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Shadowcat, Nightcrawler and Mirage

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Lobby - X-Factor Tower

Kitty, Kurt and Dani discuss Emma teaching at Xaviers

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----[Lobby - X-Factor Tower]----

At the receptionist desk, which happens to presently be female, Kurt is leaning on that desk. He is engaged in conversation with the holographic figure, "So, you're saying, you wouldn't dance with me becuase that isn't defined in your perimeters or are you trying to say its because you don't like blue elves?" He shrugs a little, "I'm not judging, I just want to be clear on this topic."
"Mr. Wagner," begins the holograph as if this were a routine conversation, to which she begins to talk about appropriate behavior with the staff or some other routine response.

Shadowcat beaming in with Lockheed she just gives the Dragon a nod and off he goes to breathe fire at Kurt's butt

It's a cold day in the city though thankfully the Tower is well heated, something Dani is going to need after her long day having to go to this meeting and that as part of her duties as either Dean at Xavier's or XF member. She walks in bundled in a jacket, but with the bitter winter cold it is hardly enough. Especially with the tall buildings acting like wind tunnels "Isn't it summer yet?" she complains as the doors close behind her "Because it can't come soon enough.

"Someday, you'll enjoy yo...." begins Kurt before he is breathed at, to which he jumps, bamfing a bit and then looking around. "I thought we declared behinds off limits!" As if calling cheat but grinning all the same. Then he ponders summer and Dani, "You know, it is summer somewhere in the world ... we just have to get there ..."

Shadowcat gives Kurt a look "don't make me reprogram the holograms to sabertooths, kurt" uh oh kitty wasn't in s good mood. Hugging Lockheed to her as he came flying over snickering kitty went to find a comfy seat and grumbled. "I thought you liked the cold Dani?" asgard and all.

"Asgard was a different kind of cold and not so windy." she sheds her coat and scarve, moving to join Kitty at the little clutch of comfy chairs in the waiting area "Not to mention the large selection of bodies to get warm with." she asides in a low tone to her female team mate.

Moving over to be closer to the ladies, namely Kitty, Kurt tries to puff up his chest a little, like he could pull off an Asgardian figure, "You're saying earth is lacking in context, ja?" Still he grins, but then ponders of Kitty, "Everything is allright, pranks are outlawed at the school again?"

Shadowcat smirks at Dani "you'll have to bring me for a visit sometime" then reaches up to brush her fingers along kurt's cheek "worse...evil in white is teaching ethics with cap" just the thought of it made kitty moody

Dani stays quiet about what earth is missing and what it is not "Going some place warm would be nice, though I doubt I could get the time off for it." at the mention of Frost teaching at the school Dani frowns. She has known about it since it happened, and she still isn't happy with the idea. She has been going back and forth on whether she wants to continue at the school, but so far has stuck around as Dean, if only to help mitigate the woman's influence.

Kurt pretends to follow what evil white and cap actually means, though even for him that one sort of slides. "Nonsense, how could Snowy Mountain and the Matterhorn be teaching ethics, does Disney even know you've stolen his mountain for the school." Though, if that were really true, Kurt would really be the first in line for the ride.

Shadowcat ruffles Kurt's hair "pretty sure that would have hit the national news by now if I had. No Emma frost is teaching a mandatory ethics class at the school with captain America as a way to turn the kids around and stop the prejudice because she thinks the majority are borderline sociopaths"

Despite the fact that she is not happy about the teaching situation at Xavier's Mirage does find Kurt's comment funny, she even got the references before it even being explained "We should start taking bets on who busts a gasket first.

While warm to the touches of Kitty all the same, Kurt is torn between how he should feel about Emma teaching, and alongside Captain America all the same. "I hate to say it," says Kurt, "But perhaps there is well meaning in this, not merely to teach the students a few manners? I mean, Captain America and Emma together." He nods towards Dani, "I'd be first to place bets that a gasket gets blown, my money on Captain I think, but because Emma encouraged it without him knowing it. Though, if Jean is monitoring the situation ... I mean, either the whole school is compromised or ... its legit ..."

Shadowcat chuckles at Dani's idea "I blew a gasket soon as Jean told me, thank goodness she had her shield tight our I think I would've battered her like tornado. I almost put my money on Emma messing with jean's head, I mean she they'd each been in the other's mind, who knows what happened with that"

Dani nods at both, "Captain America seems to be a patient person. I can't imagine him going off on anyone unless there was some mental toying involved." or unless that person was Hitler, but she doesn't say that out loud "I wasn't happy about it either. I quit my team in the past because of her, apparently I must have matured since then since I presently still have a job.

"I still don't know, Charles let Emma teach a little last year, only after he'd discovered Selene's intentions with the Massachusetts Academy did he suspend Emma and, from what I heard it was only on speculation that she knew what was really going on," says Kurt, perhaps moving into the possibility of redepmtion mode. "I mean, we'd have to assume both Jean as well as the Avengers have been dupped into not thinking something is remiss ... but, I'm not one to talk on the topic." Consider last summer that is.

Shadowcat grumbles about the whole mess before nodding to Dani "or they're Hitler...emma isn't far off" then she looked at kurt "Yeah she taught here and kids died under her watch, wet have a statue of them because of her rather then a success story what did she do after that? Did she avoid selene? no. she went right back to selene and the academy, knowing the intentions and plans. She didn't even try to make up for it out stay on the right path on her own, she went and joined the hellfire club for crying out loud"

"Well the first sign of her moving in at Xavier's I will be moving out. Be on stand by Kitty. I may need your help in programming a room here." since she always lived at Xavier's so one was never programmed for her on SHIP.

Kurt makes a scrunchy face, perhaps uncomfortable at presuming forward wrong doing on past behavior. "Ich weiƟ nicht," he says slowly, "I mean, maybe there is some other way to assure she is on the up and up? She may well by trying to make amends, if in her own way?"

Shadowcat leans her head against kurt, trying to calm him down as much as she needs to herself "So far she had sandman and Jean munching on her bait. but how can we make sure she's sincere this time?"

Shadowcat says, "you bet Dani, anytime you need"

Dani apparently doesn't want to either think about or discuss the Emma situation anymore "I'm going to head upstairs. I have a couple hours before I am due back at Xavier's, I think I will spend them defrosting in the hot tub." she gathers her coat and scarf "I'll see you two later." she then moves toward the elevator.

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