the voice she doesn't necessarily put the flash of light together with her appearance. "Illyana!" she exclaims as she butter knife clatters onto the marble counter top. Turning she throws her own arms around the girl "Geez, you're nearly as tall as me now.

Illyana laughs as Dani is surprised to find the girl almost as tall as her, bringing an impish smile to the Russian's lips, "maybe I grew up more dis time." Seems like Illyana has a notion of what has happened in the past, although to be fair, for her time is a very different thing than it is for most people. "I see you're all grown up too, chief. Are you teacher now?" She giggles at the thought, "Ms. Chief, I chaf question," she rises one arm like a student and then bursts in laughter.

"I'm dean of students actually." Dani chuckles "Scott couldn't wait to throw a job at me as soon as I got back last year." with Illyana's arrival she has forgotten about her late night sandwich half made on the counter nearby, "Scott and I missed you when we visited Limbo last year.

"Bozhe moy! Chief is Dean!" Illyana lets go of Dani and steps back, before playfully bowing to her with a flourish, "your Deanness! I am honored!" Sure, she's teasing a bit, but it's always been her manner. Putting on a sly grin, she adds, "don't tell Scott I'm back, I'm too much royalty to do vork." With a snap of Illyana's fingers, Dani's sandwich goes about finishing making itself, as she looks at Dani and nods solemnly for a moment, "sorry I couldn't meet you. I chad...demon issues." A second later and Illyana nods in the direction of the now fully prepared sandwich, "it's ready."

With the place mostly quieted down for the night, Wolfsbane's been out in the woods doing whatever it is she likes to there. It's been a good couple hours if Dani's paid any attention to it. Now the young woman enters the building again and makes her way toward the kitchen, showing up in that half-form of hers, blue and gold uniform in place. "Och, I could go for a big glass o' wa-- Illyana?" Call it surprise.

Nothing like Danger Room time and homework to make you forget important things, such as returning school property to the kitchen! Having borrowed a glass for a long session at the desk, Chenda has only just now managed to crawl out from under the pile of books to bring it back. That door swinging slowly and quietly open? Yeah, that's her, in cropped heather-gray pajama top, matching drawstring pants, and pink slipper-socks (a Christmas present).

The sight of so many people in here so late brings her to a halt in the doorway, hand still on the door. Especially the blonde queen of... /someplace/ she recalls from earlier. "Um, hi... should I come back in the morning?"

Dani makes one finishing touch to the sandwich, cutting it in half and holding one half out to the wolfgirl as she walks through the door. It's almost as if she knew Rahne was coming. "We managed to make it out alive, it was a close one though." she turns then to Rahne "Look who's back!" Illyana being there would probably explain the surprise that was felt along the link a few moments ago. "You're fine Chenda." she gestures the young student in.

Hearing one more familiar voice, Illyana turns towards the door, grinning as she sees Wolfsbane. One flash of light followed by another, and Illyana is standing right next to Wolfsbane, ruffling her hair, "Rahney! Look at you all grown up! Big wolf in woods now, huh?" She then looks aside at Richenda, "ah, the smarter girl. If you vant somethink just go get it. Vho ever asks for permission," she grins and turns to wink at Dani.

For a brief moment Wolfsbane freezes at the flash of the stepping disk, leading to her squinting as hair is messed with, ducking slightly by the time it's done. She's got a ponytail now! "I've..been through a lot, an' I'm an X-Man noo. Where have ye been? /How/ have ye been?" she wonders, absently extending a hand toward the half of the sandwich Dani offers, giving it a quick sniff to tell what's in it before a wave is given to Richenda.

"Thanks, Dani," Chenda replies with a smile... and blinks as the blonde woman remembers her, if not her name. "Um, thanks? Hi, Rahne." The gypsy girl steps over to the cupboard with her glass, frowning up at the overhead door. This is going to take some stretching.

Dani's been around the young gypsy girl long enough to realize that any thing can set her pants to dropping so when she reaches up to put the glass away she moves over quickly to help

Dani's been around the young gypsy girl long enough to realize that any thing can set her pants to dropping so when she reaches up to put the glass away she moves over quickly to help "Let me get that for you." hopefully with the pajama malfunction averted (it's post student bedtime) Dani glances between Richenda and Illyana "Oh that's right you two have meet. Chenda warned me a few weeks ago that you were back Illyana.

"It is Xavier's, I wouldn't expect you to not be through a lot." Illyana laughs at Wolfsbane's words, moving around her as she studies her ponytail, tugging on it playfully, "new chair style?" Illyana asks, before letting out an impressed whistle, "little Rahne an X-Men! Vaw! You beat me to it, Rahne, pozdravlyayu." She then takes a deep breath, "oh boy, chow chaf I been..." she tilts her head from side to side as if in thought, before laughing out, "just magic! As for vhere...mostly Otherplace. Somevhere in time." A quick hand gesture, and one glass hovers on downwards from the cupboard right over towards Richenda, but once Dani moves to help out, the glass just hovers right back to its former place in the cupboard. "Yes, I met dis one," Illyana points at Richenda, "and stupid one too, she's not chere now."

Wolfsbane shifts subtly with the light pull felt at the back of her head, eyes darting toward Illyana as Dani might pick up on a flash of..something..through the link. Hard to define it, but it's there and gone. "I learned how tae keep it longer," she explains, adding, "After I left X-Factor, I spent some time in th' city before Scott talked me intae joining th' X-Men, aye. Thank ye." A brief shiver shows in her at the mention of that other place, taking it to mean Limbo, and she merely nods while Dani and Richenda deal with a glass. "One for me too, Dani?" Then she asks Illyana, "Th' stupid one?"

"But I can get... oh." Chenda blushes as she realizes why Dani's so eager to help, and drops from tiptoe to hand her the glass.

Illyana's words remind her of that occasion. "Well, my friend didn't know you. Sorry again on her behalf. She's had some strangeness in her life, and she doesn't trust just anyone. Like you, said, it's Xavier's."

She could answer Rahne's question easily enough, but it's not really aimed at her and she'd really rather Illyana forgot who it was.

There's only a few moments before Logan arrives that someone might notice the approach of another person. It could be the thump of the front door. It also could be the somewhat clompish sound of his motorcycle boots. Then again it also could be the almost permanent stormcloud that the man carries around with him at times lending a hint of a pall to the world around him. Whatever it is, however, it might give the youngsters a few moments of a heads up before he comes walking into the kitchen. It's just enough time to stop any gossiping or pillow-fights or makeup parties that might be going on.

So when the door finally opens, Logan pauses for a moment. He's preceded by the scent of gasoline and road grime. Dark blues eyes flicking from one young woman to the next. He cocks an eyebrow, probably instantly assuming the worst, but then spares a nod towards Dani as if accepting that since she's here things probably isn't too insane. His rumbling voice lifts as he grunts a low, "Ladies," Then starts across the room towards the fridge incidentally.

Grabbing a glass for Rahne and filling it up with water for her. "Finally decided to grace us with your prescence." she comments to Logan as he passes "Do we even want to know what it was this time?" she is curious, but it probably isn't an appropiate tale for mixed company. Giving the glass of water to Rahne "Cessily." she answers "She took offense to Illyana's sudden appearance.

Illyana doesn't appear to be impressed as she looks at Richenda while she tries to fend for Mercury, "strangeness in cher life? I pet novhere near my strangeness. She need to get some smarts, makink threats on Sorceress Supreme is always stupit decision." But she looks very much impressed when she looks back at Rahne and gives another playful tug at her ponytail, "congratulations on growink chair, now ve can kive you real makeover!" There's a quick mischevious glance thrown at Dani's way, seems like a harkening back to the New Mutants days, as the Sorceress Supreme of Limbo schemes another scheduled makeover party for Rahne. When Rahne asks for the identity of the stupid one, Illyana taps at Rahne's arm and quips, "one with metal skin, like my brother, but probably much veaker." Just as Logan arrives, Illyana's visage becomes much darker, a vicious expression taking over. "Zeebo! Nobody touches my throne!!!" She screams angrily before disappearing in a flashing stepping disc.

"I dinna need a.." Wolfsbane begins, about to finish the sentence when the 'witch' quickly takes off for Limbo to deal with whatever popped up. That leaves a little fur to stand up along her forearms, another brief shiver. She says nothing of whatever came up between Illyana and Cessily, shaking her head in the aftermath of it as she adjusts the tie holding her hair back. "Noo tha' she's around, things just got a lot more unpredictable," she murmurs before sniffing once and taking in the sight (and smell) of the newest arrival. "Mister Logan," she offers. She may be an X-Man now but old habits die hard.

"No, probably not, but she's younger..." Chenda takes a step back as Illyana shrieks and vanishes. "Wow. Does she always come and go so quickly?"

Logan gets a nod and a half-smile, and the clock gets a glance. "Hate to return and run, but I've got a test tomorrow. See ya later!" For once, she doesn't hug Dani and Rahne on the way out. Then again, Logan's here.

Strolling past the departing young women, Logan gives an eyeballing to Illyana's teleport disk then grunts to himself as he reaches the fridge. Turning his back on the two remaining girls he opens the refrigerator and then lifts his voice, "What was all that about?"

Leaning forward as if trying to find something in particular, the sounds of glass clinking against glass is heard as he forages. After a few moments he grimaces to himself then acqures a bottle of orange juice that he scoops up and takes from the fridge. With one hand he closes it behind him as he rounds back to look upon Wolfsbane and Dani. An eyebrow cocks, "Curfew or sommich?"

Still having half her ham and cheese sandwich in her hand, and uneaten in her hand Dani puts her free hand on the counter and hops up onto it to sit "Yes, she was supposed to be in her room with lights out half hour ago." with that answered a query, both empathic and vocal is given to Rahne "You mean is was predictable before?

In mere moments it's down to Dani, Rahne and Logan. The wolfen mutant chews sandwich, drinks water and looks between the two others once Richenda's left. "Orange juice?" she asks him looking surprised at the choice before shaking her head to Dani. "It was more predictable a few minutes ago."

"No beer, somebody needs ta go shoppin'." Logan says taht matter of factly, as if admonishing whomever is in charge of the kitchen. He shakes his head and looks between the two of them. "Ya know, doesn't seem like it was too long ago you two would be stuck havin' ta do the whole lights out thing yerselves." He looks up a bit, one eye scrunching as he gives a few moments to a particular thought, then looks back at them.

"I think the last of it was drank on Sunday during the Superbowl game." Dani explains between bites of her sandwich. She was there in the game room when most everyone else was and she had her fair share "You don't have a stash hidden somewhere?" she asks in disbelief.

"Tha' part's na muh job," Wolfsbane says with a half-smile. It's known that she's too young to drink in the first place, not that she even would. "Ye mean th' American football?" comes the question of the Super Bowl, which she did not watch. After a knowing look is shared with Dani she adds to Logan, "We had a night or two when we were oot a wee bit after hours, aye."

A shake of his head is given to Dani then he lifts the bottle of orange juice and drinks straight from the container. He wipes a forearm over his mouth then looks between the two of the young women. "Nah," Regarding the stash, "Already went through it." Though, to be fair, he doesn't often drink anything too heavy at the school. "And Cyclops' six pack. So..." He waves a hand, "Meh."

"I'll go out tomorrow. You all want me to pick up anythin'?"

Dani seems momentarily amused by whatever passes between Rahne and herself, but that amused expression is also for what Logan has shared "Of course you did." she doesn't admonish him for his crass behaviour. One she's seen it before and two it doesn't help. "Did you hear the news? Jean has asked me to start up the New Mutants.

Wolfsbane watches Logan a few more seconds, answering after another moment, "More orange juice, please." Amusement rises at the mention of finishing off Scott's own beer, leading to her rubbing the back of her neck with a hand. "This new group o' New Mutants will probably be either verra good or a disaster, if ye ask me."

Logan's features sharpen instantly as Dani asks if he heard the news. His gaze narrows and a small scowl starts to form, but then when she reaches the last few bits of that sentence he cocks his eyebrows and then shakes his head. "Nah, hadn't heard." Another pull of orange juice is taken, then he smirks over at Rahne and tilts the bottle to her as if offering if she wants some.

"Alright, more juice." He leans against the counter, one hand resting upon a cabinet handle. "Yer gonna have ta bust their chops, make sure they live up ta the name." Then, there's a beat and he adds. "Course ta do better than the old New Mutants all they'd have ta do is manage ta tie their boots up right." He smirks.

"The same thing could have been said about us Rahne. We were even more inexperienced and wet behind the ears than the students here when we were brought her. Some of them even pulled their weight last year during the Manhattan seige and the Ultron thing. Could we have done the same back then?" her brow furrows at Logan and his comment about the previous New Mutants "We managed to tie up more than our boots, thank you.

Wolfsbane shakes her head at the offer for the remainder of the orange juice, making a bit of a face. "Nae thanks. But we had our share o' things we ended up doing well with, an' look a' what some o' us are doing noo." She an X-Man, Dani having been involved with X-Factor along with a prominent role here. Then, "I remember our boots were th' kind ye just pulled up."

For a moment there's a glimmer in Logan's nearly feral eyes, a flash of fang, as if he were about to say something rude or cruel. But then he looks down at the bottle of orange juice and heaves a small grunt. "Yer right." He pushes off of the counter, "M'gonna go take a long shower and try ta sleep." Kinda early for the normal night owl.

He starts to walk towards the door, holding one hand upon it and pushing out. "Juice," He points at Wolfsbane and nods, as if telling her he'll for sure get her her orange juice. That having been said he steps out into the hallway and starts to mosey towards the faculty quarters.

Dani knows that look and is probably already working on a retort, if she is stupid or brave enough to say it, when we makes his leave instead her brows go up slightly "Night Logan." is offered instead to his retreating back. Once she is sure to be out of earshot she gives Rahne a concerned look "I guess he heard the other news too."

Apprehension forms in the wolfgirl's expression and she pauses, not sure what Logan's about to say or do. A quick glance is shot toward Dani before she murmurs a simple 'Thanks' at the talk of juice, keeping silent until he's long gone. It's only once Dani mentions the 'other news' that a hint of understanding forms. "...oohhh."

"Exactly. Logan isn't going to be his normal happy, charming self," neither adjectives would ever be used to describe the canadian man, she's just using them to stress that compared to how he will be now that Jean is engaged, how he was before would seem happy and charming "I'm going to have to leave a note to the kitchen staff to buy extra beer, just in case.

Wolfsbane makes a small, short sound of agreement, though even the potential of Logan saying something nasty seems to leave her a bit on edge. "Aye. I guess I didna think about how that'd affect him." She takes another bite of the sandwich but eyes the way back out. "I'm gaunae get on tae muh room an' finish this. I've got some things tae read. See ye tomorrow."

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