Stop! Theif!

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Stop! Theif!

Wolverine and Arachne

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Midtown Manhattan

Julia's daughter gets her backpack stolen, Wolverine gets it back

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It's later in the evening, the sun has set and the after hours crowd is starting to go places to either see or been seen. And while this means that the streets aren't as packed as they are at rush hour there is still a heavy flow of foot traffic.

On one of the busier side streets is a movie theatre that just let out it's 7:00 showing of some popular family film, appropiate to the younger adoloscents. Amoung the crowd that is leaving the theatre is a woman and her 8 year old (approx) daughter. They seemed to have come to the movies straight after school as the child still has her backpack with her. The woman holds onto the young girls hand as the girl talks non-stop about the movie they had just seen.

It's definitely busy tonight, with the ebb and flow of humanity moving steadily back and forth. Occasionally crowds gather as they wait for the street lights to turn, people pressed up against each other, the nearness almost stiffling at times, then the lights change and they're off to travel as they like. And, as luck would have it, the crowd's augmented by the rambunctious loudness of local sports fans, hollaring and cheering, exulting in a victory over their most recent opponents. It makes a normally busy night that much more chaotic. People with RANGERS jackets and hats are hooting and hollaring, beers are being sloshed back and forth as the crowds meld together. It's a wild thing and difficult to keep track of.

Then again, some people use such chaos as cover. One thin man wends his way between the people of the crowd, sliding past one person to another. His eyes dart back and forth, trying to find a likely mark. No good, that guy has a wrist band on that ipad, and that's no good, she's got that purse around her neck and hip...

But then the man espies that girl with her designer backpack and usually at that age they have a cellphone or something.

There's a break into movement, heavier footsteps that are lost in the crowd noise, and then all of a sudden the man is at Julia's daughter's side... then past having yanked her backpack from her arm and broken into a run across the street and into the opposing crowd.

Being only eight, Rachel is still innocent on how things work in the big world and is surprised when the bag is violently yanked from her. But being her mother's child she doesn't get scared, just angry "Hey! That's mine." is her first outburst and she pulls on her mother's hand "My bag, he took my bag." she points in the direction the man fled. The mother on the other hand, yes she is upset at the theft, but her immdiate concern is the girl "Are you okay? He didn't hurt you?" she checks the arm that the bag hung on, making sure there are no bruises or other injury.

The girl shakes her mother's hands off "I'm fine. My bag though, it's got.." she whispers something about a stuffed animal.

The man's not missing a beat, but with that instinct that is only present in a crowd it opens up for his departure. People yell after him, others yell for people to get out of his way and watch out. It's even more chaos to the already wild tumult that is the city.

"Look out!"

"Watch it!"

"He took that gal's purse!"

"He's got a gun!"

He leaves a wake of parting people behind him as he makes his mad dash, darting one way, then the other. He makes it around a corner, already thinking to himself about where he's going to go to lay low, to go through the pack and see what he can see.

That's the moment when he runs headlong into the short guy wearing the Toronto Mapleleafs jersey. /WHAM!/

"Mom, do something." Rachel begins to pull the woman in the direction that the theif went. The girl knows a little of what Julia is and does, but not enough to understand the ramifications if Julia did something in a crowd of people "Rachel slow down." Julia stops short, planting her feet so the girl can't pull her around anymore. She then sweeps the girl up into her arms to talk to her more softly "Don't worry, sweetie. We'll get your backpack back. Just be patient." she quickly begins to move in the direction the man run, slipping in and out of the crowd as best she can.

It might take a bit of time, but when she rounds that corner down the street she'll at first see the ring of a crowd that's formed around some sort of altercation. It's just a bunch of people looking inwards towards a wall of one building at the corner.

But when she breaks into that semi-circle around the altercation that's where she'll find the thief. He's sprawled on the ground with his arms out wide and his legs splayed. The other shorter man stands atop him, a boot on the thief's chest and holding onto the backpack. She may recognize him as none other than the X-Men's Logan, wearing his Toronto Mapleleafs jersey and hat, looking like a true tourist for once.

He's scanning the crowd, holding the pack up and asks. "A'right, whozisthis?"

A few feet behind him a clearly inebriated Rangers fan says loudly, "Leafs suck!"

As the woman, still carring the girl breaks through the ring, through judicious use of elbows if necessary the girl chimes up "Mine." she squirms a moment and Julia lets her go so Rachel can run up and hold her hands out for the bag. "It's mine." she glances back at her mother then back up at Logan "May I have it back, please." she grins at herself, proud that she remembered to use her manners.

Julia on the other hand, looks down at the would be thief knocked out on the groun and back at Logan. She recognizes him from what seems like ages ago, and wonders if the same is true. For now she will see how the girl fairs.

The stocky bearded man steps off of the fallen perpetrator, leaving him lying there. One finger points at the man and Logan growls levelly, "Don't flippin' move." A quick shake of his head is given, and the mugger stays right there as if frozen in carbonite.

Logan turns back towards the little girl and kneels down before her, extending the backpack towards her and saying quietly. "Here ya go. And yes you may." The blue-eyed man gets a small smile as he looks at Rachel, then he looks back up at Julia and offers her her fair share of that smile. He looks back down and tells the little girl, "Glad ta help get it back for ya. Hold on tight to it in the future, okay?"

Taking the backpack Rachel puts in on properly and nods "Thank you sir. I will." she looks around the kneeling Logan to the man on the ground, and as kids are prone to do, sticks her tongue out at him.

"Yes, thank you." Julia repeats, "There would have been many sleepless nights had we not got that back." she then chuckles at her daughter's antics.

It's then in that moment that Logan's able to get a good look at Julia, but what's more his nostrils flare subtly. The Canadian mutant's brow furrows a touch as he looks askance towards the woman, then back at her daughter. "S'no problem. Guy just ran inta me, barely had ta do anythin'." He smirks at the little girl and then adds, "M'sure if she caught up to him she was gonna beat him up. But I figured I'd save him the hospital bill. Ain't that right fella?"

The thief pipes up, "Sure, Mac, whatever! Can I go now?"

Logan squints at the thief and shakes his head, then looks back at Julia. His brow furrows a touch, "An I know this is kinda gonna sound weird, but I'd swear I know ya from somewhere." It was an age ago, back when the Beyonder took some of the world's heroes to battleworld, but still. He never really got to talk much to Julia. In fact she just kicked him in the face once.

A pair of police officers come running up and quickly survey the situation, taking charge of the situation they start to take statements from the crowd and lock down the thief.

Also that guy in the back of the crowd takes the chance to shout, "Leafs suck!" again.

"I get that a lot. I guess I just have one of those faces." Julia explains smoothly, though she knows, that he knows, its a lie. She takes the girls hand and pulls her away from the theif just as the girl was about to give him a kick in the leg "Let the police do thier job, sweetie. "I think you have a fan." she comments about the Leafs heckler.

Logan's eyes narrow faintly, expression sharpening as he takes Julia's measure. He looks down towards the munchkin, then back up to her and seems willing to let it go if only because the child is there. He gives her a small nod and then comments, "Yeah, New Yorkers, gotta love 'em." His lip twitches slightly and then he starts to step past her into the crowd, only taking a single moment to tousle Rachel's hair, "Stay good, kiddo."

As he moves off one of the police officers looks up, "Hey I didn't get that guy's statement." He starts to move after.

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