Student Recruitment

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Student Recruitment

Seth, Rogue and Mirage

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Chelsea - Manhattan

Mirage does some student recruitment

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[ Chelsea - New York ]

The Chelsea neighborhood takes its name from a single building, now demolished for a century and a half - the birthplace of Clement Clark Moore. Somehow, the artistic element never quite went away - anchored by the presence of the Hotel Chelsea, a residential hotel that's housed artists from Mark Twain to Stanley Kubrick to Jimi Hendrix (and, most notoriously, played host to Sid Vicious's probable stabbing of his girlfriend). These days, Chelsea's back in the center of the New York art scene, as art galleries have started migrating northward from SoHo.

Chelsea is, however, still primarily residential, offering apartments, tenements, and renovated warehouses as housing options. Most of the businesses here cater to the locals.

Chelsea, the late hours of the morning, at a local High School. This is the first day of school for Seth after he got his powers. The thought of showing up in class looking completely different made him think he was some rare bird on exhibition at the local zoo. And it wasn't far from the truth, given how most of the other students were all looking at him, whispering behind his back. Seth, so far, has been taking it like everything was just plain normal.

Fortunately, a free period, the last before lunch time, grants him some time for him to clear his head. He takes the time to head over to the nearest coffee shop, a place occasionally visited by students. Without saying anything, he just heads over to a booth, and takes a seat.

Rogue hates the chain stores with their mobs of people and overpriced coffee, and having been in here once or twice before and remembering they had good coffee, makes her way in the shop and looks around for a place to sit.

It had been a long day, and it was only mid afternoon. Cereboro had detected a new mutant signature in New York and Jean has asked if Dani (and maybe Rogue if she was willing and was available) to go check it out. She had been walking all over Manhattan trying to pinpoint the signal, but the mini-cerboro unit she had to deal with range is short so it is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. Though as luck would have it it starts to beed at her as she passes a coffee shop and she could use a cup of coffee anyway, so she enters, taking a look around.

Skimming over the menu, Seth sighs. He makes a mental note of his order, and patiently waits for one of the employees to come. And while he waits, he closes his eyes, even if for just a moment - signs of tiredness are clearly showing on his face. He yawns, too. Damn cozy seats.

Rogue notices Seth and starts to head over before Dani coming and hangs back and says to her "Hey ya Dani, whats happenin', how was ya trip?"

Dani is starring at the beeping device in her hand as she walks in so is a bit surprised when she is suddenly addressed "Oh, hi." she grins at Rogue before looking around the cafe "Exhausting. But he captured Cable so the bosses are happy. Though the minivan is trashed so a bonus is probably out of the question." her eyes once more scan the cafe, trying to pinpoint the source of what her device detects.

Seth opens his eyes, momentarily scanning around the area through the corner of his eyes. Did he just hear Rogue's southern voice? He must be imagining things. And that's when he finds it's not his imagination, after which he straightens himself up. Yes, he looks the mutant part, alright. Danielle will have to look no further. He says to the waitress, "Can I get some coffee here, please? Black, no sugar."

Rogue nods to Dani "Well, ya can't get everything sometimes. So what are ya up to? Anything interstin'?"

Holding out the mini-cerebro so Rogue can see that it is detecting someone she makes a sly gesture to Seth "He is what I am up to." she watches the young man for a moment. "Jean detected him from the school, wanted me to investigate." she heads over to the counter then and places her own order for a cofee.

Seth is poured some coffee, as he closes his eyes once again. Boy, is he dozing off! After a few seconds, the fact he's dropping his head forward is what wakes him up. He gets up after gulping down the drink, and goes to the bathroom. The sound of the tap water running can be heard from the inside. Seconds later, he's out, muttering under his breath. "Damn nightmares..."

Rogue looks at Seth before turning back Dani "Ya mean Seth over there? Ah didn't we were recruitin' for the school, though isn't that Scott's job usually?" looks over at Seth a bit concerned as he looks a bit worse for wear, and wonders what gods he has picking fights with now.

"Usually." Dani says in reply "He was not available, and I've been helping him in that area recently." she gives a shrug "So here I am." an eyebrow goes up slightly on finding that Rogue knows the target, which may make her job easier. Taking her coffee from the barista she appraches Seth "Excuse me, Seth right." she gestures to Rogue "I think you already know my friend. I'm Danielle Moonstar, may I have a moment of your time?

Seth slumps back on his seat, "If you get me another coffee mug, preferentially one the size of the Pacific Ocean, I'll be all ears." He rubs his face, drying it up with the back of his sleeve. He provides a sad smile over to Rogue, then to Mirage. He's waiting for her to say what she wants to say.

Rogue looks over Dani "Ah'll get the coffee, ya can do the talking, ya probably at it." and heads to make an order for him and Rogue, letting Dani do the sales pitch.

Dani nods at Rogue "Thank you." she gives the woman anouther smile before taking a seat a the table across from Seth. She pulls a blue folder from her bag and slides it across to Seth "I'll make it quick. I work at a school, not much more than an hour from here. I also attended the school and both myself," she gestures back to Rogue "and Rogue live there." she pauses for a moment so he can take that in "Like you, I am a mutant." she doesn't speak for Rogue, "The school caters to young people with our particular abilities. Not only do they get a normal education, but training in the use of thier unique abilities." she taps the folder "You will find our phamplet, school handbook as well as a list of classes and extracurriclars.

Seth scans the folder as best as he possibly can given the circumstances. He doesn't know what to make of it right now - he's kinda holding the pamphlet upside down, a fact he notices after he blinks a couple times. "Oy..." He turns the pamphlet 180 degrees. "Sorry. I'm under a dark mood, and less than an hour's sleep." He slightly shakes his head.

Rogue comes back with her cup and his large cup, which shes hands to him "Here ya go, thats the biggest they got. So whats been keepin' ya up?"

"Yes, you look as if you have had a few sleepless nights." Dani gestures for Rogue to have a seat at the table with him. Her phone makes a buzzing sound, indicating a message and she glances at it with a frown. "You will find my contact information on a card in the folder." she says as she turns her attention back to the young man and gestures at an card that simply has the X-Factor symbol emlazoned across one side and nothing but a number on the other "Look at the contents, and if you are interested in joining please call." she stands "I trust Rogue can answer any questions you have." she gives the two a nod " I have a situation that I am needed for." before she departs though she leans over to put a hand on Seth's shoulder and look him in the eye "We can help." she then takes her coffee and departs.

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