Skycar to Seattle

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Havok & Mirage

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Havok and Mirage get out of New York City

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Ring ring, ring ring. Dani's phone indicated to her that Alex is calling. Upon answering, he asked if she would like to go to dinner - as in dressing up and actually going out?.


Dressed in a suit, Alex pilots the Ship designed hypersonic sky-car westward toward Seattle. In the passenger seat sits Dani.

Alex glances over, smiles, then looks back at the clouds below. The radar indicates that they are traveling at 55,000 feet and just over mach 2. They will arrive in Seattle within thirty minutes.

Yes, there she is wearing a tasteful little blue dress, occasionally looking down as the landscape passes below "Seattle?" Dani asks her tone curious as to why they are going so far.

Adding life to the moment, Alex answers, "I just wanted to get away. In New York, pretty much everyone knows and recognizes us. Seattle, even though we're national news, won't be so sore thumbish. Not to mention my hand is sore from signing autographs."

"Oh, so no special significance, just wanted to get away from the fangirls." Dani smiles as she teases "At least I'll keep all my hair that way." her hand comes up where her hair is pulled up into a purposefully messy bun.

Alex looks over at the purposefully messy bun and grins before saying, "It looks great.". Which could be translated to a tease or seriousness. Hard to tell.

Dani decides its the latter "Thanks." she turns as much as the seat will allow so she is facing him "A side effect of Ship's regenerative abilities, thanks to Kitty's clever programming. Though next time I think I will opt out of that one.

There's a moment of silence - which is often translated as regret on Alex's part (he always blames himself as the leader), "I'm sorry I wasn't there in time."

Reaching over Dani puts a hand on his arm, "You can't always be there. We understand that, me probably even more so." the look she gives him is one of reassurance, "Don't beat yourself up about it, that's our job."

He initially thought it was going to be a moment of consolation, and it did start off as such. However it ends in humor and Alex smiles. There's a light chuckle and then he states, "Thanks. I mean what's a guy to do other than stand in line to be beaten up by his team." with a hint of additional humor - considering the recent weeks.

She gives a shrug "Besides being beaten up by the other team? I have no idea." Dani's attention for a moment is once more pulled outside as the city skyline and mountainous backdrop comes into view "Seeing all the wilderness we've gone over I kind of wish I would have come out to Washington sooner.

Slowing to around 100mph and navigating the sky-car into an isolated location, but near to the GPS marker on the city map, Alex comments, "Yeah. I'm totally down with more training. I'm tired of getting sucker punched."

Dani puts a hand to her side "I am too." even more so after the last encounter "But enough about the team, training and such. What is the plan for this evening? Besides dinner.


The restaurant is a swanky steak and lobster place in one of the nicer hotels of Seattle. It is one of those places that coat is required and they take forever to bring out the food because the meal is paced - thus giving time for the companionship to be the highlight of the evening. The restaurant itself is of a modest size with lower lighting and nice fixtures.

They've already ordered and the two find themselves seated across from one another. Alex had a moment of glancing around, sizing up the place, noting the exit points, and the potential hostiles within the room. It's naturally tactical for him and he cannot help it. Then he's pulled back to the moment needing to answer a question that was posed earlier, "I got tickets to Wicked. Wasn't sure if you were interested or not so I picked up some Seattle Metropolitans as well."

Dani probably did much of the same assessment, as they were escorted to the table, but most would probably just put it down as just interest in architecture or something "So a musical or hockey." she takes a sip of whatever beverage was poured as she mulls the choices "Wicked is the one about Oz and the wicked witch?

"It's the story of Elphaba, the wicked witch of the west. It takes place prior to and sort of during the Dorothy incident." Alex answers trying to get it sorted in his own head then ads, "I mean, we don't have to do either, I just figured it'd be a nice getaway"

"No, they are both good choices." Dani states as she sets her glass down "I tend to prefer the rowdiness of sports over the quiet hush of the theater" she is a 'cowgirl' from the midwest, there should be no surprise there.

Alex smiles and says, "Cool. Then we'll pick up some sweatshirts in the clubhouse." He's roughly the same; more inclined to do sports than some quiet theater engagement. Plus there's beer. He doesn't do wine.

Dani nods at the suggestion "Good plan. We are a bit over dressed for a hockey game, but I don't care, if no one else does." she returns the smile "Who are they playing?

"Portland Winterhawks." he answers then says - as if noting that he noticed her legs earlier, "If you're legs get cold, we'll get you a blanket."

Laughing, Dani gives a shake of her head "If it is a decent game I really don't expect to be sitting still long enough to get cold." she reaches for her glass again "It's been quite a long time since I have been to a sporting event...unless you count what passes for sports in Asgard."

"I'm pretty sure 'drinking someone under the table' is an olympic sport up there. Right along with 'bar brawl', 'hold the wench', and 'insult the cook'." Alex notes in a humerus tone.

"Hold the wench is funny." Dani pauses briefly "Unless of course you are the wench then is is just a bit suffocating." the droll manner in which she says it makes it hard to determine if she is being serious or not, either way she probably speaks from experience.

Quizzically and in a playful tone, "Were you the wench... oh no way, you totally were playing the wench at one point. I figured for sure those Valkyries would have mad skills to beat the snot out of the would be holder."

"Even the weakest of asgardians are twice as strong as me, if not stronger." she begins to explain "I could have all sorts of mad skills but I'm still only human and they are still asgardians." she grins though to indicate that she isn't upset by it.

There's a moment of anxiety in his face as if his imagination played over the difficulties he faced, but when he realizes that she didn't mind, he says, "No wonder you like James." with a growing grin.

There is a slight shrug from Dani at the assertion. It's no secret that there is history between the two, both good and bad. But now is not the time for confirming or denying her feelings in that regard, "If it weren't for the brooding he would have made good asgardian, he would have fit right in.

"There's a lot of that going around... brooding that is. I figured Scott and I had the market cornered. Then realized just about every one of our race does it. Must be in our genes."

"One possibility. I'm sure Hank, or maybe Jean could write a paper on the whole broody, mutant phenomenon. Or maybe they have already." Dani takes another sip of her drink, "I'm just thankful I've outgrown it...mostly."

"I sure haven't." Alex remarks reflectively. "I mean just this last few days I found myself sitting around wondering what the heck I'm even thinking when it comes to you."

"Really?" Dani leans forward resting her arms on the table. Obviously she finds the admittance interesting. "I would ask what your conclusion was but I think my sitting here is answer enough.

"Well, it's apparent I'm no man of action when it comes to you. To be honest, I'm sort of leery. I think Kurt put it into my head the gravity and reality of the situation." he pauses and then states, "Maybe I should start from the beginning..."

That certainly makes Dani look perplexed "Leary? Of me?" she isn't sure how to take that but she nods "Maybe you should, or at least explain why leery.

He gathers his thoughts and sets a path for story time, "Before Lorna, there were like 3 girls that I went out with and those were a few dates each. Then Lorna and I sort of fell into this on again, off again serious relationship that I really thought was going to go somewhere. During the off times, I had my flings, my fun, my random encounters and odd dates. Well anyway, the most recent on-again with Lorna that ended up her leaving me for ..." he stops before he says Betsy and starts anew, "...found me sort of confused. So I spoke to Jess - you remember Jess from Madripoor. And she told me that I should blow it off to her loss and get back on that horse. That's about when I realized you were more than the New Mutant kid that I knew way back when. You've become /more/. Which I'm really not even sure how to define that. And... that /more/ makes me interested. Thing is. There are complications and I'm not even sure what makes me interested or what I'm interested in. The complications bring about the leery part. We're teammates and friends. That pretty much says it all. It's like I don't want to jeopardize that situation by us accidentally or on purpose falling into bed with one another and then possibly waking up realizing that.." another reordering pause, "Anyway, you see the conundrum."

Dani listens silently, nodding where appropriate, and perhaps smiling slightly at not being thought a kid anymore. After he is done she nods once more in agreement to his final statement "Not so much me personally but the situation and consequences." that is somewhat of a relief to her "I can understand why you would be brooding about it.

Slightly confused about her initial statement, "Hang on, what? Not so much you personally? Personally what. See, this is what really gets me about you. Half your direct statements have like three meanings and can be translated five different ways." He smiles, but he's confused.

"I thought you meant that you were leery of me. Like I was going to do something extreme, like, I don't know punch you again or quit the team." Dani waves that off since that wasn't the case "Do they? They don't seem to in my head.

Alex smiles, "Yeah, they do. But it's part of you being a girl and me being a boy. We never know exactly what you all are saying so we run the risk of translating wrong, all the time."

By her nod Dani seems to be in agreement there "To bad no one has come up with an effective cheat sheet for communication between the genders. Especially for you guys." in this case she means guys need one to understand girls.

"I'd pay money for that, for sure. Especially in the US. Girls are very conflicted when it comes to doing and saying the same thing. In other parts of the world it's pretty straight forward, they say what they want, they often times get exactly what they request. Here, it's like there's five different possible translations."

Dani is prevented from responding right away as the waiter brings thier entrees and checks on their status. It isn't until he wanders off that she says anything, "It wasn't always that way, it comes and goes depending on the era. You do realize you are going to have me second guessing everything that comes out of my mouth now. At least for the rest of the evening." doubtful it will be a permanent problem.

After asking how her food is, and likely answering how his is, Alex gets back on topic, "It's just a boy vs girl thing. Nothing to worry about." He sort of drops it there.

Dani chuckles slightly "I think I can manage that one." she gestures vaguely to the west "West of here is Mount Olympia?" she asks for a nice change of topic "I think next month I am going to have a severe case of camping. If I up an disappear, that's why.

"That's one thing I miss. During my graduate work, we were always camping on site. Plus all the digs I went on as a consultant to the archeologists. I completely miss sleeping under the stars."

"Than why not go? Kurt can handle things for a few days. There are plenty of places easily accessible from New York. Rahne and I camped along the Appalachian Trail a couple of weekends ago. We could have done without the wet weather and FoH, but other than that it was fun.

"There's been way too much going on. To many encounters, Ship, and pretty much everything else." He comments playing the /duty/ card.

A slight smirk crosses Dani's face, which could be a subtle warning "Didn't stop your brother." sure it was a scouting expedition but there were tents and campfires, etc.

"Yeah, nothing stops my brother. He's the end all, be all perfect leader." Alex says in a sour tone. "I'm sure he can lead the X-men, run the school, go on camping trips, and save the world with one hand tied behind his back."

Dani grimaces at the response her comment illicted, "Hardly." she then gestures to him "This is what happens when I stop worrying about the things coming out of my mouth.

Realizing his own tone, Alex says, "Sorry. Scott just pisses me off. I think that's his purpose in my life."

"It's not just you. He pisses a lot of people off." Dani shrugs then "As an only child I don't have much frame of reference, but I'm pretty sure that is happens with a lot of siblings.


An hour later, the duo find themselves at the hockey game and three hours after that they're leaving the game after seeing Seattle bead down Portland. There may have been a lot of penalty box time, but there were some good fights.

Alex says while walking down the street with Dani as they meander back toward the place they parked their sky car, "I'm totally getting a helmet and grill so people will quit hitting me in the face."

Still not quite recovered from the adrenaline rush of watching the game, Dani gives him a momentary quizzical look before bursting out in laughter, "That is the worst idea ever. Cover your face and they will just find someplace more painful to hit.

Alex smiles and says, "Then I need better armor, maybe I'll wear a cup. But really, who wants to mess up this beautiful mug?"

"Do you want the short list or the long?" Dani jests, even though in their line of work there is a laundry list of people who would love to do more then mess up faces "Though better body armor is not a bad idea, for all of us."

Alex touches his chest in a patting manner. "Yeah, the soft stuff only prevents penetration, it definitely does NOT save from bruises and broken bones. Maybe we should consider heavy vs light armor variants - depending on who we're going against."

Dani nods in agreement "Heavier armor can be as much of a detriment as a help though. That's why I don't run around in my valkyrie gear all the time. Though I doubt you are talking armor quiet like that. Either way there will be many pros and cons to take into account.

"I was thiking padded with hard points. Military and SWAT grade riot gear. Most of which doesn't allow for all the springing around you and Kurt does. But it would help supplement the lack of having someone who can take damage." Alex states and then smiles, "Crap, we're talking work again, aren't we?"

"Loosely yes." she admits with a chuckle "We've been pretty good about trying to avoid it, but it was bound to happen a few times. Despite those few tangents I have enjoyed myself." she brushes at the front of the team sweatshirt she is hearing "Even if I smell like a brewery." its not a good game unless some spills a beer.

Turning onto the next street the skycar comes into view and is approached. Alex states, "Same here." and will open the passenger gull wing door for her entry.

Dani pauses a moment as the door is opened for her, "Thanks." she offers slipping past to get in the vehicle. "Good thing I picked hockey over the musical than. We would have probably not had half as much fun." that said, with an amused smile on her face, she moves to get in the vehicle

As she gets in, Alex will nod, smile and agree, "I'm glad you picked it too. I'm not against musicals, but I'm down with the interaction of sports." then will close the door, move around to the drivers side and get in.

Settling into the passenger seat Dani holds further comment until he is in the vehicle, "That is interesting. Most guys wouldn't admit to that, except maybe Kurt." there is a slight pauses "He seems to be the Pirates of Penzance kind of person.

Alex smiles as he starts the vehicle. The wirr of the power plant becomes audible for a brief moment then quietens after sonic regulation is activated. Alex puts it in gear and admits further, "My favorite movie is 'West Side Story'. I'm sort of a sucker for musicals."

"West Side Story?" Dani starts with a chuckle at the admittance "I can see that. In that case maybe you can exchange the tickets for the show we missed for another evening. For next time." she does not add the 'if' part.

Pulling back on the column, the skycar lifts into the air as Alex says, "I'll see what I can do." and will set a course for home.

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