Simulated Struggles

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Sandman and Scarlet Wich

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11/11/12 18:01

Simulator - Sub-Basement - Avengers Mansion

Sandman and Scarlet Witch battle a simulated Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and then chat and share on personal struggles.

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It is Sunday evening and anyone entering will find Sandman hard at work in the Simulator. Making use of the room’s holographic technology, Sandman is currently in battle against an odd group. It is the original incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. In the simulation, Sandman currently has Toad and Mastermind ensnared in giant fists as Magneto hovers overhead in a magnetic bubble ready to attack the pssamic hero who is too busy with the other members. Missing are original members, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Sandman screams out when Magneto hits his sand form with a magnetic blast which sends the hero scattering in a sand cloud. The simulation ends and Sandman has been defeated.

Wanda's voice echos from the speakers, "Yeah, Bill, that was probably /not/ a good idea without backup." She grins down through the glass on the control booth. "Interesting choice, though I did notice a few people missing."

Hearing Wanda’s voice over the intercom, Sandman makes a face like he has been caught doing something wrong. “Oh uh. . .Wanda. . .I was just. . .um. . . Simulation off.” The holograms of the Brotherhood disappear. “Um. . .yeah. . .I couldn’t bring myself to even pretend fight you and your brother. . .but sorry.” His body starts to reform until he is fully human. “Since we are working with Xaviers, I thought I would give their villains a go around.”

Wanda laughs, "I've fought myself a few times in sims, it's nothing weird. Well, not too much so. Though Magneto himself is way too much for you. You might want to go against Mystique's version of the group. It's a little more appropriate anyway, though now." She pauses, "It's really hard to tell with mutant groups anymore, there's a lot of shades of grey." She does sound a bit troubled, even through the speaker.

“Well, instead of being in the audience, maybe you can join me.” Bill smiles though he does not the troubled tone in her voice. “Simulator, Setting Washington DC, 2nd incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Suddenly Mystique, Destiny, Blob, Pyro, and Avalanche appear surrounding Sandman. They are frozen as the simulation does not start just yet.

There's a pause in the talking. Then Wanda walks in, wearing her costume as she grins at Bill, "And here I thought you'd never ask." Her eyes seem to gleam a little as she faces the villains, the setting being the steps of the United States Capitol, the foiled assassination attempt of Senator Kelly.

And as soon as she enters, the attack begins. Mystique and Destiny stand away from their male counterparts. Blob charges slowly towards Sandman while Pyro fires off two streams of fire towards Scarlet Witch. Avalanche shakes up the floor around the Avengers to throw them off. Mystique shouts out orders while Destiny silently watches and foresees.

Scarlet Witch lifts herself into the air right away, smiling a bit at Avalanche, "Please, you thought that would work?" She sends a bolt of hex energy towards Pyro, the flames warping and arching rather alarmingly towards the Blob as she looks at Sandman, "I recommend a headshot here." Translation: take out Mystique and the coordination crumbles.

Blob yelps and screams as he is scorched by the misdirected flames of Pyro. his costume catches fire as he suddenly stops drops and rolls, but due to Avalanche’s shaking up of the floor, Blob stops drops into a giant hole and rolls down into it. With his opponent down and Wanda’s warning. Sandman nods and grins, “You got it.” his body morphs into his sand form and he elongates his form ala Reed Richards with his arms outstretched to snare Mystique. The blue villainess smiles as Destiny whispers to her and right when Sandman reaches Mystique, she pulls out a pistol and fires a laser precisely at a point that Destiny suggested. Sandman’s form is sliced in half, but he is alive just now two smaller sandmen instead of one. As Wanda flies up, the ground directly below her forms hands which Avalanche commands to in an attempt to grab her and drop her a few pegs....literally.

Scarlet Witch twists barely out of the way of the hands, gaining altitude and swerving away, "Not so fast there." She gives Destiny an unfriendly look, and sends a hex bolt flying directly at her... try reading the future through /that/ level of probability madness.

Destiny screams out as suddenly, she can get a grasp of her visions, “The witch. . .she is a factor that I cannot account for.” The two sandmen then rush towards the women and stop short of tackling Mystique and Destiny, “Alright, ladies. I’m giving you the option to just give up.” Mystique ignores the sandmen and as she is more worried about her paramour. Showing impressive speed, she runs perpendicular to the sandmen to grab Destiny and hotfoot it.

”Brotherhood, take out the witch.” With that, Pyro and Avalanche focus again on Scarlet Witch. A Phoenix like bird of flames flies towards Wanda matching her in the air, while Avalanche launches up chunks of concrete towards her. As the sandmen stretch their forms to grab the female villainesses, the ground beneath him explodes with a now naked and smoking Blob ready to face him.

Wanda quickly looks between Pyro and Avalanche, then suddenly cancels her flight spell, dropping rapidly to the ground. However, that means the flying rocks impact with the fiery bird, while Wanda quickly catches herself with another word, landing safely on her feet as she tsks at Blob, "Fred, you really don't do a great job with leaders, as yours is currently running to save her own skin." With that, she points at Pyro, "Stop right now, or I'll hex your flamethrower. And I don't think you'd like the result." Her eyes narrow a bit, as she doesn't look like she's bluffing. Or is she?

Blob mutters a rather nasty vulgar word at Wanda. As the naked hero picks up a car and careens it towards the sandmen. One explodes into a cloud of sand and the other simply self combusts. Sandman’s disembodied voice rings out, “Now now, fatty. don’t speak to my friend like that. . .and this is going to sting!” Sand suddenly flies up from every direction and begins to strike, scratch, and overall just attack Blob’s wide naked body. He screams out.

His male teammates watch and actually snicker a bit at that and then resume their attack on Wanda. More rocks fly up at her while Pyro laughs off her warning, “Go ahead, Witch. You won’t hex my flamethrower cause there are innocent people around and you’ll hurt them as well.” He bathes himself in a fiery aura and creates small flaming monsters that run about and suddenly move to attack the area. Mystique and Destiny have seemingly fled the area, but are inside one of the buildings. From her vantage point, Mystique holds out her laser pistol pointing it straight at the witch.

Scarlet Witch smiles slightly, "You're right. I wouldn't." She does, however, hex the rocks flying at her, letting them go straight at Pyro instead, "But fire doesn't shield against /those/ too well, do they?" She does, however, have her protection spell active, which she normally does before a fight begins.

Blob continues to scream as Sandman’s attack menaces him to the point, where he just flees. His big fat ass now red from all the sand can be seen as he runs off. Meanwhile the rocks smash into Pyro knocking him out, but as his back hits the ground, the flamethrower smashes causing a small explosion and engulfing him in flames. He screams as his body burns. Mystique fires her blast aimed straight for Wanda. The laser blast rings out but Wanda’s protection spell is already in effect and protects the Scarlet Witch. Sandman notes where the blast originated and is already elongating his body towards the window from where the shot was fired. Avalanche seeing his teammates getting defeated, suddenly ponders an action and just randomly starts flinging rocks in various directions and causes small quakes. One large area effect.

Wanda yelps and staggers, the shot actually having the intensity to make her feel it, then she does two things. The first, she pops a nearby fire hydrant with her powers, dousing Pyro quickly. Then, she looks over at Avalanche and focuses with her magic, trying to catch or slow the rocks as she doesn't succeed all /that/ well... but still, it does mitigate the damage.

Pyro passes out from the burnes as the water extinguishes the fire from his body. As Avalanche’s attack cause less damage, he sees Wanda falter a bit and presses his attack. “Let’s get up close and personal, Wanda. Maybe we can work together.” He launches himself at her riding the ground the way a surfer rides a wave.

Sandman reaches the building but find no mistake. He is confronted merely by Destiny, “Sandman, we are one in the same. In the future, I see you turning on the Avengers. Your true nature is with us. Your heart is as dark and evil as ours. Join our brotherhood.” Sandman falters a moment. Despite this being a simulation, Destiny’s words strike right at his heart. Mystique brandishing a different gun readies her aim for the hero.

Avalanche finds his body flung towards the window as Mystique fires the shot, her teammate is struck instead as he crashes into her. Sandman too befuddled to notice looks to Destiny, “Hey, old lady. . .you can see the future and who knows. . .maybe one day I will go back to being bad but for today. I’m an Avenger. . .and you can suck it.” Destiny senses that her future is done here as she simply surrenders. The simulation then comes to an end with the Brotherhood defeated and Sandman’s expression reads of one that is pissed off.

Scarlet Witch looks over at Sandman, blinking a bit, "Considering that we were outnumbered pretty badly... I think we did alright. What's wrong?" She didn't hear the words of faux-Destiny, after all, but does give Bill a faint smile, "The sims can be a bit too accurate, sometimes."

Remaining silent for a moment, Sandman seemingly fumes and then finally lets out a barrage of words that ends with “. . . fucken Steve!” He looks to Wanda, “Yeah, accurate, huh? The blind old bat who can see the future said I would go bad again.” Sandman is not truly aware of just how advanced the technology in this room is and how it does not simply attack physically. “Rogers must have programmed that in there.”

Scarlet Witch blinks, "Um, okay, first off, Avalanche taunted /me/ with the samething. Second, Steve would /not/ do that." She sighs a bit, "I know he's had trouble with you, Bill, but that isn't his style. If he wants to give you his opinion, he'll /give it to you/. That's just the sim attacking you where it thinks you'd be vulnerable."

Shaking his head, “Wanda, you weren’t here when I first joined. Steve always rode me hard. Harder than the others.” Sandman sighs, “You know. Both you and were brother were villains. Clint was a villain. Hell, so was Vizh and he even went bonkers during Ultron’s recent attacks. . .None of you get the crap that I get from him.” He exhales loudly and then pauses, “Wait, Avalanche said something similar to you?” That causes him some relief, still clearly affected by Destiny’s words. But at least it may not have been a direct trick from Captain America.

Scarlet Witch nods, "He was basically taunting me to come back and join him. Seriously." She sighs, "So yes, it was the computer program doing it, not Steve. Steve definitely can ride people hard, and not just you. Though I think he took it easy on me when I first joined, just because... well, chivalry I suppose." She smiles faintly, "Didn't take it that easy on Clint or Pietro, though, and believe me, I was there when we were the 'Kooky Quartet'. He did make it work, though." And her absent smile grows a little, as that wasn't all that he's making work, though her eyes reflect a bit of trouble.

“Well. . .alright I guess. You have been here longer. And . . .” Sandman smiles, “You’re too cute to be hard on.” He hen hmmmns, “You know I’ve been so busy thinking about myself. How’re you? I noticed a hint of. . .something. . .in your voice. What’s wrong?” He is genuine in his concern. He knows of her past troubles and nows despite Cap not treating her hard, she has had it harder than most on this team.

Wanda smiles up at Sandman, "Oh, it's... nothing, really Bill. Just, well, I wasn't expecting Steve to need this much time adjusting, is all. It's... surprising." She laughs a little at the 'cute' comment, "And I'm well enough, and looking forward to working with the X-folks a bit closer. Well, I've always been close to them, with my father and everything, but now it'd be a bit more official. Jan's already working on a new costume, after she got /this/ one for me."

Looking her over and smiling at the costume, “Jan does a great job with the costumes and yeah, I met some of the other X-Men. . .didn’t go too well with Havok and Nightcrawler.” Sandman shrugs, “But enough of that. What’s up with you and Steve? I kinda noticed the two of you getting chummy. Are you dating?”

Wanda laughs a little, "Well, yes, as a matter of fact, we are. It hasn't been too serious yet..." She gives Sandman a wry look, "And I'm sure you'd be disapproving of it, but, I do know him pretty well. And I know some of the reasons why he does what he does."

Quirking an eyebrow and momentarily shivering at the announcement of her relationship with Steve, “You know he is like. . .100 years old.” He then laughs, “But, hey, if he makes you happy then go for it.” Sandman hmmmns, “Now that Vizh has his emotions back. . .have you spoken to him about it? I mean you’re divorced, but still. WIth both all of you on the same team. . .it could get weird.”

Wanda sighs a little, "Well, his emotions are back, yes. But not..." She pauses, "He's been distant from me, and I don't know if it's because I'm back on the team at all or if it is something else." A faint smile, at that, "It's one of the reasons I was jumping at the chance to be a teacher for the Joint Program we're working on. I figured it would keep me in Westchester a fair portion of time, where I wouldn't necessarily be causing friction."

Nodding his head and sympathizing, “Well, Wanda, New York CIty, Westchester, or the Kree Homeworld. Vizh will always have some level of feelings for you. And he will adjust. It’s the nature of who we are. You have a long history with him.” Sandman does not list specifics, “But ultimately if Steve makes you happy and who knows where that will go. I admire that you are giving it a go with him. I may not like him. But he is a stand up guy. So hey. . .hopefully it works out with you too. . .As for Vizh, just sit him down and talk with him. You both deserve to have a conversation. . .plus he seemed kinda close to Jocasta after she attacked me. . .so hey. . .maybe he can find something with her.”

Scarlet Witch blinks, "Jocasta? Well, that's... good for him, then." She smiles a little, "I hadn't realize that she and Vision were close." A soft chuckle, "And Steve does make me happy... to be honest, I've had a crush on him since I joined the Avengers in the first place. I was just so young I hadn't even thought about it."

“Well, I don’t know how close they are. But she was acting all needy and he was defending her left and right, but it could have been Ultron’s influence. . .” Sandman laughs at Wanda’s crush and then adds, “Well, you are still way younger than he is. . .did I tell you, he is about 200 years old.” He laughs and then hmmmns a moment, “Maybe I should act on my crush, then. . .”

Wanda chuckles a bit, "Well, /everyone/ is way younger than Steve, so that's not really fair." She shrugs and looks curiously at Bill, "Okay then, who's your crush? I have to admit, I haven't even heard you talk about anyone like that before."

Shrugging his shoulders, “Since we are sharing. . .I kinda have had a crush on Bobbi. I mean it’s weird when Clint was around. And she is way cool. It was she who kinda fixed me with Tony and Heather when the Sinister Six made me all evil again. I never acted on it and then she became Ares’ oracle and when Dane explained to me what I meant well. . .I;m sure Bobbi is better than that. . .but all the crap with Ares. . .I figure I don’t have much of a shot. . .but she was the first one to be kind to me when I first got back to the team last year.” Bill blushes a bit, “I hear she is also teaching up at Xaviers with us.”

Scarlet Witch grins a little at that, "Well, I think you should talk to Bobbi. I mean, I think she'd possibly be open to it, but you don't know unless you ask, right?" She shrugs a bit, "I mean, she's a good person, and so are you. I think you two would be good together, but sometimes you need to just tell a person how you feel, so they know. I mean, Steve is great... but he's..." She smiles again, and blushes just a little, "A little dense about some things."

Smirking, “A little dense. . .” Bill stops riding on Steve, “Well, I will give him a chance. Any guy you date can’t be too bad.” He then considers her advice on Bobbi, “Well, I might as well. Though I also gotta be honest. Let’s face it. Avengers don’t have the best track record for relationships. I mean Hank and Jan for one of many examples.”

Scarlet Witch looks wryly at Bill, "Or even Vision and myself, or Clint and Bobbi, or..." She chuckles, "I don't think it's being an Avenger, I think it's just being a 'hero'. It makes it hard to be a regular person too, sometimes. But still, it's better to try and not succeed than to never try at all."

“Yeah. You’re right.” Bill ponders a moment, but since they are sharing. He is curious and ponders a question to ask. His face looks like he is deep in thought, but then he changes his mind and just offers a smile, “I will ask Bobbi on a date. The worst that can happen is that she says no.” He shrugs, “Then I will just go on a rampage.” He winks.

Scarlet Witch grins, "Alright, well, just try not to do it if Steve and I are already out. I'd be most cross if I had to get called to duty while trying to get some private time for a change." She winks back at Sandman, then smiles, "Take care of yourself, and I'll see you tomorrow I'm sure."

“Fair enough, Wanda. Thanks for the workout. We make a good team. And see ya tomorrow.” With that, Bill heads up to the control room to prepare some more simulations to work out with.

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