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Showstopper Thimble

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03/14/13 17:00

Thimble's Room

Showstopper pays Thimble a visit

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After classes, before dinner. It's not a big block of time, but it's one of the ones most students look forward to. And it's one of those lucky days where Chenda Gray has no Danger Room sessions scheduled. And so, a change of clothes and a quick stop to wash her face later, she's knocking on Janie Wu's door, curious as to what her friend might be doing today after classes. It couldn't hurt to find out, right? Not like with Kisha...

Janie opens the door carefully on the desk a mass of black fabric and yellow yarn, which on second look reveals to be silk. "Richenda?" she asks. After she had passed the last day in observation at the medbay mostly, she had been in class today after her kidnapping and rescue. "Come in."

"Hey," Chenda greets, for her part. "Thanks. Feeling okay, hon? I meant to ask about you earlier, but this is the first time I've been able to catch you... or anybody from the rescue, really."
She pauses just inside the door to give Janie a careful hug. "I'm so glad you're okay. Nobody'd say what happened, just to be on alert just in case. Just in case of /what/, nobody'd say."

Janie pulls Richenda a bit in, to close the door before she answers the hug. "I am ok." she mutters, leaning against the bigger girl's shoulder, or more chest. "They hurt Ruth's boyfriend badly."

"Wolf Cub?" Chenda grimaces. "That's nasty of them. Cub's one of the gentlest people here. I hope they got paid back for that." Usually she's a much less angry person, but Cub draws out her sympathetic side, and hurting him is a sure way to get her mad. She just holds Janie close, prolonging the hug. "But at least everyone's home now. There's something to be said for that."
She glances over at the desk. "What are you making? It looks like that's silk yarn..."

Janie nods slowly, snuggled into the bigger girl a bit. "Gave their wolf a nasty squeeze before Mirage smacked his head," she muttered, a bit enjoying the closeness. It was something rare for her still, so she enjoyed it as long as she could. "A cloak."

"I'm glad. Anybody who'd smack Cub deserves to get their head whacked," Chenda mutters, and sighs. "Sorry... not trying to be a downer. I should change the subject."
Fortunately, one's near to hand. "A cloak? Talk about romantic touches... I like it already! And it's silk? Why silk? I mean, it /could/ be for that wonderful texture, but I'm guessing you've got something else in mind..."

"Silk is light and strong. And it falls good," Janie explains, still leaning to rest against her. "And it can be folded vary small." There were not too many private things of her to be seen - besides the work she was doing.

"Good points," Chenda agrees. "But what's it for? You don't see a lot of cloaks being worn these days, so I'm guessing it's not for everyday wear. And those colors look very familiar," she adds, with a teasing grin at the smaller girl.

"More a cape style. Black, yellow," she says, not really responding to the grin but move slowly backwards in the hug, a bit towards the bed.

"Cape style... not a lot of difference, really," Chenda opines, moving with Janie absently. She's still looking thoughtfully at the mass of fabric. "But it looks like it'll be impressive once it's done. Really nice workmanship... your power?"

Janie nods, even having skipped the needle for the work. "It's faster that way." Eventually she reaches the bed with her legs, stopping her movements, which does not mean Richenda actually needs to stop. "It's just one stitch next to another."

Chenda, caught up in admiring the idea of the cloak as well as the garment itself, doesn't realize Janie's stopped until she's taken one step too many. "Oh-OOOOH!" she cries, stumbling as her knee hits the edge of the bed, tripping her up and toppling her forward... and Janie as well if the other girl doesn't move!

Janie can't really keep Richenda up and herself, so lands on her back on the bed, just managing to not hit the wall as she turned the fall to one side. "Careful!" she remarks as she tries to prevent Richenda to hit the wall, which might however result in her landing atop of her in a rather awkward fashion.

Chenda might be distracted, but more acrobatics training than most olympic athletes is still locked away in her muscle memory. She instinctively catches herself with her hands and lets her knees slip, one to either side of Janie so as not to hurt her. The end result is that she doesn't fall flat, but that she's now straddling Janie's hips. Oops...
And when Janie pulls to keep her from hitting the wall, it only gets worse. The material of the bed's coverlet is just slick enough that the gypsy girl's palms slip, and she does fall flat after all, right on top of Janie. Could this get any more awkward? "Ow... Janie? Are you okay?" she asks, a little muffled from her face being flat on the bed.

Janie mutters something, but instead of an audible reply, it it bore feel able for Richenda, as her face really did land in the most awkward place possible. Right between Richenda's breasts. "I fould afrechiate fome air". But she didn't take her hands away from where she had tried to keep her from falling at the shoulders.

The sensation is enough to tell Chenda where Janie is. "Oh!" She shifts her hands and pushes herself up, looking with wide-eyed concern (heavily mingled with embarrassment) at the smaller girl. "I'm so sorry. Are you okay?"

Janie nods as she tries to pull herself far enough to look her straight into the face "They're soft," she mutters, more meant to state a fact. Which might be embarrassing also.

"Sports bra padding," Chenda mutters, blushing more deeply. She might be fibbing, of course, considering how this started. She inches back so she can stand up, then offers her hands to Janie. "I didn't hurt you, did I?" She's light, sure, but she's muscular for her size, which means she's not exactly a lightweight for her size. And Janie's smaller and lighter yet.

"No," Janie mutters slightly, taking the hand, but not letting herself pulled up but more trying to prevent her from standing up. She has not really much chest, which means likely less than Richenda. "You have more."

"Can we talk about something else?" Chenda asks, almost despairingly. "I get enough flak about my figure... or lack thereof." She doesn't pull against Janie's grip, though, figuring the girl must have some reason for not wanting to get up.

Janie just thought that it was not a bad idea to get the hugs Richenda gives on the bed. And hell, Janie had even less of a figure, and she was even shorter. "I have less." she mutters, pulling just a bit on the arm.

"Lack of figure doesn't translate into lack of beauty, Janie," Chenda says, her eyes widening in concern. She blinks as Janie pulls on her arm, but shrugs and lets herself bend at the hips, catching herself with her free hand.
It's a longer bend than she'd realized. The landing's a little awkward, but the real kicker is in back. There's a loud, popping rip from behind her, and Chenda's eyes widen. "Oh, fudgesicles..."

Janie eyes her Friend on the ripping sound and the near senseless word. "What?" she asks, searching a position that iis a bit more comfortable for both of them maybe as she makes sure that her face is pretty sure clear of having any contact to Richenda's chest.

"I just burst my britches," Chenda replies, blushing brilliantly and trying not to giggle in her embarrassment. "I know, the talk is that everybody in the school's seen my panties by now, but that doesn't mean it doesn't bother me!"
She finally just lies down on her side, next to Janie but a bit distant, and rolls so her back is to the younger girl. Yup, split seat-seam, from the zipper through the back waistband, showing white briefs printed in a floral pattern. "Please don't laugh..."

Janie doesn't laugh. Why should she? It's not funny. But she turns to lean against Chenda, a hand slowly trailing the ripped seam on the both sides to fix it "Why?" she asks, the hand trailing from the waistband down.

"Why what?" Chenda asks, frowning in confusion as she looks back over her shoulder. "Why don't laugh? Why does it bother me?" She doesn't ignore the fact that Janie's fixing her jeans, though. "I keep finding reasons to appreciate the fact that you're so good with cloth, Janie," she says, softly and approvingly.

Janie slides the hands along the ripped seams, pressing the torn fabric a bit against Richenda a bit "Why should I laugh?" she asks, innocently fixing the rip, even as she gets closer to the lower. "Because I never have torn cloth?"

"Because you're seeing my underpants, which aren't supposed to be on the outside and are because I derped," Chenda replies, blushing a little at the question. "And it happens a lot. It's embarrassing how much." She knows Janie's just fixing the rip, but she can feel where those mending hands are going, and she falls silent as she concentrates on holding still. She's ticklish.

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