Student Beatdown

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Havok, Mirage, Nightcrawler, Wind Dancer Wallflower Anole Rockslide Tag Colossus Lazer Bling Husk

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11/01/12 12:14

Patio, Xavier Mansion

Student Smackdown

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-----==[ Patio - Xavier Mansion ]==-------------------------------------------

The rear patio of the Xavier Mansion is an expansive area of polished rock pavers interlaid to frame dual basketball and tennis courts, a dual volleyball court, and an Olympic sized pool. The west side of the patio offers a view of the glassed in dining hall whereas the east is occupied by all the courts and pool. South and north aspects are bordered by the male and female dormitories, respectively, and their covered connection links. There is a fully stocked outdoor kitchen which is partially covered, lots of patio furniture, a Jacuzzi, an access to other amenities. Beyond the pool and courts one will note the Xavier estate, an expansive property with a private forested area (north and south), and further east, by 100 or so yards, one will note Breakstone Lake and the small cove that is owned by the estate. Also visible, behind a copse of trees, is a small lake house.


Bishop wanted to know details on the event in the Dining Hall.

Forge wanted to test the reaction time on the new Danger Room modifications.

The Shi'ar Power Core had a faulty trangunium capacitor that needed changing.

Hours later - as some have to teach while others have to hang out and goof off. After lunch, there are outdoor activities for several of the students while others are put into the danger room in subteams (generally divided by age) while others are sent to detention.

Currently, Colossus is seated with Rockslide in the oversized/reinforced chairs of the Patio - even though Colossus is in Piotr form, he still occupies the heavy-duty chairs out of habit. Seated with them is Havok. The three of them are having lunch.

At another table, Wallflower and Wind Dancer are having smoothies while observing the silly boys (Anole, Tag, and Lazer) at a nearby table. The boys are talking smack about some popular teen heartthrob rapper performing artist (Bustin Jieber).

The serenity is suddenly disturbed when Bling and Husk (in metallic form)are heard above on the roof (having fallen out of the observatory). They thud around with various girl grunts and thrown punches. Then both fall off the patio rooftop onto the pavers (cracking a few).

Husk is on top of Bling punching the living crap out of the opposing girl who is squirming around beneath and about to fight back. F and B bombs are going off from both girls. The nearby students leap out of their chairs to watch the skirmish and a few start chanting.

Havok, Piotr and Rockslide also stand but don't rush into the scene to break it up as they've all seen this before (things haven't always been roses and candy in the X-men and fights often broke out). Perhaps they believe it's best to let them sort it out on its own - but they'll step in if it gets out of hand or if it appears it has gone too far.

Several hours was plenty of time for Dani to perhaps get a nap in after taking care of her morning school duties. She certainly is looking more refreshed and is dressed for riding, horseback to be specific. She palns on cutting across the patio and the grounds to head to the stables. She is about to pause to greet those hanging about when the peace is interrupted by a cat fight. A frustrated sigh comes from her.

Trying to avoid dining room, Kurt was in the kitchen, but the noise of the tussle going on, or continuing from early, certainly intrudes on his silence in the kitchen. Like any good X-er, he bamfs he's rear outside to see what's going on - afterall, no telling if Sentinels are attacking the school, or Magneto is, or aliens, or any number of crazy things. "Fur die liebe Gottes," he exclaims when he sees what is going on. Unlike the other boys who (men?) who just think kids need to fight things out, Kurt is the one who always tried to (and did) make piece with his teammates. "This is ridiculous!"

Glancing around, Havok notes his teammate Nightcrawler entering the scene. He nods, agrees but says nothing and looks back at the fight.

Colossus states, "That it is, comrade. Though, in Mother Russia - this would be pay per view."

Rockslide chuckles.

The other students chant on, "fight-fight-fight".

Dani begins to make her way to the two fighting girls, intent on stopping it before it gets to carried away. Making the already agressive woman more agressive, not the best of ideas, really, but accidents happen. She stops, trying to control the urge to hit something, but after the couple of days she has had her willpower is severaly lacking. Hitting one of the girls isn't going to do, not with Husk in that form, so she does the next best thing. The psychic bow manifests in an instant and the arrow is soon flying toward the easiest target. With one down the other should be managable by Kurt..or whoever. She doesn't wait for results she stalks away before she gets agressive on some one else "Make sure they get to dentention." she calls out as she departs.

Kurt was moving to similar action, thus he's already bamfing right about the time Dani has fired an arrow. Assuming it hit its mark, its not hard for the elf to deduce his target then and he'll reach for the other girl, to bamf her away, hopefully shake her up enough in the action and then says, "Enough of this." He even raised his voice, anger setting in, blue fuzzy style.

When Mirage pulls her bow, everyone gasps (except for the tussling girls). When Husk is shot, the collapses atop Bling (pinning the other girl to the ground since Husk is all metal and very heavy).

Anole, Tag and Lazer back the f' up and get all nervous. Anole says, "Dayum!".

Wallflower squeaks. Wind Dancer shudders and a gust of wind passes over the patio blowing away all the smelly aggression.

Havok says, "Whoa! Hey now!" as in a 'let's not kill the kids' sort of expression.

Piotr instinctively shifts to his metal form and steps forward. He'll be assisting Kurt and taking one of the girls into custody - to walk her to detention (where they were, together, with Gambit being monitor (who failed at his job - fell asleep; too much partying and trying to get into Rogue's pants.).

Rockslide says nothing and does not move.

At this point Dani is already vaulting onto Brightwind's back and flying off. She'll deal with the consequences of her actions later after she recovers from the pheremone effect.

Kurt will make sure he at least has the conscious one of the two, Piotr better for carrying things around anyways. Plus, he'll cheat, he'll teleport around, making sure the girl doesn't puke on him. He more suspects Gambit was faking sleeping in favor of watching a catfight, he'll make sure the others eyes are open before he goes back to the patio to make sure everyone is moving along and not just gossiping.

Move along, move along - By the time Kurt returns, Alex has already seen to the moving along, nothing to see here, part of the adventure. Alex is standing around looking at the copper colored blood on the ground and states (to the newly arrived Kurt), "Dude, Wallflower really needs to get a handle on her power."

Shrugging a moment, Kurt responds, "Maybe she does. Given the situation, the girl probably had that anger pent up and it needed the release before it got worse." Then he grins a little, "Not quite Empath bad, nein. Could of gone worse if she was trying too?"

"Yeah. Best to let the admin sort that out. I'm sure Scott will have something to say... Anyway, I'm gonna head back to the base."

"I'm with you, I can't take any more school today," replies Kurt, "Tell me you brought a vehicle."

"Yeah. I drove the Jeep - come-on." Alex states heading for the parking area on the opposite side of the house - hopefully nothing will get in their way trying to escape.

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