Supers Bowl

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Blindfold, Blink, the Phantasm, Sandman, and ShowStopper

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02/03/13 18:30

Bowl – Brooklyn

Sandman and Mike chaperone some Xaviers students bowling and watch the Super Bowl. A small riot breaks out which is quelled without violence.

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It is Super Bowl Sunday and the bowling alley is packed with people bowling and the TV screens showing the game on. At one lane is Blindfold, Sandman, and Mike. Beer for the of age adults. Sandman is first up and makes his way to the edge of the lane and bowls, making a strike on his first go-around! “Alright!” The Avengers shouts.

Mike isn't quite sure what he's doing at a bowling ally other than the invitation involved someone else getting the beers. As such, Mike is here. Hair pulled back into a pony tail, Mike's coat and knitcap is slung over on one of the chairs, allowing for the untucked gray tee to be seen as Mike sits next to the coat chair. At the strike, he lifts up the bottle giving a toasting motion with it. "Congrats." Mike comments, making no move to get up as he sips his drink.

Blindfold didn't have much enthusiasm for the superbowl, hard to get excited when you knew who would win, but bowling when you can't see? now that was a challenge she was up for. picking a ball up she stepped up to the line and bowled.....oh no the dreaded 7/10 split what could be worse?

Impressed with the blind girl’s ability to bowl, “That’s pretty good, Ruth. But more seriously. Who is going to win the Super Bowl?” Sandman asks the girl as he pours a beer for himself and one for Mike. Passing it along to Mike by turning his arm to sand and elongating it to the rockstar.

Mike glances to his bottle and then to the offered glass. The bottle, then the glass, the bottle... Mike reaches to take the glass before he starts to finish the bottle off.

Blindfold chuckles toward Bill "If I told you it would ruin the fun of watching the game, sorry yes"

“Actually it wouldn’t at all.” Sandman slams down one beer and turns to Mike, “You’re up.” He takes a seat, but looks to Blindfold, “No seriously. I like to know the outcome of things before they happen.” He pays no mind to the screens showing the game.

Being reminded that he was here to do something other than have beer, Mike looks regretfully to the drink before setting the glass and now empty bottle onto the floor. Moving to his feet, he heads over to the ball dispenser and starts looking at the numbers. He lifts up one and pauses, frowning. The ball is lowered and he grabs one that's weighted heavier. "Huh."

Blindfold chuckles softly and tells sandman who well get hurt in which quarter and down and who ultimately will win the game. "I haven't gotten to go bowling much, this is nice thank you yes. C'mon Mike go for a strike" cheering the Rockstar on lest he get in the tabloids for 'striking out'.

Grinning wildly, “Perfect! Thanks, Ruth.” As Mike lift the heavy ball, Sandman snickers, “I’m glad to see you are not good at handling massive balls, Mike.” He laughs as he pulls out his cellphone and rises up, “I’ll be back right back.” He speaks into the phone, “Yes, place my bet on. . .” He walks off speaking to someone on the phone.

The heavier ball selected, the musician glances back to Blindfold before shaking his head, "The one I thought I needed was too light. I haven't bowled since..." He frowns, "-a long time." Without aiming, without timing his shot, he advances upon the line, swinging his hand and releasing the ball as he follows forward with his release. The ball moves forward, a little off center as it coasts down, coming periously close to the gutter before swinging back, hitting the pins just to the side of the lead pin. There's a loud crash as pins topple down, and the setting device comes down, lifting up the two remaining pins in the left corner. Mike sighs before walking back over to the ball dispenser to get the ball for his next shot.

Blindfold claps for Mike as she snickers in reaction to sandman "remind me to charge him next time he asks a question like that, yes thank you"

Coming back, “Alright. This is going to be a good game.” Sandman looks to the screen and then turns to watch Mike, “So how was the first one? I missed it while I was on the phone.”

Mike looks to the two pins remaining and then back at Sandman. "I only hit one but then a small earthquake happened and the other 7 went down," he replies in a deadpan before pulling back the arm once more. He pauses, reconsidering his starting position and steps to the left a little before redoing what he did last time. The ball starts off center on the other side, curving towards the center before starting to curve back a bit more, hitting the edge of the back pin, knocking that pin down. Leaving him with just 1 pin left. Another sigh.

Blindfold giggles at the joke "So do I get a cut of the bet, yes please? It's alright you can do this Mike, yes thank you"

Grinning, “Sorry, Ruth. But this money is all going to the Mutant Shelter in Mutant Town. You have a fancy home upstate. Unfortunately not everyone else does.” Bad thing but with good result. That’s Sandman. He claps his hand and cheers, “You can do it, Mike!” With that he pops up and goes to get his bowl. He lets loose and gets a gutterball!

Mike plops down in his seat and smiles as he is happily reunited with his beer. Picking up the glass he sips his beer. "Just don't expect her to do that for you with the lottery."

Mike plops down in his seat and smiles as he is happily reunited with his beer. Picking up the glass he sips his beer. "Just don't expect her to do that for you with the lottery."

“Fair enough.” Sandman picks up his ball again and bowls. This time it is another strike, or a spare. He grins and takes his seat sipping his beer, “Well, nice to take a break. The world may be falling apart, but it seems everyone has a day off on the Super Bowl.” He almost feels sorry for his teammates who are on patrol, but for himself he is enjoying this.

At the reminder, Mike turns his head to look for a tv that may be on and tuned in to the game. "Speaking of which, did we miss the cointoss?"

Blindfold chuckles stepping up to bowl as she taps her cane and gets a ball "I wouldn't say you got the day off, you're championing me after all, yes thank you for that" she says with a grin to sandman "Hmm I think they skills be doing the coin toss right about now, Mike?" feeling out the gutters with her cane s she backed up and advanced to the line, following thru the release add one leg crossed behind the other. The ball took a wide arc nearly going into the gutter it ran the edge almost hitting the pins but a hair away dropped in that trough.

Watching her bowl Sandman ponders, “Dang, girl. Sometimes I think you can see.” In a way she can, with her visions and telepathy, but still. “So how’re things going for you at the school, Ruth? I’ve been so busy working primarily with Cessily that I don’t mean to ignore the other students. But classes going well?” He looks to Mike, “And you, why don’t you help out at the school?”

"I didn't know the exact time the game started." Mike murmurs, catching sight of the game in progress. "...Oh well, either way I'm getting pizza out of the deal later this week."

Blindfold blushes unwittingly at the praise "I missed but thank you yes. School is going well, we even have a new student who is super nice, yes thank you. Miss Frost is giving me private lessons and Jean proposed to Scott but got to keep the ring, please yes" funny about that usually the person who propped have the ring not kept it but then usually the gut proposed to the girl.

“Dang, a lot has been going on. Good for Scott and Jean. Though I hope they know what they are getting into. Most super-hero couples don’t tend to last. Wanda and VIzh. Hawkeye and Mockingbird.” Sandman sighs, “Maybe it will work for the mutants, though.” He smiles and then ponders if he will ever get a wife.

Blindfold smiles "miss grey is just worked about it turning into a circus, yes a lot has happened, she asked him, thought it high time" then pats Bill's shoulder "Keep hoping, you never know where or when love will find you. Though if Mike's dream came true he could help out at the school like you do"

Thunk. Gutterball. Mike sighs, moving back towards the ball return, "And here we go again."

Laughing at Mike, Sandman pats Blindfold’s hand and thinks that perhaps it is time for Mike to join the Avengers. Though the hero is still a bit hurt that Mike never shared his secret identity with him. “That is true.” He watches Mike grab his ball from the return.

Ball returned, Mike grabs it and returns back over to the lane. Eyeing the arrangement, he compromises between where he started and the second time to get his new starting position, then, without changing anything else, he approaches the line and releases the ball. The ball follows the same path of motion, only shifted over a bit, causing for it to hit the centermost pin this time around. There's a loud crash of pins as a domino effect takes place, knocking all the pins over. Mike doesn't seem happy and just backs away from it before turning around "Spare."

Blindfold smiles giving sandman a little nod "He didn't want anyone else to get hurt, he was trying to protect his friends. You want people to forgive you for your past, sometimes you need to forgive them for what they do too, yes thank you" then tilts her head toward Mike "what's wrong? You knocked them all over, if you don't mind my asking why aren't you happy?"

Applauding, Sandman stands up, “Bravo!” Sandman nods,”I have forgiven Mike and we spoke about it. It just hurts is all.” He looks over to Mike to see why he is suddenly dour.

"It's nothing." Mike replies, moving back over to his seat to grab a beer, ignoring the strike that should have been, "Just bad timing."

Blindfold nods to sandman "probably why jeanne is still iffy about me, which also hurts yes sorry" turning her head toward Mike but she didn't press it just gave him a look like she wanted to help.

Standing up and looking to the screen as the halftime show is performed and he watches Beyonce. Sandman sighs and snaps his fingers as he returns to his scene, “Dang it. No wardrobe malfunction this year.” He seems utterly disappointed.

Overhearing Sandman's lament, the musician's lips twist upwards, "And yet they made her outfit in such a way you spend the half-time show just wondering if it'll happen." Mike replies.

Blindfold blushes shaking her head, there were times no matter how much of a girl you were guys could still forget.

“Bah! She’s a tease.” Looking back up as it is his turn to bowl. He tosses the bowl and gets only 5 pins. Sandman grrrs and ends up getting a spare. “Good.”

"Good roll." Mike comments, looking over to Bill before he reaches down to grab his beer.

Blindfold grins at the two "There's only so many times she can have a wardrobe malfunction before it's not an accident anymore, please thank you" then steps up to get a ball, releases....and...gutter ball!

“Oops.” Sandman says as Ruth gutterballs it. He then looks up to the screen and the game, “I think the whole wardrobe malfunction is over exaggerated. I mean all you saw was Janet’s nip for like a second.” He shrugs, “In Europe it’s not so bad.”

Mike glances over to Sandman. "You'd think they would have put bumpers in the gutter considering things." He looks over towards Blindfold and then back over to Sandman, "Yeah but over in Europe the sun doesn't shine that much so they got to make up for the lost Vitamin D when it does."
Wait. What?

Blindfold sighs and shrugs it off "can't get it every time, I'm blind after all. Sides can't expect people to compensate for me, not everyone is nice enough to, gotta learn to play no matter the rules, yes thank you" then tilts her head at Mike not quite understanding and not sure she wanted an explanation.

Getting up, Sandman looks between the two mutants. “Well, I am getting another beer. Anyone want anything?”

Mike lifts up a finger, "Another one here." He replies before taking a moment to down the remainder of his glass. Task finished, he sets forward to go bowl again. He takes his time, standing in the same position as before and moving forward to release the ball once more to a very satisfying crash of the pins. "Strike." Mike comments, smile widening with the realization, "Strike."

Blindfold grins to sandman "a soda?" then chuckles at Mike "way to knock them down Mike, yes please" stepping up and taking a ball...she uses her cane to find the center, pulls back and releases. The ball goes in a long wide arc almost into the gutter before knocking into the pins at the last moment and falling into the gutter on the other side as the pins all fall.

Hearing their orders, Sandman leaves them a moment to go place their orders.

Mike sits, waiting for Sandman to return with the drinks, as it is Sandman's turn playing. "Oh, no promises but, Armand's agreed to an appointment to talk to a rep of the school about his, opportunities. Although, it's looking like he wants to stay in the city."

Blindfold turns a puzzled expression toward Mike as they say at one of the lanes "Really? but I thought..." and she tilts her head in that certain way before smiling brightly and turning her head add though scanning the room "Richenda"

:is at the small diner stand in the bowling walking back to the others at their lane. He carries a beer in one hand and a beer in the other hand. A third arm made of sand juts out from his chest where he carries a soda for Blindfold. When he hears Blindfold call out to Chenda, he turns, “Hey Chenda.”

Mike glances up as Blindfold mention's Chenda's name and looks around. "Was there a coupon day for the Bowling alley?"

Ruth's power is working overtime: Chenda's actually just coming into the glassed-in foyer. But she does hear Sandman's voice, lifting her head and looking for him as she pulls off her winter coat. Fortunately, he's not easy to miss. She tucks the coat under her arm and waves with her other one, giving the man a smile. "Sandy."

As she falls into step, she registers the fact that he's carrying three drinks. One's a soda. It doesn't take long to spot Mike and Ruth after that, and they get their own wave and smile. "Mike, Ruth... how's it going?" She stifles a laugh at Mike's question. "I had to get out of the school. You can hear the Super Bowl guy-gathering all over the building." Her smile turns wry, accompanied by a what-can-ya-do shrug.

“Hey.” He gives everyone their drinks and then looks to Chenda, “Hey I just got their drinks. Would you like something?” Sandman asks her. Then he happens to turn to the TV. He gasps, “No way!” The camera on the game pans up showing Ms. Marvel and Vision over the stadium watching the game. “No far. They didn’t invite me!”

Blindfold chuckles "I'll be better after I get my customary hug, please thank you" laughing softly as she accepts her soda and gives richenda a firm hug

Mike glances over to the TV tuned in to the game. "If you were trying to escape it, you have failed." He replies, looking to Chenda before looking over to Sandman and then to the TV once more. "Maybe they were only given two seats?"

Chenda has to drop her coat into a chair so she can wrap Ruth up in a hug, careful not to upset the taller girl's soda. But it's in all other ways the customary warm hug. "Feel better now?"

She glances up at Sandman and grins. "S'okay. I'm good. I'll make the next run." It's a bowling alley with salty snacks. She has no doubt it won't be a long wait. "I can put up with Super Bowl Stuff in public. But when I'm at home... no! Especially when I'm trying to get in a nap because I couldn't sleep in this morning."

“What seats? They are flying and hovering looking down on it. Bah! Just goes to show why I joined the Thu. . .” Sandman looks around at where he is and shakes his head, “Dang, they get to do all the cool stuff!”

Blindfold chuckles with a bright smile "Much better yes thank you. Your turn to bowl" before she takes a sip of soda.

"Well, if it's involving a fly over, then maybe they were afraid you'd get sand in people's hot dogs." Mike murmurs, taking his drink and sipping it.

"Next round. I need to get my shoes on," Chenda demurrs, settling into a seat. "I know how you feel, Sandy. I wish I could fly. I guess us groundpounders have all the more reason to stick together, though," she offers with a smile.

“I can fly. . .well sorta.” Sandman’s body shifts into its sandy form and swirls around and lifts up and hovers a few feet, “But it would be a pain to do this the whole game.” His disembodied voice offers as he returns to normal and drops to the ground.

Blindfold grins with a nod "After all I'm thr one with no offensive tricks, yes thank you but it's ok"

Mike. Just smiles, sipping his beer.

"You're the best early warning I know of," Chenda replies, patting Ruth's shoulder. She peeks at the scorecard for this game as she changes her shoes... the bowling, not the Super Bowl.

Sandman's 'flying' draws a grin. "I can see how it might. How do you keep yourself together like that?"

“When I fall into sand like that, I am still here. Just not here. It’s like I am somewhere else and I see the sand and move it around.” Sandman shrugs as that is the best explanation he can come up with at the moment, “Chenda, you want to take my turn at bowling. I am tired of beating and besting these two.”

Blindfold chuckles leaning in to chenda before smirking at sandman "I have an excuse, I'm blind, people would wonder if a blind girl beat two grown men, yes thank you" stepping up and getting a ball, positioning herself in the middle as she finds the gutters with her cane. Apparently someone didn't think it necessary to put the bumpers in for a blind person. Coming up to the line and releasing the ball goes straight down the lane a takes out the pins in a strike.

Beating the blind girl and the guy who hasn't bowled in a long time? Who'd have thunk?" Mike comments, with a sigh. Despite the sound he doesn't seem all that displeased as the game finishes off. He lifts up his hands in reaction as Baltimore wins.

"It's interesting, that's for sure," Chenda opines, with a smile for Sandman. "Sometimes powers can be fascinating." Of course, her smile falters when he puts her on the spot. "Wait... take your place? Well, if there absolutely have to be three players. But fair warning, I'm out of practice."

Up at the lane, Ruth mows down those pins like a boss. Chenda turns to Mike. "I'm in for a long night, huh?" And he gets his turn for a hug.

A garbage can goes flying through the window as a few people take to the streets, “What the Fuck! Fucken ravens!” Some 49er fans are upset and rush into the bowling alley. Sandman sighs, “Really?” He walks forward to place himself between the crowd inside and the sore losers. He ahems again, “Really?”

Blindfold startles at the commotion and stumbles as she was stepping down "Bright side is they didn't light the can on fire, yes thank you"

As Mike is hugged, the musician lowers his arms in time as the 49er fans show their displeasure by, going INTO a bowling alley to toss things. "Christ. Baltimore's closer to New York than San Fran is. What moron riots where he's likely outnumbered?"

Chenda's head jerks up at the sound of breaking glass. "Oh, fudgesicles... here it comes. And we're totally on the wrong coast for this," she observes, more or less concurring with Mike. "Naptime?"

Whether it is or not, she stands, following Sandman's path and staying in his shadow. The irony of a Westerner defending a place against 49ers fans is hardly lost on her. "Guys, seriously, you won't turn back time and make your team win this way, ya know."

Behind the 49ers fans, near the shadow of the drink stand, there is a flicker of one of the shadows as it appears to distort for a few seconds before settling back to form.

Mike sighs, blinking his eyes as he tilts his head downwards, resting his face in the palm of his hand and just going still. He doesn't look towards the disturbance nor does he interact with the folks around him. He just looks like he's getting a headache from all of this.

Anyone just arriving onto the scene will find the bowling alley is packed with Super Bowl fans, some more rowdy than others. As a garbage can has come flying through the entrance and some 49ers fans are rioting over their team's loss. Sandman sighs as this happened last year at the bar he was at. Not making a move, but eying the ring leader, Sandman crosses his arms as his body seems to grow slightly. The small group of rioters seems frightened of him when the ring leaders looks to Chenda, "Um. . .you know. You are right." He looks to his friends, "Guys, let's go." Sandman nods approvingly and then looks back to the lane, "Ok whose turn is it to bowl?" He acts as if nothing had just happened.

Blindfold picks herself up and dusts off "I'm not sure, sorry my apologies.." a guilty tone in her voice

Chenda, all ready for a fight, blinks when the leader actually demonstrates some sense. That doesn't happen very often! Then again, she's backing up a very famous (and large) hero.

Still, she can't /quite/ act like nothing's happened, even if Sandman is. "That's actually the first time I've ever seen a riot break up so fast. Wow. 'Scuse me, be right back..." She steps away to the restroom.

The shadow near the foodstand remains still as Mike remains still as well.

Blink makes her way back in from the ladies room. She still feels awkward coming back into the City after just leaving it the night before. Looking at the recent behavior, she raises a magenta brow. "Folks, it's just bowling...." She looks to her fellow students and chaperones with a lost look.

Watching Chenda rush off to the bathroom, “Oh shit. Poor girl must have wet herself.” Sandman sighs and looks to Ruth, “Hey, can you go in there with her? See if she is ok. . .well not see. . .but you know what I mean.” Sandman then looks to Mike, “Was better to end it like this? Last year, Vizh and I were at a bar during the Super Bowl and a riot broke out when they say NFL Superpro there.” He then notes Clarice and smiles, “You’re the new student, right? I’m Sandman. Avengers and one of your teachers.”

A glass near the refreshment counter tips as the shadow nearby jerks, spilling soda onto the already sticky floor.

Mike's eyes open and he lifts his head, appearing a lot more tired looking than he did before. He looks around and sighs, "I probably should start heading back home."

Blindfold nods to sandman before tapping het way over to Mike and giving a hug "get some rest but be careful please thank you" then turn het head toward clarice "Clarice meet Mr Baker, sandman this is clarice, my apologies clarice I'll be back but I should check on richenda, it's not like her, sorry my apologies" giving the pink elf girl a warm smile before tapping het way toward the bathroom.

Actually, Chenda didn't wet her pants. But an adrenaline dump on an empty stomach when she doesn't actually /use/ her powers always provokes a surge of nausea in the gypsy girl, and she's been in enough trouble to foresee it. What Ruth will find when she gets to the restroom is a bad case of dry heaves, and a sense of guilt for not saying hello to Blink as she rushed past.

Blink holds an odd look on her face. "All this for a football game? If it were that important then...?" She just shakes her head... "First World Problems, I guess." She nods and smiles to Sandman. "I'm Clarice, yes." She looks as Chenda heads to the ladies room. "Is.. she ok?" She asks the others. She nods emphatically to Ruth. "Oh, please do! Lemme know if you need help. I can get there faster now." She says matter-of-factly. She waves to Mike cautiously, not knowing him but hoping he feels better?

“Dude, seriously are you going to piss yourself too? I took care of the rioters.” When he sees the soda spill and the shadow play, he nods his head, “Oh I see. Well, see ya, Mike.” Sandman turns to Clarice, “Yeah sorry. Chenda wet herself and had to go to the bathroom.” He has no idea what is going on in the bathroom, “So how do you like the school?”

Blindfold walks over to chenda "are you ok? anything I can do to help? Clarice understand, you don't need to feel guilty, please yes chenda" first time Ruth used the nick name! Mark your calendars peeps!

Chenda takes a deep breath, gasping and slowly straightening. "I'm good, Ruth... just... some water'd be nice," she replies, the words more moaned than said as she stumbles over to the sink. "I really should apologize to Clarice, though."

And then, it hits her. "Ruth, what'd you just call me?" she asks, blinking in surprise.

Mike gets up, and gives a nod of farewell before gathering up his coat and knit cap. With little more delay, he heads towards the exit to head home.

Blindfold grins "Chenda, I called you chenda, if that's ok thank you"

Blink nods to Sandman. "Good. I haven't started classes yet. I do that tomorrow morning. Ruth's been showing me around the campus. It's absolutely huge." She says, and feels the crowd calming down. "So.. who's turn is it?" She says as she's looking around.

As everyone has left, Sandman looks around, “I guess it is yuour turn then.” He smiles and gestures for Clarice to take a turn, “We are just taking turns bowling. Not keeping score or anything.,”

"This day goes on my calendar," Chenda muses, smiling a little at Ruth as she washes her face. The cold water does make her feel a little better. "We'd better head back... unless you've got something you need to do here?"

Blindfold smiles "c'mon then you need something to eat" wrapping an arm around her friend

Blink nods and smiles, tipping her head, sizing up the alley. She grabs a decently weighted ball.. "Since we're not scoring.. it gives me the chance to check something out..." She sends the ball rolling and then snaps her fingers, an entrance portal shortly in front of the ball and an exit portal in front of the pins. The portals are accompanied by the ever-present audible *blinks!*. She watches the ball continue on it's trajectory without allowing friction to slow it down as she gets a strike, and lucky enough that the ball didn't embed itself in the back wall. "Awesome!" she says, giddy. "I need to try that out more at the school!" She looks up as the two girls make their way out of the restroom. "Time to go?" She nods and follows everyone out.

With Chenda’s asking to head home, Sandman nods, “Alright, everyone. We’re heading back. Get in the van and I will drive you all back.”

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