Shopping For Clues

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Shopping For Clues

Blindfold, Wolfsbane, Sunpyre, NPCS: Nightcrawler, Gypsy Moth

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08/04/12 14:00

All over the map

Ruth has a vision pertaining to a message left by Gypsy Moth. She gathers Rahne and Leyu to go in search of the clues left behind. In a men's clothier's. This mission needed someone else. Oops!

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The vision, when it comes, is suitably vague. The figure of Sybil Dvorak, the Gypsy Moth, huddling alone in a vast, oppressive darkness, bound and chained. A tiny flicker of light plays out across the floor in front of her, briefly. A dark blue men's button-down dress shirt appears, actually being created from and within that pinprick of light. Sybil can be seen glancing all around herself, nervously, and then she reaches out to touch the shirt, pricks her finger, and drops of her blood stain the shirt, spelling out: HELP ME. Then the message fades away. Then there is an image of a men's clothier, and a map that shows a particular mall, in a city in Kansas.

Blindfold knew where to find Rahne and came in lightly tapping her cane "Excuse me, I'm sorry for intruding Rahne, please forgive me but...could you come shopping with me? I think we might need Dr. Yashida as well, please, thank you"

Rahne appears confused at the nature of the question, asking out of the blue to go on a shopping trip while needing someone else. "Why? Are we running low on supplies an' things?" she wonders, though agreement follows. Since returning from Colorado with news of the Demon Bear, it's been troubling seeing the state of the mansion and campus even if repairs are in the works.

Blindfold turns a look of pleading to Rahne "It's important...I'm sorry, I know it's rather unexpected, I apologize but it has to do with Gypsey Moth. I know it doesn't make any sense right now but I had a vision and we need to go clothes shopping in the men's department, please thank you"

Doctor Yashida, as asked about, is in the medical bay. At this point, everyone has been treated, and Leyu has been gently but insistently forced to start taking care of herself, rather than simply living in the medbay, wearing scrubs, and staying at work all hours of the day and night. However, she still spends most of her time in the medbay offices. She has, it seems, rediscovered her wardrobe, and is once again wearing some of the rather daring outfits she seemed obsessed with wearing before the attack. Today's outfit is a dress that seems composed more of cut-outs than actual crimson red fabric, a zipper proceeding from its rather low neckline to the end of its very, very short skirt. She has also selected towering platform stilletto heels in the same shade.

"..right," Rahne answers, not understanding yet but when it comes to visions, that's not really an area of expertise for her. "Well, let's go do it then," she says as the way is made toward the medbay, where Leyu's attire draws a raised brow. "Ye're looking daring today, Leyu," she says with a very tiny smile.

Blindfold nods "Thank you yes, I'm afraid I don't have much information from what I saw but the clothes will tell us more" walking with Rahne she followed the wolfen's lead toward medbay and when rahne greeted leyu Ruth smiled and bowed her best aproximation of a asian bow to an elder "Dr Yashida, I'm glad we found you, please if you could...we need to go clothes shopping, it's important I'm afraid, thank you"

Leyu glances up as the door to the medbay suite hisses open, and nods as she sees her guests. "Hello, Rahne. Ruth. What can I do for you ladies today?" She starts to stand as Blindfold explains ... even if not much. "Pardon me? You need to go shopping? I'm sure we have plenty of clothing already, Ruth. We have worked hard to keep everyone well supplied." Yeah. She doesn't get it. Not yet.

Rahne doesn't look quite as confused as Leyu might, but it's close. The words she says ought to fill in a few blanks, however. "She said something about men's clothes, an' Gypsy Moth. I'm na sure what th' things have tae do with each other, though."

Blindfold shakes her head "No, I'm sorry, we don't, we need very specific clothing froma particular mall. Please, it's important, whatever the status of gypsey moth is to us, she's still a person and she's in trouble. She needs our help, we wouldn't be who we are if we didn't help, please, I saw her"

Want to get Leyu's attention? Mentioning Gypsy Moth is a quick and fierce way to do it. "What? Why didn't you say so?" she inquires forcefully of Rahne. Talk about burying the lead! "Sybil is in trouble? Wait ... going /shopping/ is going to help? I'm not sure I understand." She considers for a bit, and then nods. "But given Ruth's talents, already proven, I am willing to take a bit on faith. So, where do we need to go?" She apparently has decided to ignore comments about her daring attire.

Might not be the best time to be discussing clothing choices, even if clothing is on the docket. Rahne's shoulders move in a shrug and she looks toward Blindfold, gesturing with a hand. "Just..whatever she said. If ye need me for some sort o' backup, I can help." Whatever backup is needed to buy clothes, anyhow. "I guess we'll know once we find it."

Blindfold smiles, relaxing as the two get on board "We need to go to a mall in a city in Kansas. I saw a map. I don't know where Gypsey Moth is being held but it's not a good place, I'm sorry, I apologize, it was quite dark in my vision. She was huddled, bound in chains. She made some clothing then pricked her finger and bled on them, she looked quite uneasy and nervous as she did so. The blood disappeared but messages and a map were left but invisible, I'm sorry, I wish I could tell you more"

"Alright, alright. Kansas. That's not a short trip. I'll have to borrow the jet." Leyu comments, quite blythely. Yes, the young woman who has never flown the X-jets is now apparently contemplating 'borrowing' one to fly herself and others to Kansas. Anyone think she's taking this very seriously?

It will take time to get the location out of Blindfold in some meaningful fashion. Thankfully, by the time that happens someone else can be found willing to fly the jet and get them to Kansas. They end up taking one that can carry a vehicle, so that they can drive to the mall in question in a very civilian manner, drawing far less attention. Leyu even agrees to change clothes, putting on much less daring, much less attention-getting attire for this trip. It helps that this also hides her costume beneath, if needed.

Within an hour, the trio of young women are pulling up outside of a mall none of them has ever been to before in their lives, looking for a parking space. "OK. You said she bled on the clothes? Rahne, do you ... do you remember what Sybil smelled like? Could you shift enough to be sensitive enough to pick up her scent, without being apparent to the public?" It's a worthy question, and something that makes Rahne a potentially invaluable reasource on this 'mission'.

By the way, did anyone notice that Leyu has made no attempt whatsoever to contact her own teammates about this?

If there are reservations about this, Rahne's keeping them to herself. Similarly to Leyu, she's donned her costume beneath enough clothing to hide it, though she'll be glad for air conditioning in Kansas. "I'm still na sure how we're supposed tae find things she..made? An' I only saw her briefly once or twice. I can shift just enough tae sharpen muh senses, but I canna promise picking up her scent," she explains honestly as they drive closer after the flight.

"Well, do your best? We'll have to hope it's enough." Leyu offers, as she guides the car into a parking spot. Then they work to get out, Leyu helping to guide Ruth as they make their way towards the mall's entrance. "You said we needed a men's store? Do you know which one?"

Blindfold nods as gets out of the car with Leyu's help and unfolds her cane "Think of it like a message in a bottle written with invisible ink, but the bottle is clothing and there's several, yes thank you" smiling gratefully to Leyu for the help "She's making a flicker of light and then the clothes appear. Should be a shop with blue suits, I think, thank you, yes"

"A men's clothier with blue suits won't exactly be very distinctive. Do you know /which/ store we're looking for?" Leyu inquires, as they make their way inside. To be fair, Blindfold already put them in the right shopping center in another state. She's doing pretty darned well. But Leyu can't help mining for whatever she can get. Searching every men's clothier in the mall would take a good long time, especially if Rahne isn't feeling so confident in her sniffer while staying subtle for public consumption.

"Let's just get inside an' see, but it's going tae look odd if I go around burying muh nose in men's clothes...tha' could have come oot a better way," Rahne says, cheeks flushing with color for a moment before she picks up her pace.

Blindfold shakes her head disappointedly "I'm sorry, my apologies, but no the map I saw didn't have a name of the exact store but the clothes were very blue, if that helps, I hope" then grins at Rahne "If it would help, if you don't mind we could explain it off as a fetish of yours?"

Leyu leads the way to the directory panel, and checks the number of men's clothiers in the mall. Looks like over half a dozen. "Alright. The closest to our entrance is just down this hall. We can start there. Maybe our luck will hold." And they're off!

Rahne's answer to Blindfold is both short and blunt. "Nae." It may be a joke but it goes over her head, shaking it a few times as she lets out a huff of breath. The first place doesn't look like it's triggering anything by way of recognition, if Leyu's watching.

Blindfold nods following along with the two as she tapped out her way. Well Ruth was a bit short on the social skills so it was no surprise that the feral girl missed the joke "Thank you for coming with me Rahne, I know this isn't fun for you but it's appreciated"

"I too appreciate your help, Rahne." Leyu offers. They get no recognition at the first clothier. They take a sweep of the place, paying close attention to blue shirts. But there doesn't seem to be a scent trail of interest to Rahne that can be picked up. "OK. Do we try the next store? Are you getting anything, Ruth?"

"Just trying tae help," Rahne says to both of them. "Whatever th' problems were with Alex..naebody should be chained an' tortured an' whatever else is going on, whoever has her." It's about doing the right thing. She pauses to see if Blindfold can help pinpoint the location better.

"W-wait. Chained? Tortured?" Leyu freezes up in the hallway of the Mall, as that image comes over her. No one told her /that/. Now Leyu is shaking, an odd warmth rolling off of her palpably. "Damn Alex Summers to Hell." she growls.

Blindfold shakes her head "No, sorry, not here...Wait..." and Ruth finally pinpoints the clothier before turning her head toward Rahne in surprise at the news

Rahne frowns and says nothing about Alex, saying quietly, "Th' vision said she was in chains. If they're keeping her like tha' an' she's resorting tae somthing like this tae get help, I canna think they're treating her well a' all." She rubs an ear, still rounded instead of pointed, and asks Blindfold, "Did ye get th' place?"

Leyu mutters something that sounds even darker and angrier. It's in Japanese, though, so no one will be immediately reacting to anything but the actual /tone/ in her voice. But she isn't, currently, moving. Just seething.

Blindfold nods "Dark..oppressive...she was bound in chains, the only light that I saw was from what she made, I'm sorry, I should have gone over everything twice, forgive's just confusing sometimes" reaching a hand to feel for Leyu's arm to gently touch

"Th' place here, I meant," Rahne answers, fairly certain the description of what Gypsy Moth is in won't do much to help Leyu's state of mind. As the woman stands in place and fumes, it's the Scot that turns toward her and says, "Leyu, we need tae keep looking. Th' sooner we find these clues, th' faster we can find her." It's gentle yet firm, in the way those things can be at the same time.

Leyu steams - almost quite literally - for a while, until Rahne manages to get through to her, made harder because Ruth so helpfully actually describes the whole thing to Leyu, making her feel even worse and hate on Alex even more. Poor guy. "Alright. Alright, damnit. Where do we try next?" And they're off to the next clothier. Ruth will find that Leyu's arm is very, very warm, almost hot enough to burn. But that simmers down with a little bit of time.

Blindfold says the name of the clothier from her vision "I know she was more then a teammate to you Dr Yashida, it's pretty obvious, I'm sorry, we'll do all we can to get her back but I don't think it's Alex's fault, if what Rahne said...well then Alex is as much a victim as your friend is now. I'm sorry, we, my apologies, we'll get thru this though" giving leyu's rather warm arm a gentle squeeze.

Shaking her head, Rahne adds, "This is na th' time tae be pointing fingers a' others we work with. Stay focused on th' goal." Whatever her opinion of the things Gypsy Moth has done or been involved with, she isn't talking about it. "Worry about th' rest after we've found her." As soon as Blindfold gives the name of the place, she finds the closest directory and moves swiftly in the direction of it. She might just go sniffing at clothes if it gets the job done.

Leyu follows along, still seething inwardly, but at least her temperature is evening off. "I don't know how anyone could consider Alex to be a 'victim' in all of this. He did this. He knew things were wrong, and he sent her away." Leyu doesn't know everything. In fact, she has been specifically /kept/ from knowing things, which is why she is so upset. But she follows along, hopeful they may be able to find what they are looking for.

The store has several different displays of blue shirts. But it's the store from Blindfold's vision, so what they're looking for has to be here somewhere. "Do you remember the style or cut of the shirt? Was it dark blue, royal blue, or a light blue?" Leyu queries, as they try to find what they are looking for.

Blindfold thinks "Everything happens for a reason, I think you will find these circumstances are no different...short sleeve..button down's shirt, it was navy blue, yes you're welcome. Odd though that she'd take such a risk as she seemed to from what I saw to send these messages out. Might be more then the two I saw, I'm afraid, I'm sorry"

Rahne moves on inside to do her thing while the two talk, now that she's got an idea of what they're looking for. The first thing she does is grab a few examples of shirts that seem to fit the bill, sniffing at them without making it /too/ obvious. Eyes have also sharpened up as she looks for any other hints.

With Ruth's additional guidance, the women are able to redirect and refine their search, and soon find shirts very similar to that in Blindfold's vision. As Rahne starts wuffling about, she'll catch of course a wide variety of scents. But one thing starts to stand out as she gets close to a particular stack of neatly folded, precisely gathered shirts: the coppery tang of blood. Extremely faint, of course, and it could just be from a clerk who stabbed themselves with a stick pin while arranging the shirts. But it will lead her as well to a shirt with what seems like infinitessimal imperfections in the weave.

Leyu is pretty well lost by Ruth's twisting phrases, unsure when she is being addressed and when she is not. But she listens anyway, hoping perhaps for some further insight. All of this is confounding to her. But she has followed the clues, and continues to do so. Seeing Rahne intent on something, she gathers Ruth by the hand and guides her closer. "Rahne seems to have found something. What is it, Rahne?"

Rahne comes up with the shirts in question, deciding not to mention the fact she picked up the blood scent more than anything else that may have given them away. "Try these," she says, though she frowns. Just the idea of it is troubling. "I think there must be a message in them, somehow?" Eyes pass from Leyu to Blindfold and back.

Blindfold gets tugged along "I know you are upset and I am sorry, this isn't easy for you. But if Alex did not directly do this, events are like drops in a pond they create ripples and set other things in motion, or like adomino that falls and sets a whole track clicking over. Everything happened because something else happened to set it in motion. Something that happen have a rippling effect that affect many things and other events need several things to happen before they can transpire." then turns her head toward Rahne "Please, if you don't mind, what size bra and underwear to you take Rahne, it's important for something else" reaching a hand out to run over one of the shirts carefully with finger sensitive enough to weave lace and read braile

When a girl half her age tries to be wise and philosphical to her, Leyu knows something is wrong with the world. She looks carefully at the shirts and nods. "I can see the imperfections. But I'll need to get them under a microscope to learn more. Ruth, are these all there is to find? Can you tell?"

Rahne continues to keep thoughts to herself where Alex and the rest goes, focused more on the task with the shirts. "I can see they're na quite th' same, but if there's a message hidden in them I'm na sure what it is," she says before her head angles toward Blindfold. "Why do ye need tae know tha'? I canna see how it matters in anything."

Blindfold blushes unwittingly at "There were matching pants, if you would please, thank you" then smiles at Rahne "That's alright, I need to pick up some things in the lingerie department. I saw the words 'help me', it will take some work to peice together the messages in the right order but it is a start"

"All I can say, Rahne, is that Ruth's talents mean she sometimes has a knowledge of something that will be needed in the future, without being able to entirely explain it that you'd understand it. Can it really hurt anything to tell her?" Leyu offers the redheaded young woman. That said, she gathers the shirts and heads towards the checkout counter. If anyone wants to wonder why the three young women want to buy two men's shirts, so be it. They want money, and Leyu has it. She'll have to trust Rahne to find the pants. So far, so good. Right?

"Let's just find th' pants first," Rahne says, a way to stay focused on getting exactly what they need before worrying about her sizes. She really can't see what that has to do with this or anything else that may or may not even happen in the future. Again she moves off, seeking out that same scent from before, and it's a few minutes until she returns with more for them to inspect. "Try these."

Blindfold just smiles and strokes Rahne down the back once the pants are found "Thank you, yes"

"Thank you, Rahne." Leyu offers, covering the pants as well to the consternation of the sales rep. "And thank you, Sir, for your time. Have a nice day." That said, Leyu is not getting involved in whatever Ruth has going on with Rahne. Instead, she merely mentions, "You two need to do anything before we get back to the car? The sooner we are home, the sooner I can start checking these out."

Rahne raises a brow toward Blindfold, expression difficult to read if Leyu's checking. Seems she's still not sure what to make of all this but as she steps away she murmurs whatever it is Ruth wanted to hear for sizes, then adds, "I dinna have any other plans here."

Blindfold smiles "I don't think the clerk was very happy. If it's alright please, may I pick up a few things from the lingerie department? Thank you yes it won't take long" and turns toward the lingerie section in a hurry tapping her cane. She comes back with some lilac purple sheer silk lingerie and some leather and fur of a different color...sorry not red or black

Leyu doesn't ask what is going on. She lets Ruth have the time to make her selections and purchases. She does /not/ offer to help pay for them, since she wasn't asked. Instead, she just gathers up both younger women and rides 'herd' back out of the Mall and off to the car. "Alright. Back to the plane. The sooner we get home, the sooner we can investigate these items in detail. Do you two want to come with me to the labs? Or should I just call you when I'm done?" Now Leyu just has to keep from speeding on the way back to the Blackbird. It's hard. This is the clue to find Sybil. And damn Alex Summers to Hell. She's /going/ to find Sybil, no matter what he says or does.

Rahne raises a brow upon seeing what it is Blindfold is coming back with. She shares a confused look with Leyu but also doesn't help pay for anything. "I guess she was in th' mood for a few things," she says quietly to Gypsy Moth's friend. "An' ye can probably call me when ye're ready. I'm na sure what else I can do for now."

Blindfold purchase gotten she has to hurry to keep up with Leyu when they head back to the plane "Thank you, yes, you can find me by Scott's bed if that's alright thank you"

The trip back to the Blackbird is rapid, but obeys the speed limit - at least enough that they don't get a ticket. The trip back is just as quick as the trip out, and even more tensely quiet, in its own way. Once they are back at the Mansion - no longer a ruin, if not yet an operational school - they go their separate ways, and Leyu Yashida disappears into the science labs.

Quite a few hours later, when Leyu finally summons the other women to the lab to join her, she looks both exhausted and triumphant. Displayed on hangars are both shirts and the pants. Up on a series of monitors are 100x magnification photographs of each of the pieces. These are then followed with renderings of the odd patterns visible in the weaves of the pieces, as text in alphabets the others are sure not to recognize - Leyu herself did not, either, though thankfully /someone/ at the Mansion did. Other displays include a rendering of a crude map. labels on it clearly show 'I AM HERE' and elsewhere, towards its middle, 'FROG BOY' near a tower. Another shows what Rahne might recognize as a DNA panel, which shows a clear match, with notes of hair samples derived from the shirts and pants, and a blood sample on file for one Sybil Dvorak. The last shows an English translation of the text derived from the notes.

"Alex. In a place called Neverland. Not sure where it is. NOT A PRISON. Concentration camp for mutants. Mutants brought in are sorted. Useful mutants kept. Useless ones killed. Telepath scans everyone who comes in. Red's blocks seem to be holding. Prisoners I've seen so far: white skinned girl with black circle over eye. Black woman doctor. Big, ugly shapeshifter. Guy made out of tar. Kid with slugs in stomach. Heard rumors of girl with purple skin. Security. Most human staff are scientists. Sentinels on outskirts. Red and silver robots as guards. Well armed. Other prisoners call them Box. Seen Sabretooth here. NOT a prisoner. Was with girl with bones sticking out of skin and winged dinosaur man. VERY IMPORTANT. Neverland able to shut down mutant powers in specific areas. As much as whole camp. As little as at least ten square feet. NOT ALL TECH. Prisoners say little mutant frog boy plugged into machine that does it. Including map of camp. GET ME OUT OF HERE!"

"I thought you would want to see what we actually found. The text encoded here was nearly microscopic. And it was in Romani. Thankfully, Kurt can actually read Romani, and he translated for me." Leyu offers. "I don't know why Sybil would be writing a note to Alex of all people." There's hurt in her voice, there. The note should have been for her, shouldn't it? Shouldn't it? "But it's obvious that something more is going on than I have been told. And that is going to change. I want to thank both of you for your help. It means more to me than I can say. Domo arigato."

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