Simple Rules

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Simple Rules

Colby, Savio Drago

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Romero's Italian eatery - Upper East Side

Colby passes the audition for a better assignment (time jump converted)

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-----==[ Romero's Italian Eatery - Upper East Side ]==------------------------

As you enter this restaurant, you are met with the smells of garlic and fresh bread. There is a cash register behind the counter, with an attractive brunette there ready to take your money when you are ready to pay. Near the cash register are a couple padded benches where you can wait till you are seated. There is a large salt-water aquarium by one of the benches filled with many tropical fish.

There are many tables in the main dining area. The tables are covered with a white table cloth and a clear plastic cover on top of the table cloth. Each place setting has a white cloth napkin that is folded fancily. In the back corner of the restaurant is a bar with some tall tables surrounding the bar area. This is where some people go to wait to be seated. Near the bar area is a T-shaped hallway that leads to the kitchen area and restroom area.


There's just something about Italian restaurants and shady dealings in the Marvel Universe (VIVA LA STEREOTYPE!) and today provides little exception. Not during the typical dining hours that people eat at, Romero's is quite vacant save for a table. Nicely dressed, the man enjoys his minestrone and solace as he is one of the few, the proud, assholes who show up 5 minutes til closing to get food. Well, at least the minestrone disguises the taste of the spit that's likely in there.

To live up to another Stereotype Colby doesn't come in through the front door but rather through the back. Long way a round, but it provides him with more time to get a feel for the place before commiting to anything. He decides it's safe enough and makes his way over to the table behind the man eating, sitting with his back to him, "You know I don't like meeting in person. This had better be important - and fast." he says simply, speaking lowly before hushing as the waitress comes in. He orders some water and puts a few dollars on the table -- Never underestimate the power of having friends in service industries.

At the nice tip over a glass of water, the waitress smiles and actually skips towards the kitchen. Yay! A few dollars for a couple minutes!

The other man chews the bit of noodle in his last spoonfull, eyes glancing up to follow the waitress's behind as she departs before he swallows and speaks lowly. "You could always refuse and miss out on the generousity." He lowers the spoon into the bowl, "It's been long enough, how much have you found out?"

Colby keeps his back to the man, positioned to only be heard and not seen -- He likes it this way. "I know that I'm not the only people watching the two of them." he leads in with matter-of-factly, "I know that the person causing the grief is keeping out of trouble and doesn't even so much as pick up a phone in his apartment." he continues, stopping as the waitress comes back out with the water. He flashes her a charming smile and low thanks as she wanders back off before taking a drink and continuing, "I know however he's getting his strings pulled it happens at the post office, likely a drop-box. I've used those kinds of things before to relay information and orders." he says, stopping to let the information soak in for a moment before concluding, "Any other redundant tasks? Your boys haven't seen me, I know that. And if you wanted to get done what I've done you could have done so for a lot less than what I charge."

As Colby relays the information, the man shows no interest in Colby's appearance. More glimpses of the waitress's backside as he spoons soup in mouth is more betraying of his interest. One such movement of the spoon pauses at the mention of the post office and retreats back into the bowl. Fingers leave the handle as they instead divert over to a glass. "You would assume that. But one never seems to factor in opportunity costs when they make such a statement." He pauses to take a sip of his water before lowering it down upon the table, "Yes, your services might cost more. But it is made up in men freed up for tasks they're more suited for."

Colby takes another drink of his water, "I did what you asked for, and expect payment soon. I'll make sure you've got a clean place to deposit it." he says simply as he leans forward on his table a little, "But, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you didn't call here for a simple report that I could have dropped off somewhere. You want something else now." he points out unabashed.

The lips curl into a bit of a bemused smile as Colby makes the first approach to the topic. "It's a very sturdy limb you chose." He looks to the ministrone, giving Colby the accomodation of not looking directly to him, "You're right. We knew most of what you brought up. But there's only so far we'll go with inside resources. Things have progressed. And instead of a single ant, it's more. Find the colony."

Colby steeples his hands in front of him as he thinks, "Find the Colony. Might be easy, but if it were then you probably already would have. Which means a lot of work, and probably some risk. This is a long-term job and will cost a lot more to be done right." he explains, still staring forward almost as if he's in a trance as he calculates things in his head, "I'll need some money upfront for costs as they arise and complete autonomy. Any 'rules' will make the price go higher as it might restrict what I can do to get it done. Deal?" he says simply as he stands up with his back still to the man.

The other man pauses in consideration. Eyes narrowing. "So long as my interests are not damaged in your autonomy, and you do not expect protection, this will work. As a bonus, those men you saw will be moved to something they're supposed to be doing."

Colby nods simply, "I have simple rules. I don't link myself to my employer and all I require of them is a mission and payment. If something happens, it won't track back to your interests." he says calmly, turning just ever so slightly to the side to look behind him, "Wire one quarter of the cost of this little 'test' as the upfront money. It's non-refundable, but you know my record. I don't leave a job half-done." he adds plainly, lifting the glass to finish the water. He wipes his with the napkin, prints and the rim, before putting it back on the table and pulling some gloves on to his hands, "I'll make contact when I have something. Unless it's life or death, don't contact me again." he says, no hesitation or stutter in his demands or what he expects.

The smirk widens, exposing a bit of a sneer as he picks up his spooon again. "Consider that done." Considering the meeting over, he doesn't give any farewells, he simply starts eating again, ignoring Colby's presence to let the man leave in whatever manner he deems.

Colby doesn't hardly make a sound as he leaves. He's already quiet in his actions, so when he leaves it seems like not much has changed. He makes his way out the back, through an alley and back out to disappear into small crowds of people to prepare for the mission ahead.

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