Sit-down with Ares and Captain America

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Chat with Ares

Ares, Captain America

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08/15/12 16:00

Perry's Bar

The Captain tracks down Ares, who had just lost his job, seeking answers.

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Perry's Bar is usually a hopping place this time of the evening. The local blue collar folks usually come here after the work day is done when they want to avoid rush hour and the craziness that entails leaving the city around five o'clock. So they come here, and other bars, though Perry's has a special place in the hearts of the boys of local union 1137.
Yet today, for some reason, Perry's is quiet for the most part. Sure there are a handful of customers there, just nowhere near the huge swollen mass of humanity that at times taxes the bartenders and the servers. Could be just the recent legislation against unhealthy drinking. Could be just coincidence, a perfect storm of folks needing to be home.
Or it could be that today a bunch of them learned that not only was their long-time bud and colleague John Aaron the God of War. They also learned that he was fired, that their foreman did the firing, and that John left early and went straight to the bar.
So naturally the place is quiet, save for the quiet murmur of country music turned down to a low level and the occasional clink of glass or squeak of a ceiling fang. As for Ares, well he's sitting in the corner looking dour and nursing a glass of something in front of him as he glares absently across the way with a grim visage.

The doors to the bar swing open and there is a large, by human standards, well defined and handsome man making his way into the bar. Steve offers a polite nod and smile to the Bartender only to let his gaze drift across the room, almost as if he was looking for someone in particular, until it settles on John tucked away in the corner. Steve doesn't do anything to minimize his presence or interest, as straight forward as ever, and begins making his way over towards John's table.

Dark eyes lift at Steve's approach. As the man draws closer his gaze gets a flicker of crimson. One eyebrow cocks curiously and there's definitely an edge there yet it's controlled. He straightens up slightly, one rough and calloused hand uncurling to the seat opposite him. Eventually he lifts his voice and says simply, "Rogers."

Steve offers a nod to John, "How ya been, John?" he asks bluntly, taking the seat across from the other man. As the waitress comes over he glances up and flashes her a smile as she asks him what he wants, "Just some water please. Thanks ma'm." he says, getting a slightly bewildered look and eye-roll as the waitress walks back over to the bar to fetch some water.

The waitress is probably pretty staggeringly annoyed, considering this table's just sold a single beer, and now a glass of water. Her tip's looking might skimpy for the night, not to mention this guy's been sitting here for hours now.
But such is life, and to be fair Ares is paying her plight utterly no attention at all. Instead his heavy gaze rests upon the man opposite him, almost like the weight of several anvils falling from on high, such is his judgment. That rumbling voice of his lifts as he murmurs, "There was a time when I was bound to the coils of the world serpent and tormented by various Asgardians for several years." His nose crinkles and he finally takes a sip of his beer, looking down at it. "Today reminded me of that time rather well."
Then, as if to cut through the small talk he says simply, sharply. "What do you want, Rogers?"

Steve nods to the waitress as she brings over a glass of water and hands her a five-dollar bill, "Thanks." he says simply as she's walking away before leveling his steady gaze back on John, "Just stopped by to say 'hi'." he says, not very convincingly at that as it is pretty obvious he has more than small-talk weighing on his mind.
After a tense moment he finally speaks again, resting his arms on the table between himself and the other man, "Couldn't help but hear some things that, to be honest, worried me a bit. I wanted to hear your side of it, is all." he says matter-of-factually, reaching for the water.

There's a grunt that comes from him as he slouches to the side, the chair protesting with a wooden creak as the large man shifts his weight. Those dark eyes narrow severely as he lifts his chin and then he says, "And where should I start, Captain?" He taps a fingertip light upon the arm of the chair, the tic-tic-tic of it clearly causing some measure of agitation to his features. "All the way to the start, several thousand years ago. To where your Ms. Marvel outed me to you and yours? To where you asked for my aid? Or do you mean the more recent happenings?"

Steve's eyes narrow a bit as Ares speaks to him, "You know what I'm talking about." he retorts sharply, straightening up in his char and taking a quick drink of his water before sitting the glass back on the table and sliding it away from him slightly.
"You should know that I didn't come here looking for a fight or to look down on you. I'm just confused and looking for answers, so I went directly to the source instead of just listening to what someone else might have to say about it." he adds, equally as sharp.

A half-smirk curves the elder God's features as he gets checked by the Captain. He lifts his chin and gives a small nod. A few moments pass as he considers exactly how to phrase this, and without further ado he begins.
"I overthrew Hades and took his throne because he took the life of my son. To do so I had to in-debt myself to Zeus. He bound me with old rites and ancient rituals. As matters stood he held dominion over War, and Death, as well as being Father of the Gods. This was not good."
He waves a hand to the side, as if brushing away his words. "The Pantheons are in a constant state of cold war, the balance is careful. Zeus was seeking to gain an upper hand and in time was planning to exert his will to upset that balance which would have endangered various realms. Earth included."
He leans back in the chair, it creaks again faintly. "I took what actions I felt I had to, to insure his efforts were checked. Because of the rites to which I was bound, I could not elaborate upon my plans beyond an initial warning, as to do further would have been to act against Zeus' ultimate wishes. So yes, I allowed the lost souls to attack the city. I stood by and let those people die. Was that what you were wondering?"

Steve frowns at the notion after listening to Ares' explanation. He offers a single, slight nod to the man, "Was there no other way?" he asks directly, seeming to understand the notion that Zeus posed a genuine threat to this world as well as many others.

"From my position I could not take the chance." A hand opens towards the good Captain, fingers uncurling as if offering to let the man take the words from his hand. "It is possible that if I had gone to Dr. Strange, he might have had the proper wards in readiness and been able to protect against what would have occurred. Then again if I did begin to tell him of why I wished to implement this plan, it was within Zeus' power to make me kill him."
There's a furrow to the man's brow, he glances aside, then back at Captain America. "Zeus would have become aware of what was occurring, and then there would have been no checking his advances save by some means beyond my ken. Which is feasible, I shall agree is fair. Yet I had to operate with the odds as I understood them in the manner that I could."

With his expression still somber Steve closes his eyes for a brief moment before opening them, "I... am a little disappointed. You know that my heart breaks for you and the loss of your son, but seeking revenge like that can't end well. Indebting yourself to Zeus like that, only helped to tip the scales in his favor and allow the loss of life." he says, as blunt as ever, as he slides his chair back and stands up, "I look to you as a friend and know that sometimes we have to make tough decisions but this time, I don't know." he says, his tone not angry but still tinged with disappointment as he begins to turn towards the door.

"If we look back far enough, blame can be ascribed wherever we wish." Ares cants his head to the side, watching Captain America with a gaze that's as edged as a newly drawn blade. His tone of voice is calm, level as he murmurs steadily. "I could just as soon blame yourself, or Ms. Marvel for the death of my /son/." That last word, there's a break of intensity, a blaze of something that could almost be pure insane rage that would threaten to be the downfall of the heavens.
But he doesn't move, doesn't do anything save take another sip of his beer. He then lifts his chin and says levelly. "For if Ms. Marvel had not decided to try and take it on herself to bring me into your fold... or if you hadn't asked me for my aid. He would be alive, wouldn't he?"
He lets those words hang there for a time, then adds in a graveyard voice. "Down that path is naught save ill." And despite his many years on earth, his old Olympian accent touches his voice right there.

Steve pauses in his steps, looking back over his shoulder, "Maybe. But we didn't kill him and, if you had asked us, you know that you could have counted on our aid against Hades." he retorts softly, his tone much less edged than that of John.
The pair start to get a few worried looks from the bar-staff and spattering of patrons.

"Thor was there to aid me, as were several other Avengers." Ares waves a hand to the side again, as if all of this mattered so little. He shakes his head, then almost absently he drops this bombshell. "Thor wishes to wage war on Olympus for what Zeus has done. That is why he and Sif have returned to Asgard, to prepare. This is not over."
He looks back towards Captain America. "I tried to advise him against such a course of action, but you know how he can be at times."

Steve closes his eyes as the bombshell is dropped, turning back to face John and rubbing his eyes a little before speaking, "That... Does sound like him. But bringing war against Olympus?" he shakes his head and sighs lowly at the thought, "No doubt it would spill over to this world. I need to have a talk with him..." he adds, lower than the rest almost as if to himself.

"I told him I could not raise my hand against my father, but I would go to war with him if it came to it." There's a shake of his head as he clearly looks annoyed, growly, grumpy as he slouches further in his seat. Finally he takes a long pull of his beer, then sets the now empty bottle down upon the table with a resonant glassy clink.
Across the way his voice lifts to hurl irritated words in the direction of the server, "Another brew, woman!" To which she responds with a bit of a jump, but then hurries about procuring such a thing for the God of War.
Ares looks back across the table towards Captain America. "I tried to advise them to not leave, that the Avengers would have need of them. They were displeased."

Steve nods, "If it comes to that, I will always fight. But if we can avoid it, I'd try." he says simply, drifting into thought for a minute, "Thor has always been a hot-head. A fine warrior, but he's never lost his temper." he adds, shaking his head thoughtfully.

There's a faint flicker of a smile at the edge of Ares' features, and Captain America might get the feeling that he's being baited as the Olympian says, "He has this daft idea that the world is just, and he wishes to do what he can to make it so. Clearly he has been inflicted with such an idea through his associates."
The waitress swings by, bringing the water for Cap and the new beer for Ares. She sets them down quickly and then vacates the area as subtly as possible.
As he takes up that second drink, the tall man's brow furrows and his scowl darkens his features. "Also, because I helped your damned Avengers today I lost my job." Though alright he's not being entirely truthful there, it was just Arachne and Ant-Man, but hey they're still Avengers.

Steve narrows his eyes a bit, "Lost your job helping us?" he asks, peering in to John like he's looking for the truth in the statement, "I could put in a call, if you want, and get you back to work. I don't agree with how things happened with Zeus.. but.." he trails off, leaving it at that for now.

"Bah, do you really think I /need/ a job? I was just irritated." Ares straightens up in his chair even as he lays claim to that second bottle of beer and tilts it back for a sip. With his metabolism and abilities he never really registers any inebriation, unless it was Asgardian ale perhaps... which it isn't.
There's a pause, then his brow knits partially. He looks to the side and shakes his head, "I was just using it to maintain some measure of..." He holds up a hand, as if searching for the right word, fails to find it.

Steve fills in the blank, "Normalcy?" he offers, perhaps not the perfect word but it does fit. He glances down to his watch and makes a bit of a face before continuing, "You know if you need my help, you have it. But I gotta head back to the mansion and rub elbows with the rest of 'em." he admits craning his head to one side and then to the other with loud popping noises -- akin to something someone would do before going to war.

"Go, sell your lunchboxes and t-shirts." Ares stands up even as Steve makes ready to go. He gains his feet smoothly, the tall man's expression shifting to something distant once again. He gives a nod, "You know if it comes to it I'll still aid you and yours, Rogers. I'll just scowl while I do it if that's alright."
As he says this he gestures behind him with one hand, causing a flicker of silvered flame to lance across the way and rend a rip in reality that gives life to a swirling portal behind him. There's little sound, just the rush of displaced air as he looks towards the man opposite him. "Give my regards to the rest of them."

Steve gives a quick two-fingered salute to John and a half smile, "I can live with a scowl. Be safe, friend." he says simply. he adjusts his shirt and begins moving quickly towards the door, hoping to avoid any confusion caused by the sudden disappearance of someone in his company.

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