Snake Review and Planning

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Havok, Nightcrawler, Mirage

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11/13/12 20:11

X-Factor Tower/SHIP, Mutant Town

The team discusses Snake issues

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-----==[ Penthouse Level - X-Factor Tower/Ship ]==----------------------------

The Penthouse level is three floors (45 feet high) subdivided into three distinct areas; the pool area, the gathering hall, and the lounge.
The floor itself is wide open and allowing flow between those areas without walls or major obstructions. Additionally, all four sides, including the roof, is made of polarizing transparent metal. This allows for sunlight to stream in from all directions, visualization into, out of, or one way, and of course total polarization preventing light completely.

The Pool Area - The swimming pool is a marvel of alien technology. It occupies all 45 feet including has roof access. As a standard pool, it is sunken into the main floor of the penthouse, but then has static and flowing water areas which allow for movement from the lower pool to the rooftop pool via swimming or back down via waterfall/slide. This is made possible by gravitational adjustments by Ship allowing the water to stand vertically, diagonally and horizontally. This means that if someone were to wish to swim from the penthouse floor to the rooftop, it would be possible. The pool area also offers a 'outdoor kitchen' area where one can prepare full meals.

The Gathering Hall - This area is malleable to serve whatever purpose deemed necessary. Presently it presents as a dance floor with stage. However, it can take the shape of a great dining hall, a basketball court, volleyball court, tennis court, and so on.

The Lounge Area - This area is devoted to the relaxation part of the top floor. Where those can sit back, relax and watch a very large projection screen. The area is near to the pool. Walls can be constructed to block out light, noise, distractions and so on.


Having come up with nothing in the sewer system - other than a really bad smell. Kurt and Alex are found in the pool area, kicked back and waiting for the good news from Dani. Showered, and wearing a fresh uniform, Alex is found seated with his back to the bar looking over the sunlight world of the top floor/patio area. He speculates, "I wonder how they do it? I mean, living in the sewers, the smell gets into everything - even your skin. Guess they just don't smell it after a while."

Grinning, the elf shakes his head, "Nien, mein freund, they live beyond the sewers. Old tunnels and sublevels of the city. I think made in part to control floods and spills, keep the subways safe. The sewer and that smell is a cover, to deter anyone else from comnig to where they live ... or used to live." Kurt is wearing a simple sweatshirt over his uniform, as if ready to go do real work, but still being leisurely today.

The elevator dings and the doors slide open, allowing Dani to step out into the suite. After a quick glance around she spots the two men and heads up the stairs to the pool. Having come directly from her meeting she is still in her XF uniform. "I was hoping you two would be back."

"Hey hey." Alex says in greeting and then follows with, "What'd you get?" as in information and what she may have learned from Ms Marvel.

Kurt turns to look at Dani, grinning, because since Alex let it go, it means he is right as regards the Morlock tunnels (former tunnels). He remains quiet, letting Alex's question ride as he watches with curiousity.

Crossing the pool area Dani drops into a chair near the others "Unfortunately nothing as to current location." she makes a gesture probably one to indicate Ship "Carol gave me everything they had, including the locations of former bases. Ship is downloading it and compiling it now.

"Former bases - They've probably been gone over by every associated official in the book plus the Avengers. Are the bases still in tact? Maybe the Society has reason to go back to one of them to collect a hidden trinket?" asks Alex, curious for a lead."

Pondering that, Kurt throws in, "So, what, you're saying we should set up some surveillance cameras, have Ship start monitoring, or we just go snoop around in these old bases, see what we find after all the combing over that has been done?" He looks to Dani, she has the initial intel, maybe she has thoughts too.

"Of the two former bases we know about the only one that could possibly have anything is the one upstate, an abandonded prison." Dani pauses a moment her eyes shifting upward as she goes through the information in her head "They did have a location here in the city, but that's probably been taken over by accountants or something.

Nodding to Kurt and tagging onto what Dani just expressed, "Exactly. I think we should survale both. Whether or not accountants own it, there may be something hidden in one or both sites. Take for example the X-Mansion. Xavier hid in an unknown subbasement area for months without the X-Men ever finding him. Such a jerk. I'm guessing that any villain team worth their salt has the same setup - if not to hide themselves, but to hide valuables."

"Like the Brotherhood's generator," responds Kurt, in regards to one of his first missions with the team. That dark matter generator that is probably somewhere in the hands of SHIELD now. "Lets do it, I'm game, Ship can create use some cool equipment to sneak into these locations, we watch and see what's happening." He's starting to stand up already.

"Where to first? Or were we going to split up?" Dani gets up as well. If anyone is anxious to get this settled it is her "I would suggest upstate first. If the local site is occupied we should probably go in at night, to avoid civilian questions and aggravations.

"Kurt, you and Dani go upstate. I'll grab someone and take the other location. Ship, hook us up with super cool survellance equipment and some flying cars."
Ship responds agreeably.
Then Alex adds a footnote, "Kurt, don't let her get cut."

With a nod to Alex, Kurt turns to start moving towards whatever deck Ship leaves them vehicles and cool stuff on, so they can get moving. He quietly says to Dani, "He's saying, you can't have any fun, I have to keep you from going first." Almost as if saying, he can't really stop Dani because she's headstrong. Over to Alex he notes, "Sure thing, no more cuts for Dani, I'm on it."

Dani falls in beside Kurt with a nod "Thanks, my guy speak is kinda rusty." she then gives him a nudge and stage whispers "How about we take Brightwind instead...she doesn't crash." the last bit said slightly louder.

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