Should We Stay or Should We Go

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Stay or Go

Havok, Nightcrawler, Surge, Sunpyre, Gypsy Moth and Mirage

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Havok's Office - X-Mansion

X-Factor meets up to decide if they are still a team, the only hold out is Mirage.

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==[ Havok's Office - Xavier Mansion ]==

This is a generous sized office. The lower half of the walls are a deep mahogany wainscoting with the upper half decorated with a buttery colored textured wallpaper. Covering the floor is a plush carpet that matches the wallpaper.

Tasteful paintings hang in a cluster on the right wall and against the wall to the left is a leather sofa with another painting hung above.

In front of the office visitor is a couple of wingback chairs in rich earth tones that face a wooden desk on which sits a computer monitor and other desk things. Behind the desk is a leather chair and a hutch topped credenza decorated with plants, personal photos and books.

They came home quiet, they went their ways, the news went viral. Hopefully giving it some time to settle down, Kurt will show up at Alex's office. Whether Alex called him or not, or intuitive, he comes first thing the following day after news continues to grow. He's ready to rest, but the situation dictates the necessity to meet with his old friend. So, he comes a knocking at Havok's new office door.

The door is open, Alex is found in his office looking at the computer screen on the desk's left corner. He looks right and sees Kurt standing in his doorway.
At present, Alex is wearing his costume with a dim glow to the chest circle. He's not fully powered at this point. It's also the same clothing that he wore when addressing the media no more than an hour ago.
He announces, "Sup?" in a casual greeting that begs the question as to Kurt's appearance. Even though it's likely he already knows.

Coming in, Kurt is more dressed for training, light sweats, something to focus his mind perhaps probably with swords and lots of acrobatics. Entering the open door, his tail flickers a moment near his head before a hand comes up to brush at the fuzz of his forehead. "Long story or short," he half chuckles, going at the heart of what Alex may suspect.
Looking for an extra chair, he'll climb onto it all fours to crouch, but continues, "A lot of mistrust all around, amongst our kind. Don't know where you or Val stand in all this right now ... sure this means no more easy paychecks, but I was never in this for the money." He lets unspoken long story hang in the air.

A slight shrug crosses Alex's shoulders as he leans back in his leather chair. "Really bro, I'm pretty much done with Val. Especially after that government spin slash coverup."

With a slight grin, Kurt shakes his head, "Nein ... that is not what I mean. Val's intentions may have gone astray, but I'm not here to talk about her." Shifting some, he slips his tail through the back of the chair (if its open), "There are going to be mutants out there that look for leadership, I'm saying whether things were done rightly or wrongly, I'm behind you. Before you post more messages bragging about my support, I still have the right to disagree with you, but, I'm with you."

Leaned back in his chair, Alex wears his costume with a minimal glow to the circle on his chest. It was approximately an hour ago that he made the public announcement about XFO and the team involvement.
Alex smiles at the bragging remark then he ponders, "Well, we definitely need a change and I appreciate your loyalty."

"Loyalty, or stupidity," questions Kurt with a grin, "Either way, I'm in." There is a shift as he sits, he puts one foot on the floor, brings the other closer to his chest. "You somehow assembled an eccletic band of mavericks for your X-Factor ... same thing, they don't always agree with you. It might not be the regimented group that the X-Men are under Scott, but they can get the job done. Now you have an opportunity to rebuild trust with them as well ..." His yellow eyes look more directly at Alex in that moment to see the other man's take on the this.

After a sigh of contemplation and staring at his desk a moment longer, hands are placed on the arms of his chair and he glances out the window. "That's up to the team. After all that went down, I'm really not sure where it'll go and how it will end up."

"Going...." is reiterated by Alex while he remains in his chair looking out the window. "I can hear Scott now, <restrained scott voice> "Get your ass back on the field!"

Still with a smile hinting at his face, Kurt shakes his head, "No fruend, I know better. You may hear Scott, but your heart suggests 'you can't leave well enough alone', also by Abraham Lincoln most likely." Turning to glance haphazardly at the window Alex is pretending to enjoy. "I know, you want me to think you're pondering time off, volleyball and girls in bikinis somewhere, but you want to do something for yourseld and your kind, you want to do what is right even while Scott is in your head, its what you want too, not just what you've been told to do. The others might be angry with you still, and they have that right, but they might be willing to listen just the same. We're all still here, we all have the same desires, peaceful co-existence where we can watch the girls in bikinis."

It's a shame, Alex does not have a clear view of the pool. He needs to have his office moved where he can. He smiles, even offeres a slight chuckle. Drawing his gaze from out the window, he looks to Kurt and says, "Yeah... I know." His right hand rises to the back of his head, he scratches and then says, "We need to assemble the team and decide what we're going to do."

Grinning, perhaps knowing that the thinking of woman in swimwear is probably in Alex's head even while he's thinking about his own next moves, Kurt offers, "You should talk to them, let them decide if they're still on board, get their input, and that direction might become clear when you hear everyone's voice."

With a hint of sarcasm, "Yeah. I can't wait for that." Alex notes his eagerness to be bitched at yet again - it's almost like he and Lorna are back together x 4

Chuckling a little at the sarcasm, Kurt offers some light hearted ideas, "More better to have it done with, just hold onto those poolside thoughts to get through it all." Then he ponders, "Our comsys still working, or we need to get people the old fashioned way ... go and get them." He offers, as he can bamf around quickly, but hopes they can just place calls to get folks.

As usual when things get tense on the team Dani has been scarce, going off on her own to who knows where. They were barely back from the rescue mission and she had already taken off. She seems to be back though, at least for the time being, and might be seen passing by the door as she goes down the short hallway. One may also notice she is carrying a basket, that from the way she is holding it, is a bit heavy.
A knocking can be heard, apparently she is going to visit Leyu, her office is in the same corridor, maybe Dani is checking in on her.

Looking out, "Where's your red hood?" Alex asks noting the basket and thinking that Dani's going to grandma's house.
Kurt will notice that Alex's tone changed when addressing Dani and the sour expression will have faded.

Indeed noting that change, Kurt considers for a moment at pondering it being too early to joke despite his own proclivity for the same. Though noting that change in demeanor, he more turns to look at the door just the same, seeing how Dani takes the joke and perhaps to see her facial reaction to Alex.

Getting no response to her knocking Dani can only assume that Leyu is probably with Sybil being all doctorly and stuff. She turns to head back down the hallway, and probably to disappear again. She had no intetion of stopping but ignoring a direct question would be rude, not to mention immature.
Turning to the open door, basket held in front of her, she looks at Kurt and Alex. A hurt/angered expression may cross her face but it is only momentary and a stoic expression takes its place "Funny." is her only comment to his attempt at humour. Whatever emotions she is covering at the moment carrys over though, because a furry head pops up from the edge of the basket, teeth are bared and a growl comes from the muzzle of what looks like a toy poodle.

Leaning forward, Alex looks at the distraction in the form of a dog, "Is that a dog? Lucky Kitty's dragon isn't here, that dog might get eaten."
Like any boy on the playground, Alex really doesn't have the right words - ever. He doesn't translate girl-talk very well, nor does he know how to react when being punched by a girl.... other than to suddenly find her attractive - because it is 'playground rules'.

"I'd like to see the dragon try." Dani's comment is in a near deadpan voice "And I would hate to be Kitty or Lockheed should that ever come to pass." she shifts the basket to one arm and grimaces slightly "And if by dog you mean 100 pounds of asgardian fighting prowress that can bite through carbon steel and throw a car as if were a peice of fluff, than yes, it is a dog." she gives a smile, but one of those not so nice smiles that says 'I dare you to pet him.'. Meanwhile the dog in question looks like a harmless toy poodle except that currently it is all growly.

Surge comes wandering down the hallway with a stack of papers in her arms. She is heading for Havok's office.

In the hallway, soft footseps can be heard, simple flats. The footsteps come from beyond and behind Surge, moving with an unhurried pace. A soft voice offers, "< Good morning. >" in Japanese to the intern. When Surge turns towards the open door to Havok's office, the footsteps pause momentarily, and then pick back up with a bit more pace, heading past the door mostly out of easy sight range, making for a door further into the office network here. There is a flash of a white coat, however. And ebon black hair.

Alex's eyes narrow some looking at the dog, an eyebrow raises and he offers a skeptical nod. He notices Leyu and says nothing as she seems to speed away. Then notes to Kurt, "Like I said, up to them."

Shuffle shuffle shuffle. Sybil Dvorak should be upstairs, resting in her room. She is not. Instead, the mutant gypsy has found her way downstairs. She's dressed in a simple pair of black sweatpants and a yellow X-Men t-shirt. Unfortunately, she does not make the look work. Why? Simply put... Sybil looks like the victim of a concentration camp. A month of barely any sleep, horrible nutrition, and just the bare minimum of water have left her gauntly thin. Bruises from a recent beating still mark her skin and her left arm is in a sling and cast. Worst of all, in her mind? She has no hair. Not the long, luxurious locks she once had on her head. Not even eyebrows. It was all plucked out at Neverland, to keep her from using it as a weapon.

Surge stops at the doorway and glances around a little, "SHould I come back later with these?" she asks and looks a bit worried.

Alex will silently motion to Surge with two fingers for her to enter.

Standing up, Kurt will seem more inviting, offering chairs. He'll even come to Sybil to offer a hand, gentleman like. "Perfect timing, I would think," says the elf as the group assembles and Surge ponders the situation. He'll offer a hand wave to Leyu near her door as well, "Please", simply to offer a less formal invitation to the Japenese woman. "We all deserve some time to discuss what has happened, but more importantly what will happen. I think we should take advantage of this." To Sybil in Romani <Too soon, maybe not soon enough,> and smiles, he'll help her to a chair if she takes the offer.

Dani's eyes narrow as her hand goes to caress the tiny dogs head. At her touch he settles back into the basket. She looks from Kurt to Alex "What is up to us?" her tone seems a bit on the suspicious side. Hearing the question behind her she moves out of the way to allow Surge to enter and spies the two women in the hallway, most of her attention does to the immaciated Sybil. "Sybil?" she glances to where Leyu is/was then back to Sybil "Good to see you up and walking.

"Good, yes, except that she should still be abed, recovering." Leyu comments, re-emerging from her office when she walks in to a soft alarm beeping, alerted by Sybil's bracelet that the other woman is not resting but is instead overtaxing her body. The young Japanese doctor slips into the room to check on Sybil, apparently ignoring everyone else - or at least relegating them to 'later' status. "You of all people know all you have been through. Why are you not resting, allowing your body to recover?" she inquires, softly. It is not so much a harrangue as ... the sad, soft voice of someone who cares, but is trapped, unable to make anything better on her own.

"I was bored. I have been trapped in a room with only those horrid Box things for company for weeks now." Sybil says as she settles into the chair Kurt has been so gentlemanly to furnish her. She offers him a brief smile. "I am tired, yes, but I am also tired of not being around people. My powers are not working correctly because I have, according to Dr. McCoy 'power burnout' from over use. You can all at least give me a functional group of people to hang out with."

Surge nods her head and slips into the room still holding the papers and looking around for a moment.

Alex will watch everyone drift in and he will stand offering his chair to Sybil with a gesture. "So what Kurt just said.... we should decide what we're doing to do, what you all want to do. I suspect that we're not going to be government employees. Not that I'm really interested in helping mutant slavery any longer."

With a nod, Kurt offers, "I do think we're also in agreement that, despite our many differences and some trust issues, we're not ready to sit down knowing that this may still be happening out there." When he mentions not sitting down, he favors a glance to Sybil, already up and on her feet not wanting to sit idle. He won't sit until everyone else does, he'll even offer a chair to Surge ... if the office doesn't have enough, he'll bamf to get some while the others talk (or look at each other suspiciously).

Not taking an offered seat, Dani sets the basket at her feet and leans against the door jam, arms crossed over her chest as she listens to what Alex has to say. She gives no immediate response and her body language or expression gives nothing away either. The only clue that she may still be upset is the low growl that comes from the small dog, which stops suddenly when he looks up at his new mistress. Giving a small bark he hops out of the basket and sniffs around the office.

Leyu remains crouched down beside Sybil's chair, checking on the other woman. She too says nothing about the team or other issues that may face them. Her sole concenttration is Sybil. "I understand that. I'm sorry. I should have come back to visit you after I was done in the medbay." she murmurs to the Romani woman, softly. Oddly, there seems to be a very push-pull tension between the women. She glances around the room, then, taking in the others. "Noriko, we won't bite." She's the other person looking like she could use reassurance, so Leyu tries to offer it to her, since she cannot offer it to herself.

"Being busy isn't a crime." Sybil pats Leyu on the hand and then closes her eyes. "I do not believe Valerie Cooper knew where I was being sent. She seemed to think I would be detained in someplace called the Vault. However, it is obvious the whole organization is corrupt. It makes me ill, to think of how many people died as soon as they were brought into the gates of that place and marked with a red X." Sybil has a blue X, still etched onto her forehead. Permament marker. It will take time to fade."

Surge cocks her head to the side and is a little nervous mostly about what is being talked about. She does sit in the chair offered and sets the papers in her lap.

Alex remains silent as he moves to a clear part of the room while everyone has their conversations and such, waiting till they get ready to confront the business at hand.

Aside from the basic conversations, Kurt nods to what Sybil said, "And that there could be more places like this out there, still in this government." He lets that sink in, "But what Alex said earlier, there is no X-Factor, we won't get government checks, but we've all worked closely with this issue," save Surge mabye, "I think we all want something to do about it. While Alex may have kept things from us, reasonably or otherwise, he had faith in us as a team. Alex meant to say its up to everyone else if they still want to operate as a team ... his team."

A noise of possible derision comes from Dani. She would like to beleive what Kurt says, really she would, but as actions override spoken word it is hard for her to do. Knowing Dani, her previous leadership experience with the New Mutants and how close that group was, it is a safe bet that she would never have kept something like that from Sam. It makes the blow harder for her. "Since Sybil was sent off to Neverland, the school has been attacked, we have fought the danger room and had to deal with a robot invasion," she pauses a moment and a hard stare is turned from the investiating poodle to Alex "What would we have done if you had been taken out in one of those instances? How would we know where Sybil was? What was going on?

Noting to Dani's question, Alex answers, "Jean also knew about Sybil's trip. She was responsible for putting up the mental blocks that kept our minds secure. I honestly expected Sybil to tell Leyu about the plan before she left, but hoped she didn't. There were too many risks involved."

Kurt has said his piece to Alex, at this point, he feels best he should remain silent while Alex explains himself and everyone has time to respond.

"Perhaps not, but taking care of you is something I want to do and make time for." Leyu admits to Sybil, softly voiced but not hidden. At this point, there's unlikely to be anyone in this room, save perhaps young Surge, who doesn't know that Leyu has feelings for Sybil, however confused or twisted up they be with all that has transpired. The crouching doctor looks up towards Kurt, and beyond him to Havok, before seeking out Dani's eyes. She waits for Dani's answer, and nods in agreement with the sentiment. She herself had hoped for a team that would be as close as Dani has described the New Mutants having been. It's what she needed. It isn't what she got. "I agree that if there is something we can do to help end anything else like Neverland, we should. But right now, my priority is Sybil." By extension, that also includes the other rescued mutants, or at least those who have accepted help. But Sybil comes first. She doesn't meet Sybil's gaze, after Alex reveals he expected her to tell the doctor about the mission. She'd already figured out about Jean. It's yet another thing that is making Leyu honestly feel ... very out of sorts at the Mansion.

"I did not tell her... you..." Sybil turns her gaze to Leyu. "For a reason. If they were watching us, they knew we are flirting on the edge of a relationship. Of all of us, you had to.. sell.. this in order for it to work. Finding the truth was more important than our feelings. I am sorry." She closes her eyes and leans her head back. "Growing up, my people told stories. How the Nazis stormed into our homes and stole us away. Shoved us into camps and tortured and slaughtered us by the thousands." Her eyes open. "Now, I have experienced that. I was there for only a month and look at me. Imagine the pain of those who were there for longer. Yes. I will stop this. Payment is not a concern. If need be, I will pay you myself. My networth is well into several million dollars. I can finance our operation."

Surge cocks her head to the side a little and then blinks just a little. She looks down slightly, and just listens not really having a lot to add.

Though Leyu understands, even respects Sybil's decision and her reasons for it, that doesn't make it hurt much less. She has been controlled and manipulated most of her life by those she cared for and trusted. She needed this place to be different. "I ... right now, the most important thing to me is helping /you/ recover." It's all she can say. She's said it already, so she doesn't belabor the point. If they want or need her, she'll be there. But Sybil's recovery is her priority. "For now, I've a roof over our heads, food and medical care and supplies taken care of. And I am still getting paid." Not by the XFO. By the school. She's the doctor on staff /and/ an instructor.

Surge cocks here head to the sid,e "If there is anything I can do to help." she says softly.

Kurt listens to it all, whoever pays for what, where they live, who sits next to who in the last row of the quinjet, it all doesn't matter to him really. As Leyu seems good being with the school and having that paycheck, he finally offers, "Its not about the paycheck or the security. What I wanted to get at was, Alex brought us together because he thought we were all capable in our own way. We have much trust to establish, but, I am willing to give Alex a little more faith. I am saying we are no longer a government sponsored team ... but we should still be a team, all of us." Turning to Surge, "Even you, Alex sees something in you just the same." Then to the group as a whole again, "We are all here, we all agree we can't sit out of whatever is to come. He's willing to lead a team if anyone is willing to acknowledge they wish to remain a part of it."

Sybil nods her head, "I am in." She says. "We stop this. We help people and if THEY come after us... we show them what it means to be a mutant." It seems, perhaps, as if her recent experiences have given her a new viewpoint.

Alex (by Kurt), nods in agreement, smirks at what Surge says, and offers to the other women "Like I said when everyone showed up, its up to you all to decide for yourselves, if you want in on whatever it is we do from this point forward."

Listening pensively to whatever explanation Alex as to give Dani shakes her head, she isn't going to buy that as a legitimate excuse "Jean is not the leader of this team, you are." she stands up straight her hands balling into fists, though they stay at her side, "It's not her job to let us know what's going on, it's yours.

Surge cocks her head to the side, "What are we deciding again?" Poor intern.

Leyu stays where she is, crouching beside Sybil, who is clearly exhausted. The currently bald Romani woman doesn't quite look like the exotic beauty Leyu remembers. But she has faith she will again. And if what Sybil has been through has given her greater focus and determination, Leyu cannot help but see that as potentially good, despite the pain, the nightmares, the personal Hell, and even the strain in their aborted, confused relationship. She turns her head to look at the only blonde in the room. "Sybil will trust you. So, I will trust you. But this is the last time, Alex. You lie to us again, it's over. You send one of us into a compromised situation, you send us all. ALL. No exceptions. I will not see /any of us/, yourself included, ever sent into something like this without backup, ever again. If you can agree to that, then I am with you." She reaches up to brush fingertips tenderly across that blue M on Sybil's forehead. "If you can't agree to that, then I'll be there when you ask for my help. But I will never trust you again."

Kurt remains silent during this, its Alex's show now, he's agreed already - he actually instigated that Alex initiate the rebuilding of trust and such. Alex responds, as if ready to answer this. "I'm willing to discuss this as a team. I'm sorry we had to go through this, but understand that when everything was suspect, we had to take this measure. Its as Sybil said, we couldn't let you know it was planned. It is my fault, I didn't know the situation went that deep, I invited you into X-Factor and didn't know myself. It was a bad gamble and I'm sorry I took it with Sybil, arguable, we've gained a lot of value from this just the same. I don't think anyone can promise not to lie again. I can say I'm willing to openly discuss it, if you're willing to remain on the team Leyu."

To Noriko, Leyu turns, explaining as best she can, "We are deciding whether or not to still be a team, now that we are both no longer backed by the government, and after the trust issues and problems we have had recently." She'd assume the intern is well aware of all of this. But maybe she's wrong?

To Alex, after consideration, Leyu nods. "I will join, and discuss. My position is clear. We will have to see what the others feel. But Sybil has already chosen to trust you." She doesn't add 'for reasons surpassing my understanding.' She does have restraint. "So, you have me, as well. If you will excuse me, I am going to get her back to bed. She needs rest." The young doctor pulls out her X-School communicator and keys in, summoning a floating anti-grav gurney, so that she can lay Sybil down and then 'carry' her upstairs to bed.

Surge looks back and forth still staying quiet for the most part.

Dani moves across the room to pick up the toy poodle before the creature decides to use the desk as a chew toy, she makes sure she doesn't pass between Leyu and Alex as he addresses her concerns. Hefting the animal up into her arms she moves to put him back in his basket, which he starts to chew on instead, "Behave Peanut." she murmurs to the dog.
She hasn't given an answer as to whether she will stay on the team. She has a teaching position so obviously she will still be doing that at the school. Picking up the basket it seems she will be following Leyu out without commiting to anything. Apparently she is going to be the hard sell.

Surge cocks her head to the side, "Well not like I am losing much really, wasn't getting much from the government, was still an intern, and I am too new to the team to be involved in too much of the problems." she watches the others leave, "That is if I am still wanted on the team, will it still need an intern without the government backing?"

Kurt seems more happy when Leyu makes some level of commitment, even if trial run. Alex, the same, "Its all I could ask at this point, thank you." Trying to put on a good face for the moment. He watches Dani go uncommitted, probably meaning to speak with her later about it. Hard to tell if he's thinking about that meeting or looking at her backside as she exits though, ever since she punched him - or has it been longer. The world may never know. Side-handed to Surge, "You'd be a good fit because of your abilities ... not because of your intern skills."

Surge shrugs, "I guess I am just used to not being much use." she shrugs a bit.

While Kurt can't comment as Surge is the intern, Alex does offer. "It'll happen, don't rush into it. With us, you'll have plenty of opportunity to be of use ... when we get there." His suggestion being that Surge shouldn't be the soldier wanting to rush into a dangerous situation, but as the intern, its likely to happen sooner than even she might think.

"I don't really know why you would be of the opinion that you are of little use, Noriko. I find that inaccurate and unfair. But perhaps you find my evaluation suspect? I don't know. But if Alex wants you, you should consider staying. He's not the sort to say such a thing and not mean it." There are many things he might do not meaning it. But inviting someone to join his team appears not to be one of them. That's Leyu's read on the situation. Once the floating gurney shows up, Leyu works to get Sybil up and stretched out on it. "It would be nice if some of you would help me keeping an eye on her. She was not kidding: she loathes being alone, right now. I would take it as a personal kindness." That said, she starts guiding the device and her patient out the door, towards the hallway.

Surge shakes her head, "I have only had control of my powers for less than a year, thanks to Dr. McCoy's gauntlets." she shakes her head, "nevermind." she lacks a lot of confidence but maybe she will eventually get it.

Having been waiting on Leyu, since that is who Dani orginally came to the office suite to see, she helps gets Sybil situated on the gurney "I'll help you with her." despite the fact that she was a bit standoffish when it came to Sybil on the team she is not unfeeling or uncaring about what happened and what the woman has been through. She does follow Leyu but it is clear that she isn't up for talking anymore and will just follow silenty with her new pet.

Pondering the gauntlets, Kurt looks over to Surge, "So, you're saying if we take them off, the world might be destroyed?" He stands up and moves in the interns direction. Alex turns back to his desk for the time, he always has business it seems.

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