Subway Story

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Subway Story

Thimble, Dagger, Showstopper

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NYC - Subway

Three girls are on the subway when it stops and crashes suddenly into a tunnel

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Another rainy evening in New York, late enough that the subway doesn't have many passengers. The city may never sleep, but it does take fairly regular rest breaks.
The door to an empty car slides open, and Chenda Gray slips through it, grunting softly with the effort. She's damp and a bit disheveled, possibly following a run down a rainy sidewalk to get to the station. She shuts the door behind her and looks around with weary impatience. Seeing that the car is empty, she pulls off her battered purple gearslinger and holds it close to her, stepping towards the middle of the car, one hand holding the handrail for safety rather than for balance.

It is evening and people want to go home. Or have to, wven if they don't really want to. The car is not exactly empty, but the other sole soul that is in it, is seeming to read a thin magazine. Or is it a clothing catalogue? not too easy to tell, but eventually in a corner of the rails, the paper goes flying and the girl in the down-jacket and Jeans looks up to catch it, wying the other girl cautiously.

At the next stop when the doors open a wet, blonde haired figure in white flips down from the roof and in thru the door to land in a crouch inside the car before straightening to her full..well ok tiny height. Gazing around the car as she smiles warmly

Chenda, hearing something hit the floor in a papery sort of way, glances up and sees the small girl in her jacket and jeans. She's only a little taller, really, but she smiles, as she invariably does when she finds someone shorter than herself. "Hi," she says, just loud enough to be heard over the rattling of the subway car on the rails, stooping to catch up the reading material and offer it to the waif. "Here ya go."
And then the train stops. Nobody boards from the station, but someone /does/ board, by the most unconventional method of swinging down through the doorway and landing in a most acrobatic way. Chenda's eyes widen in surprise, and no small amount of admiration. That was a tricky move. "Um, hi! Pull up a seat. Plenty to choose from."

The Chinese girl gives a short, half forced smile as she gets her magazine back, quickly stashing it away in her Jacket as the door openes. Going wide eyes at the stunt, she peers at the new girl, then at the one that handed her the magazine back as she seems to know the new one. eventually she mutters a near silent "thanks." Just loud enough to e heard before the train resumes driving in its ratteling way.

Dagger smiles wringing her hair out, soaked to the skin "Hello there, thank you, I'm Dagger. You two enjoying the city?" taking a seat an equal distance from them both to make conversing easier.

"No problem," Chenda replies, smiling and nodding before she moves to take a seat, settling her gearslinger in her lap. Her attention strays to Dagger. "Sure! Though I do enjoy it more when it's not /raining/..." she replies, chuckling softly. "I think I brought some spare clothes, if anyone needs 'em."

The Chinese girl peers at the girl that called herself Dagger, but keeps quiet. She's not the most talkative. But she needn't to be that, right? Actually she hadn't really enjoyed the trip to the city... she had to give in some forms at that office and now she was on her way back to the orphanage she lived in. The subway rattled and moved in the corners, sparks enlightening the walls outside.
Then the ratteling stops suddenly as the car seems to hang into the air for a second - before it goes downward, followed by the one behind, and the third one just behind it! Inside the train it seemed all went weightless for a second, the three girls likely getting thrown up and floating for half a second, before the car crashed into the suddenly lowered floor with a crashing sound, deforming the metal with a really nasty sound, breaking the plastic chairs and glass windows.

"At least the subway doesn't leak," Chenda is starting to say, when suddenly the seat drops out from under her! The curious silence is lost when she gives a startled yelp, watching her gearslinger follow her towards the ceiling. Then there's a crash, accompanied by a lot of smaller crashes of glass and plastic breaking!
There's one fewer thud of falling bodies than there should be. Chenda finds herself caught by the back of her jeans, hanging awkwardly from the safety rail near the ceiling of the car. "Um... everybody okay?" she calls. "And can you get me down from here?" she adds, in a much smaller voice. This is embarrassing!

Dagger braces as suddenly she feels herself lifted from the seat, or rather the seat falling out from beneath her and reaches for something to grab hold of, sheilding her face fromthe breaking glass with one arm "I was about to ask that but yes I'm fine." Lowering herself to the floor from her hold on the ceiling rail. Moving over to richenda to see about helping the girl down "I think we're in for some entertainment" you know what cosby said about new york? save your money and just ride the subway, a different show in every car.

The crash is hard and the chinese girl ends up on the floor, hitting against a part of a chair. In the fall she was awfully quiet, but she rolled herself together. Ending on her back, her head bleeding over her left eye she gathered herself up, trying to get herself orientated... the floor was not correct, the car not upright totally. eying the other girl at the ceiling first, she noticed that the second girl apparently was ok. Wiping her blood away she nodded a bit, trying to reach Chenda, but being quite a bit too short. "sorry... uhhh... brace yourself for a fall?" She answered after some short pondering to the hanging girl. It wouldn't be too improbable if the clothing would rip when she hangs from them, or? She concentrates to try to sever the material at the hanging with her ability.
Meanwhile something seemed to rumble under them... or was it at the wall next to them? There were people in other cars...

"Thank goodness... um, miss? Small girl? You're definitely bleeding. I have some first-aid training, if we can find my pack," Chenda offers, reaching for Dagger. But then the smaller girl's warning comes. "Wait, what are you doOOOO!" The last is a shout as her hooked jeans tear open in back and leave her open to the force of gravity! The gypsy girl thuds to the floor and rolls, having reflexively braced for a bumpy landing.
She manages to roll into a kneeling position, shaking her head. "Okay, next time I take the... oh, right. Dagger, do you see my gearslinger? It's purple, and it's got first aid supplies in it."

The Chinese girl - well, she IS almost an adult, counting her age - shakes her head a bit "Nothing I did..." she tries to deny a calmly, the Blood flowing down over her face like a thin red curtain. She really could need some help on that.
The Wall rumbles some more, then loose earth begins to drop from it against the car, some falling into it. in the cars behind them - one is tilted just a bit, the other one is almost in an 50 degrees angle down into the depression on the tracks. WHAT the hell just happened?

Dagger was short but that didn't mean she wasn't gonna try to help the girl down. Course injuries that bled were a bit of a distraction...and with one hand a healing dagger of light appeared in her hand "Hold still, this will help. It won't hurt I promise ok?" please stay still please stay still! and *shoop* dagger flung the dagger at the quiet asian girl. Then gasps as the hanging girl falls! seems ok! except fro a split in back of her pants, that's gotta be embarassing. Now Dagger looks around for a purple pack.

Chenda, unfortunately for the Chinese girl, is a good reader of faces. "Uh-huh," she replies, trying not to smile. "You totally warned me about falling, and coincidentally I fall right after that." Her tone is teasing rather than suspicious. And yes, having her jeans torn open in back is indeed embarrassing. Aside from the fact that her bright blue panties are showing, she's having to hold them up. "S'okay, some of my best friends do strange things..."
And then she falls silent as Dagger suddenly conjures a knife-shaped light /thing/ in her hand. "Whoa..." she breathes, blinking and freezing in place.

The Chineese Girl screamed up as the light dagger was thrown at her, just as she had opened her eyes again after the clothing manipulation. Still it pierced her shoulder as she tried to evade it, throwing her back before it vanished as it began to close the samall wound. Still the blood over her eye remained, hindering sight a bit. And the Shocked face as she touches her shoulder which should be harmed.
The rumble continiues and in the car behind them the people scream up - the wall comes apart!

Smiling, Dagger spotted the pack under a seat and went over to get it. Opening it up to get the first aid kit, hopefully there was something to wipe up the blood on the girl's face. Ah! there it is! "Feeling better?" as she hands richenda the pack and a kleenex and some gauze to the asian girl "I wasn't going to hurt you, honest." then looks down the aisle into the other cars "Hmm looks like something created a sink hole beneath the tracks" Something! cuz sink holes never happen round here. then she looks toward the wall that the dirt is coming from.

"Wait, what are..?" Chenda trails off as Dagger's... well, /dagger/ lances into the Chinese girl. Nothing happens. Then she notices that that cut on the small one's forehead is closing with startling speed. "Wow!"
She's still staring when Dagger hands her the pack, which she instinctively clasps with both hands. Naturally, her torn jeans slip and fall to her ankles, leaving her standing in the shaking car in her hi-cut briefs. "I think something's /still/ creating a sinkhole," she comments, looking out. "Maybe we'd better get out of this car before they drop it any further." She stoops and pulls up her jeans with one hand, at least enough to move. "Miss, you coming?" she asks, looking to the young rip predictor.

The late teen nods, trying to get to the emergency handle of the door to open it. "Janie... not Miss... Better out here..." she mutters in her futile tries. The look at the brief however calls a small smile from her, which vanishs as the wall eventually falls and opens way for a tunnel. Some small and fat figure is there, lightened up from behind, together with a group of slim and taller creatures that seem to have doen the digging.

Nodding Dagger pauses "Outside might not be any better then in here" if the civilians in the other cars were only frantic before in fear of Dagger due to her public reputation they were now screaming in a full panic at this sight. who knew a simple commute home could go so horribly wrong?

"Chenda," the gypsy girl replies, moving to help with the door. "Stand back, Janie... and if you did something to my jeans, could you reverse it?" she asks, slinging her gearslinger back on to free her hands, clenching her knees together to hold her jeans mostly in place. Mostly. She reaches out with one hand and touches the door...
Nothing happens, because that's exactly when the wall falls, disrupting her concentration and revealing something beyond. Check that: Some/one/ beyond. A group of someones, actually! "Oh, fudgesicles... maybe you're right, Dagger. But what do we do? If we don't go out, they'll come in. Or just drop all that dirt on the train!"

Dagger looks to the tunnel people and the other cars and the two kids "Stay here, see if you can get the people out a rear door and lead them down the tunnels. No telling how this will go down. I'll do what I can, you can count on it" then she grabs the hand rail along the ceiling and swings out thru the broken window "These people have done nothing to you, leave them alone." she tells the tunnel people as her C shaped facial mark around her left eye glows in the darkness of the tunnel.

"Wait! You can't fight them alone!" Chenda protests to no avail, seeing Dagger make her unconventional exit and drop down in front of the strange figures. "Ooh! Does anybody ever listen to me?" She glances down. "Of course not. Who'd listen to a girl running around in her underpants?"

Screaming up as the Mole Man and his Moloids show themselfs, Janie stumbles away from the door, towards the one that was leading towards the other cart. Waving at Chenda to folow she tries to open the bend door but it is stuck "Better help me here! If she wants to buy us time, then be it. We better get those out of here!" she nearly yells, gesturing at the people who are behind the door. Grabbing for the ripped part of the pants of Richendra, should she reach her to fix the rip at least enough so it does hold for some time.
The Moloids however quickly focus on Dagger, getting up some arms and pointing them at her - they looked like sawn off shotguns... but surely they weren't.

Dagger stands her ground a shield of light appearing in one hand on her forearm. "These are good innocent law abiding people. Leave them alone please and tell me what you want"

"I'm trying, Janie..." Chenda mutters, touching the door again. This time her concentration doesn't falter, and the door vanishes with a loud *POP!* And, fortunately, the smaller girl manages a decent repair on Chenda's jeans. They're staying up now. "'Scuse me! Folks? We really need to get out of here! If you'll head for the back of the train, maybe the guys that made this hole we fell into won't see us. Just take it carefully and don't panic! We'll get out of this, I promise!"

Janie does her best to point at the door on the other side and direct the panicked people there "please... can someone try to open the door there? then we all can try to get through to the next..." she sais.
Thankfully the Moloids focus on Dagger, pointing the infrasound desintegrators at her. Eventually the Mole Man answers the speech "Law abiding people? YOU speak of that? They made my life hell! And I will show them! Go away and live - or face my wrath!" he yells at her.

Dagger shakes her head "I'm sure you realize I can't do that. These specific people have done nothing to you. Whatever your greivance perhaps focus on the specific people it is with rather then generalizing. Your anger is blinding you" okay well she couldn't back down and these mole people were obviously not of the reasonable sort sooo...creating light daggers from her finger she threw them at the moloids in an arc to target more then one.

Doing her best to follow, the Chinese girl follows up, helping some of the fallen up. "come on... there must be a way up and out." she assures them, not knowint that the near vertical car is nearly unable to be used to climb up without a ledder in it.
The Moloid fire their infrasonic weapons at Dagger just as she throws them. Three of them fall, the glowing blades in their bodies, but for each fallen a new one fills the gap. "you can't win!" the Mole Man screams laughting.

Crud! Dagger brings her shield up to block the gunfire and throws another hand of daggers at the molemen as she gets knocked back forcibly into the subway car.

Chenda doesn't know it either, but she's still doing her best to lead, making her way through the last car before the vertical one. She pauses as she sees it. "Okay... this could be tricky," she murmurs, looking up through something that was never designed to be used for a ladder. "I'll go up first! Janie, I'll help you up, and then we look for something we can use for a ladder or a rope for these other folks." Putting a foot on a metal armrest protruding from the wall where a plastic chair used to be, she begins shinnying her way up the way only a lifelong acrobat can, pausing to help Janie up behind her.

Looks up the nearly 10 meters long wagon, being only roughly at 1.5 meters . "uhh... me helping you up?" she asks agaon, not being too sure it will help. "uhm... uhh... I bet... uhm... Do we have some spare clothes to make a ladder?" she asks around, hoping the people can lend her the jackets or so.
The Moloids jubilee a second as the self proclaimed hero lands in the cart, but they keep their target on her, trying to use more and more of the infrasound on her. "Diediedie!" one of them screams in a high pitch voice.

Dagger looked a bit sick to her stomache but she handsprings into the air to do a pirouette as she used her dancing and acrobatics to dodge out of the way, looking almost as though she wasn't touching the ground, quite majestic. True to her talents the shield disappears and she somehow manages to throw two hands, 8 total of light daggers at the Moloids. And yet...the daggers didn't take a direct path but zigzagged their way thru the air making it hard to target.

"More like /me/ helping /you/ up. Extra clothes? The stuff in my pack won't stretch far, even if we tie it all together," Chenda replies. "Maybe somebody else has something, though. Folks? Any jackets or blankets among you? We need something to tie together!"
Fortunately, this being a rainy night, a lot of people do have coats and wraps. Pretty soon Janie has about a dozen or so, some too flimsy, but most sturdy enough for the job. It still may not be enough, though.

With some work Janie however worked on tying the pieces together... well, not exactly tying them but secretly reforming the pieces a bit, but not enough for most to be noticed. Eventually she ended with about nine Meters of leadder. "uhm... I am not the best to climb... can you?" she asked Chenda.
The Moloids fell, the others retreating a bit but the Mole Man yelled them forward again "Kill her! Kill her!" he yells as he himself starts to retreat into the tunnel.

Flipping hands over feet like an olympian in the floor tumbling competition, Dagger moved forward and with light daggers in hand againand throws them thru the air in a seemingly eratic pattern right for the Mole Man "You moles should probably go home unless you want to nap like your friends" she advised

"I'm probably the best climber here," Chenda replies. Tying one end of the clothing rope around her waist, she begins working her way up. Despite her everyday attire, she's proving to have surprising strength and grace, and she needs all of it to climb the near-vertical subway car.
But at last she reaches the top and ties off the rope on a grab rail just outside the door. "Okay, I'm coming back down! I'm betting Dagger needs help." She makes the descent easily, nodding to Janie. "Can you get them out? I'll be back as soon as I can."

Janie nodded, near silently asking each of the people to carefully climb up the impropertu ladder. "please... one at a time. Just one at a time." she asked the about one dozen of people that were down with them, trying to keep the evacuation safe and sound. "If you are up, please help to pull up those that can't climb the ladder themselfs. Then we search the emergency exit."
The Mole Man just dodged one of the blades just enough to evade them, running away even quicker. On his retreat he yelled at some of the Moloids "colapse the tunnel! make sure she can't follow!" he yelled, the Moloids aiming up a the roof and beginning to work on it, where it began to crumble...

Dagger while not nearly on par with spider-man for her acrobatics or the x-men for combat, she'd taught herself and her dancing and agility aided her acrobatic maneuvers as the light dagger that missed comes around again for the moleman "Make sure to take your sleeping friends with you!"

Just in time the Mole Man reached a hole to dive in, one of his Moloids catching the blade for him in a deadly fashion. When the flash hit the Wall where he had just been standing, the shockwave made the earth shiver, the Moloids dashing away into the tunnel. Then it colapsed, the dustcloud covering the whole area.
Meanwhile Janie did her best to get all the people up, eventually hanging her head out of the Window "All are up!" she yells.

Dagger laughs softly as she stops flipping about like a bouncy ball and goes to high five Chenda "Nice one! And they say I'm all about the light" then looks up at Janie "Good. We'll be right ourselves and then we can get these people up to the streets"

Chenda giggles and high-fives Dagger back! "Nice one? Me? What about /you/? You were fighting them by yourself all this time!" she says approvingly. "I was just opening doors and climbing. You did all the work!" She gives the blonde girl a quick hug. "I'll work with you anytime!"
Janie's call reminds her of the responsibility she still has to discharge. "Oh, right... I guess we'd better start looking for the way out." She turns and takes hold of the grab bar by the door, lifting a foot and pulling herself up into the train, then stooping to offer a hand to Dagger... and her eyes widen in horrified dismay when she hears ripping cloth. Oops... guess Janie's repair could've been more permanent. "Um, I'll bring up the rear..."

Janie tried to help herself up the leadder, but then looked back at Chenda "uhm.... you bring up what?" she asked.

Dagger chuckles at chenda"I only did what needed to be done, luckily their aim is poor" then climbs up and accepts the help at the top "She means she'll come up last" dagger was quite flexible and graceful in her climbing but once up and out she glowed with light about a foot away from her in all directions "Alright we just need to find an access tunnel up to the surface right?" organizing the people into a group to lead them along the walls once Chenda and Janie were out. Soon a tunnel straight up with a ladder up was found and Dagger went first.

And Chenda is indeed last, following more slowly since she has to have a hand to hold up her jeans. But she does finally get there, and watches behind the group until they're all safely up the ladder and out in old New York again.
It's good to be home!

Finding a tunnel to leave was not too hard - just follow the tracks to the last station or the first door with emergency exit on it. And there arleady where people in firefighters uniform working on evacuating the civillians. Janie was most likely put to the civillians the same as Chenda, but maybe Dagger would need to face some cops - or need some help by her superiors.

Somehow in the confusion of evacution Dagger seemed to have disappeared.

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