Snakes At REI

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Mirage, Havok, Nightcrawler, Fer-de-Lance Anaconda, Coachwhip, Black Mamba

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11/06/12 10:15

REI SoHo and then X-Factor Tower

Dani gets cut by Snakes

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REI is a vast and very open store offering three levels of outdoor gear/wear/stuff. The SoHo store is newly opened and is just a mile south of X-Factor Tower/SHIP providing a new outlet for the outdoor enthusiast.

Today, we find Danielle Moonstar being the typical outdoorsy girl stopping into the new REI store to check out what they have to offer.

Patrons of the store mingle about, shopkeepers are helpful and friendly, overall, it seems like a normal day except for the two blondes that seem to stand out over by the sunglasses display. One is trying on new sunglasses while the other /larger one/ is looking around the store, seemingly glancing toward Dani a little too often. When eye contact is made, the larger blonde smiles. --- Definition of Larger: 6'2", 222lbs, muscular. Both wear normal clothing (for girls out shopping) and otherwise seem non descript.

It's about time that Manhattan got a decent sporting goods store. Sure it doesn't have much in the way of weaponry, but there is plenty of hiking and camping gear. The upcoming winter isn't going to stop Dani from her ocassional weekend camping and/or hiking trips, so cold weather gear is on order.

Meandering through the store, she checks out the variety of stuff they have to offer. Her eyes glide other the other customers as she passes through, most she dismisses as just avid outdoorsy people like herself, the two girls on the other hand seem a little out of place, but it's a public place and they do have good sunglasses, so they are dismissed for the moment as well, her attention going to the plethora of sleeping bags they have on display.

Her voice is sultry when she says, "They're want to take you out." in a calm, peaceful pitch. Dani will then see the origin of the voice who wears tight black jeans tucked into black buckled leather boots. Her top is a cotton/lyra blend that hugs her curves presenting a V in the front to reveal clevage with long sleeves that protrude over her thumb (thumb hole) which extends from beneath the leather jacket with lots of buckles and zippers. Her eyes dart to the two blondes who are now shopping the tent section. The smaller of the two blondes wears dark sunglasses.

Already knowing what she is looking for Dani grabs a couple of sleeping bags from the shelve. It comes to her mind that she probably should have grabbed a cart, but the thought is pushed aside as a gothy looking chick addresses her, "Excuse me?" she asks a bit perplexed as her eyes follow where the girl is looking then quickly back to the goth chick "It's to much to ask that it is the good 'out', isn't it?

She smiles and fingers one of the bags feeling its texture and then squeezes it for thickness and potential insulation. "If it were so simple." is her response.

The variety of ways to handle this goes through Dani's mind, telling store security that they are shoplifting, just simply taking them down, or just simply sliding back to ship. She dismisses them all as quickly as they come, each would probably just lead to the harm to innocents in the store.

Under no assumption that the goth chick is warning her out of kindness Dani shoves the sleeping bags at the girl "Hold these." she will then begin to tactfully withdraw toward the exit, hoping to lead them outside, where she can deal with them more efficently.

Mutterings from the 'goth girl' are heard as Dani moves away, something about doing what they want...

Leading them outside is exactly what Mirage does. However, moving from the main doors of the store onto the sidewalk and that's where she will note the girl on the sidewalk wearing the brown and orange costume of Fer-de-Lance. Her mask isn't on yet and she's recently shed a long coat that covered most of her body. There is a thin band around her forehead that wraps around the back and underneath her pony tail. She eyes Mirage and calls across the 25 yard distance, "Psychic Bitch, I'm gonna cut you." as her blades become apparent on her wrists.

Dani has never made a habit of doing what the bad guys want, why should she start now. She hits the exit taking note of the singular welcoming party waiting for her. She doesn't mess around this time, she sends a quick call to Code Blue via Ship for pickup before replying to Fer-de-Lance "You were quite successful with that last time. I have the scars to prove it." of course she probably doesn't, not with Ship's regen program but Fer certainly doesn't need to know that.

"Shut the hell up!" comes the challenging voice of the larger blonde female who strikes Mirage in the back of the head with significant force (20 damage - not stunned).

Then before she can go down, Mirage is gripped in the whip (no damage yet) carried by the smaller female who now wears a yellow band (goggles) around her eyes.

Fer-De-Lance leaps toward Mirage with her glinting wrist blades and slashes through Mirage's midsection (30 damage).

Staggering forward, probably into the attack from Fer-De-Lance, at the cheap shot from behind, Dani sees stars for a moment, though it doesn't keep her from hoping that Ship also interpreted her call as doubling for wanting backup, since she doesn't know she puts out her mental call for Brightwind. With one hand pressed against the gash in her midsection, (again) she grabs the whip in the other and gives a yank at the whip, unfortunately with no results, the girls got a tight grip.

The girl with the whip yanks back and tightens the hold she has upon Mirage with an excellent/20 strength causing pain in her midsection (10 damage). The larger woman grabs Mirage from behind and holds her with significant force (binding arms/chest w/1 ton of force (not crushing yet and no damage until next round)). Then Fer-de-Lance attacks again, doing another 20 points as she says, "You fucked with the wrong chick."

The sultry voice commands as Black Mamba (goth chick) comes into view to Mirage's left, "Enough! There's no need to kill her - she's learned her lesson and she now knows better than to jack with the Serpent Society. Don't you sweetie?"

With no time to wait for backup, not with the injuries she has sustained. Dani takes a deep breath, supressing the pain and slamming her mind into that of Anaconda, pulling her fears to the surface and letting her relive them. Hopefully it will be enough to make the strong woman drop her, so she can call on Ship to slide her to medbay. She doesn't respond to Black Mamba, but instead gives a dagger filled stare, indicating that she has learned no such thing.

Brightwind emerges above and sharply turns to begin his descent toward the engagement.

Ship acknowledges that Dani needs an evacuation and within 6 seconds (her round) she is pulled from that environment into the medical bay. Anaconda resists the teleport, therefore she does not go. However the whip (sans the far end of it) is still tied around Dani's waist.

Medical personnel leap into action and begin patching Dani up.

Ship intones into the room where Kurt and Alex are, "Mirage has been attacked and injured. She has been taken to the medical bay where she is undergoing another procedure. The assault took place at REI in SoHo, Code Blue was dispatched, however at the time of their arrival, the assailants were not present. The assailants were four members of the Serpent Society and the scene was captured on video."

Rising to his feet, Kurt says to Alex, "Does this mean we're going to have to start going out in pairs, using the buddy system." And he's not asking, he's moving over to touch Alex and he's definitely meaning to port them both over to the medical bay. He's completely assuming Ship hasn't rearranged itself, because its Dani and she's getting another procedure. There is a trail of purple smoke left in the room they were in.

Alex is touched, and ported in mid sentence, "Dude, those fucks..." <bamf> "....need to be shut down. Aren't they an Avengers enemy? Maybe I need to talk to Carol again.". That's when Alex looks around and checks on Mirage's progress. A holo-nurse approaches, "Gentlemen, she's in the regen-o-matic and will unavailable for three hours. Would you care to have a seat, perhaps coffee, tea, milk?

"Oh yes, tea and some cookies," chides Kurt, because nothings better than food and drink while waiting for a friend to get better in the regen-o-matic. Ignoring the holo-nurse then, he looks at Alex, "I didn't get it all though, how did this start, Mirage was walking around, got jumped by snake girl #2? I mean, they're like assassins right, is there another culprit behind this, whoever hired out Arcade is looking for better assassins or something?"

"Mirage and I stumbled upon Fer-de-Lance last <time stamp here>. She had just killed this lawyer dude in a back alleyway. Mirage jumped the snake and they cut each other. Fer-de-Lance took it personally and apparently her and her snake-ettes are now stalking Dani."

"Ja, makes sense, no one likes their assassinations interrupted." Then he raises a hand, "We should call the authorities, too bad, we quit doing that. I vote for no more waiting for another snake attack, I say we do some investigating and take it to them, round them up, devliver them to Code Blue or something, so we don't have to deal with it, until they make parole or finish out their sentences."

"Yeah, we got nothing on the Society. So we really need to talk to the Avengers to get a leg up. From what I do know, they've been tormenting the Avengers and Captain America for years. If we're good enough to take them down... damn that'll look good on our score card." Alex notes with a smile while taking a seat in the waiting area.

Kurt listens and ponders that, Avengers and Captain America, for years, that might not be so promising as Alex seems to think it is. "At least, we can start with trying to find them. You have them in the alley, the assault on Dani was at REI. We should figure security cameras got something right? Just now, we need to coordinate with local authorities or something, or do we have to write legal requests to the city's courts to get access to that video?" Kurt is figuring, if Avenger's were tormented for years, they haven't find the snake pit just yet either.

Ship makes a grumbling noise and clears its 'throat' then makes a guilty humming noise.

Alex asks, "Ship, what's up?"

Ship answers, "I have taken the liberty of downloading the video captured at REI. There was no video in the alleyway of the previous assault, nor anything prior or just after."

Alex grins.

"Oh, that's even better," says Kurt as ship explains about having the video. "Does that mean you can locate the next nearest camera's around the vicinity of REI, so we can see where Dani's assailant has gone? I mean, local news stations and business alike probably have plenty around that we can try to start tracking right?" Then he ponders towards Alex, "Is this even legal, or does it not matter because they can't track Ship doing this?"

Ship intones, "They went into the nearest manhole and were untrackable after that point."

Alex notes, "Snakes and the sewer system. It's a maze down there. Doubt we'll be able to track them that way."

"Weren't there some morlocks left down there that would know something? Not saying I'm looking forward to the tunnels again, I nearly died last time down there, but" says Kurt, "I think we should consider getting proactive on this one. If they're only targetting Dani, no telling when they'll attack again ... and if they go for us, I really don't need to have my next day of laser tag ruined by snake chicks showing up and ruining my high score." Did he just admit he plays laser tag on his days off, maybe that's what he's been up to.

There's a slight hint of reticence in Alex's voice as he ponders the Morlocks, "Maybe... I mean I know Calisto is still alive - last time we met she tried to cut me. But she probably likes you. I think a lot of them took off to Genosha when Magneto took over."

"And are lost somewhere, with Genosha too right?" Kurt ponders, knowing rhetoriclaly anyone on Genosha when it vanished went right with it. "So, Calisto it is, she might like me ... if we go find her, I probably shouldnt' mention being serious with Kitty is what you're saying?"

Alex shrugs, "I didn't mean /like/ you like that. I mean she won't try to cut you if you talk to her.

"We should probably consult Storm first, but I'd rather see your game." Alex says with a grin and then stands up to start the 'taking care of business' part of the thread.

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