Song Requests and Detests

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Song Requests and Detests

Blindfold, Gambit, Rex-Gregson, Empath, Phantasm

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Jack's Pub

Mike gets some free beer while he plays the piano at the Pub. Several friends walk in to listen… and Empath

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-----==[ Jack's Pub - Chelsea ]==---------------------------------------------

A low lit, well furnished, standard English bar. Jack's Pub has quiet music playing in the background, sometimes an actual piano is being played for tips. The bar itself is located in the center part of the room and is well manicured, polished, and decorated. The waitress' all wear short, black skirts, yet still hold the feel of beauty and elegance. The bartenders all wear tuxedo shirts and bottoms and have a smile wanting to serve you.


With the tuxedo shirts, skirts, smiles, and decor of the standard English bar, there's a sense of attainable class hidden within the Pub. But with it being the start of a holiday weekend, the usual Friday crowd has actualy dropped down, making it easy to find a free table in the establishment.

It's peaceful, not too noisy and the sounds of piano music waft about the room with it's minor keyed melody. Beautiful, yet with the chosen key, with a hint of sadness. Perfect music to drink by. A waitress comes by, taking an empty glass up from the table next to the piano and setting down another, getting a nod of thanks from Mike as he continues playing.

This isn't Gambit usual type of place, but he's heard nothing but great things about their Blood Pie. So when Ruth asked where he would like to eat, he figured today was as good a day as any to try them out. The tall lithe cajun enters the restaurant, with his arm entwined in the young girl's.

With her cane folded into her pocket, Ruth walked in with her teacher, a smile upon her face "Mike makes a pretty good Billy Joel, yes thank you. if I might ask please, what is blood pie? I do hope it's not literal, please thank you"

Bi-err, Mike continues playing, tired eyes just looking to nothing as he continues on. Notes trickling away as the song comes to an end. There's a small amount of clapping coming from one of the few tables that have people at it and Mike gives a slight nod, taking a break to sip his drink, not even glancing up until the sound of someone slapping their hand on the piano as they walk by draws his attention upwards. A brow arches as he looks to the money resting on top and glances behind him to see where the man went. Shrugging, he gets up from the piano, taking his drink with him.

"Black pudding," Gambit offers to Ruth, realizing that his response probably didn't help her understand what blood pie was even the slightest. He taps her hand reassuringly with his free hand. "Y'know, when dealin' wit foods from 'round de world, sometimes is betta ta just not ask," he adds with a slight chuckle. Moving them in Mike's direction, he juts his lower lip out and nods approvingly. "Neva knew you tickled de ivorys, mon ami," he compliments. "Know any Fats Waller?"

Mike scoops up the bill off of the piano and walks over to the bar, tucking it into the 'tender's tipjar before turning around, looking to the familiar looking man. He gives a bit of a weak smile, "Kind of an occupational hazzard, learning to play instruments. He turns his back on the piano, apparently done with it for the time being. "Haven't, really had the chance to expand on the play list that far." His smile turns apologetic, "How about 'Night and Day' instead?"

Gambit smiles. "Mais oui, a classic," he says.

With Mike playing the piano slightly sad and seemingly getting paid in beers as well as tips. Gambit had just brought Ruth over to him add they chatted about blood pudding "Please if you would tell me it's rich chocolate and not blood? What does black look like, pear if you don't mind?" grinning at gambit as she was kidding about the color but yes it was little help "You'll get to expand more then your musical repertoire mike, yes thank you. Please if I might ask, how are holding up, have you found rest more often then last time we spoke?"

Another figure slips into the room. With sunglasses, a toque on over her let-down hair and other things, someone may not recognise Rex at first. Although Mike may recognise the tall, Secret Service style man following her everywhere, not looking too happy with the surroundings right now, but also not saying a word as he glanced, scoping out everyone. Rex herself paused to adjust to the music, and blinked, recognising the performer now and brightening... before sinking down once more. She started to make her way over, almost missing Blindfold.

The smile fades as Blindfold asks about his getting rest. He blinks, looking over to her, "It was a bit later than usual but things are under control." The quasi answer is all Blindfold's given as Mike takes another sip of his beer and moves back to the piano. With a trill of the keys, he starts into Cole Porter's Night and Day. Not quite as quick as what Gambit may have initially want but still a nice smooth song with a bit of beat to it.

Ordering himself a beer as Mike returns to the piano, Gambit waits for it to arrive. When it does, he sorts out a seat near the piano for himself and Ruth. The music fills the small area reverberating off of the meticulous woodwork. He speaks in a soft tone to the girl sharing the table with him. "Y'know petite, you always seem ta be concerned 'bout Mike. Seems like he can take care o' 'imself," he says matter of factly.

Ruth smiles with a wave toward Rex, looks didn't fool the blind. Then turns her head toward the cajun with her as she finds her seat "On top of what you know about him, wouldn't you be concerned for him if you had seen him die and then live only to know that his partner in music and both his roommate's were attacked, and his aunt wad killed on mother's day, please if you don't mind my asking?" voice low even for Ruth, just loud enough for their table. it certainly put things in perspective "He's a good man and a good friend but boy does he have bad luck, yes sorry and his bestest friend didn't make it, no my apologies"

Catching sight of the wave, the Secret Service goon glanced that way, looking at Ruth sharply. Rex made her way over, smiling respectfully at Remy as well "Hello. Can I join you two? Well, can we join I guess. This is Sebastian." she guestured to her suited shadow, who nodded to both, eyeing the 'unkempt' seeming Remy. Not that he was unkempt. But to the bodyguard he was.

The piano kicks into a bouncy rhythm as Mike's hands dance across the keys, hopping in places. The tune, although reasonably mellow is much more cheerful than the one from before. There's even a bit of a quirk to Mike's lips as he plays, eyes closing. When the final notes die away, the upturn of the smile fades away.

Shrugging, Gambit smiles warmly to Ruth. "We all 'ave our trials an' tribulations," he says nonchalantly, but not quite dismissively. As Rex approaches, Remy gives her a broad smile. "Chere," he says "a woman quelle belle as you always welcome at Remy LeBeau's table." He stands and pulls a seat out for her, sure to wink at her private security as he does.

Ruth grins at gambit "Always a gentleman, yes thank you. Yes please we ask have our troubles to over come but that doesn't mean we have to go thru them alone, that's why we have friends and he's saved my life more then once yes thank you. It's no different then any of my friends, after all considering everything would I be so immature and naive to go fangirl and scribble his name with mine in hearts in my notebook, please sorry?"

Blushing a little at the courtesy, Rex takes the seat now, between Remy and Blindfold. Sebastian takes a seat across from her, and relaxes a little at Remy's wink, although he offers a joking wag of the finger. Mayb ehe wasnt all just hum-drum-vee.

Rex murmers a thanks under her breath "I'm flattered easily. " she then laughed at Ruths' description "I dont think I've ever had that done myself. Then again the kids who adore me usually go for eyeballs, blood and spikes." she admits, relaxing already, watching Mike carefully. Applause!

Mike's eyes open as he hears the appplause, turning his head to see the four people at the table near the piano. He blinks, looking to Rex, "Oh hey Rex. When'd you get here?"

Gambit sips from his beer, and waves a waitress over. "I 'ear your blood pie is tres bonne, mais aujourd'hui I t'ink I'll just 'ave some scratchin's. Merci," he requests. Looking back to Ruth he grins devilishly. "I seen yo' diary, petite," he teases, "You foolin' no one." He cast a sidelong playful look in Rex's direction, and sips again from his pint.

Ruth chuckles at gambit "I call bunk, yes thank you, cuz I don't keep a diary, who would want to read everything in my head anyway, if you don't mind my asking please?"

The somewhat empty bar gets less empty when Manuel de la Rocha makes his way in. He is dressed fashionably for the summer, but looks supersede practicality. His eyes scan the bar as he walks to the counter. Instantly he recognizes all present. He sighs but moves to the bar and orders a Cuba Libre.

Rex Gregson blushes as he speaks to her, and smiles "Hello. Just a few minutes ago to catch the end of that song." she calls, not too loudly of course as she sits back, the waitress arriving. She waits until Gambit orders, then pauses ,almost looking green "... Blood... pie? PLEASE tell me that's a metaphor." she remarks. Then a jarring blink at his second comment, and she looks at Ruth, her smile returning a little bit at that, pink once more "I'm going to use up all my blood at this rate!" she laughed, her english accent slipping out a little.

Mike nods, picking up his glass as he gets up from the piano, moving over towards the table, tugging up a chair to plop himself down next to Rex. Bet they thought they were getting a free concert out of the deal. Hah! He looks over at Rex's bodyguard, studying him for a bit before nodding at Rex's choice. "Yep. Better than that other option."

Gambit chuckles at Ruth's comment. Looking to Rex with a smile he holds a hand out. "Don' b'lieve we've met, chere," he says to her by way of introductions.

Ruth snickers "There's a reason I don't keep a diary, too many secrets for someone to stumble upon, if they didn't think I was bonkers. Mr Lebeau this is Rex Gregson, known to her fans as Sombre Tyrannasaur. She works with Mike now and then on stage, Rex this is one of my teachers Mr Lebeau, yes thank you" then turns her head side to side and sighs "This could get tricky...empath"

Given his drink, Manuel turns to head over to the table next to the groups. He takes a seat but waves to the group, "Remy, is this really an appropriate place for Ruth to be?" He quirks an eyebrow and grins when he looks to Mike, "Are you taking requests?"

Rex Gregson glances at her bodyguard, and then offers the hand warmly, fingers very soft and delicate "Rex Gregson. Aka Sombre Tyrannosaur." she explained, quite charmed "That is Sebastian. And yes Mike. He's government." "Government issued" quipped the man, with a bit of a smirk. "My mother pulled some strings to hire him for me." She then look sup and over to Manual, nodding to the man she did not recognise.

Mike's eyes narrow as Ruth mentions keeping secrets, giving her half a glance before looking back towards Rex and the bodyguard. "Good thing to make the distinct-" He pauses, hearing Empath's voice reach over there. What was starting to be a good mood shifts. Great. He doesn't look at the man, jaw tightening. But alas, when the question's made, the stage smile comes into place as he looks towards Empath. "Oh, sorry. That was my last song for the night."

Gambit looks to Manuel with a cordial smile. "Course it is," he offers in a friendly tone, "Best blood pie in town." As the waitress delivers a fresh basket of "pork scratchin's", he tries to get her approval, "Ain't dat right, chere?" The young girl blushes without a response and heads back towards the kitchen. Switching his attention back to his own table, Remy discreetly eyes the bodyguard. "So what's a pretty lil' t'ing like you need wit' military 'ardware," he questions her playfully.

Ruth grins "Rex was one of the people attacked and sent to the hospital, yes sorry Mr Lebeau" then shakes her head at Rex "Now that reality is back to normal, I hope Manny changes his ways but from what miss frost said that'd probably a losing bet, my apologies sorry"

"Are you sure you don't feel like playing another sing?" Empath asks as if he is ready to use his powers, but he does not. Instead looking to Gambit and Blindfold, "Remy, your trick to charm women is cute. If you ever want to learn how to expand upon it, I can teach you. . .And, Ruth, you never know. Maybe I have changed my way. . .Maybe I'll even go the way of Charles Xavier. . ." He laughs and adds, "I would not trust everything Ms. Frost has to say. . .I mean look how I turned out." He then gets up and walks towards Rex. He looks to the bodyguard sending a calming soothing effect, so that he does not overreact. Then Manuel introduces himself, "I am Manuel. My Gregson. I see your beauty is as reknown as your music."

Ruth nods "I hope you have changed, it would be good to see that Manny, yes thank you. However please forgive me but even my experiences with you have not been benign. Your alternate reality self raised by Mr summers and missed frost wad quite the pleasant person people liked him, please perhaps if you remember that time you can use him as a model, something to aspire to, yes thank you. Please if you would start turning over your new leaf and don't use mike as a puppet for your own amusement"

Rex Gregson shifts uncomfortably at that mention, and nods "What Ruth said." she remarked softly "As well as a home invasion a few days before. A pleasure to meet you, Manuel." a hand is offered with a warm smile, going a little red again. "Rex Gregson, the Sombre Tyrannosaur. Charmed." she seemed to be putting on a bit of british charm herself, although she also was a little tense, perhaps having forgotten European (Or Cajun, in Remy's case). Then she joked "Be flattered you can see the beauty. The Tyrannosaur almost always wears a mask. " Sebastian seems rather casual, only watching alertly.

"Ever the charmer yourself, eh Mannie?" Mike replies, his posture very much indicative of his distaste for the Empath despite the ever so professional stage smile going 'happy to be here' "Fine. Another song. But, my choice."

There's a bemused look on Gambit's face as Empath relies on his mutant ability to flirt. He leans back in his chair enjoying his beer, his scratchin's, and the show quite frankly. For himself, he has nothing to prove.

Ruth nods to nothing in particular "I hope things change, that you turn things around for yourself Manny, and if you want I can try to help you do that but miss frost is my mentor, yes sorry. Mr Lebeau if I might ask please, what are scratchings?"

Rex gets her hand back finally in time for her drink to arrive, and she eyes the blood pudding a little suspiciously, then looks way, instead adding to her order for a basket of yam fries with that delicious sauce. "Yes, thank you. So why IS Ruth in here? I didnt know MInors could go into bars in New York." she admits to them, perhaps to slide the conversation away from her own attention.

Leaving the beer at the table, which, if it wasn't for the other folks there might have been a bad idea, Mike sits back down at the piano. He glances over at Empath once more, gives a slight courteous nod before flexing his fingers. When he feels ready, he slowly sets them down on the keys and takes a deep breath. And with a flurry of fingers wailing upon the keys, a frenzied backdrop of music begins to fill the area around the piano. If anyone ever wanted to know what a piano rendition of Nekromantix's 'Rot in Hell' sounded like. Well, they'd find out soon enough.

Gambit snorts lightly. "T'ink pork rinds, petite," he answers. Looking over to Rex at her question, he simply smiles and refuses to answer. As the music starts, his brow furrows somewhat. It's not quite what you would expect to hear in an establishment such as this one. He likes it, however.

Shaking his head, "Well, you never know. . ." Manuel simply offers to Ruth as he returns to sipping his drink. He then asks Rex, "So what will it take to hear a real musician play, Rex? I'd love to hear you sing."

Rex Gregson just looks at Remy, then chortles and flashes the 'heavy rock' horns before looking up, watching Mike depart. After a few moments though, her right hand twitches, and starts to tap along the table in quick succession, as though an invisible keyboard lay there, each 'note' perfect to Mikes' on stage now. It paused a moment as Manual speaks, and she laughs a little "I didnt even know Mike PLAYED the piano until tonight! But its his show tonight really..." she admits. "And I'm ahh... leaving the country tomorrow, so no touring until Autumn."

Ruth seems puzzled at Remy's explanation "Never had pork runs, sorry no" this was add bad as basket trying to explain what the color blue looked like. "I asked Mr Lebeau where he wanted to go for a bite, so we came here since it's a pub, I just can't go in the bar area, yes thank you" then smiles toward manny "I'll still hope for you Manny, yes please. You're leaving town Rex, if you don't mind my asking please? You will be missed, not just as Tyrannasaur but as a friend too, yes thank you"

There is a thrum of the keys as the temp slows and starts to build once more, leading into the final portion of the song. The frenzied portion leads to a more consistent beat before the downbeat finalizes the ending. Song done, Mike flings his hands back from the keys. After a moment he gets up and makes his way back over to the table, pausing as he finds Empath in his seat.

"Ah well, too bad for us. I was hoping to hear good music tonight." Manuel sighs and as Mike exits the stage. Manuel golf claps, "Your performance was definitely. . .ok." WIth that he looks to Ruth, "Thank you for your hope, Ruth." He is sincere in his thanks.

Watching Mike again, Rex applauds lightly Then she smiles, a little strained at Ruth "I... need some time away. There's been too much going on. I do love New York, but England has a part in my heart too." she explains. "I'll be coming back! You wont get me off this rock THAT easily." she laughed, then smiles to Manuel "He's good as well. Next time, I promise."

Ruth smiles toward manny "If you would please, could you give Mike back his seat, thank you? You're welcome to pull over a chair for yourself if you like, please yes. Changing, the way you want to, if you're serious that is, it won't be easy it quick, but it's more then not abusing your powers, it's not abusing people either but helping them instead and trying not to do harm, on any level, yes sorry" then chuckles at Rex "Too much to sorry thru and deal with, did I miss something, if you don't mind my asking please?"

"Seems she's got to show me some of the good pubs around there." Mike offers for one reason for Rex's overseas trip, shifting so he's standing in between Manny and Rex's chairs, reaching over to pick up his glass for a sip. He glances to Rex, "Still up for swinging by Dublin afterwards?"

"He could always ask nicely. I didn't realize he owned this seat." Manuel stands up and takes another seat though. "Will you be stopping in Spain, Rex?"

Rex Gregson laughs a little bit "I wasnt even allowed in the pubs to perform until I moved to New York." She notes to Mike with a grin. Then to Ruth, and she paused "The... the attacks mostly. I just needed a break. I've been touring and practicing nonstop since I got back too so I think I'm due a vacation. And yes, Dublin is DEFINITELY on the list... but I'm afraid not Spain this time. Just to England, Scotland and Ireland." she answers their questions in order.

Ruth smiles toward manny reaching out to pat his shoulder "You and mike don't have the best of histories, so extra measures are needed to mend things if they can at all, yes sorry. You're lucky, both of you to get to travel like that, but mike you will have a large roll in a vampire movie, yes please" grinning to get chaperone with a nod "Forgive me, my apologies but I should get back to the school thank you for the company I had a wonderful time and Manny please if you're serious do keep in touch, yes thank you"

Mike glances over towards Ruth, arching a brow, "Have you ever considered that when you tell people stuff, that might be what causes for it not to happen or the other way around?"

Empath bows his head, "Well. . .then. I should go. Hopefully we see again." He stands up and looks to Rex, "It was a pleasure to see you. Perhaps, I will head out to England and catch the show." He bows, "Michael. . . Ruth. Adieu." Empath exits.

Rex Gregson calls to Empath before he departs "No Shows in england! But you'll see the news when its ready!" and waves to him, then sighs and settles back wearily, having missed the bit between Ruth and Mike.

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