Supply Run

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David, Tanya

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Salem Center Mall

David goes to the shopping center for supplies, runs into someone he hasn't seen for a while

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David is currently seated at the food court, a small pile of shopping bags next to him, full of items you wouldn't really expect a teenager to be carrying. Toilet Paper, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and other living supplies make up the majority of the items in the bags. He looks rather tired himself, and doesn't actually have any food in front of him, just taking a moment to get off his feet. A few passerbys give him sympathetic looks, but go about their business.

A tap on the shoulder, and Tanya peers past him to smile "Hey David. You look tired." she remarks "Are you feeling okay?" she asked, having heard about the school.

David looks over his shoulder, "Tanya!" he exclaims, looking surprised. "What brings you out to Salem?" he asks. "And I'm fine... But one of my teachers.. Umm.. Went missing soon after the school was demolished."

"I was doing a favour for a friend. Oh no..." she frowns, taking a seat "Which one? Where? Are they hoping they're just hiding? " she asks, concerned.

"Mr. Summers," David replies, "And he's not just hiding. I know that much."

Tanya frowns in concern "The one with the red glasses, ya? And I do hope he will turn up... he's very strong." she remarks "I will keep my eyes open okay?"

David nods. "That's him, and I don't know that you'll find him, but I appreciate the sentiment."

"Well it never hurts to try hmmm? Did you want a hand with the groceries?" she asks

David shakes his head. "Thanks for the offer, but I'm not allowed to invite anyone to the grounds."

Tanya smirks "well I can help you to the gate couldnt I?" she notes with amusement

David considers it, "Yeah, I suppose you can." He gives a long suffering sigh. "And I had /just/ gotten my room decorated how I liked it too," he says, in a light tone, though the pain never really leaves his eyes.

Tanya frowns a little, her smile fading as a hand reaches out to her shoulder "It was a terrible thing. I wish I could have... helped." she admits

David shakes his head. "I'm not sure how much you could have done, to be honest," he replies. "I appreciate the sentiment."

"You never know. One person HAS saved the world before." she remarks.

David blinks. "Really?" he asks.

Tanya nods "Yes of course. It happens all the time in movies." she notes

"Yeah, but this is real life," David points out.

Tanya smiles "Maybe, but stories always start in real life. " she points out "and we DO Have super heroes."

Tanya hmms "What do you mean? " she asks, leaning back and folding her arms over her chest, intrigued by his inquiry.

Tanya ohhs at that, and looks away sheepishly, then back, with a sigh "Its not something we like to talk about, my family. But " a hand clasped around her necklace "I can summon a steed, armor and a blade to fight for justice."

"Ah. Cool," David says, momentarily diverted, "That reminds me, I really need to study methods of fighting hand to hand. All of my fighting skills are more or less derived from trying not to be beaten up for as long as possible."

"Very defensive, but useful. " approves Tanya "But a formal training would work, if only for self defense right?"

"Well, not just for self defense," David admits, lowering his voice. "I kinda wanna be a super hero myself. Even got a name picked out. No costume, though..."

Tanya leans forwards, then smiles a little bit, it was forced. "Oh? That's dangerous work. Its not as glorous at it seems." she notes ferverently "What name? "

"Manifold," David replies.. "Umm.. You're not going to give me a lecture on math, are you?"

Tanya frowns a little bit, looking confused "Since the only applicatn of that term I know means 'covering' then no, I wont."

"Well, Manifold has a few different definitions. Like an engine manifold. But the definition I'm referencing is duplication," David explains, "Manifold is actually a method of duplication. There were other ideas, but I felt this was the best."

Tanya oohhs and nods "It sounds like /I/ am about to get a mathematics lecture." She notes with a smile. "i think I know what you are talking about though."

"Well, when I chose the name, and told someone else about it, I got a mini-lecture on the mathematical concept," David says. "The other person thought that was why I chose the name."

Tanya ohhhs at that, and puts a hand over her mouth "I see. " she notes, amused. "Do you think they will let you be a superhero?"

"I know I'm not nearly ready yet, but honestly, who's going to stop me?" David asks. "I stopped caring what my parents think when I ran away."

"Fair enough. But what about your friends and teachers?" she asks.

"Umm..." David says, then shrugs and looks uncomfortable.

Tanya tilts her head, waiting.

"I suppose if they're good friends, they'll encourage me without encouraging me to be reckless," David replies. "But... How many super heroes talk about this sort of thing with their friends?"

"I'm sure even Captain America would get concerned calls from his parents if they were still alive." remarks Tanya. Tanya says, "and While you do not care about your parents, your friends do."

David looks bewildered. "I'm not sure I understand what you were trying to say..."

Tanya replies "I am trying to say that superheroes probably have 'Are you sure you'll be okay honey? Its dangerous out there' conversations with their friends, lovers, and others."

David smiles a bit bitterly. "I don't really have any loved ones. My family didn't like me /before/ they found out I was a mutant."

"And your friends at school? Your teacher? Me? " she counters.

"Well, I can't really speak for my friends and teachers," David replies.. "And I'm guessing you don't want me to be a super hero."

"No, but it is ALSO your choice... so I respect that. I just hope you'll be careful." she reassures him.

David bursts out laughing. "Right now, it's not a question of being careful, it's ducking when trouble finds me. Have you noticed all these weird robot attacks in the news? I've been attacked at least twice."

Tanya grins and laughs as well, nodding "Yes. I saw that. I'm glad you're okay! Just a bit of a magnet are you?"

David nods. "I managed to take out two robots by confusing them and making them fire at eachother."

Tanya chuckles "You stood between them and moved at the last minute? " she guesses

"Not exactly," he replies. "I actually doubled and ran in either direction. two robots tried to target me, but were confused, since both were absolutely identical, and ended up firing on eachother."

Tanya ohhhhs at that, nodding "I can see that happening. Like the old movie trick with mirrors.

"I don't think they would have been fooled by mirrors, but yeah," David agrees.

Tanya nods "Yes, but I meant with the double effect to confuse.

David nods. "I know. I was agreeing with you. Oh one other thing I've found out, dying hurts like hell."

Tanya blinks and stares at David "one of your uh, doubles was killed?"

David nods. "Yeah. Crushed by a block of cement. It sent me into shock, apparently."

Tanya errps and pales more "... Ouch."

"Yeah. And since even when I double I only have one mind, I feel whatever happens to either body," David says.

Tanya flinches "... I think you should get armor." she remarks.

David nods. "Probably not a bad idea," he replies, "But I'm not sure how effective armor would have been in this case." He ponders this. "Might have helped when I got stabbed, though."

Tanya says, "Probably. I do not even know if my own armor would protect me entirely. " admits Tanya "I've never actually been HIT yet.""

"One useful thing about my ability, if I get injured while I'm doubled, the pain may be debilitating, but it goes away if I dismiss the injured body. Mostly anyway. Getting one body killed apparently sends me into shock."

Tanya nods "how do you keep track of which is the duplicate? Can you live in the duplicate you think if the main one is hurt or killed?"

"Umm.. Have you ever heard of Schrodinger's Cat?" David asks.

Tanya nods "Yes I think so. IT is both alive and dead until someone looks." she recalls.

"Well, my duplicates are the same," David replies. "Not in that they're both living and dead, but they're both real and not real."

Tanya ohhs and nods "I dont understand, but you would know better than me." she remarks. "I am a little bit wondering about that myself. The steed I summon? What happens if he dies? My father says that he will come back the next day, but I still thik I would be upset if he was slain."

"Basically either version of me is capable of being the 'real me,'" David says. "And even if he did come back the next day, I don't think he'd appreciate dying very much."

Tanya hmms "The horse? perhaps. We dont even know if he's the same horse as my FAther and grandfather." She admits to David.

David looks curious. "Do you know where he goes when you don't have him summoned to your side?"

Tanya shakes her head "No. I just will him away, and he vanshes in a puff.' she explains. "I try not to bring him out unless I have to."

David nods. "I suppose he must take care of himself, wherever he is. Unless you actually create him rather than summoning him."

Tanya nods "Yes. " a pause, to consider "Perhaps... Father says he looks different than when Father summoned him. Perhaps it is a little of both. If so, I feel better if he ever gets hurt, that he is not alive."

David shrugs. "I don't really know a thing about that sort of thing, so I couldn't really say one way or another."

Tanya nods "It is reassuring to think of. Kinf of like thinking that wasnt really a living man who was crushsed under that concrete.

David shakes his head. "I don't know about your case, but in my case it's best to treat my selves as living people. regardless of whether or not one or the other is real, it still /hurts/."

Tanya nods again, quietening "I forgot about that, yes."

"And even if you're actually creating your steed, him getting injured might cause you problems," David points out, then shrugs, "But again, it's not something I'm familiar with."

Tanya nods "There are ways to find out, but..." she trails off, then sighs "Should we get your things home?"

David stands up and carefully looks around make sure no one's watching, doubles up, then picks up the bags. "Thanks for the offer, but we got it," they say in stereo.

Tanya blinks at that, then laughs and stands "Take care then David!" she calls after him.

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