Strings in the Gym

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Thimble, Blindfold

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Gym - Xaviers

Can blind see at all?

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Thimble had roamed around the empty gym, trying to get her powers under control better. Noone sees, noone looks as she tries to find out where her limits are. Scattered over the floor are rolls or yarn, some in straight lines, others in chaos, only one or two she holds in her hand as she tries her best to control their form and movement.

Blindfold came in tapping her cane on the floor, puzzling as her cane his something soft, one of the rolls of yarn

Thimble turns her head on the clicking sound, which soon is followed by the sound of another yarn roll falling back to the ground. At least it is the blind one. No eyes that look for her at least. But she makes no movement or sais something.

Blindfold tilts her head listening beefier bending down to feel what her cane tapped that was soft "Sometimes....just sometimes it'd be nice..." feeling along the floor with her hands

Thimble keeps where she stands, the entangled strings still covering some areas of the gym's floor. Including the area Ruth stopped. "What would be nice?" she asks in her usual tune, which is quite emotionless.

Blindfold turns her head toward the sound and smiles "Sorry, forgive me if I interrupted what you were doing here. if you want I can leave, thank you yes. It's nothing to worry about, I really shouldn't be self pitying, I just had a bad day, but thank you for asking yes it's appreciated...I didn't think you liked me"

Thimble quirks an unnoticed eyebrow as she eyes the girl still on her knees "Why?" she just asks, keeping the questions simple. Simple questions, simple answers. hopefully.

Blindfold straightens as she stands up with a shrug "I went to speak with someone about teaching me something new that others can't teach and I got nowhere, thank you yes. As for why I thought you didn't like me, well seems like I upset you a lot and you get angry, sorry my apologies"

Thimble frowns on the statement "Life is hard, People tend to be disgusting." she remarks, pulling at a string to call this one to order and roll up back to it's core. "What you wanted to learn?"

Blindfold smiles with a soft chuckle "Yes some people are but not all and I like to think there's hope for people, it helps with all the bad things I see, thank you yes. I met with a man who was bind but could spatially see, he refused to teach me, yes thank you. I just want to be able to see so people aren't worried about me in a fight, if someone is worried about me they can't worry about themselves or others and I don't want to be a distraction, please yes, I don't want to let my blindness hold me back I haven't yet and I don't want to start."

Thimble eyes her a long time "Its not like the world actually looks good in many parts." she remarks, pulling another string towards her to wind it up, she continues to look around "What you mean by spatially see?"

Blindfold sighs "I don't want to see because things well be pretty I know there's a lot of bad things in the world, yes please. I want to see so others don't have to protect me in a fight, I want to hold my own and do more then just....hide and call out where attacks will come from and stuff, yes thank you. Y' see and you know what things look like and how far apart they are, I listen to the taps of my cane and feel the vibrations from it but I can't tell how far away something is if it's out of my camera reach, I could walk right past something I'm looking for and not know it if I don't find it with my feet or cane, thank you please. If I don't see something in a vision I have no idea where it is, but I'm pretty good at knowing where people will be when I'm in a fight, please thank you"

Thimble nods slowly eying her close still. Another string winds up itself. "People, but not things?" she asks to clarify, lifting a hand to catch the yarn roll. "stop apologizing without need."

Blindfold smiles "You're pretty good with string, yes thank you. No I'm better at knowing where people are, many people broadcast and I hear it thank you yes" her cheeks flushing in embarrassment "It's just the way I talk, it's not really a conscious thing, thank you please"

Thimble frowns "try your best. You can't pedict where things are. but you want. You have an idea how you want to achieve it without eyes?"

Blindfold smiles "If you don't mind my asking have you thought of using yoyos?" Then nods "Most people treat me like a bad luck charm until they get to know me but I'm not sure how to teach myself to see, I was told to practice listening, thank you yes"

Thimble eyes her very closely "Miss Moonstar did not notice it, but you did? or did you watch the scene again and again till you did?" she asks harshly. that would be mean. Really mean. Cause it meant, she could simply look back at all her small crimes. Or what she did at nights when alone. "don't spy on me. I don't like that" she added, not mentioning the parcours again.

Blindfold frowns "No not the same thing over and over, I saw different things, I saw you and others, I saw the ones who disappeared and what happened to was horrible and I asked miss Moonstar to help you, she knew she had to soon as she heard what was going on, yes I'm sorry" then shook her head "No I try my best not to spy but there's no science our explaining how to control what I can do, I'm still learning to control it, yes please. I'll try my best not to spy on you, I try my best not to spy on anyone out poke into their heads, it's rude, thank you please"

Thimble frowns "quit it. Just try to do better, ok? Think about your own problem, ok?" she remarked, picking up a spool from the ground "Think about how you can evade something you don't see."

Blindfold frowns sadly "I do...but I don't yet have a grip on picking and choosing what I see, it just comes to me, would you rather I have not seen anything and miss Moonstar never arrived, please I don't understand why you're upset thank you?"

Thimble picks up another pair of yarns "Stop thinking about the past. it happened. Think about the now, can you? Think about how you can witness an object." she asks, tossing a handful of the spools at her. "Like these."

Blindfold was confused for a moment before she ducked some of the spools and batted others away, letting a couple hit her as she took out a rubber ball from her pocket and toss it accurately at thimble.

Thimble smirked a bit, dodging the rubber with a quick step to the side, letting it bounce over the ground. "How you did know where the spools would hit?" she repeated her question.

Blindfold grins with a shrug "Bill and Miss Braddock think it's a combination of something they call danger sense, precognition, they think in some situations I could also be using telepathy, yes please. You said you saw a movie once with strings and bells, if you don't mind my asking please? They shot randomized lasers at me in the danger room to figure it out, yes thank you"

Thimble nods a bit "did they hit? Strings and bells are static objects. Not a danger at all." she explains.

Blindfold nods "A couple did, I couldn't block them while I the the ball, please yes" where the ball had gone she didn't know, nodding at the explanation of strings and bells "Like an obstacle course, if you don't mind my asking please?"

Thimble shakes the head slightly "like that. You can't see obstacles, but can you notice them in some way? in really any way?"

Blindfold rolls her head side to side "Only if the obstacles pose a danger, then I get a split second warning"

Thimble nods as she picks up one of the spools, unrolling the string from it "you forget something." she sais, eying her closely. "you can touch it. you can feel it."

Blindfold nods "So an obstacle course of bells and strings, you can touch them, feel them, but get thru them, yes thank you I think I like the idea"

Blindfold nods "So an obstacle course of bells and strings, you can touch them, feel them, but get thru them, yes thank you I think I like the idea"

Thimble smirks "you have to go through without touching them. so no bell rings."

- - - To be Continued - - -

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