Six More Arms...No Thanks

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Spiral and Arachne

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Thunderbolts HQ

Spiral and Arachne meet

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Command Center - Thunderbolts HQ
This entire room has a modern look to it, the expensive equipment just adding to the overall look. The floor and walls are made of a hard metallic substance.

Sitting in the circular room is a large glass table with a holographic projector in the very center. At the four cardinal compass points is a glass flatpanel control point used to operate the holographic projector as well as the over monitors that cover two of the walls. There are roller chairs around the table allowing people to sit around it.

Is it day or night? In the Comamnd Center of the Thunderbolts base it is hard to tell. There are no windows to look out of and all the monitors are in powersave mode and show nothing but some screen saver type animation on them. The only indication is the holographic digital display that shows the time, military style, according to it, it is 21:30.

Sitting at the glass table at one of the control points is a lithe female in an all black bodysuit with red web designs on it. She is also masked, only her long light auburn hair and lower face exposed. She is typing at the controls in front of her.

Silence, aside from the soft tapping of keys - only audible because it's so quiet.

So the 'ping' of Spiral's arrival seems much louder than it actually is, as the six armed interdimensional troublemaker appears, standing right in front of the room, with a wide grin on her face. It worked!

She looks about the room for a moment, taking it in, and then walks over to the glass table where Arachne sits, and she leans casually against one of the monitors there. "So this is the home of the secret human government team? Who are you?" she asks, looking down at the masked figure. One arm is folded across her chest, another has a finger and thumb on her chin thoughtfully, the rest sprawl against the monitor and table she's leaning on casually.

Arachne looks up from whatever it is she is doing at the sudden arrival of the multiarmed woman. If she is surprised she does well to hide it, the mask certainly helps in that as well, "Yes. There are still sections that are off limits due to them not being complete yet. They are scheduled to be complete within the week." she glances back down at the control panel, hits a few more buttons and the holograph image in the center goes from a digital clock to a satellite image of the earth "Finally. We where having problems locking into the satellite feed." as for who she is, she doesn't answer as of yet.

"It's alright, I'm sure I can continue to amuse myself for a week or so while you all get ready." Spiral says lightly, though with her lips twisted into a sardonic grin. "I will be caught in the dance for all time, a week means little.".

She pushes off from where she leans, and spends a quiet minute or two walking around the room, looking at everything with curiosity. "So who are you?" she repeats, poking at one of the computers here. Which does nothing, as it's not turned on. "I do not think our paths have ever crossed - but who knows, the tracks of lives are so confusing.".

"We have never meet before." Arachne hits a few more buttons and several of the monitors come to life to display static images of the other Thunderbolt's team members "I can't say the same with others though." she gets up and moves over to the monitors "In fact I captured that one myself. He wouldn't have been in prison if it wasn't for me." she gestures to the image of Firebrand "So you can understand my reason for wanting to remain anonymous for now.

"Only if that one does not realise that it is you who put him in jail." Spiral replies, but shrugs. "You must be one of the 'nice' ones, if you are putting people in human jails." she observes. "I do not think the other woman I met was too interested in jails.". She turns her head, to study the monitors, before pointing with one hand at Elektra. "That one.".

"I wonder if your prisoner will hold a grudge. It seems a poor basis for a team to me.". She twirls around slowly, arms stretched out, and then flops into a chair opposite Arachne, slouching. "But the files on me that John Aaron gave me were very interesting. I wonder if I really did all those things... Or will do them, who knows.".

She studys the image of Elektra for a long moment "My experience with her is somewhat limited." she goes back to the table and with a touch of a button the monitors shut off "I'm hoping I can hold off his 'realizing' who I am at least until we are settled as a team." Arachne gives Spiral a direct look "So let's keep that between us for now, please." she sits back down "I haven't gone into the files John," the stress she gives the name indicates she may not be used to calling him that "gave me. I prefer to not make judgments before I meet everyone personally.

"I think I'm good at keeping secrets." Spiral smiles, blinking back at Arachne when she's stared at. "And Elektra is quite interesting. She knows what it is to be dead - not many can say that.".

"And are you judging me now, hmm? Of course you are.". She stretches out her arms again, before spreading them out on the table in front of her in a tangle, some palms down, some up. "At least you have the right number of arms, right?" she observes as she looks down at the table. One hand absently lifts up to polish her metal forearm.

Arachne lifts a shoulder, "At least it is from actually talking to you and not from what some paper tells me. A person is more than what a bunch of reports say." she grins then gives an amused chuckle "If I were true to my abilities I would need six more arms.

"Ohhhh... well, if you want more arms, then I can help you there." Spiral tells her, suddenly all serious. "Six more, well, why not, I suppose. There's room.". And she gives Arachne an analytical look for a moment with her glowing eyes.

"And I don't know, what does make a person? How we are put together probably has something to do with it.", she mutters, talking a little more softly, as much to herself as to Arachne.

"Thanks, but I'm happy with the number of arms I currently have." her grin stays though, "Even if sometimes I say otherwise." her head tilts to the side at the followup question the smile fading and taking a more serious expression "I meant on a psychological level, not anatomical. You know, personality, morals, that kind of thing.

Spiral's face doesn't exactly fall, but her look hardens slightly. "Of course you are. Why wouldn't you be - you have the right number of arms, after all.". She takes a breath, holds it for a while. "Even though it seems like John Aaron wants me around anyway, perhaps he thinks I'll be useful entertainment. Dancing in a cage.".

She abruptly gets up, and does a dance right there and then, a sort of ballet almost though she does it without actually moving around the room, dancing in place. Her six arms making various shapes and twists in the air in some sort of indefinable pattern - eventually snowflakes appear above her, fluttering down around her until they land on the table or the chair or the floor, to promptly melt.

After a few seconds of this, she goes still, and the snowflakes cease appearing. "Psychology and anatomy go hand in hand.".

Remaining silent during the mild outburst and subsequent display of dancing skill. Arachne gives a slight shake of her head "John didn't choose you for this team because you have killer dance moves. If he wanted that he could have gone to his favorite restaurant in DC for that, or any other dance club in New York." she spins in small half circles in her chair "He needs to work on his people skills if he has you thinking that.

Spiral just shakes her head, wryly amused. "I'm sure you are wrong on that count. Unless perhaps I have been brought here for my charming demeanour.".

She begins to dance again - no snowflakes this time, however. "You don't want to tell me much, not even a name. And you don't even want extra arms. And this place is not yet operational. I would hate to disturb your secretarial work unduly." she says, pointing with a spare hand at the keyboard which Arachne was tapping at. "So I shall dance away, until you people have need of me.".

And a vortex in space begins to form around Spiral as she dances, slowly building up in power.

Archache shrugs "I've been wrong before and I'm sure I will again. I don't let it upset me to much." there is a nod from the woman "It was interesting to meet you. I look forward to working with you." there is sincerety in her tone. With Spiral's daparture immenient she goes back to working on the satellite feeds.

Spiral dances on (it takes a while), before the vortex finally shrouds her from sight entirely - and then it abruptly vanishes, taking her with it.

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