Sir Newton Discovered!

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Sir Newton Discovered

Blindfold, Vaughn, Keith, and Logan

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08/12/12 19:30

Salem Center Mall and Outside Salem Center Mall

Keith, Blindfold, and Vaughn meet up at the mall while shopping. They socialize and soon part ways before Keith is confronted by Logan (Wolverine) and given a cellphone to call the institute with.

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-----==[ Salem Center Mall - Westchester County ]==---------------------------

This three-level atrium mall allows views up to the second and third floor walkways as well as a skylight system that floods the corridors with natural lighting during the days. Decorated in greys and blues, this mall is quite modern and expansive in it's cross way design. There are more than 150 lots here of storefronts which offer a wide variety in selection for the entire family.


Even though things are not back to normal at Xavier's School quite yet, school is starting. Which means that its students need supplies. Being escorted by a member of the school's staff to the nearby mall are Vaughn and Ruth and a few other students in the area, trying to remain as low key as possible. Vaughn stops off at the pretzel shop and grabs an oversized soft pretzel. Either by consent or by fate's conspiracy, he is escorting the blind Ruth around.

Keith, funny how fate happens, walks directly out of a local school supply store with a bag full of pens and other materials. His normal attire is being worn this evening. His white polo shirt, khaki pants, and a pair of Puma black and white sneakers. He looks to be on a mission for some reason as he almost walks directly by Ruth and Vaughn. Though this time he indeed does stop and begins walking in their direction. "Hey Ruth... Vaughn!" He looks around seeming to be casing the place before gripping his messenger bag's strap on the front of his torso. "Why are you guys out at the mall?"

Blindfold smiles as she stays close to Vaughn and sniffs the air, smelling salt and mustard and sugar and something toasted. Turning her head toward the cashier "A medium orange soda, please, if you have any? Thank you" then turns toward Keith's voice with a smile "Keith! It's good to meet you again"

With a pretzel filled mouth, Vaughn mumbles something that might be taken as 'nothin' much'. He glances at the cashier just to make sure that they don't take advantage of the blind girl. When it comes down to it, he generally expects the worst out of people. After gnawing on the mouthful and then swallowing, "Just pickin' up a few things."

Keith chuckles as he watches his friends greet him. "Oh, okay. Well I guess we're here for the same thing. Well maybe not exactly as I haven't gotten formally accepted into school quite yet. Though I'm hoping one of the schools I did apply to gets back to me before I miss too much of classes." He looks excited and the mere mention of school starting seems to flare Keith's face into an expression of pure joy.

Blindfold wasn't expecting anyone to take advantage of her "It's good to see you well, I'm sure you'll hear from a school any day now." hearing the soda clink on the counter she reaches over with a smile and nod toward the cashier before feeling the soda and frowning as she realizes the old fashioned pop cap is still on the glass bottle.

Vaughn takes the bottle from Blindfold and braces it against the edge of the counter then pops it off with practiced grace - though probably not from bottled sodas. He places the bottle back in Ruth's hands. "Well, I think there's still about two weeks before school starts up. So I'm sure you won't miss too much... but you can sound a little less excited... you're going to give us normal kids a worse image of being slackers."

Keith nods slowly at Blindfold and chuckles. "Well that is very good news! Especially coming from..." He then pauses looking around before stepped closer to the blind young lady. Lowering his voice he continues. "Well coming from you." He then looks at her hand wielding the uncapped bottle. He looks contemplative as though he's considering assisting. It's only when Vaughn beats him to it that he stands politely watching. He then laughs as Vaughn picks on his excitement. "Sorry, it's... I'm... I don't typically get to look forward to schools without worrying about their discrimination policies."

Blindfold smiles toward Vaughn "Thank you very much yes" then chuckles at Keith "I'm just looking forward to maybe getting ungrounded soon, but classes will be nice. The new school is quite large and I'm still getting lost, I'm afraid but it's nice that it's rebuilt, yes thank you" before raising the soda bottle to her lips and taking a sip

At the remark about the school being rebuilt after just being destroyed not that long ago, Vaughn rubs the back of his neck, "Yeah, I don't want to think about the mint that the school's board of regents spent to get it usable for the school year." He sighs, "I'm really not looking forward to school starting up." Considering it's been almost three years since he was in school, he is dreading it something awful.

Keith laughs as Ruth describes wanting to be ungrounded. "Yeah? It really sounds like you get in a lot of trouble. Either you're really bad at hiding things or you're a much more risky blind girl than most..." He then nods slowly at the description of the mansion being rebuilt. "Oh a whole new mansion. Sweet deal!" He then smiles at the mention of the schools extreme budget matters. "Well that does sound like I might seriously need to ask the parents about our tuition needs..."

Blindfold chuckles "I was utmost honest and well, they are quite protective." then nods to Vaughn "They did seem to spend a fortune and then some to rebuild"

Vaughn shrugs slightly, "Well not a whole new mansion... parts of it weren't completely damaged." Which is true, the underground levels were not that badly damaged.

Keith nods looking between the other two before saying, "Oh, well that seems legitimate. I guess it would be a nasty overhaul if they truly had to rebuild everything." His gaze scans Vaughn as it seems the boy finally has realized he's standing in front of at least one individual from his large event recently. "So... uh... when might I be able to talk to one or both of you outside this public arena?"

Blindfold nods in agreement with Vaughn before smiling to Keith but turns to Vaughn for any ideas about Keith's question

Vaughn glances around and sees a small bench not too far away that is a little out of the main thoroughfare of traffic. "If you want to talk about something, over there seems kind of private."

Keith looks around seeming quite paranoid, but nods before letting out a grunt of agreement. He moves toward the bench before setting his bags down, but it's clear he's no where near the state of actually sitting yet. "Well, where to begin... I'm guessing both of you know... well I'm sure Ruth mentioned our adventure in Paris?"

Blindfold follows Keith's footsteps as she tapped her cane before smiling to Keith and turning her head to make sure Vaughn had joined them "It is very good to know you are well Keith, blood dripping from all over your face and from your ears is not a good look for you" she spoke softly just to be sure of privacy

Vaughn sits down on the bench. He pinches the bridge of his nose, as if he has a headache. He closes his eyes for a second, then looks up at Keith, once he has formed a bubble to keep the sound of their conversation from moving beyond their immediate vicinity. He shakes his head, "Paris? No.. she hasn't said anything about Paris." He looks at Keith, unsure of the subject by Ruth's description, but then again, she also said that Seth was dead.

Keith looks a bit embarrassed as Blindfold speaks of his bleeding incident. "Yeah... well I don't typically plan those types of things." He then looks utterly shocked at Vaughn as he looks around the immediate area. "Wow, I... she didn't?" He then looks between Blindfold and Vaughn before saying, "Well did you hear the news from Paris that a large metal being attacked the city and superheroes saved the city?"

Blindfold blushes embarrassed that she hadn't gotten the chance to compare notes with any of her friends yet but reached a hand out to Vaughn to feel for his shoulder "Are you going to be alright keeping this bubble up? Please, don't push yourself, I know it tires you"

Vaughn looks at Keith, "Well, duh... it's like on nearly every channel and has been in like the top ten news articles on web since it happened... " He blinks, "What's this got to do with anything?" His foot "accidentally" clips her shin when she mentions the bubble.

Keith smiles as Vaughn and Ruth admit they know what happened in Paris in one way or another. "Well what it has to do is the fact Ruth and I were there... like literally there! I thought it might have been a dream when I woke the next day... well before I found myself with blood stains and a card telling me to go to a local clinic." He sighs clearly not happy he had to degrade himself to go to the hospital. "In any case, it turns out I'll be fine. Just needed to be monitored for a while to ensure my condition was getting better and not progressing to get worse."

Blindfold gives Vaughn an apologetic expression before nodding to Keith "You pushed yourself too far beyond your limits. You put a lot of thought into your codename"

Vaughn remains quiet as he listens to the two. Partially as he is concentrating on not letting this conversation fell upon the ears of anyone it shouldn't, and partially, because he doesn't really know where this is going.

Keith nods in agreement before looking at Vaughn. "It's true, I did push myself a touch too hard. Though I'm pretty sure with the combined effort of the rest of the others and myself... well I think we saved France from complete danger." He then shakes his head growing increasingly embarrassed, "Yes, I did think 'Sir Newton' fit my personality. I just never imagined actually having to use it."

Blindfold smiles toward Keith "Well keep it in mind. But if you don't mind, please, why did you not understand when I said 'transformer' and 'starscream'? Starscream was a fighter jet of the decepticons, megatron's right hand man as it were in the movies and tv show transformers"

Vaughn smirks, "Maybe because not everyone saw those collective wastes of almost eight hours? They were pretty scrappy movies." He is starting to look a little almost distracted.

Keith looks blankly at Ruth as though her questions are quite foreign to him. Probably because they are quite foreign to him. "Well... uh..." Keith's Irish accent seem to be coming out as time passes. "Well, you see, being raised in Dublin. I didn't exactly watch American television." He then looks over at Vaughn shaking his head politely. "Vaughn, it's alright. Don't strain yourself like Ruth said..."

Blindfold smirks at Vaughn "I enjoyed them." then turns her head toward Keith with an embarassed blush "Ohh, I see, I'm sorry, my apologies. It was all I could do to convey what I saw in my vision coupled , it was a bit overwhelming I'm afraid, my apologies. Though comms for everyone would have definitely helped, I think, yes"

Vaughn grins, "And there is no accounting for bad taste." His tone is joking. "Strain? I don't know what you mean.. I'm just sitting here. Listening to you two talk about this Paris stuff...." He looks to Keith, "How did you get to Paris anyway?"

Keith mumbles in agreement when Blindfold speaks of communicators and the like. "Yeah, certainly would have made things a bit less chaos driven." He then looks a bit skeptical at Vaughn shrugging before saying, "Well... see that's the thing. I don't really know -how- I got to Paris. One minute I was putting my shoes on and heading out the door to grab a snack and the next thing I know I'm walking out of this strange... almost portal thing. Right into the midst of a robot attack." Keith sounds really confused attempting to try to keep from babbling too much further.

Blindfold tilts her head toward Keith "You don't remember the voice in our heads and the three people?"

Vaughn frowns slightly, "I don't really mean to be rude, but Keith you had a question or a point or something when you started this topic? I didn't really realize what you were wanting to talk about... this might not be the best place after all."

Keith sighs before motioning around himself and then placing his face in his palms. "Yeah, that night is all sorts of in a blur... there's plenty I'm trying to forget from that night." He then look at Vaughn nodding slowly. "Yes, well this is why I asked for somewhere less public. It's nice talking to you both, but you're right Vaughn. This is certainly not the ideal place to discuss this madness."

Blindfold nods "We'll be able to talk soon in a more private setting. Just walk outside, someone is waiting for you" she smiles toward him "Trust me, it's a good thing"

Vaughn look at Keith, "Well, I had no idea what you were wanting to talk about. And that certainly wasn't even on the list of unlikely topics." He quirked a brow at Blindfold, then just shakes his head, he'd rather not know.

Keith looks oddly between Blindfold and Vaughn before sighing in agreement. "Yes, well we do happen to stumble upon each other a mighty few times..." He then looks toward the nearest exit of the building with a curious look. "Someone is waiting for me outside? Please tell me it's not a hostile..." He then looks back at Blindfold finally registering her whole comment. "It's a good thing? Well I guess I should be headed that way then. You both have my number, correct?"

Blindfold giggles at Vaughn before nodding her head to Keith "Yes, of course we have your number. We'll see you again sooner than you think"
Keith begins walking out of the Mall. His hand full of school supplies even though he clearly hasn't been offered a position at any of the local boarding school. His attire is his usual preppy attire. His shirt is a white polo, khaki pants, and a pair of white and black Puma shoes. Looking fairly determined Keith scans the area slowly almost as though he's already expecting someone is going to be approaching him. Seems like the blind pre-cog warned him something was coming.

And almost as if on cue, a rumbly gravelly voice lifts to offer a few words to the young man that was passing right on by. "Heya kid, got a light?" Of course the man attached to that voice probably doesn't fit the image of what one would expect when imagining a representative for a boarding school.

He's just some guy sitting at the bus stop outside the mall, even though it's a bit late and this time of night on a Sunday the buses aren't even running. He's got blue jeans, a t-shirt, work boots. Looks almost like a day laborer.

When he lifts his head and glances to the side, however, Keith might get the impression of something else there. There's a certain intensity in the older man's gaze even as he extends what looks to be an old stogie the likes of which Fidel enjoys on his off days.

Keith jumps in surprise as the man at the bus stations speaks to him. He clutches his supply bags and the strap to his messenger bag that he constantly has swept over his torso. He sighs in relief as it's clear the man at least isn't planning to jump him any time soon. Keith reaches in his bag and produces a lighter handing it over toward the man. "Here you are... lucky for you I keep nearly everything in my trusty bag." He chuckles attempt to lighten the mood at least to an acceptable greeting level.

Placing the stogie in his mouth and then leaning forwards to place the tip of it in the heart of the flame, the older man takes a few puffs until there's a nice glowing red ember right there. He draws back a bit, nodding his thanks towards the young man with a slight gesture of one hand. The bench creaked faintly against the shift of his weight even as an SUV starts to pull out of the parking lot and drive past them. He glances in the direction of the car, then back to Keith. "So, how was Paris this time a year?"

Keith looks pleased that he has helped the man as he replaces his lighter into his bag. It's only when the car drives by that his attention is averted from the man on the bench. That is until the man asks the key question that most clearly Keith was not ready to be asked. His gaze whips around and settles with an expression of fear upon his face. "Paris... Paris?!" He then pauses seeming to attempt to shield his expression. "I haven't been to Paris in a while sir." His Irish accent spilling into his vocals more as time passes. "Might you have me mixed up with someone else?"

For a time the man says nothing, even as he cocks his head slowly to the side. It's almost as if he were gauging the young man, weighing his reaction. He might even be able to tell from the faint hints of body language as the older man's nostrils flare when he takes a breath, the way his eyes narrow subtly.

But then any reflection is most likely interrupted as the stocky man stands up, gaining his feet and twisting his head slightly to the side causing the cartilage to crackle with a faintly metallic sound. He gestures with his cigar as he says, "Nice try, but I can kinda tell when folks are fibbin'. Don't worry, ya did good work."

As he says this he turns and starts to walk down the way, the heels of his boots clicking against the cement. He pauses and half-turns back to cock an eyebrow at Keith, silently asking if he's coming along. Then he adds, "I represent a group of folks that are similar ta yourself. Special folks, special abilities, and a school that tries ta help em."

Keith looks surprised as the man calls him out on his lie without even knowing him. Keith fumbled for words not exactly sure what to say or do, it's only when Logan stands and begins walking that Keith trots behind the other man stopping just a few feet behind. "Special folk? You mean you represent a school where..." He pauses looking around and risking stepping within arms reach of this otherwise scary looking stranger. "A school where my ability won't get me kicked out?" It's clear by his tone that Keith must have had at least a few of his previous schools kick him out for strange happenings.

The other man sets the pace, cigar in place in the corner of his mouth and a wisp of smoke trailing along behind him. His hands are deep in his pockets and his expression is distant while he moves. Occasionally he glances sidelong towards Keith as the young man speaks, then looks away as he replies. "Nope, in fact the people there tend ta try and help ya develop it. Make it so you can have a normal life as ya can, or ta make it so you can help people."

They reach a corner and he takes the turn, letting Keith know of his intention with a nod of his head. Once they're out of sight of the mall parking lot he continues. "Figure you've prolly heard a bit of it from your friends. If not, then hey. In any case one of the headmasters asked me ta touch base with ya and see if you'd be interested in comin' by and checkin' the place out."

He pauses and turns to face the young man, ashing his cigar with a casual gesture even as he eyes the youngster again. "As for me, heck do what ya want. But if I were you I'd answer the door, this here is opportunity knockin'."

Keith looks fairly distant watching Logan move alongside himself while also attempting to keep a full awareness of his surroundings. "Wow, this does sounds like a great offer. Something I'd most certainly be interested in lookin' into as an option." He then moves to open his messenger bag placing his school supplies into it before closing the flap. "How soon would I need to set-up a meet-and-greet for this school you speak of? It is based around here, right?" He looks suddenly worried as if the offer sounds too good to be localized around this town.

Once Keith signals his interest, Logan holds up a hand to him, as if to stave off those questions. He looks around, and then reaches into his back pocket. From there he withdraws a staggeringly non-descript cellphone, black with green numbers. Logan tosses it to the young man with a casual flip and trusting that the young man'll catch it.

"You have a think about it, kid. It's sorta a red pill blue pill situation here. You get up the gumption, you dial 9, you'll get through. The voice at the end of the phone'll tell ya what ta do."

With that having been said he's already turned away, starting to walk off across the street into the town center itself. "Seeya round, kid." The old scruffy looking man waves over his shoulder without looking even as he departs.

Keith looks shocked as Logan holds up a hand. The man really must not like questions, but Keith falls silent just the same. Watching Logan closely Keith seems quite absorbed listening. When the phone his thrown Keith takes a split second to realize what's happening before the phone is caught out of the air. "Um... right. Dial nine if I want to continue down the rabbit hole... got it!" He then looks back up finally ready to speak again to the sight of Logan walking away into the distance. "Well that would mighty odd... I guess I'll just have to see where this goes."

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