Stopping Deadly Force with Deadly Force

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Black Panther & Night Raven

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10/30/12 00:31

Hudson River Warehouse

The Panther takes the Raven down.

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-----==[ Hudson River Warehouse - Tribeca ]==---------------------------------

The warehouse doors open up into a moderately sized storage area, with many large, solid, metal shipping containers stacked around the room, making it hard for someone walking to find their way immediately to the back, especially if they were unfamiliar with the one correct path. At the back, another locked set of doors lead to other portions of the warehouse. While the large main room does have a handful of those large metal shipping containers within it - each one serving as a large room in and of itself - it mostly appears to be a large mixture of rooms with a few couches off to the side, a handful of bookcases along the walls, a large TV up against one wall, and even a pool-table near the corner of the large room. The books range widely in their topics, as people are able to find everything from novels such as Tolkien's or Piers Anthony's series, to extremely detailed books on biology and genetics, and even other historical novels such as Dante's Inferno and Niccolo Machiavelli's 'The Prince'. Within those large crates in this area, the doors open up into more private rooms, which also actually seem to be lightly furnished as well. In the back of this large main room, a set of stairs descends from a balcony above, leading to the topmost section of the warehouse where the individual, personal rooms are as well as the more private and official meeting areas.

A few rooms break off from this main warehouse floor, also rather large and offering excellent spaces for training and sparring areas to be set up, as well as a fully equipped and stocked kitchen. Then another room remains in the far back, through a small hallway, and the door seems to be fused shut through a warping and bending of the metal all around it in an impossibly breakable lock.


The Dragon Tong was to receive a shipment. The Maggia was informed that the shipment was of significant importance. The shipment came, the Maggia attacked and the Dragon Tong rebutted the attack with the help of the 'shipment' - which was a person, not necessarily a weapon or contraband. On the scene were Night Thrasher and the Black Panther who mitigated the damages and kept many people from dying.

The 'shipment' turned out to be a woman of significant prowess that was never identified.

A week later, word on the street is that the woman denied involvement with the Dragon Tong who sent the Porcupine and Scarecrow to apprehend and bring her back to Yi Yang. This was a mistake as the woman (with the help of Arachne and Dagger) send the villains packing.

A week after that, the Black Panther is on the trail of the woman whom he is very aware of her name - has been from the start but refuses to spread the word. It's reasonable to believe that the Night Raven can pick up the trail of the Panther that will lead them both back to the original shipping district and warehouse that the 'woman' arrived.

It's midnight, or just after. The pier is devoid of workers since no shipment is due till tomorrow at 10am. The particular warehouse is also empty, save for the Panther who sifts through a file cabinet on the second floor in the office area. He offers no light source as his vision is so enhanced that he need none to read pages in file folders.

As for the particular warehouse, devoid of anyone save the Panther, it would seem there is an unexpected guest - or another unexpected guest as the case might be. If the Panther has some super vibranium enduced hearing apparatis in that suit of his, he'd probably pick up on the faintest of metal scrapping on metal. If he was rather familiar with that sound, it is the sound of screws in metal ducts being twisted out of place as if someone where 'breaking' in. That break in artist being the Night Raven, who fully intends to enter the darkness below on his own trail - whether that is T'Challa who has information on the Dragon Tong or his own curiousity over who Yi Yang may be interested in.

Eventually all four screws are removed and there is more metal banging and scrapping as the covering is removed allowing Night Raven access to the warehouse finally. With a carefully placed grapple, he'll zip down into the darkness where he'll stand silently to let his eyes adjust, deciding if he needs a flashlight or not just yet.

Hearing the approach of another, the Panther moves into the shadows - blending in - and watches the arrival of the Raven. Silently, he reflects the recent past and knows that the Raven is a dangerous foe and even more dangerous ally. He waits, watches.

With overconfidence, Night Raven walks, letting his older, hard soled shoes click on the ground as he does so. His eyes behind the mask look around the warehouse for the offices and that becomes his destination. One hand slips into his jacket and produces a revolver as if for safety, he checks to make sure a round is in the chamber and the safety is off - one can never be too cautious after all. Then his other hand reaches into his trouses and produces a little maglite, it is twisted against his other palm, just beneath the pistol's handle, and flicked on. His eyes not accustomed to the dark and he intends to see in those dark places. He only occasionally glances around the warehouse and into shadows, he is more focused on the office and getting into it.

The office is atop a flight of metallic stairs that switchback upon themselves once. The door is unlocked and open. The file cabinet that the Panther was in is also open. The office has a thin carpeted floor to muffle movements and the only illumination is from skylights of the warehouse that offer ambient city light.

After his heels click up the metal stairs, Night Raven pauses at unlocked and open door, but proceeds cautiously in, then pauses again at open cabinet. His flashlight sweeps the room in more detail, then scans the warehouse once more as if suspicous more so now than before. After a sweep, he'll cautiously enter the carpeted office and flashlight over the open file cabinet, wondering what the other person was looking at.

Slipping off the roof of the elevated offce, the Panther lands with a solid strike upon the stair landing of the office door. He says, "Raven, we need to talk."

The solid landing on the metal stairs has Night Raven turning to level his weapon at the noise. The voice catches something in his trigger finger and then, perhaps, he realizes the person may be familiar to him in some manner. Thusly, he lowers the weapon at the floor. "We do," he agrees, then flippantly waves the gun at the file and such, "This was your work?" Pondering if he was the one in here before him.

"Yes." replies the Panther as he takes a step into the office. He remains in the doorway, but feet on carpet, then asks, "Why are you here?"

Using the barrel of his revolver, Night Raven adjust the rim of his fedora. "Rumor in Chinatown is that Yi Yang has lost someone. I'm trying to figure out who she brought in to kill me this time." It all relates back to Night Raven as far as he is concerned.

"Her name is Lilith, but you need not concern yourself with her implied direction." notes the Panther and elaborates, "She has already turned upon Yi Yang and denounced their relationship."

"And this is well know, or simply a ruse by Yi Yang to mislead all parties while Lilith seeks out her true target?" Always the suspicious one, Night Raven looks for plots within plots. "Remember, Yi Yang has had centuries to devise her traps. I don't know this Lilith, but it reads curious that this assassin she brought in is curiously turned against her now."

"One of the reasons to seek out the Daughter of Dracula. You may, or may not, be aware that the vampires of this dimension were all destroyed. Cast by powerful magics that prevented their return. Yet, she, the Daughter of Dracula, still walks among the living. The seat of my investigation is /why/." states the Panther in clarification.

Consider that a moment, Night Raven uncocks his weapon so he can put it away for the now. "Perhaps the Raven will have answers, this is now the realm of the mystical." Says the guy who talks to the dead and thinks he's the embodied spirit of some old native american spirit deity. "Do you think Lilith has made cause with Yi Yang in the past, perhaps Yi Yang has, through her ancient sciences found a way to preserve Lilith despite the destruction of all vampires?"

"I do not possess speculation at this moment. There are far too many variables that could be in play and until I discover facts and evidence to point me in a particular direction, I choose to keep the options open. Before you arrived, I was in the process of tracing the origin of the shipment. Now that I am aware, I will be traveling after you and I settle our business."

Cocking his head curiously, Night Raven ponders that, "Yes, and what is this business were are to settle so that you can travel?"

"You are dangerous to yourself and those around you. You have stepped across the legal line and need to be turned over to the authorities. It is my intention to do this. Now, you can either come quietly, or we can do it the other way."

"You mean I have crossed your threshold for stepping across lines," says the Night Raven, considering they've both did some B&E work tonight and lines have been crossed all around. At least he assumes the Panther is here without some official search warrant the same. Still, his hand will be going for places in his jacket where his revolvers are probably kept. "I have no intention of being turned over, so I guess its the other way."

With a nod, the Panther states, "So be it." and he will lunge...

With the need for flashlight, Night Raven can only pull out one revolver. He'll shoot at the Panther trying to divert the attacker.

The Panther is faster and more agile than the Raven, the bullet completely misses the approaching Panther. The panther will then kick the Raven in the chest and move in close to ready himself for another attack.

Over confident at first, Night Raven barely moves and the kick catches him dead on. He stumbles back a little and with the Panther close in, he doesn't hold back. Hopefully now that the other is closer his aim will be more true.

Being shot, the Panther realizes that he will need to disarm the Raven, but that won't happen until the next round. The Panther then gut punches the Raven doing 10 more damage. He remains close in his motions, intent on not allowing the Raven to gain any distance.

The punch connects and if the Panther is attuned to what people normally feel like with his gloves on, it might feel like there is something of personal body armor on the Night Raven beneath that black t-shirt with his personal emblem on it. Really, if he's sensitive enough, it probably feels like years upon years of scar tissue. Not the sort that splits easily in fights and makes Night Raven a bleeder. Regardless he doesn't quite act the same as a normal person punched in the gut, no doubling over for breath, no impact to his diaphram. Instead, as Panther matches his movements around the office to keep the quarters close, he instead raises his pistol to whip the suited man with it.

Realizing that the Raven regenerates, he's wearing body armor, and this will likely take all day, the Panther decides that lethal force is necessary. Drawing his energy dagger from his Panther utility belt, he states in a regretful tone, "Forgive me, Raven, but you have proven that this is a necessary, yet regretful act." and then stabs the Raven twice with the glowing blade, doing damage each attack (50-10=40x2=80 health total).

Even as the scar tissue and his regenerative power start sealing the holes in his body created by the Panther, Night Raven is doubling over just the same. His tolerance to pain is keen after years of chronic pain inflicted by Yi Yang, but the blade causes enough damage for his body that it reacts on its own. As if facing a life and death scenario, Night Raven scrambles for any office item he can lift and hit the Panther with.

Stepping with the Raven's movements, the Panther intones, "Surrender now, Raven. I nor you wish for this to continue as I know in your heart you desire the demise of all that is wrong with the world - yet that demise cannot happen with deadly force. For that is the line with which you crossed that goes against all that is just and true."

he strikes again for another 40 points of damage into the body of the floundering Raven.

Speaking of deadly force, even with regenerative powers, it would seem three knife stabs on top of the minor damage inflicted in hand to hand combat, that the Night Raven's body does have a threshold after all. He falls to the floor, no longer breathing - for now at least.

Binding the Raven, the Panther will search and remove all the things he could use to escape and then transport the Raven to the local police department via the Panther Sky-Cycle.

There, he will deposit the body of the Raven upon the floor beneath the duty sgt's desk and says, "His name is Night Raven, he's responsible for numerous fatalities while in the course of upholding the law, though the law is the law and he must be tried for said crimes. You will receive a report within 1 hours from the Avengers regarding the charges. Have a good evening."

When the on hand officers take the Raven into custody, they exclaim, "Hey, he's dead!"

The Panther replies, "He'll get better." then exits the building.

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