Simulator Room Run In

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Run in

Hercules, The Vision

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IC Date:
07/28/2012 "Day time"

Simulator Room, Avengers Sub-Basement, NYC

The Vision is working on the computer in the simulator room when Herc walks in and speaks with the "Not quite right" Vizh.

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The Simulator room is in use, so to speak. The walls and floor are bare, as there happens to be no simulator running at the moment. However, up in the control room stands the all-white Vision. The Synthetic Avengers stands at a control terminal with cables reaching out of his forearms and tethering him to it. For anyone who knows Vizh, they'd know he's interfacing with the terminal and interacting with it through a direct connection. The room is quiet, but brightly lit for anyone who saunters into it.

Hercules takes a long around as he walks into the simulator, upon spotting Vision he says, "Excellent just the being I want to see." He walks to the area Vision is in and says, "Are you busy? If so what I have to ask can wait, it just can't wait long."

The Vision does not react or respond to Hercules immediately. Instead, the Synthezoid continues with his interface. Silently and slowly the synthetic being turns his head to look away from the face of the monitor. His attention is cast in Herc's direction. His tone of voice is cold, emotionless and robotic, "What do you want, Hercules?"

Hercules takes in a breath then says, "Ares tells me that my father has over stepped his bounds and that Thor will lead Asgard in a war against Olympus, and that Ares will assist him in this war. I trust my half brother as much as I like him, least to say that is not at all. I do believe I heard that you were there or have further information about this situation? Does Ares speak the truth?"

The Synthetic Avenger stares blankly at Hercules for several moments after he poses his question. He shakes his head, "I do not trouble myself over the affairs of 'Gods', Hercules." There's a visible twitch of Vizh's head as he speaks, "You may seek out past reports made to the Avengers bulletin boards and servers." He pauses, "There was an event between Ares and Zeus and whatever dimension your 'underworld' is in." He slowly turns his head back around towards the terminal he is working on. He returns to silence, "I have no further updates on that Asgardian/Olympian situation."

Hercules watches Vision closely when he twitches, after all the Super Adaptoid claimed to be a friend that attacked Hercules. When Hercules believes the Vision is not going to suddenly jump him he nods his head, "It is wise for mortal man and machine not to mix themselves in godly affairs." He rubs his chin then says, "However when you are a god and your close friend is ready to wage war against the city whom you are the champion of, I am placed directly in the middle of this." Hercules would mention the underworld being spoken of is Tartarus but it seems Vision does not want to know.

More silence from and more twitching of the head and face of the Synthezoid follows Herc's statement. Eventually, Vizh will half-turn his head to regard the Demigod once more. He offers a nod, "We are often placed in the middle of these kinds of situations, Hercules. Though, Thor's action against Zeus are not presently a priority for the Avengers or for Earth." Another twitch, "Are you not concerning yourself with the robot situation unfolding around us?"

Hercules shakes his head, "I was not too concerned till several twitches ago. I figured one of the big brain types would figure something out sooner then later." He now flexes his right hand, "I know this might sound a bit strange, but are you feeling all right? If you are not feeling well can you at least not knock me through a wall, twice in three days is a bit annoying."

The Vision turns his gaze to fully face the Demigod. He shakes his head, "I am functioning within normal parimeters, Hercules." He tilts his head slightly to one side. The cable tethers unhook from the terminal and there's an audible click from their detachment from the device. They slither up and slide into hidden compartments in the Synthezoid's forearms. He asks, "Why do you ask?" His head tilt shifts from one side to the other, a slow, meticulous movement.

Hercules hears the detachment sounds and believes something soon is going to be happening while most others would at least think of some exit strategy Hercules is not like most others. "I believe thy self exam is in error. You simply do not twitch this much, in fact you don't twitch at all. Something is clearly wrong with you, and we need to have you fixed before your logic circuits are effected. I insist that you come with me."

"Hercules; I respect you opinion and thoughts on subjects ranging from archery and javelin throwing to locating Pubs along the Mediterrean." The Vision states flattly, "However, A mechanical engineer you are not. I apologize that my self diagnosis is unacceptable to you. I will return to my quarters to commence and fulfil another self assessment to ease your mind." The flat tone slowly starts to change. Emotion actually begins to leak into his words. The emotion in question; Anger. Vizh points at Hercules, "Thank you for your concern." he turns intangible after this short burst of anger and slowly lifts up off the ground.

Hercules greets Vision emotional outburst with a big smile, "I am also known for my way with the wenches. Once you have passed your second self exam I shall tell you all about my unofficial thirteenth labor. It involves a king a lion and about fifty virgin princesses." Once he believes the Vision has left he shakes his head and starts to walk off, "What is next, Iron Man's armor giving me attitude?"

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