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Gypsy Moth & Havok

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07/12/12 01:14

Safe House in Salem Center

Havok confronts Gypsy Moth with a plan to learn what is going on in the X-Factor Organization

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Gypsy Moth is within her room having dinner.

The light from the hallway is shadowed, a 3x5 card is slipped underneath the door. The shadow departs.

The card reads, "355 Samson Drive, Salem Center. 1 hour. Come alone, tell no one. Make sure you're not followed."

"Oh, this isn't mysterious." Sybil mutters to herself in the language of her people. Still, it is intriguing and something to break her out of her duldrums. She finishes her meal and consults a map of the area. Then she slips on her costume and flies out into the night. It is just a minute shy of an hour later that she lands behind 355 Samson Drive.

The location is a small single floor brick home, 2 bdrm, 1 bath with fireplace and a tiny little yard with tall trees all around and very sequestered by high wooden walls. The back door is ajar and dim light peeks out from within. All the blinds are pulled and there's little indication as to who is within.

"I swear, Digger, if this is a setup for one of your little stories I will castrate you." Sybil mutters as she moves through the door, stepping into this tiny little starter home.

The light comes from the inner room, living area, beyond the kitchen that she first enters. There's a swinging door between the two rooms and she will need to press deeper into the house to discover the contents.

The kitchen itself is quaint, cozy even. Very clean, but not very lived in.

"Hello?" Sybil glances around, her senses reaching out. Searching for fabric... things to use as a weapon if needed. Clothing of anyone who might be in hiding. That sort of thing.

There is a rug in the next room, drapes and fiberous blinds between drapes and windows. Also a cloth couch and armchair. The kitchen has little fabric asise from hand towels and the such.

Also in the room beyond the swining door is a person wearing unstable molecules. She will hear his voice, "Close the door." and recognize it as Alex's

Gypsy Moth closes her eyes. She realizes it is Alex just moments before he speaks. Every suit of unstable molecules feels different to her 'touch'. Curious, Sybil closes the back door. Then she heads through the swinging door.

Alex stands in the middle of the room. The room itself is illuminated by a 5' tall hooded lamp with a 60 watt soft light bulb. Long shadows and dark corners occupy the room and move as he does.

"We need to talk." he says in an ominous and quiet tone.

"You need a trenchcoat for this." Sybil says, frowning. "Alright. We need to talk." She stands just inside the door. Her wings flutter, slowly, as if they were real. Catch the light and reflect it back.

He continues to keep his voice down and will speak just loud enough to convey it a few feet. The room is only 12x12. "Listen, there's something going on with our organization. Something very wrong."

Sybil frowns. She expected this to be about her club. Maybe the pot and magic mushrooms that scattered when the bar blew up. For it to be about something serious? She moves forward so she can hear better, listening intently. Even her antenae perk up.

When she takes a step, he does as well. He will close the distance between them so he can keep his voice to a whisper, "Things have been weird, going sideways, and it's more than Val not telling us everything."

"The Romani learned long ago, never trust the government." Gypsy Moth says, keeping her voice down. This is why everyone should learn her native language. No one knows it. Not hard to overhear. "Go on."

"The missions lately have turned into pick up and delivery. I've been doing a little checking and the 'delivery' part isn't taking place. The mutants aren't being returned to their homes either. And after discovering Sabretooth's handywork in Atlantic City, it got me to thinking that there's more to this. As it stands, you and I have issues that we really need to work out, but that's going to take a back seat to this. I want to know if I can trust you and if you're willing to do something subversive."

Sybil can't help but smile wickedly. "Subversive? Me? Never." Then her expression grows more serious. "Most people I meet are my subordinates. People I manipulate. People I use. I admit that. There are few I allow to be my equals and that is because I must invest in equals. Be willing to trust and, in turn, earn trust. It was true with the Night Shift. I risked my freedom and life to help when my teammates were in trouble. It is true here."

He looks around, steps closer to almost touching and his lips are near to her right ear. He's warmer than the average bear. "This is what I want to do." He whispers. "I want to turn you over to /them/. Right now we are in a very opportune situation. The government knows that you're doing illegal stuff and willing to work for them." he pauses to listen to the world around.

Sybil listens. How very interesting. Her eyebrow perks at the plan as she moves closer, embracing Havok. If anyone is watching? It will very obviously be a lover's tryst. "The Shroud played a similar move, once. Had one of the Brothers Grimm captured by a rival gang in order to find their headquarters. We had the second brother to find the first. How do you plan on finding me?"

Realizing that he's being taken into her arms, he hesitates, but then recriprocates and becomes a little warmer. He continues, "Shi'ar tech. We have tracking devices that do not emit a signal, instead they glow when struck by a certain energy. Non metallic, non detectable. But they can be shielded against by ultra dense materials. It's really the best way."

Sybil considers that, her lips near Havok's neck. Holding on, fingers touching, though not straying to places that might be considered inappropriate. "Dangerous. All manner of horrible thing could happen. You do not know if you can trust me and yet, I am who you have for the mission. So, you choose to put your faith in me anyway. That is.... actually touching. Very well. I am in."

Another pause before Havok speaks again, "I know it's a lot to ask, and the whole thing stinks. You're the best person for the job." He's sort of at a sudden loss for what to say and will revert to mission specifics in his next breath.

That makes Sybil smile. Honest! A geniune smile. She tilts her head so she can speak directly into Alex's ear. "Tell me the plan, then, fearless leader and I will do my best to follow it." No, really. She will!

Havok then breaks down the mission specifics. She is to perform some nefarious act, get arrested and turned over to the Organization. From there she is to learn her /options/. Meaning, that she is to learn where the mutants are being taken or what happens to them. He feels that they are being recycled into other avenues of profession or sent somewhere. He wants to know where, how, what, and speifically is going on

Sybil listens, cooing and moaning every once and a while, to show that they are indeed making out. When the plan has been made, she steps back and slaps Havok across the face. "How dare you!" She shouts, for the benefit of anyone listening. Then she winks and takes off, flying out through the back door and into the night. She has a rave to attend, after all.

He touches his face, ow, and lets her leave without further conflict.

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