She Pushed Him

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Mirage and Havok

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07/12/12 10:10

Rear Lawn - Xavier Estate

Havok tells Mirage about kicking Gypsy Moth off the team. They talk about potential members.

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Walking out of the back of the mansion, then crossing the patio and onto the lawn, Alex, in costume, walks directly toward Mirage. When within voice (non yelling) shot, he says, "She pushed me."

Walking out of the back of the mansion, then crossing the patio and onto the lawn, Alex, in costume, walks directly toward Mirage. When within voice (non yelling) shot, he says, "She pushed me."

Dani managed to free herself from the Med Bay and is out on the lawn grooming (quite clumsily) Brightwind, probably in preperation for her upcoming trip. It's not easy doing stuff when your dominant arm is in a sling. She looks up an Alex's approach. "Of course she did." she doesn't have to question who 'she' is "I take it we are down another member?"

A slight pause as he glances over the pegasus, "Yep. Just an escallation of her normal mode of operation, questioning everything, doing it her way, and of course I didn't believe a damn word she said about not creating another sex club."

Moving around the pegasus, who gives the new comer a curious look and sniff before returning to grazing, Dani nods, not at all surprised "Sounds like a few other people I know." she gives a slight smirk. "You are right to doubt her, I would." she ponders a moment "May I make a suggestion?" she does wait for an answer since she only asked rhetorically "How about you recruit from within the school? There are plenty of older students that would make excellent junior members of the team.

"I've been thinking about that. Surge definitely comes to mind. If that Richenda girl was a little more useful, she could be an option."

He lets Brightwind sniff, and then will pet the snout shortly after.

"Despite her pants issues, Chenda is quite handy." Dani rests her free arm along the back of the pegasus, "She was integral in helping get Kurt free from his captors a few months ago. She was also with me at the start of the shadow demon debacle, we got separated, but I hear she was pivotal in protecting on of the evacuation centers that was set up. She could have fled the city like a number of people did, but she stayed and helped.

"Would she make a better X-Man or New Mutant?" Alex puts it into his perspective on how he views skill levels.

Dani gives the question some serious thought, "I would have welcomed her into the New Mutants." she nods in support of her statement "With some intense training she could be up to X-Man level within a few months, six months tops. She is not the scrapper the team could really use, but she is sneaky and handy with a bobby pin.

"Exactly. Months of training. We need members that are effective and confident with their power. We need a telepath, a brick, a scrapper, and a protector, someone like Jean or Lorna with force fields. We don't need someone who drops their pants every time they get scared."

"I know that and Val knows that, so who does she send us," Dani drops her arm from Brightwind and gives him a pat to send him on to graze and turns her full attention onto Alex, "Sabertooth. Right now I would rather have someone a little less expereinced whom I can trust at my back then anyone that Val sends us right now.

Silence. Alex says nothing as he looks away and across the field toward the mansion. He finally states, "Me too."

Dani stifles a sigh at his agreement, "When I get back from Colorado I'll go through the student files and come up with a list of the most experienced students for you." she glances toward the school "Try not to blow up the place while I'm away." she once more gives him a smirk

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