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Firestar and Astraea

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07/20/12 06:17

Warrior Central Combat Room

Firestar and Astraea

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Firestar has promised Astraea that she will help her practice the use of her power, and when Astraea contacted her, she invited her to meet somewhere, and then brought her over to Warrior Central. You'd expect a police detective is trustworthy, and Firestar has a good heart. "Come on in Astraea, we better use our Combat room as it's going to be hard for you at first." She heads into Warrior Central first, with Astraea in tow.

Pulling up out front in her late 60's muscle car (yeah, because that's subtle), Elene, or Detective Tampambulos... aka Astraea, got out of the car with a duffel bag. She heads inside after Firestar and asks, "Someplace I can change? Street clothes tend to be a bit... fragile, when I cut loose."

Sitting on the couch in the Main Room of Warrior's Central is Night Thrasher. He's decked out in all of his Night Thrasher gear, except the faceplate of his helmet is removed. Why? Why Dwayne is lounging on that couch with a big-ole Club Sandwich in his gloved hands. He's chowing down it while CNBC is on on the flat-screen in front of him.

"You can use my room, if you like," Firestar offers casually to Astraea, before noting Dwayne is inside, waving at him, "Night Thrasher, this is Astraea, the detective who recently developed super powers...I invited her over to help her learn hot to better control her powers." Peering at the screen, Firestar shakes her head, "so many horrible people out there, there's never any good news."

"People get bored if all the news is good, one thing I've learned about human nature... it tends to make the masses feel better to know someone -else- is suffering." Astraea shrugs and shakes her head, "As pessimistic as that seems, it is what it is." She shakes her head and nods to Firestar, "Thank you... I'll be out in a moment." she offers as she steps into the room. She'll be in there a few minutes, changing. After all, her costume isn't one of those... rip off the blouse, put on a cape, and POOF things. Her partner helped her pick something with a dramatic look and yet... not the easiest thing to get into.

Also, the Detective kind of makes a point of only looking at Thrasher out of the corner of her eye. "Nice to meet you Thrasher." she remarks, trying to respect the man's need for privacy.

Dwayne takes a big bite of the sandwich and turns his head to regard the two new arrivals. He swallows, wipes his mouth with his forearm and grunts a greeting. He says, "You don't say? Our training room could use a workout." He focuses on the Detective, "Welcome to our Pad. Try your best to break something in there, huh? Really let loose." He takes a step back towards the couch and grabs the remote. He turns CNBC off and turns back to the two of them. He asks Firestar when Astraea steps out, "Need my help with anything, Firestar?"

"I don't know about that...," Firestar murmurs, perhaps wanting to believe in goodness, but she does add, "I certainly provided much entertainment in my time to other people because of my suffering, so, maybe you have a point, Astraea." Grinning at Night Thrasher's comment, Firestar waits for Astraea to get into her room to change, before quickly asking, "did you manage to get the Avengers to agree to let Telemetry have a look at Jocasta and see what that warning to us is all about?" When Astraea steps out, Firestar looks skeptically at Night Thrasher, "I'm going to work with her on controlling her powers, for the time being, on the most basic level...I'm not sure if 'your' brand of help would actually help in this case. No offense, Night Thrasher."

Well, as indicated, it takes a bit of time for Elene to put on her Astraea costume, but coming out of the room, she's a bit uncomfortable in the suit. Not that it isn't comfortable... she's just still not sure about the whole showoff angle of things. That, and she's a tomboy at heart, the whole... accentuating her figure thing doesn't really rest well in her mind. She shrugs her mostly bared shoulders and says, "Okay, I think I'm ready. These aren't very insulated gloves at least. In fact.. there's a bit of conductive mesh built into'em... Rodney's input." she offers with a bit of a smirk. But she looks to Thrasher and shrugs, "It'd also help me a bit to learn how to hold them back in a real fistfight at some point."

Dwayne tilts his head slightly at the question Firestar poses to him. He then shakes his head, "Ah, no. I haven't been in touch with the Avengers. I suppose I should, though I am not really on their short list of people they trust. I will see what I can manage." He raises a hand up as Astraea comes back, "And no worries. I recognize I can be a bit brutal in my regimen." He gestures towards Astraea with a wave of his hand, "Now throwing a punch is definately something I know how to do. If you want, some other time, I can show you a thing or three." His eyes dart up and down Astraea's outfit, "Conductive?" he asks, "Some kinda shock powers? I could take a look at your suit too if you ever want. Got a little experience in making my gear." He gestures to his own outfit with a thumb. He changes the subject back to why Astraea is here, "You guys have fun in there."

"I can try and arrange it myself, if you like, Night Thrasher, but I may be too nice to make it happen. I don't think they take us too seriously, being teenagers and all," Firestar sighs, always finding it amazing how the New Warriors can save as many lives as they like, they still aren't considered as worthy as the likes of the Avengers. You'd expect to at least be allowed some open discourse, the Fantastic Four weren't too high and mighty to openly work with the New Warriors, why should the Avengers be so uppity when you try to approach them. "Nice look, Astraea," Firestar giggles, "you don't look too comfortable in it though...relax, you're a hero now, you're allowed to look let's head to the combat room." She starts walking and waves at Night Thrasher, "thanks Thrasher, see you later."

"It's just...." Astraea shakes her head, "I'm still not sure it's really me." And she moves to follow Firestar. She's definitely not a teenager or whatnot. She's in her thirties at this point. "The irony of this isn't lost on me... the kids nobody thinks can handle themselves... are teaching -me- self control. This works and I'll definitely put in a good word for you with the force at least. Not like I have any pull with the Avengers or anything." She is doing her best to restrain her energy at this point, but there's a bit leaking out, crackling about her eyes and fingertips... her hair crackling with static.

Dwayne looks from Firestar to Astraea and back. He shrugs his shoulders, "If you get the opportunity, by all means approach them Firestar. I'll see if I can get their attention." He shrugs his shoulders and steps over to where he left the rest of his sandwich. He picks it up and says, "And anyone who underestimates me is in for a rude awakening. I've been training all my life to make myself the way I am." He takes a big bite out of his sandwich, almost a comically big bite, "It makes it easier when I'm underestimated to surprise someone." This last sentence is said through a full mouth. He chews a bit and adds, "You guys have fun in there." He heads over to the kitchenette.

Firestar walks with leads Astraea through the complex that is Warrior Central until they reach the Combat Enhancement Center, as Night Thrasher called it. "So here we are, our training area, pretty cool, isn't it? You can feel free to use your powers here, you won't break anything..." Firestar does look a bit awkward for a moment, thinking over what Astraea just said before they headed over here, "well, yeah, we basically don't get any respect because we're still dismissed as kids. And...I gotta say, it's a bit awkward for me as well, wasn't that long ago that I was still training very hard to control my own powers. Feels weird to try and teach an adult, at least you're nice about it." Looking over Astraea as she starts to crackle, Firestar grins, "you definitely need help though...first of all, how about you let out before we start so you don't have as much of a build up, Firestar pushes a button and a training droid comes to life, "just let it have it, that's what it's here for..."

Shrugging her shoulders, Astraea grins and adds, "Every police recruit isn't a kid... isn't young. And we're all training, all of our lives. Also, one thing I've learned.. experience and age aren't -necessarily- the same thing. I've been a cop for a number of years, and could likely teach you how to shoot, how to arrest a criminal, all of that.. but this?" She asks as the training droid comes up. She inclines her head with a smirk, "This is brand spankin' new to me." she offers before pointing a hand and letting loose with an arc of power that may even flicker the lights in the room depending on the shielding and all. The stream of power grows as she points her other hand at it.... it's like a shapely female, young Emperor Palpatine here.

"That's a smart observation," Firestar says with a smile to Astraea, feeling a bit better knowing at least someone in the Police Department can respect what the New Warriors are doing. Firestar lets out an impressed whistle as Astaea fries the robot, the room proves fairly well equipped to deal with excessive super powers, allowing the New Warriors carefree training, though there's some flickering. "Okay, I bet that feels good," Firestar says before holding her hand palm up, "look at this," and as she quiets down, a small flickering flame forms in Firestar's upturned palm. "Nowhere near as much power as it takes for me to melt something, but the trick is that this is actually a lot harder to control." Firestar looks over at Astraea, "see if you can do something like this, a tiny little crackle, you can aim at the ceiling for safety...unlike before, focus, hold back...just let a teeny tiny bit go...try and visualize yourself constraining that power, forcing it to be smaller...come out just a little bit."

Cutting off the flow of power after a few more moments, Astraea shakes her head, "It's not that it feels good, it's more like... the power -wants- out, and it's a lot easier to let it out, than it is to stop it from flowing." She turns your way and inclines her head. "Okay, so fine control.... this oughta be interesting." she remarks as she lifts a hand and tries to let out just a flicker of power... but it's more of a blast of energy that is sent upwards in a continuous stream.... and she grimaces as she focuses.... tries to restrain it without stopping it entirely. It's not easy that's for sure.....and the power flickers off, then on, then off again. All or nothing at the moment it seems.

"Well, I had times where I felt like I had to release it, like it was building up too much," Firestar nods encouragingly at Astraea, "remember, however much you think is little, do less than that." Firestar winces at the result, and nods, "okay, let's try something else..." she turns to the fried droid from before, "aim at the head, let go, but gradually try to rein it in, just put less and less power as you go, see if you can gradually stop instead of either going full force or doing nothing."

Taking a deep breath, Astraea shakes her head, "I'll try it but... no promises now. Out of idle curiosity... how long did it take -you- to learn this little trick?" she asks as she points and opens the floodgates once more. One might think she could power a small city grid all by herself for a while... but she tries here... the power flickering off and on in microsecond bursts. It is almost as if there's a cutoff switch, not an adjustment dial involved. She's trying but it's just going to take a lot more work for her to get this part.

"Producing a little flame that doesn't just shoot out, grow, or spreads at random?" Firestar asks, wearing a rather odd expression, as if the memory is not entirely a fond one, "it wasn't easy, certainly didn't take me one lesson. I practiced for a good couple of months, and I had a..." Firestar pauses a moment, before finally settling on, "demanding teacher." Looking at the result, Firestar tries, "how are you at following a moving target? If you shift, position, can you maintain control or is going to be a lightning storm all over the place?"

"A moving target?" asks Astraea. "I'm not one hundred percent sure, but... I'm pretty good on the firing range." she offers with a shrug. Yeah, she still thinks in terms of firearms when her lightning is -far- more effective. "Let's give it a shot." she suggests... in a 'what the hell' tone of voice. Rolling her neck, she gets a good spreadlegged stance like she -was- on the firing range. "Go." she suggests as she prepares for a variety of shots.

"Okay...I'm going to grab a nifty little gadget Night Thrasher arranged for us," Firestar explains and with a push of a button a round floating device that looks like it would fit well in Star Wars comes out. It makes out a few chirping sounds and then starts to fly about the Combat Room, going way high, back low, and zipping about. "Try and fry it, Astraea...I guess we're going to find out if a shift in target position makes you lose control."

Okay, so she's better at aiming a weapon than her own hand. Maybe it's psychological, but it's true. However, she doesn't lose control. At this point, she fires off a bolt of power that arcs past the drone several times. She does this repeatedly and seems to have good control over this sort of release. After all, it's an on/off switch thing right now, and finally she seems to get the movement of the drone figured out, anticipated, and all.. and she takes another breath before she snap shots another blast and hits it squarely.

"Don't worry, it's a lot harder than you think to aim a beam...or a lightning bolt as is your case, with just your hand. Sounds like common sense it should be easy, but it isn't." The drone keeps evasive maneuvers, right until Astraea takes on her training to figure it's movement and snipes it with her lightning. "Nice! I like the fact you can keep focus and not lose direction or control of the lightning. I caused a fire the first time I tried that bit. Then again, I was never a detective."

"Good to see the academy paid off to one degree or another." remarks Astraea. "They teach you to focus and anticipate movement. It may not be military level sharpshooter training, but it comes in handy. Saved my life a few times. Exhale, and a gentle squeeze. I guess....hey wait a sec." she takes a deep breath, and then exhales slowly while holding her hands out and she manages to generate an arc of power that's not full power, but not remotely weak.. but it's flowing from one hand to the other.

"Gentle release after a good exhale... what do you know?"

"I guess that is really going to come in handy for you." Firestar says with a smile, "so at least you're better prepared then I was, I got bullied at school constantly because I couldn't control my powers." Firestar sees what Astraea managed to do without intending to and smiles brightly, "way to go Astraea, that's exactly the right way to hone control...keep it going," Firestar encourages and does her own version, holding her hands one across the other and creating a small ball of flame that starts to float from one hand to the other. "Try and get it a bit smaller, a bit weaker, but keep it constant. You're doing extremely well."

Grinning, Astraea moves one hand up and the other down, altering the direction of the arc but then she hears your words and bears down. Another deep breath and she exhales slowly... trying to reduce the power level. "Hey!" She exclaims as she sees the brightness dim a bit, but as she exclaims that, it goes back to full force and she smirks, "Okay, right... don't get excited, got it."

Firestar laughs, "you're on the right track, just keep practicing at it. I don't suppose it's something you will master in days, but you will definitely do it faster than I did. You have better training to begin with," Firestar smiles as she watches, letting her little ball of flame poof into smoke, "I know the perfect tool for you to practice around the house. Buy a few light bulbs, and just start going through them...see how many it takes before you can actually power up a light bulb without making it explode!" Firestar feels quite ingenius for her suggestion, as reflected by the pride on her face.

"God, I'm gonna triple GE's profits." mutters Astraea, "My floor's gonna be littered with broken bulb glass." She snorts and shakes her head. "I'll have to invest in a broom and dustpan too for sure." She smirks and shrugs, "It might be good practice, but I doubt it'll make any difference for a while."

"You're welcome to come here if you feel better about trying it here," Firestar offers, "I just think it's a wonderful exercise. I used to practice with popcorn and canned soup, I think the light bulbs is a great idea tool for you to work with. It will really force you to focus on the controlled release of power!" Firestar shakes her head, "honing fine skills is very important...for instance," she turns again to the battered and fried droid from the beginning, "suppose there's something you have to hit, but it's only there," and she points a finger. There's no beam, there's no heat, but then a fine red dot appears right at the shoulder of the droid, some smoke coming out from it, before it stops as Firestar lowers her hand, "sometimes it's really useful for different situations."

"Right... but if I'm not mistaken... once you let the lightning out of the bottle.. it'll arc towards conductive stuff. Likely a bit more difficult to control in a straight line than your power." offers Astraea. "For example..." She points at a spot beyond the droid. "I'm aiming at the wall, but I would be willing to bet the power will be drawn to the metal in the droid there..." and she fires a single burst... which spreads. Some of which does hit the wall, but it's like a tesla coil fan of power spread between the droid and the wall for that brief moment. "Yep, high school physics, one oh one." she offers with a smirk, "But you're right, it is a good idea. I'll try to find a way to.... wait, Christmas lights, cheaper and I can get dozens of them."

"Hrmmm, that does sound right," Firestar grins, "I'm not a science wiz, but I do remember the bit about conductive stuff with electricity." Firestar observes Astraea's demonstration and nods, "I see, just like you said. Oh, Christmas lights is a much better and cheaper idea. Go for it."

"Now, if I can actually exert control externally. Somehow... -that- would be good. But... maybe I could figure out.... wait a second. Why not let the -attraction- factor work -for- me?" she asks, aiming a bit higher. She releases a burst and the draw of the conductive materials partially bends the power, a fan of lightning hitting the droid still, but less of it. A bunch of it spreads out in a fan on the back wall, very unfocused and she laughs, "Well, that didn't quite work the way I had hoped but... the first try never really works, does it?" she asks.

Firestar seems excited for Astraea either way, clapping her hands, "now you're starting to think creatively about your powers, that's great! You definitely won't master everything in a day, but you have a good direction now...with an idea of what to work on. I think it's always harder to master control, then it is more complex usage of powers."

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