Subterranean Dead End

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Havok, Nightcrawler, Sunder, Caliban

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11/09/12 08:00

Morlock Tunnels

Kurt and Alex go in search of snakes

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The Alley was once connected to the Xavier Mansion underground (post Brood attack) and has since been closed off considering all the other threats that followed. It would have been a nice, easy, path to follow to find the remaining Morlocks. But, alas the easy button has been turned off.
Instead, Havok and Nightcrawler accessed the subterranean world of New York City from a known safe entry point near Battery Park. From there, they traversed the catacombs, the sewer system, and finally the underground recesses of the Morlock tunnels.
Turning a corner, the duo come face to face with Sunder and Caliban who have always presented as first defense to the Morlocks. They also seem to have been expecting the heroes and Sunder says in a slow voice, "What brings X-Men into our tunnels?"

Alex says, without much hesitation, "We're looking for Callisto."

While it may be usual, there is still nothing that wille ever compare to running into Sunder and Caliban (post Apocalypse/Horseman) in dark tunnels beneath New York City. Even then, Alex is quick to the point, and Kurt rises off his haunches a little as if to add something. However, he pauses, best to leave it short and simply. He remains silent for the moment as Havok conveyed their purpose down here in the Morlock tunnels.

Caliban notes, "You are in luck, Havok, that Callisto is not among our ranks. She and several others are upon Genosha - lost in time and space."
Sunder clarifies, "We are out of contact with her since Genosha's disappearance."

At the point of having made a point, Kurt speaks up, "Then we are in luck we have had the fortune to run into you two gentleman." He smiles, wide enough to let his canines dangle in the sewer winds. "We need some assistance, there is someone we're looking for and, its believed they've been using your tunnels, perhaps you could help us find them. We really don't mind to trouble you."

Alex lets Kurt take the lead since it was implied that he's lucky Callisto isn't around. Must be a Summers' thing.

Caliban asks, "Who?" in a simple request for whom would be using their tunnels without their knowledge or permission.

"There are several individuals," begins Kurt, "All are members of a group called the Serpent Society. Individually, we're looking for Fer-de-Lance, Coachwhip, and Black Mamba." He looks curiously at the other, not sure if the names alone will help or not. For the now, he lets it ride, giving a side glance to Alex, but curious what Caliban might say.

Sunder notes, "I've not heard of nor seen these people."
Caliban answers in kind, "Neither have I." then follows with a question, "Do you think they are living in the underground?"

Alex nods, "Yeah, or at least that's where they slithered off to when we last saw them."

Nodding in agreement to both the Morlocks present and Alex, Kurt also offers, "At the least, I think they're using the tunnels to sneak around. They're an organization of assassins. Perhaps you could help us try to find them?"

Caliban notes, "We will keep our ears to the walls and if we hear anything, we will contact you."
Sunder nods in agreement.

Alex shrugs, "Cool, thanks for the help." and figures that's really as far as it will go.

Smiling, Kurt pauses as everyone is shaking heads and ready to simply part. "What, wait, that easy?" Turning to look at Caliban, "But can we look around? If we find a trail of theirs, we'd like to follow it?"

Caliban has no issue, "You are welcome to look about. Yet, you will find the tunnels beneath the city confusing and will become lost."

"Oh, then we definitely need help," says Kurt, lifting his brows curiously, "Maybe we could work together somehow. They're using your tunnels, we need to stop them for trying to kill our friends ..."

Sunder says, "It is unlikely that we have the numbers required to post guards at every tunnel as you suggest."

Nearly jaw dropping, Kurt has to ponder this one, as he wasn't even suggesting simply posting guards and waiting to see who sneaks around. That could take years, down here in this mess of tunnels. "You're right, you can't help us." Reaching a hand to Alex as if ready to walk away, "So, I don't know what happened in the past with Rahne and your outfit, she's sort of avoiding that. But, maybe she could help us track from REI?"

Leaving Caliban and Sunder behind, "Maybe.. but dude, I totally forgot the whole Genosha / Morlock thing. Or maybe I didn't know it was so involved. But a whole lot of the Morlocks went to Genosha when Magneto took over - and now they're gone."

Shaking his head, Kurt responds, "You did mention that some went over to Genosha, but no way we can know who all went and who's still lurking in the dark down here. You're still experiencing withdrawal from government records, we should of asked Ship to somehow acquire the information for us, no questions asked. Doesn't matter, we still have the Avenger's lead right? Still, we know they use the tunnels. I don't want to try a lure or a trap to see if we can draw them out, I want to take it to them, I imagine you do too freund."

Alex smiles, "Withdrawal from government records...." Then with the rest of Kurt's epiphany, Alex nods and agrees, "Yeah, we need to hit them in their secret base - whereever that may be."

The dynamic duo will stumble around in the underground world of New York and eventually find their way out and their way back home.

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