Something Amiss in Madripoor

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Night Thrasher, Cloak, Dagger

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01/13/13 15:00

Warehouse District, Lowtown, Madripoor

Cloak and Dagger interrupt Night Thrasher interrogating some mook, agree to join forces and then investigate the sudden disappearance of Namorita

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Madripoor - Early Afternoon. We find ourselves in the warehouse district of this wretched place. Why? Following leads of course.

There's a crash inside one of the warehouses and when one looks inside the warehouse and casts their gaze towards the commotion, one will spot Night Thrasher and a man dressed in some dock worker coveralls. Thrasher holds man up in the air against the back wall of this particular part of the warehouse. The hand not holding him up, is pointed towards the man's midsection and a blade has been extended from the forearm portion of the gauntlet.

"So, you tried to run. That didn't work. You tried to hide. That didn't work. How 'bout you try and flap your gums? I caught you. I found you. Now it's time to talk." He pauses and then shouts while brandishing the blade, "TALK!" The man at Thrasher's mercy blathers on in nervous Vietnamese. For the time being it looks like Thrasher and this Vietnamese dockworker are the only ones in the building. How long that remains to be the case if anyone's guess... Madripoor is a busy port city.

For his part while in Madripoor, Cloak has taken to following the various members of the New Warriors, but has personally refrained from interaction. That is not his thing. He is more the quiet observer ready to act when need be. So again, he plays the role of quiet observer. Inside the warehouse where Night Thrasher questions the man, Cloak obscured by darkness and warehouse inventory, he looks to soul-mate partner, Dagger. His wordless expression reading along the lines of if she wishes to intervene, it will be on her to take the lead.

Dagger gives her partner a look in return 'really?'. Creating a couple balls of light in her hands she throws the flares toward the two, just simple bursts of light. She'd keep her options to herself until later but the lion on her face was plenty to go on the notion she didn't agree with this tactic...about ad much as she agreed with her partner lopping off body parts

The man that Thrasher is holding up by his shoulder continues to babble in frantic Vietnamese. The Founder of the New Warriors shakes his head, "Don't tell me that and don't act like you can't understand me-" He pushes the blade towards the man's chest and pokes him lightly with it as a means of reminding the man of Thrasher's possible deadly intent. Thrasher shouts in an effort to intimidate, "I watch you and your co-workers. You unloaded boxes and crates, after hours, and deposited them in this building. Now they're gone. Where are they?!"

More Vietnamese is uttered before a painful poke of the blade prompts the captured man to start speaking in English, or at least broken English, "It was a side job! Extra money! I know nothing!" The man in Thrasher's grasp starts to thrash and flail about in an effort to free himself of the Vigilante's grasp. However it isn't the man's fighting against Thrasher that releases the Warrior's grip on him. The sudden flare of light shining on the two of them, revealing them from under the cloak of partial darkness. When the light shines on, the man is dropped and slides down the wall. He flops to his knees and looks around at where the light is coming from. Thrasher, too, looks around for the source of the light. He hrms in annoyance. The man Thrash was questioning scurries away on all fours.

A small grin appears on his face with Dagger's look and then light actions. As Night Thrasher releases the Vietnamese man, Cloak takes action and seemingly disappears into the darkness and suddenly reappears above the Vietnamese man and slowly descends upon him as his cloak opens up ready to engulf the man, "Perhaps, my form of interrogation will work better."

Dagger walls out of their hiding spot as she flowed lightly herself "just don't turn him into a thumb sucking vegetable okay? My apologies for interfering. Have you checked the shipping logs?"

The Vietnamese dock worker continues to scramble on all fours, before he manages to get a few feet away and gets back into a bipedal stance. He runs towards one of the doors leading out of this main section of the warehouse. However this poor man will not make it to the door. Only a few more footfalls away from the door, the dockworker is in near darkness. Only light lancing in from the outside through gaps in the door illuminate his way. Then the darkness that is Cloak is noticed descending on him. The Dockworker stumbles, slips and falls to the ground. A cried out Vietnamese curse is uttered as Cloak comes down around him.

There is a distinct sound of metal rubbing metal when Thrasher's forearm blade retracts into the gauntlet. He crosses his arms over his chest as he watches the man run off and then get enveloped by Cloak. Thrasher then cuts his eyes to look at Dagger. He answers, "Of course. Multiple times. They are scrubbed. They are filled with lies and falsehoods. Clearly a false log covering the tracks of something someone is trying to hide." He gestures towards Dagger and then in Cloak's direction with a nod, "What are you doing here?"

Dagger smiles offering her hand "I'm dagger, that's cloak. We've been...tagging along I guess you could say. You and cloak have similar ideas about things, mine tend to differ. It could be the window of opportunity has closed if he was only a low level and the bigger fish have moved to other waters though"

Allowing Dagger to discuss matters with Night Thrasher, Cloak descends and fully engulfs the dock worker. His cloak becomes animated. It grabs the man who screams and cries out in his native tongue about why God has abandoned him. As the final utterance is heard, a smile forms on Cloak's face as he is enjoying this. While the Predator within him feeds on the poor man, Cloak closes his eyes and the smile forms again. "Not quite pho, but still tasty." A rare moment of levity from the dark one.

Night Thrasher looks towards Cloak as he works on the dockworker. He turns his head to look back to Dagger, "Night Thrasher-" He gives his codename in case Dagger wasn't aware, "-And I know who you two are. You are a long way from home. Madripoor isn't your typical stomping grounds." He looks over towards Cloak and then starts marching towards him and the poor Vietnamese man. As he approaches Cloak he says, "He's just a straggler. He was working late while the other people he was with had already left. It's possible he knows nothing." And indeed, for Cloak, the dockworker isn't divulging anything that even sounds remotely useful. Most curses and pleas.

Nodding his head at Night Thrasher, Cloak's cloak seemingly comes to life as an ebon glow is revealed and literally spilled out from Cloak is the dock worker. The man appears to have aged quite a bit, is shivering, and muttering something about enduring hell. "Very well. We are here on matters of our own. But as the New Warriors are allies. We offer our services, Night Thrasher." Looking down at the shivering man, "As you can see. We are quite effective and are more so when working with your team."

Dagger nods in agreement with cloak. "we thought we might be able to help you if you would let us, please" sighing ad cloak deposited the man "Thank you for not turning him into a vegetable." knowing they weren't going to get anything out of the man now, all that could help was a psyche ward.

Thrasher turns his head to regard Cloak and the man he spills out of his void. His brow raises in acknowledgement and he shrugs a shoulder, "Yeah, I suppose I can't really debate the effectiveness of your method there. Doubt you learned something though, right?" Thrasher turns away from Cloak and the suddenly aged man. He reaches into a satchel on his belt and pulls something out of it. That something is then connected to an opened port or depression on the forearm of his gauntlet. Thrasher points that forearm up into the air and there's a hiss of compressed air. The object he situated into the port rockets up into the air and imbeds into the ceiling of the warehouse. After clicking a couple of buttons on an interface on his gauntlet, he turns to the crime fighting duo. He shrugs his shoulders, "I'm not one to pass on help. The New Warrior's mission here is pretty open ended. I'm currently diving into a black market ring of Atlantean artifacts. The other Warriors have fanned out to track down leads as well."

Nodding his head as he looks at from the aged dock worker towards the ceiling and the contraption that Night Thrasher has released, "What interesting devices you have." He then looks to Dagger, "Looks like we are with the Warriors. . .more friends. . ." That is said expressionless and without any emotion. "Does Namor have you on assignment? Why the sudden interest in Atlantean artifacts and hopefully this is not concerning the Serpent Crown."

Dagger was not going to be showed up by her partner or some other reason...Dagger created a shield on her arm and a sword in hand "Would you like us to hunt down less then? Sadly this worker well need attention" smiling warmly to cloak with a nod "more friends is always good. I imagine some artifacts could be quite powerful. Aside from that people stealing atlantean relics...that could start a war"

The New Warrior arches an eyebrow behind the visor of his helmet at Cloak's question. He shakes his head, "Uh, no. Namor does not have us on assignment. Namor has nothing to do with the investigation, unfortunately. It caught the attention of the Warriors because we've had run ins in the past with various individuals trying to profit from Atlantean Artifacts. Not only can they fetch a pretty penny, but some possess the ability to bestow on people various abilities or powers." Another shrug, "Namorita is nominally interested in this investigation, though. I've got her on the other side of the city following leads on it." Thrasher raises a hand to his helmet and lowers his head slightly, concentrating for a moment on his helmet's radio. "Hold on." Thrasher either says to the crime fighting duo or to whomever is on the communications channel.

A couple of miles away, flying above the streets and avenues of Madripoor is Namorita herself. The Atlantean Hybrid Cousin of Namor has been patrolling and following leads in her own way, but at the moment she's pretty much started flying normal patrols like she would back in the States. She's got a finger up to her ear and is talking on her own wireless radio, "Night Thrasher; I do not know about you but I am striking out. I left Vance back a the bazaar to continue sniff around. I needed to stretch my legs and see if anything just presented itself to m- OOOF!" The Atlantean member of the New Warriors broadcast to Thrasher is cut short by an explosion in her flight path. In fact if the trio of individuals listen carefully in the warehouse, they can hear it in the distance. The explosion, directed towards Namorita as a projectile of some fashion, knocks Namorita right out of the air. The New Warrior slams into the facade of a series of businesses in a commercial district.

Thrasher calls out over the radio, "Namorita? Namorita?! What happened?" A couple of more demands for elaboration and status are left unanswered. He lowers his hand from his helmet and starts tapping away at the control panel on his gauntlet, "I don't even know where she was. Something just happened to Namorita." He elaborates for the others that couldn't hear both sides of the conversation.

While never having met Namorita and been under Night Thrasher's leadership, the newest warrior in the group opts to act quickly. Cloak rises up a few feet from the ground, "I can get use there quickly. Or at least to a better vantage point. Dagger, hold on to Night Thrasher. His first teleportation may be. . ." He doesn't finish as he prepares to teleport the group.

Dagger turns toward the doorway before boarding to cloak "pardon me night thrasher, things are about to get personal" as her sword and shield melt away like morning fog before the sun and she wraps her arms around the man's midsection to make sure she doesn't lose her hold

Night Thrasher was busy giving the warehouse a brief survey to ascertain the best egress method when Cloak offers up his services. Thrasher grunts in acknowledgement, "I haven't triangulated her signal yet. My OS is taking forever." He gestures towards the ceiling, "Can you get us up high?" And moments after the question is uttered, Thrasher is taken about the waist and pulled into Cloak. Even as he's tugged into Cloak, he's trying to finish triangulating Nita's position.

"Yes, very personal." To teleport people around, Cloak literally has to take them into his abnormal body which is less flesh and bone and more pure darkness. Picking up Night Thrasher's ramblings as the port begins and so Cloak suddenly arrives up on the roof of the warehouse, which literally gives them a view of most of Madripoor. His cloak unfurls and ungracefully depositing Night Thrasher, but gently depositing Dagger. While he was protected by Dagger's light. Night Thrasher may feel a general uneasiness and slight shiver. Nothing traumatic. Just a momentary uneasiness.

Dagger grins at her partner, manners manners. Then puts a hand on thrasher "You ok?" momentarily looking up and scanning the roof scene

The experience is certainly one that Thrasher couldn't have thought to prepare for today, Thrasher finds himself on all fours on top of the warehouse they were just inside. He answers Dagger curtly, "Disoriented. It's passing." The Founder of the Warriors stands up, shakes his head to clear his vision and then raises his gauntlet back up. He gestures off into the distance, "My OS is telling me that her signal, at the time I lost it, came from a couple of miles in that direction; Probably the commercial district. She said something to me about leaving Marvel Boy there." Unknown to the duo, Thrasher's visor extends his vision. Telescoping and zooming in for a better look, "Can't see anything from here though..."

Looking out over the area, "Another mile in that direction." Cloak nods and opens his cloak ready to teleport the two, "The more times you do it. The more used to it, you will be." This time while his cloak is open, he does not scope them up. Night Thrasher is the leader here and so, he waits offering to move NT closer, but still it is his call.

Dagger offers her hand to NT "I can keep you safe so you don't wind up like co-worker if you want to cloak hop"

Thrasher raises a hand to decline the offer, "Ain't ready for another hop. If I keep doing that, I'm going to be tossing last week's lunch." He points in the direction he indicated a second ago, "Go ahead of me; Scope out the scene-" he reaches for his armor's backpack and pulls off his skateboard. He plops it to the rooftop and puts a foot on it, "I'll be over there with you in no time. 'sides; This gives me an opportunity to see if there are any guilty conscious running from the scene." Thrasher doesn't wait for a response, he just kicks the rooftop and propels himself forward, hopping off the edge and flying towards the next closest building.

"A skateboard? How 80s. Next we'll hear Journey playing in the background." His cloak fully open, he takes Dagger in and teleports the dynamic duo exactly one mile in the direction that Night Thrasher pointed. Atop another roof, his cloak opens and gently deposits Dagger, "So we are looking for exactly?"

Dagger smiles her thanks to her partner "Any sign of a struggle or people fleeing, any sign of namorita...mcfly" throwing in the last with a mouthful warm smile since he was the one who brought up the 80's

Rocketing over the rooftops of Madripoor, Thrasher takes the opportunity to radio Marvel Boy. "Vance; It's Night Thrasher. I lost contact with Namorita. She was reporting to me and suddenly got cut-off. Heard an explosion or something. I'm coming from one area; I think you're in another. Can you patrol the blocks in your general vicinity. Look for vans driving hap-hazardously, helicopters flying oddly low, you know- The usual." Thrasher gets an affirmative response from Vance and Thrasher continues on towards where he triangulated Nita's signal.

Since the two crime fighters will get to where Thrasher indicated first, they arrive in the middle of a city block that looks like it has seen better days. People mill about the street as usual, visiting shops, riding bikes, etc etc. Everything looks normal, except for the front facade of a series of stores and shops. It looks like something reached down and ran a finger along all of them, gouging a vicious diagonal slash along the store fronts. Locals, it would appear, have already begun cleaning up the debris as if it were the most natural occurrence in the world. No other signs of a fight, not signs of Namorita and nothing else out of the ordinary.

"McFly? Is that what the McDonald's here serves? Flies. I knew Madripoor was filthy, but not that disgusting." As Cloak looks down from the roof onto the street below. "Well, other than those odd slash. No sign of the Atlantean." He shrugs and perhaps, "We should split up too. You go down and I go up?" He asks his paramour.

Night Thrasher gets to the rooftop of some of the buildings adjacent to the gash along the store fronts. He hops off the board and steps to the edge of the rooftops. He kicks the heel of his board and it flips up into his hand. He casually reattaches it to his backpack, "Namorita? Namorita; Report back your status." comes Thrasher's demand. After a moment he shakes his head after he gets no response. He kneels down at the edge of the building and visually scans the area, his helmet and visor doing all the super-human work for him.

Dagger looks around "Do you think she can fly? I mean if she were in the air...and something shot her enough to knock get down...Wouldn't that make a mark like that?"

"Exactly. I do not know Namorita, but if she is like her uncle then she can fly." As Cloak hears the skateboard approaching with Night Thrasher and he asks, "Perhaps I can interrogate some of the villagers below." A sly grin comes across his face as he gives his suggestion.

Dagger shakes her head "no, you already had a snack and they may well be innocent people. Trying to get back to normal and on with their lives before something else happens. Please, save it for the people responsible for attacking her ok? I'll try talking to people down below"

"Fine. Perhaps, I'll try one of those McFlies then." Cloak smiles. Another but of levity. "I will remain here then and see if I can spot anything from here."

Dagger smiles with a chuckle "why don't you see if you can tell if she got buried in the debris? I'd hate to think we searched for clues only to find her under all that rubble"

"Of course." With that he bows his head and his body goes intangible as Cloak begins to sink into the roof and is suddenly gone ready to search the rubble and debris for Namorita.

There are a couple of people around the pile of debris that Cloak is busy rummaging through. They've got brooms and pales in which some of the smaller, looser debris is going in. They say some things in a local tongue in Cloak's direction, but do not alter from their intended cleaning regimen.

The folks milling about the area, either cleaning, traveling or engaging in commerce seem to give the duo a cautious, wary look. Their looks are as if they expect something else to happen now that garishly dressed individuals have arrived out of no-where.

Metal boots clang against the ground as Thrasher leaps off the rooftop and lands along the street below with no ill effects from the fall. He's got a scowl on his face and his head turns side to side as he sweeps his gaze across the scene of the carnage. Thrash says out loud, "Traces of ash and soot. There was fire, but it was small. The buildings were not on fire... whatever hit it?"

As the people continue to say things to him, Cloak ignores them as he cannot understand. Still intangibly sinking into the ground enough that he begins to move about to see if he finds the Atlantean.

Dagger approaches one of the local "Excuse me, I'm looking for a friend she was probably dressed in a bright outfit. Did you see anything?"

Thrasher's gaze continues to sweep the piles of debris. He grunts and raises a gauntlet towards Cloak, "Hey; I'm not reading any large heat signatures in the pile. I'm confident she's not buried under any of this." He stands there and raises his gaze up to the facade of the building and traces with his eyes the damage. The Heads-up display provided by the visor measures the damage, records it to digital memory and analyzes it.

The person Dagger approaches, a woman, seems hesitant and nervous the brightly adorned American has come up to her and asked her a question. The woman meekly lowers her head and waves a hand dismissively, "No. No." He continues to wave dismissively and attempts to walk off.

Making his way back up to the surface and out of the debris. Cloak then appears above ground and near Thrasher, "Do you have tracers on your comms?"

Dagger slowly follows the person "please, if you lost a friend wouldn't you try to find them? The sooner we find it what happened here the sooner all of us weirdly dressed people leave. I know you're scared but we need your help, please?"

Thrasher, after recording the damage to review later, looks down from the gash in the building. He addresses Cloak, "Yeah; I can, but I need to link up with my equipment at the Sovereign. I could do it remotely, but I'll get better results jacked into the machine in person." He scowls a bit and looks at the people milling about. Eye contact with them is broken with each person he regards. Thrasher grunts, "Someone knows something, but these people have learned long ago to keep their mouths shut."

The woman being hounded by Dagger continues to try and wave Dagger off, "No! No!" he starts to briskly walk away from her, "Gone away. Two men of blue. Hair of yellow. Gone with woman." She spits this out in broken English while pointing down the street and jogging slowly away from Dagger.

"Well we have something. 2 men of blue with yellow hair." Cloak hmmmns a moment, "Could she be referring to Atlanteans?" He knows a bit more than he lets on.

Dagger nods stopping in her tracks "thank you very much, you are very kind" leaving the locals alone she looks up to cloak "asking nicely sometimes gets the best results. they went down the road, left the area most likely"

Thrasher's helmet picked up the comment from the retreating woman. He grimaces as he processes and considers it. He shrugs his shoulders in response to Cloak, "No idea, but I will. I will need to head back to my equipment." He turns and looks over to Dagger and then back to Cloak, "Here-" He reaches into his satchel and pulls out a small communications device that looks remarkably like some tricked out smart phone. He holds it out for Dagger or Cloak to grab, "Can contact the rest of the team with this. I also loaded up the location of where the Warriors are setup here in Madripoor."

Taking the communication device, "Very well. Thank you. We will do our part and see what we can find from here." Cloak responds to Night Thrasher.

Dagger smiles to night thrasher "thank you, we'll be in touch soon as we know anything. we'll find her"

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