Something weird this way comes

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something weird

Hercules, Namor, Kelda, Ambrose, Scarlet Witch

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Avengers Mansion

A mysterious escape pod lands at Avengers Mansion

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-----==[ Parking Area - Avengers Mansion ]==----------------------------------

The large Drive Way area is rather plain and bland to the eye as you glance around the area. Deriving off a private road, the Drive Way allows the public and media a way to visit the Avengers first hand. The drive way itself is a large rectangular concrete slab providing much parking space in the surrounding area and a pathway leads straight up to the doorway into the public conference area. Giving the drive way a small bit of color and taste, two identical patio's are found on each side of it connecting to the mansion itself. Each patio is a small screen enclosed area and each double as a type of sun room for the Avengers to sit down at the tables and chairs located within each.

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[E] - Foyer - Avengers Mansion [W] - Upper East Side - New York

Kelda has arrived.

Scarlet Witch comes in from Foyer - Avengers Mansion

Scarlet Witch has arrived.

Ambrose has arrived.

A black towncar type car pulls up in front of the famous Avengers Mansion, with the letters 'ORACLE1' on the license plate. Out steps none other then Namor, dressed in a dark business suit and somehow managing to look at ease despite the uncharacteristic attire. He looks over his shoulder and gives a slight nod to the driver before closing the door, and the car pulls away and drives off.

As soon as the car is gone Namor pulls off his tie and undoes a few buttons on his shirt, turning to gaze up at the Mansion.

The click of hard bottomed shoes clacks downthe sidewalk rythmically. Heavy and foot dragging, a tall, incredibly lanky man swings into view, a small but strained shoulder bag digging into his flesh as he fidgets with it, a grimace of discomfort upon his unshaven face. A handfull of paperswas in his other hand as he walks.

And then without warning, about twenty paces from where Namor stands he comes to a sudden halt. The weight of his bag swings him forwars for a mere instant before the man righted himself and he turns to stare at the mansion from beneath the wide-brimmed hat pressing down on his brown-red curls. As though meeting the gaze of a gorgon, he goes utterly still.

Hercules comes in from Foyer - Avengers Mansion

Hercules has arrived.

Up on the roof of the building, facing the parking area, Kelda is sitting with her legs dangling over the side. She's looking skyward and gesturing... as she gestures, clouds swish about up there as she's just kinda doodling aimlessly. Yes, this is a girl who doodles and sketches... in the sky. Nevermind the effect that might have on future weather patterns! But events starting to transpire down below draw her attention, and she leans forward, letting the clouds go back to being uncontrolled as she rests elbows on knees and chin on upward turned hands. Yes, she looks very young up there like that... despite the more modern clothing she's managed to get, courtesy of one Ms. Maximoff.

Wanda, meanwhile, is dressed in a red t-shirt and black jogging shorts, an iPod strapped to her bicep as she has her hair tied back behind her. And she is, in fact, jogging around the mansion grounds. As she sees Namor and Kelda in the parking lot, she changes course and heads over that way.

Hercules takes a look around as he walks into the parking area. He is only wearing brown leather pants and black walking boots, he walks around shirtless showing off his muscular form.

Namor turns to glance at Ambrose before looking away. Judging by Namor's expression he may have dismissed the man as 'harmless', or perhaps his attention is on the other Avengers who he sees. "Greetings, Hercules." Then he turns to watch Wanda for a bit, not saying anything to her as she is farther away, and seems to be listening to music. "How are--"

Whatever Namor was about to ask is drowned out by a faint whining noise in the sky that might be familiar to those with modern military experience - incoming. Namor's expression grows confused, as if he vaguely remembers but can't quite place the sound.

Eyes wandering up the mansion, Ambrose finds his attention seeking out the young woman up there. And then his eyes snapped skyways as he leans further back, staring at the clouds. Which, to most eyes, just looked random. But he purses his lips as he stared '... Those arent right..." he remarks, mostly to himself. Abruptly, a gust of wind picks up, and several of his papers escape, fluttering Mansion and hero-wards. With a rather startled cry he snaps out of his entrancement to start after the pages as they skitter, then pauses at the sound again. "... That's not good is it." he remarks to nobody in particular.

Whining noise in the sky? Kelda -is- the sky. Right now she inclines her head though and as she hears the sound... she realizes that she has -never- heard any such sound in the sky. So she focuses on it and peers upwards with all of the childlike curiosity that is within her... trying to find the source of it. After all, anything in the sky is in her domain and she really wants to know the source.

Hercules smiles to Namor when he is greeted by him, "Greetings Namor how are you doing this fine day?" He hears what Ambrose says then looks to Kelda he then shakes his head to Ambrose, "Well they are a bit more covered up sense last time I saw her but they sure look to be in great condition to me."

Wanda jogs up towards Kelda, about to say something to her and Namor both as she keeps her legs pumping in place. Then she takes out her headphones, looking up towards the sky as she hears the whining noise. "That sounds like trouble."

Scarlet Witch goes to Foyer - Avengers Mansion

Scarlet Witch has left.

Anyone looking at the sky soon sees the source of the noise...a fiery object is falling to the earth, underside still red with the heat of it's passage through the atmosphere and trailing smoke. At the rate it's falling it's difficult to make out exactly what the shape is, but it's outline is spherical enough to indicate it's something man-made and not just a comet or meteor. And in moments it's going to crash near - or ON - Avengers Mansion!

"It looks as if..." Kelda inclines her head and calls down, "This be not normal, is it?!" She's gesturing up at the flaming meteor/shuttle/whatever is burning its way through the air. However, for all she knows, it might be how a member of the team comes home for dinner. "Shall I attempt to divert it?" she adds.

"Well I am not a doctor but - Wait, what did you say?? " a shocked, almost appaled expression crawls over Ambroses' face as he turns to shoot a stare in Hercules' direction. But as the sound increases in volume, a hand claps down on his hat, and the fluttering papers escaping across the mansion grass was now forgotten. Eyes widening a little bit, Ambrose starts to backpedal quickly towards the driveway again, where the others were "trajectory: Too fast. Angle: Not shallow enough to burn up. Size: See last one. Conclusion: Oh bloody hell, I should have stayed home drinking." he speaks, mostly to himself, although hardly in an inside voice as he comes abreast of Hercules now, then a step behind... then a step sideways, putting the larger man between he and the incoming missile.

Hercules looks up to Kelda face this time as he says, "No this is not normal, if you can direct it away from the mansion and any other populated areas that would be of great help Kelda. Is there any way I can offer you aid in this?" He ignores Ambrose for now.

Namor looks up at the object, then curses and lifts one foot, pulling off his shoe and then tugging up the pants leg to expose the wings above his foot. "Divert it...or slow it down, if you can!" Then he lowers that foot and repeats the procedure with the other.

Whatever Kelda is going to do, she'd better do it fast - it's too low by now to alter it's point of impact by more than a block or two!

Well... the winds in the area build up massively. Cold winds as the air rushes in from the city. Kelda is making not so much a funnel cloud as she is drawing cold air at stupid speeds down from the upper atmosphere and in all direction she is shoving it up underneath the incoming projectile. Of course, she's trying to freeze it as well as slow it. If she can't freeze it, she is at least trying to cool it down so it's no longer burning. As she does this, she's lifting into the air and focusing all of her attention on -crazy- winds and power levels. Her face shows focus and concentration... even as the wind whips about her and she stays immobile. For the first time... some might have an understanding that she is indeed a goddess of the storm.

Hercules know he can't be much help now to Kelda just in case she fails or is not able to stop the object from crashing he prepares himself to jump at the falling object to land a powerful punch upon it.

"... You aren't seriously going to try and FIGHT that thing. Its not a fire breathing dragn from the heavens." remarks Ambroses' voice behind Hercules, perhaps underestimating the heroes' brainpower.

Kelda's efforts have some effect. The object is slowed, and simultaneously begins to emit clouds of billowing steam. The 'falling object' whistling sound is replaced by a 'pressure cooker venting steam' whistling sound. It's hard to tell just what's happening but from the looks of it, the source of the steam-cloud is descending, much slower this time but still likely to touch down in seconds.

By now Namor has gotten his other shoe off and lifted into the air, rising above the Mansion proper in case he needs to help Kelda's efforts to redirect the falling object with a swift punch - although that proves unnecessary, as the falling cloud of steam quickly passes him on it's way to the driveway, where no vehicles are parked.

There's a collossal THUD! as it touches down, sending slight vibrations through the very Earth at the impact. But steam and smoke obscure the actual 'landing' from sight...

And already, in her new street clothes, Kelda is on her way down towards the object, walking as if down invisible stairs. "I wonder what it is!" she calls out. Yeah, she looks a little tired, but she did just channel a stupid amount of magic. She also takes a little time to gesture towards the heavens, puttinh the wather back the way it was before she started fiddling with it.

Hercules says to Ambrose, "Better to go down fighting while trying to save lives then to do nothing at all." Hercules now follows Kelda making his way to the falling object.

"Very nice, noble sounding quote. I have one too: better you th.." he cuts off, slapping a hand over his mouth before his tongue got him possibly into trouble with the just as tall but still many times heavier man now walking. Ambrose takes two steps towards the gate, then pauses. A glance to his papers, then the few sheets at the lawn.. he twitched a few times, looking from the gate to the papers, torn. And then a sigh, and he turns quickly, walking towards the object, and the nearest paper there.

Namor drifts down on a different side of the smoke clouds from Hercules, not quite opposite but far enough that that can keep Hercules in sight while also examining the smoke for the cause of all this. "What IS it?" He finally intones.

As the smoke clears the spherical form becomes clear again, as well as the size of it. The object is nearly the length of a van, and the round shape means it's just as tall as it is long. It's embedded in the asphalt of the driveway, so that fully a quarter of it isn't visible under the crumpled earth. But the parts that are visible are comprised of curving plates, all gunmetal grey except for a few rectangles that look like smoky black obisidan. Viewports, perhaps, but too dark to see through them. Symbols and linear etchings cover the entire surface.

"It looks as if it be occupied." says Kelda as she steps right up towards the object fearlessly. She even reaches a hand out to try to touch the thing, "Hello?" she calls out, "Be anyone in there?" And shaking her head then, she leans in closer and listens as if trying to figure out if someone is there.

Hercules looks to Kelda, "Kelda you might not want to listen on it so closely, in fact I advice taking a step back or two." Hercules shakes his head a little then looks to Namor, "Have you seen any thing like this before?"

Collecting his last paper, Ambrose reshuffles them. Then he glances up and over to the thing, and the others. Stuffing the papers into a pocket, he politely tips his hat to all three, before turning to depart without another word with his heavy bag, papers, and booze breath.

Ambrose has disconnected.

Namor watches Kelda touch the sphere, then approaches and places one of his own hands on it as well. "I think she's right, some sort of craft. See these? Windows, no doubt. But why did it crash here...or perhaps it was sent." He looks at Hercules. "Nothing like this was created in Atlantis, and it resembles nothing I've seen or heard of on the surface world." Namor raps against the sphere with his knuckles.

The sphere is solid and must weight many TONS...although many of those present would probably still be able to manage. Namor's rapping creates a metallic clunking sounds, the outer surface must be thick indeed.

Well, Kelda isn't sure what to do at this point. "If they be in there, they meant not to land such as they did. This be no weapon, it be a craft and it was crashing. There may be wounded aboard..." and that said, she makes a simple gesture, a long spear of ice forming in her hand. "Mayhap we can pry it open to get at them?" She asks as she starts trying to find a place where she can start making the prying attempt. She's strong, but she's no Herc.

Hercules shrugs it does not seem like any one is standing back so he might as well advance. When he gets close to Kelda he says to her, "Mind making one more spear for myself?"

Poof, spear for Herc!

Namor moves about the sphere, then runs his fingers along one of the seams between plates. He can't quite get a good grip, as the crease-like lines are too small to get his fingers inside. Finally he steps back to watch Hercules and Kelda try with the spears.

The sharp points of the spears do find purchase and are able to dig in enough so that the shafts can now be used to apply leverage. And with the strength of two gods applying leverage, the sphere's construction can't withstand the pressure. The plates begin to warp and one shifts enough to cause a hsss-POP! of vacuum seals being released. The plate pops open enough to see inside - revealing not a WHO but a WHAT. An organism that looks like a cross between a starfish and a plant lies suspended in the middle of the pod's interior, unmoving.

"By Odin's eye... Never have I seen the likes of this before." And that's saying something for a supposedly immortal and eternal goddess who's bneen around a long while. In order to get inside faster though, she reforms her spear into a thing lump of ice, places her hand within the gap there and then forms the ice outward, letting the ice itself grow to spread it open further. "Hello!" she calls out, "Can you hear me?" as the crack opens wider.

After opening the the object Hercules spots the organism, he looks to Namor and says, "I might not know too much about aliens and science." He then places a hand on Kelda shoulder to make sure she does not advance further, "I am getting a 'Parasite' vibe coming from this creature."

Namor crowds in so that he can also peer inside of the opened pod, then draws back in distaste. "You are likely correct, Olympian. Clearly this is something otherworldly...and it should not be touched - or left to cause some sort of mischief here." He glances at the sphere and then looks speculatively at the Mansion. "I don't think we should take it inside," he beings warily. "Even if we could fit it. Perhaps we should move it someplace less...conspicuous, and then have some science expert among our number examine it?"

"Well, were we mortals, I would suggest leaving it to the gods, but we be more than mortal." Kelda eyes Namor with a grin, "Most of us. But.. it be not responding. Mayhap it be dead." Capriciously, she just steps back away from the thing and offers, "I could freeze it until such time as you decide what you wish to do with it."

Hercules rubs his chin "Moving it might wake it? I believe she should close off this area then have the big brains come here right away to see exactly what we are dealing with." He looks to Kelda, "We have no idea how it would react to cold, we would not want to accidently kill it."

Namor peers at the thing again, then shrugs. "Hercules' arguments make sense," he flicks a quick glance in that direction to make sure the rare praise for Hercules' ideas doesn't go to the Olympian's head. "Jarvis can close off the driveway temporarily, and then the others can see to it."

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