Stitching Time II

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Showstopper Thimble

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03/14/13 17:20

Thimble's Room

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Janie doesn't laugh. Why should she? It's not funny. But she turns to lean against Chenda, a hand slowly trailing the ripped seam on the both sides to fix it "Why?" she asks, the hand trailing from the waistband down.

"Why what?" Chenda asks, frowning in confusion as she looks back over her shoulder. "Why don't laugh? Why does it bother me?" She doesn't ignore the fact that Janie's fixing her jeans, though. "I keep finding reasons to appreciate the fact that you're so good with cloth, Janie," she says, softly and approvingly.

Janie slides the hands along the ripped seams, pressing the torn fabric a bit against Richenda a bit "Why should I laugh?" she asks, innocently fixing the rip, even as she gets closer to the lower. "Because I never have torn cloth?"

"Because you're seeing my underpants, which aren't supposed to be on the outside and are because I derped," Chenda replies, blushing a little at the question. "And it happens a lot. It's embarrassing how much." She knows Janie's just fixing the rip, but she can feel where those mending hands are going, and she falls silent as she concentrates on holding still. She's ticklish.

Innocent hands eventually fix the trousers at the tailbone where janies fingers stop "all ok?" she asks, not exactly embarrassed as she is just stitching up a clothing mishap.

Chenda, almost holding her breath in her efforts to hold still, sighs in relief as she feels Janie withdraw her hands. "Feels okay..." she murmurs in reply. "But I can't see anything." She rolls and stands, beginning to unfasten her jeans. "Only one way to check for sure."

Janie quirks an eyebrow as Richenda frees herself of the jeans, but like that she can fix the rest without touching her through the fabric. "Didn't fix the last part," she says, leaning down to fix the rest of the hole. "Can't reach it if you put it somewhere."

"Okay..." Chenda nods, laying the jeans on the bed carefully so Janie can work, and standing back in her flowered briefs. She hugs her elbows, trying not to shiver in the faint chill of the room.

It does not take too long to fix them up, but finished with it, Janie folds the jeans and puts them to the side, pulling a blanket out to offer a warm place "as good as new."

Janie quirks an eyebrow on the teasing "I didn't rip mine when falling to the bed," she remarks but slips out of her pants to slide under the blanket. Baby blue panties with a childish little princess peach on them came to vision just before she hid under the blanket.

"Someone's been shopping in the kids' department again," Chenda teases gently, sitting down next to Janie and drawing the blanket over her lap as best she can. Obviously, she can't do much about her back, but her lap and legs are covered warmly. "Thanks."

Janie pouts a bit as she leans against Richenda "they fit best," she claims, knowing too well she could make anything fitting, but why pay too much?

"You have quite possibly the cutest pouty-face I've ever seen," Chenda replies, leaning over to hug Janie. "Buy what you want. I don't mind. I don't think anyone else does, either."

Janie snuggles in a bit to the shoulder giving a slightly murring sound "Why is it cute?" she asks, not really getting it. "some do care how they look."

"I don't know how to describe it... but I hope you don't ever use it as a weapon. It might reduce rob some people of free will," Chenda replies, giggling softly and rubbing Janie's back. "Who does care?"

Janie pouts again, giving Richenda a slight tug at the arm "you do that on purpose, do you?" she asks her friend before adding "People care?"

Chenda blinks, frowning in puzzlement. "Do what on purpose? Use my pout as a weapon? I have, but it's been a long time. And yes, people care. Sometimes it's surprising how much, really."

"No, making me do that face," Janie remarks, snuggling into the hug she was given.

Chenda shakes her head. "No... I didn't know about the pout before you did it," she replies, patting Janie's back. "And off the subject, who does care how your panties look?"

Janie shrugs and just enjoys the moment "But you know how to make me pout," she says, giving her a slight poke with the elbow. "And some people might care."

"True. But I don't do it. Much," Chenda replies, winking. "And if people do care, they'll only see 'em in the locker room or when you're changing clothes. Or if you rip your pants, which I think isn't too likely." She releases the hug and leans back, bracing herself with her palms and idling kicking her sock-clad feet.

Janie leans back next to her, reaching for her stitching frame which slowly floats over to her with the silk yarn "need still some dozen lines on the cape," she explains it

"It looks like it's coming out well," Chenda observes, watching the work. Not one for sitting still, but not wanting to disturb Janie, she crosses and uncrosses her feet idly. Then she leans back and looks at Janie's uncovered back, putting a hand to her lips to stifle giggles.

Janie does not exactly cover her back, sure, but she still has her Pullover and shirt on. "It's just some more hours. So much silk yarn." she speaks as she starts stitching without a needle but just her power.

"Wish I could do that. It'd save me a lot of stuck fingers and time," Chenda muses, looking back at the cape. As the other girl works, she looks back again. "You know, this blanket's only covering the /front/ of your lap," she says, mock-thoughtfully.

Janie turns her head. "What's about that?" she asks, looking down her own back. That the baby blue flashes out from under her pullover can not be seen from her eyes. Resuming to her work as she can't spot something, she seems to almost beg for teasing.

Chenda realizes instantly what happened. Playfully, she reaches over and ever-so-slowly draws up the back of Janie's pullover and shirt...

Janie does not feel that yet, as Chenda exposes her back slowly. There's a small star on the center of her panties back, and a slight scar on the lower back (she recieved that when she did run away once). Instead of doing something, she ketpt stitching.

"I see London, I see France..." Chenda singsongs teasingly. Then she drops the backs of Janie's tops, giggling.

Janie turns her head back, not having felt the work on her clothes "London? France? Can you see across the ocean?" she asks questioning. "That'd be nice."

Chenda's eyes widen again, and she giggles. "No... it's a children's rhyme, to tease someone when you see their underpants," she replies, shaking her head bemusedly. She then takes hold of the blanket and draws it her way, pulling it off of Janie's lap. "I see London, I see France, I see someone's underpants!"

Now it's Janies turn to blush, looking down her back "can't be. There's a pullover in front of them," she describes what she sees herself.

"Look in front of you," Chenda replies, pointing and stifling giggles.

Janie looks and collects back her cape quickly, to cover her lap now instead of the blanket "you seem to want to make me blush." she comments, still blushing as she turns back.

Chenda, seeing that look, leans over and hugs Janie gently. "No... I'm just teasing you, Janie. Earlier, I could see your panties below your shirt, though I don't think you could see them. But you could've seen mine just as easily," she adds, pointing behind her. "The blanket only goes over our laps, not around back. Then you weren't sure what I meant with the 'I See London' rhyme, so I showed you. I'll stop if it bothers you."

Thimble mutters a bit as she cuddles up to Richenda. "It doesn't," she replies as she pulls herself close to her. "It doesn't bother me."

Chenda drapes the blanket back over Janie's lap. "I should stop," she replies, more softly, and hugs Janie tighter.

Janie keeps the hug. “Not if you don’t want to”

- - - Fade to black - - -

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