Story Time with the Avengers

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Mockingbird, Ms. Marvel, Namor, and Sandman

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09/07/12 14:37

Library - Avengers Mansion

Sandman reads, Mockingbird, Ms. Marvel, and Submariner stop by and chat.

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Friday afternoon, Sandman is seated in the Library. Wearing black dress pants and white dress shirt with a smoking jacket over it and a pair of reading glasses, the Avenger sits on a comfortable cushioned love seat. A book is draped across his lap. A rather cumbersome book. Those who would pay close attention will say it is Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” He hmmmns loudly at the page before him. “I see. . .I see.” He offers. There is a snifter on a small table next to him which he holds in another hand. This is not the usual sight one would see.

The sound of the front doors opening and then closing, swiftly and quite firmly, can be heard from the hallway, along with the jingle of the electronic chim intended to warn the staff when those doors are opened. Then the quick clip-clip of fast-paced footsteps in heels comes down the hall, stopping only briefly somewhere down the hall, likely near the kitchen, before resuming their approach to the library. The footsteps finally silence when they reach the plush pile carpeting of the library, but their owner is already visible, wind-blown blonde hair, black bodysuit, golden lightning bolt design, thigh-high boots, mid-bicep gloves and streaming crimson sash. Ms. Marvel pauses as she takes in the sight of William situated like that, and she smirks a little before taking a sip of the iced tea she fetched from the kitchen. "There and Back Again, are you?" she comments wryly to the pssamic Avenger.

Namor's own entrance to the scene is a little less direct - he appears outside of the giant windows that make up most of one walls. Already slowing for a landing, somewhere in front of the Foyer judging by his trajectory, he easily catches sight of Carol's distinctive form and uniform inside the library. Namor pauses where he is, straightening until he's 'standing' in mid-air and peering through the huge window. Then finally he hovers out of sight to one side. But those within the library immediately hear the sound of a window somewhere down the hallway outside sliding open, beeps as the security system activates and then recognizes Namor's entry, then finally the Atlantean himself appears in the entrance to the Library. "Greetings."

Mockingbird enters the library like more normal people, through the door from deeper within the mansion. Bobbi is dressed casually, wearing jeans and a Georgia Tech sweatshirt along with cross-trainers. Glancing over at Will and then Carol on her way in, she offers a wave. "Hey there. Am I missing story time?" Then Namor enters and both brows raise. "And hello to you, too. We haven't met, I'm sure. Bobbi Morse, a.k.a. Mockingbird."

“Holy crap. . .” Sandman is caught unaware by the sudden arrival and drops the book from his lap. When the book lands, a smaller comic book falls from the pages, revealing that Sandman was never actually reading Tolkien’s great work, but rather a comic book of the Jackson film instead. “Damn it, Carol. Quicksilver has nothing on you.” He chuckles at his embarrassment as he reaches for the snifter and sips. Any alcohol connoisseur will note from the aroma. It is not brandy, but apple juice instead. When the other Avengers arrive and he notes the comic book on the floor. He half-smiles, “It is easier to read with the pictures.” He nods his head to Namor, “Your highness.” And to Mockingbird, he smiles, stands up, rushes forward and hugs her lifting her into the air, “BOBBI! It’s been a minute!” He puts her down, “How you doin’?”

Namor turns to look at Mockingbird, mouth opening to reply. But then he has to step to one side - either that or get /shouldered/ aside by Sandman in the other Avenger's haste to greet Mockingbird first. Once he's reasonably sure his dignity is intact Namor continues with what he was going to say. "I am Namor, also called the Sub-Mariner. One-time ruler of Atlantis, but still a prince by blood." He nods to Sandman now, acknowledging the greeting. "And you are...?"

Carol smirks, first at the revelation of Sandman's chickanery and then the interactions between he, Namor and Bobbi. "She just said who she is, Namor. Bobbi Morse, SHIELD agent and Avenger, the Mockingbird." Carol does not define Bobby as wife - or ex - of Hawkeye. That's just now how things are done. "You are pretty silly, Bill." Even so, Carol crouches to pick up the book and the comic, putting them on the table. She's aware that the brandy isn't brandy, and is a tad relieved, if only because she'd rather avoid smelling the stuff and resisting her own urges and desires where alcohol are concerned. "Sorry. I just got back from patrol and checking in on the surveillance op, and yours was the first light I saw, Sandy." she offers by way of 'apology' for her arrival method.

Mockingbird returns Sandy's hug, grunting with a muffled <oof!> as she's hoisted off of the floor. The blonde flushes brightly once she's set down, running fingers through her long hair and giving Sandy a grin. "I'm good, thanks." she replies softly. Then the Sub-Mariner has her attention once more. "From Atlantis, as in THE Atlantis?" Her gaze lowers and she adds. "Nice trunks."

“No problem, Carol.” He winks to her when she picks up his book and comic and offers a nod. Noting Bobbi’s lower peek to Namor, “So is that what I gotta do to get some attention around here? Wear a speedo?” He starts laughing but then gets serious for a moment, “How’s life being Ares’ oracle?” He has a distaste for Ares and since he is removal from the team and Dane’s explanation as to what an oracle implies, Sandman shows a bit of concern for Bobbi.

Carol can't help but eye Bobbi with amusement as the other blonde gives Namor such an assessing look, grinning wryly. "Yep. 'The' Atlantis." she answers, even though she's sure Namor has it covered. Even if that's about the only thing he has covered. "And they are pretty nice trunks. Definitely." She's just not going to discuss Ares. No thanks.

Namor nods in greeting to Mockingbird. "So she did," he remarks to Carol, and somehow you get the impression that it's only because he made a concious effort this time that he actually listens rather than repeating something that someone else says. His brow quirks at mention of Ares. But when he makes a waving-off gesture, it's the swimming trunk comment that he chooses to respond to. "Functional, yet stylish. Or so the Wasp assures me." He glances at Carol and then Bobbi again, before finally looking at Sandman, clearly examining their own attire.

With Bobbi’s answer, Bill makes a huge sigh of relief, “Ok. Good, because I heard about what an oracle really does and so. . .” Smiling and shrugging, he shifts his body so that he is now making eye contact with everyone, “I may need to find Jan to make to make me a new costume or something. Suddenly Sandman’s body falls apart into a pile of sand. The clothes he was wearing fall to the floor with the sand and as his body reforms, he is back to wearing his usual green and black stripped shirt and brown trousers.

Carol notes Bobbi's reaction to mention of Ares and merely offers the tiniest of nods; she understands. Hence why she has not brought it up. "I'm sure that's exactly what Jan said." she offers to Namor with a smile, inwardly appending 'aloud' to the statement. "Well, my costume is a van Dyne original, too. But I've been getting help from her on civilian attire more than costumes of late." Though she has considered a change in costume, she's not pushing for it right now. The recognizeability has proven very useful. Carol sips her iced tea, watching her teammates with gentle amusement, wondering what comes next. With her luck, it'll be an action alert.

Namor wrinkles his nose slightly at Sandman's collapsing and reforming - so quick that it's almost just a twitch - before he resumes his usual casually smug expression. "'Civilain' attire?" He echoes, gaze resting on Carol once more. "Please don't tell me you are also trying to maintain a secret identity? I will never understand the need so many heroes have for pretending to be someone they are not. Better to have the world acknowledge your power, and if that puts your family at risk then protect them. Or arrange for their protection," Namor adds after a bit. And of course that thought reminds him of a recent conversation with Ultragirl, and that memory brings back to the forefront of Namor's thoughts the reason he came to the Library when he saw Mrs. Marvel inside. "Any news of your Initiative?"

Mockingbird doesn't seem to be phased when Sandy dissolves and reforms, and she leans a hip against a chair. "Some of us don't try to keep a secret identity, Namor. I mean, it doesn't take a lot of imagination to picture me as Mockingbird. I just don't wear the goggles when I'm not in costume."

Fully reformed Sandman offers, “Well, everyone knew who I was before I became an Avenger? Mom’s dead and Dad’s in the clink. . .so unless I got some kids I don’t know about.” He shrugs, “No need to be so private.” He then looks to Carol, “Yeah, how’s the whole X-Men school kids thing working out?”

Carol merely smirks and shakes her head at Namor. "Me? A secret identity? No, Namor. I don't bother with that. But I don't live my life in costume, either. Sometimes I'm just me - Carol Danvers. So I dress differently. Whether it's a pair of ragged sweatpants cut off to shorts and a matching top, or a really nice van Dyne dress, or a pantsuit and dark sunglasses, I dress as is appropriate to what I'm doing and how I feel. So how about you stow the contempt, OK?" It irks her, she can't help it. She knows that in spite of himself, he means no harm. But it still irks her. "As for my initiative, the Academy is shaping up. Everyone who has met my candidate seems in favor, so I've made arrangements to meet with her parents and take Summers with me. We'll take them on a tour of the school, lay it out, get their permission. And then she'll transfer." Assuming they sign on. "Background checks are going in on the other folks who have been brought up. And the girls are probably going to go as well. Julia and Scott both seem in favor of the idea."

Namor holds Carol's gaze for a moment before finally looking away, holding up his hands in a conciliatory gesture. "Fine. I will try to...'stow' it." He seems to know from the context what Carol means. And perhaps it's not the first time a Avengers leader has 'asked' him to adjust his attitude.

Mockingbird watches the exchange, then takes half a step towards Namor. Giving him a 'she means well' look, Bobbi doesn't contradict the team leader in front of the others. Drawing a deep breath, she exhales slowly. "So who're the kids coming over for the program, then?" Okay, time to lighten the mood.

“Oh, yeah. So I forget some of the Avengers have kids. Who would have thought having kids nad being an Avengers would actually work.” Sandman offers dismissively as he scratches his head, again flakes of sand drop down, which are then reabsorbed into shoes. “So the Xers are good with our help. Good to see. Some of dem kids were pretty helpful against the bots in Paris.”

"One should hope that we can be both Avengers and human beings, which rather includes being parents, at least if that is what we choose." Carol admonishes, if gently. She appreciates that Namor has accepted her request, however firmly or even rudely she may have put it. Peace is definitely preferable. "My canditate is Ultragirl. Scott and Julia have both said they're in favor of sending Cassie and Rachel. And we're working up background on a few folks Bill brought up. 'Gomi' and 'Alchemy,' I believe." she answers Bobbi easily enough.

Namor nods as he listens. "It seems as if this idea will not want for participants. I wonder..." he rubs his chin in thought.

Mockingbird nods at Carol's explanation, her mood lightening with the subject change. "Well let me know how I can help, Carol." She's already signed up as a teacher volunteer. Turning to Namor, then, she smiles and offers. "So, Namor. Can I interest you in the deluxe tour of the Mansion?"

Looking to Namor, “Hey are there any Atlanteans that might be interested in the school bit?” Sandman has probably asked Namor before but brings it up in front of the rest of team. But when Bobbi offers to give Namor a tour, he shrugs, “Another time, then.” His body suddenly turns to sand and drops on a pile on the floor and drifts its way to the clothes he was wearing earlier, the sand pile seems to eat up the clothes and then starts to take a humanoid shape as a sand body forms within the clothes and begins to form back into Sandman now wearing the getup from earlier.

“If there are any who might be interested, Namor, I hope you know they would be welcome." Carol offers, with a warm smile. "The choice, obviously, would be theirs and yours. But hopefully you'll at least consider it." That said, she nods to Mockingbird. "Always, Bobbi. And thanks. I appreciate it." That settled, she sips her tea and heads out, making her way upstairs towards her room. Probably more darned 'paperwork', however digital it may be.

Namor raises an eyebrow and then nods. "Of course," he nods briefly to Sandman (inexplicably looking amused now at the reforming), gives a more respectful nod to Mrs. Marvel and then leads the way out of the doors.

Sandman goes back to reading his comic and sipping his apple juice.

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