Someone Looking Out For You

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Cyclops, Mirage, and Vaughn

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07/11/10 10:00

Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant

Cyclops and Mirage meet with Vaughn to see what he knows of the school and offer him a spot.

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Early Thursday afternoon, Scott Summers has made his way to the city for two reasons. One he owes Danielle Moonstar, a fellow staffer from Xaviers, a meal, and two, Scott has been informed some information was accidentally revealed to Vaughn, someone who was already one Scott’s radar. So killing two birds with one stone, Scott has invited Danielle with him to check out Vaughn. Dressed for the summer, but still semi-professionally, Scott enters the Chinese restaurant in a brown polo shirt and jeans, his eyes, hidden behind ruby quartz lenses. Greeted at the door, by an elderly looking Chinese woman, “Table for two, please.”

Following Scott into the restaurant with a bit more caution is Dani. She quickly scans the interior, giving a studied glance at the menu posted near the hostess stand. The terms dressed and professional are rarely put together for her, so its jeans, a blouse and her boots. She is sans weapons so she did make that concession "What do we know about this kid?" she asks after her gaze finds its way back to Scott.

The Golden Dragon Restaurant might have in years past been a nice little restaurant. Unfortunately it's glory has faded, much like the neighborhood around it. Many of the decorations are slightly faded or chipped, but the smells drifting in from the kitchen suggests that the food is pretty good. The delicate, grandmotherly woman leads the two to a table with a little red lantern, unlit during the day. "Please have a seat. Someone will be with you momentarily." She then moves to the door to the kitchen, and that sweet, elderly woman screeches something in Cantonese with a shrill and demanding voice.

Nodding his thanks to the lady, Scott leads Dani to a table in the corner a booth for privacy. In response to her question, Scott offers, “His name is Vaughn. He is a sound manipulator. He can ‘see’ sound and fires off a sonic blast. I encountered him when I first met Ruth and some others in Mutant Town on the 4th and I have seen him twice since. Ruth accidentally went into his mind and saw he was a mutant. I approached him at the clinic this past weekend when some of the students were volunteering. Since then, the students have encountered him a few more times. While Ruth was trying to reach out to one of the Hellions, Vaughn appeared and then Seth who told him of the school mistaking Vaughn for a student.
The kid is generally scared like any other kid who is a neophyte mutant. He could use some training from what I gleaned from my conversation with him. He is a potential recruit, but I also want to see what he knows. We approach this carefully, but we be open. He knows something about us. Let’s not scare him. Depending on this goes, I will determine what route to take with him.”

The doors swing open from the kitchen, as a clearly non-Chinese waiter backs out with a tray in hand with two glasses of ice water. He is wearing a blue polo shirt with the restaurants logo on the left chest pocket. A dark green apron is around his waist. Silverware, straws, and a order pad is tucked into the apron's pocket. He walks over to the table, setting the two waters down, without yet looking at the customers. "Welcome to the Golden Dragon." Under the tray are two menus, which he likewise sets down next to the red cloth napkin wrapped utensils. "Can I get you something to drink other than water, while you look at the menu?"

Dani has dropped into the seat across from Scott and listens to the backstory, "I remember how scared and miserable I was as a teenager." in that at least she can relate to a lot of the students that have been brought to the school. She looks up as the younger waiter approaches and gives Scott a questioning look, that is if the teen isn't wearing a nametag. "Hot tea is fine." she replies to the question, deciding against beer for the time being.

Ordering for himself, Scott opts for a coffee, soy milk, and three sugars. He then peruses the menu to see what he would like, “I already know what I want. I’ll have orange chicken with white rice.” Scott smiles and hands the waiter the menu and then looks to Dani to see if she is ready to order or needs some time.

Vaughn looks at Scott blankly for a second. Yelp, definately a tourist to this part of town. "Um. we have half and half and non-dairy creamer. We don't have soy milk." He does, however, write down the order though. He looks over to Dani, "Um, Miss, do you know what you want, or do you need a few minutes?" He smiles slightly, "Take as long as y

"Mongolian beef." Dani replies without hesitation enjoying the fact that she was 'missed' instead of 'ma'med' like she usually gets at the school, she isn't that old. She hands the menu back without having looked at it. As soon as she orders, a communicator of hers goes off. She looks to Scott and sighs, “I have some business to take care.” Scott glancing at the communicator understands it to be X-Factor business and nods as she makes her way out. Scott then looks to Vaughn, “Um, sorry about that. She had to go. But I wanted to speak to you Vaughn. Should we do it here? Can you join me?”

Vaughn glances around, as the restaurant is rather slow, as it's just at the point of being an off-hour. He scrapes his canine over the right corner of his lip, "Yeah, I guess... but if my boss asks, you're my cousin from out of town... I won't get in trouble if it's family... but otherwise.." He gives a slight shrug, "Well, I really need my job." He cocks his head, "Still want the order of orange chicken?"

“Yes, I’ll still have the orange chicken, Cuz.” Scott grins and hands the menu to Vaughn as he looks over the décor of the restaurant. He has enjoyed the food here, so will most likely return with Dani as he owes her a meal. . .he may even bring Jean here for a date.

Vaughn grins and ducks in the back to place the order and to get Scott's cup of coffee as well as a handful of sugar and non-dairy creamer packets. He sets the cup in front of Scott. He sits down, looking a touch puzzled at the other man, "Um.. so you wanted to talk to me? About what?"

“I did. I understand that Seth recently spoke to you some information about myself and the school I work with.” Even with his eyes hidden behind his ruby quartz lenses, when Scott speaks to someone, particularly with the tone he is using with Vaughn. It appears as if he is staring into your soul, almost demanding honesty and earnestness. It can be imposing as well. But his tone shows how series the conversation may turn.

There is a slight glazed, glossy-eyed, blank, and confused expression written all over Vaughn's face at first. Then the light bulb flickers on, then off, then finally back on. "Oh... oh.. " His golden brown eyes widen, then blinks, as he then lurches forward like he's trying to not look conspicuous, but managing the exact opposite with absolute perfection. He whispers somewhat exaggeratedly, "This what we were talking about at the clinic?"

“It’s related.” Scott pays no direct attention to the surrounding environment of the restaurant. Being in his profession, he is always vigilant and had already chosen this booth for privacy and free flow of conversation. “After we spoke, Seth encountered you another time and he spoke with you. I would like to know what he told you exactly.” Scott smiles. He can be an imposing figure, but hopes to give off a friendly tone and demeanor now. Vaughn is in no danger.

Vaughn chews on his lower lip for a second. He holds up a finger for Scott to hush for just a minute. He closes his eyes for a second, then glances around, as the ambient sound of the restaurant seems to dim noticably. No one else seems to notice it. The teenager looks a little paler though from the effort. "Um... he didn't say anything about you... There was this kid, Armand... He was talking to Ruth, you know the blind girl that you met outside the bodego? Anyway, this guy was talking to Ruth and me, and when he left, Seth jumped my butt for talking to him.. because he goes to some private school that apparently is rivals.. and that I should have gotten permission from someone named Cyclops before talking to him." Just this long, there is already a couple beads of sweat forming on his forehead. "I'm assuming that's what you're talking about?"

Noting the change in sound and the effect on Vaughn’s expression and skin tone. “That is impressive, Vaughn. You are more advanced than most teenagers your age with your powers.” Scott smiles after the complement and then continues with the subject at hand, “Have you heard of Cyclops? Do you know who exactly that is?”

Vaughn smiles weakly, "Just bending the soundwaves right around us... " He pauses, "Well, considering that Seth said something about this other school.." He shrugs, "I think it's called Helens, guessin' it's a catholic school or somethin', but he said that it was crawling with the enemies of the X-men, so I'm guessing that this Cyclops is either one of these X-men guys... or he's a walking piece of mythology, since I apparently met some Norse goddess."

Shrugging a bit at the description of Cyclops, “Well, I suppose he could be both. . .” Scott laughs, but stops when he hears mention of a Norse goddess. Scott had heard about Amora’s involvement with the Hellions and the Hellfire Club. This concerns Scott and it shows on his face, “You had best beware Amora, the Enchantress.” Scott sighs, “Most Asgardians, not all, but most are. . .well. . .trouble.” He sighs, “As for the X-Men, what do you think of them? Some people consider them heroes. Others consider them terrorists.”

The first of those beads of sweat run down Vaughn's cheek. He shrugs slightly, obviously thinking about it before answering. "Kind of hard to say really... I mean some of the news makes them out as one or the other... figure the truth is probably some where in the middle... I know it's probably a little lame to say but I normally don't have much time to really give it much thought, between this job and my other one." His eyes move to a spot of nothingness. "Hold that thought.. you're order's ready." Then like a rush of water from a flash flood, all of the sound suddenly becomes clear again, as Vaughn darts in the back to get Scott's order. When he returns and places the large plate of food in front of Scott, he sits back down and helps himself to Dani's abandoned water. "Give me just a second before I do it again... "

Nodding his head as Vaughn gets his order. When Vaughn returns, Scott half sighs, “Vaughn, relax. I can tell you are tense. The X-Men are not terrorists. We have saved the world, actually the universe a few times. Unfortunately the world views mutants negatively. For my part, I believe in a world where humans and mutants co-exist peacefully and integrated together. That’s the dream that the X-Men work towards.” Scott tries to offer an assurance, “So what is your other job? Why is someone as young as yourself doing all that you do?”

Now Vaughn might seem a bit flighty at times, but there's a touch more cunning there than many would suspect. He looks at Scott, mirroring, "We have saved?" Then there's the flighty, "Shit... I mean.." He draws in his breath distorts the sound around them once again. "We as in you being on of them? And I never said that I thought they-you were terrorist, just that the truth was probably between the two sides. I'd used the word vigilante, not terrorist." He takes another sip of the water, before shrugging, "Gotta pay the bills somehow. And I dj. It pays better than this, but it's far less steady."

“Fair enough. Yes, I am Cyclops, leader of the X-men. The X-Men started as students at the school that I am now the headmaster of. It is for difficult for mutants to deal with their powers. I was offered a safe place. My teammates and friends were. So aside from saving the universe, we also run a school for mutant teens to safely learn how to use their powers, while also learning the fundamentals of high school education. It is high school with the addition of learning to use your powers in a safe place with people who know about powers.” Scott smiles, “You seem to know how to use your powers relatively well, but we offer a safe haven. A place where someone like Amora the Enchantress and others are not. A safe place. I had wanted to extend the offer for you to attend the school. Of course, only if you want, and if your family were to permit it, of course.”

Scott seems to have touched on something that Vaughn wasn't really prepared for as his concentration breaks and the distortion fails. Vaughn shakes his head, "My family wouldn't permit it... they won't even talk to you about it... hell, they won't even talk to me at all." He shrugs as if it doesn't mean anything. "Anyway, you need a refill on that coffee?"

“Sure I’ll take a refill.” Scott hmmmns, “Would you want to come to the school? Say you lived in an ideal
world and your family allowed it. Would you want to attend a school like ours?” Scott starts to dig in on the orange chicken. A smile reveals he was a bit famished and is enjoying the food.

Vaughn freshens up Scott's coffee, leaving the small pot on the table as he sits back down. He shrugs, "I don't know... if we're talking an ideal world, then I would be normal and my father wouldn't have ever tried to kill me, and I wouldn't have been living on my own the last two and a half years." He frowns slightly, "I haven't been to school since I was fourteen. I don't know if I could do it anyway."

“Wait you are on your own. You don’t live with your family?” Scott sighs, revealing a saddened expression and one he rarely shows. For that matter any expression is typically limited. Scott is reminded of Seth and David and some of the other students. “Wow, your story is similar to some of the current students. Some families. . .well. . .I suppose everyone has some level of tragedy in their lives. Unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world. Some of the students are runaways or have had similar tragic circumstances in their lives. I’m sorry about what your dad tried to do to you. We have had to help a lot of kids through stuff like that.”

Vaughn nods, "Yeah, I have an apartment a few blocks from here." A few blocks from here in any direction is not really a neighborhood that anyone should really live in alone, much less an underage kid. He shakes his head, "Don't apologize. You didn't do it. You didn't make me this way and you didn't hand him the lacrosse stick that he broke over my head." There is more than a touch of deep rooted anger there at that. He loved that stick. And well, his father DID try to kill him too.

“Well, my parents did not try to kill me. But I grew up without them.” Scott hmmmns, “If you live on your own and have bills to pay, then why not go to the school? You would live there and expenses are covered.” Scott seems confused for a moment. “I cannot imagine you have many friends and you are always busy? Are you even in a regular school?”

"For one, you said that you'd have to have my parents' consent. That's not going to happen." Vaughn scrunches his shoulders slightly, "Two, I haven't been to school since I told my family that I was... different, and they threw me out." Taking a deep breath, "And three... well, you're suppose to have at least three things if you start numbering.. but I can't think of anything right now, but I'm sure there's a three."

“Well, you are on your own right now. We have students in a similar situation that you have been too. So we don’t need your family’s permission.” Scott smiles and continues with his food. “One, you would learn how to control your powers in a safe environment. Two, you would receive education for free. Three, you would be around people your own age. . .and hopefully make friends. That seems to be three in favor of it.”

Vaughn frowns, as his brow furrows slightly. "Is this a now or never kind of decision? Cause I got to think about it." He glances over at the clock, seeing that his shift is almost up. He takes out the order pad and jots down his address and phone number. Yeah, that few blocks away is definately in the worst possible of directions. "I have another fifteen minutes before I can get out of here... So I probably need to get back to work."

“No, you don’t need to decide soon. All I ask is that you keep the school a secret. It is all confidential and I see potential in you and I want to help you. I ask that you respect that.” Scott smiles and finishes up his chicken and rice and starts to stand up. “We’ll be in touch soon and I hope to see you at the school.”

Vaughn grins, "I don't believe in outting anyone, Scott. Not even really myself anymore. You don't have to worry." An impish grin dances across his lips, "Mum's the word." He pauses, "Though quick question.. Ruth's in on your little secret to, huh? 'I'm guessin' 'cause she tried to help Seth cover his slip up too."

“Yes, they are both students.” Scott confirms and then pauses a second, pulling out two cards.
“Another student was in a similar situation with you and I set him up with a family in Mutant Town. They gave him a place to stay. They are good people. The owners of the bodega, if your expenses are too much, you can stay with Franky.” Scott hands him that card. The other card is a number with an untraceable means of being obtained by outsiders with Scott’s information, “If you need any assistance whether you are a student or not. Don’t be afraid to contact me.”

Vaughn grins, "Thanks.. rent's paid up for the moment.. made a grand the other night dj'ing for a rave."
That would most likely be the one that was mentioned in the news that the most recent "vampire" murder happened outside of. He cocks his head, "Any chance that I might be able to see this place before I make up my mind? I know I probably will have to be blindfolded and everything... "

“That should not be a problem. Give me a call and I will arrange it.” Scott then waves, “Alright then. Maybe we can have you dj a party or something.” With that, Scott bows his head and makes his way out.

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