She. . .Not It

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Jocasta Awakes

Sandman, the Vision, and Jocasta, SHIELD scientist

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07/14/12 14:15

Electronics Lab - Sub-Basement - Avengers Mansion

Jocasta awakes and is greeted by Sandman and the Vision

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Late Saturday afternoon and Sandman has made his way into the Lab in the Sub-basement of the Avengers Mansion. He has been pretty much out of commission after the unexpected attack by former Avenger, Jocasta. Rendered inert by Beta Ray Bill, the Avengers Crew brought here in hopes of finding out what made her go rogue. Though as usual with various missions through the universe the Avengers are kept busy. Some SHIELD scientists and engineers have been brought in to assist, one has summoned the Avengers. Sandman being one to easily move through the mansion arrives first. The scientist stands over by a control panel and offers to Sandman, “Sir, we have figured out how to make Jocasta operational, but we have no way of knowing how she will act. Scans show no reason why she attacked you the way she did. Should we proceed to turn her back on?” Sandman looks over the metallic woman and ponders a thought.

As the scientist makes his explanation to Sandman, The Vision arrives from a room above the one everyone is currently in. The ghostly-white Avenger descends to the floor, having phased through the ceiling. The Vision states, "I would find it doubtful that scans out ascertain her conscious reasonings for her attack. She is alive and does make decisions of her own will..."
As if Vizh found it mildly insulting what the scientist said. He settles down against the floor and wraps his cape around his body. Vizh asks, "No external influences detected, though? Compared against her baseline from her time as an Avenger? Ultron could..." He trails off and purses his lips, clearly not wanting to follow through with the possibility he was about to utter.

Frowning the moment the Vision arrives, Sandman’s recent experience has made him leery of the type of life forms which Vision and Jocasta are. He holds his opinion for the moment as Vision speaks and finishes Vision’s comment, “That Ultron has somehow possessed her or something. . .” Looking the Vision up and down, “Ultron’s kids have a tendency to flip out every now and then, huh Vizh.” Shaking his head and looking to the scientist who seems uncertain how to respond decides to touch some buttons on the control panel. Jocasta who is strapped in place with metallic restrains seems to momentarily come to life. . .making noises akin to what a human would gasping for a breathe, though she has no need for air. She makes the equivalent noise. In a cold robotic version of Wasp’s voice, “I. . .I live.”

The Synthetic Avenger looks over his shoulder and reminds Sandman, "We all seem to, at one time or another, 'flip out'. Not merely those of us with origins dominated by Ultron." Vizh turns his head and attention back around to Jocasta. As Jocasta is reactivated and begins to stir, Vizh takes a couple of steps closer to her. His head tilts slightly and his eyes light up as scanning equipment within the Synthezoid start examining and analyzing his functional 'kin'. Vizh says to Jocasta, "It is apparent that you do."

Sandman hmmmns and instantly shifts his form to his pssamic form, a hardened humanoid body of sand, the moment he hears Jocasta stir and he mumbles something under his breath about robots. “Vizh, ask her why she tried to kill me?” Jocasta remains lying on the table making no move to attack or fight, “Vision?” Turning her hand and scan the area visually and using her own naturally powerful abilities, “How have I come to be here? Last I was destroyed by the High Evolutionary. How is it that yet again, I live and yet again I am here with the Avengers.” Sandman hmmmns a moment as he tries to remember back on what he has read about her.

The Vision shakes his head at what Jocasta says. He's quiet a moment further while he finishes a final scan of the other artificial being. He responds to her, "Jocasta; What memories do you have in relation to attacking the Avengers' Mansion and the Avengers?" He tilts his head, "It is time for my questions; I will attempt to respond to yours after I am satisfied."
Any scans will show she is as she was when she was last with the Avengers. No outside influences, signals, enery, etc. She looks to Sandman and to the Vision, “Wait this is different.” She does her own scans to reveal the Vision is primarily the same as she knows him, but there is a difference. “Your form? You appear as pale as a ghost. And is that not Sandman, a known villain and member of the Sinister Six. Something is afoot.” She begins to try to break from her restraints which have been prepared and reinforced to handle her strength and abilities. Sandman moves forward, “Looks like your girlfriend has been updated to the changes, Vizh.”

The Vision cuts his eyes to the side but does not turn to look over his shoulder at Sandman. He responds to his quip, "She is no more my 'girlfriend' than she is yours, Sandman." His inhuman eyes turn to look back at the other artificial being, "Jocasta; A lot has occurred in your absence. Simply accept that answers will come in time. I am the same Vision as you knew. Do not let my aesthetics convince you otherwise." He gestures towards Sandman with a hand turn of his waist, "And that is the same Sandman you spoke of, but different. His membership with the Avengers is a complicated story that we can not divulge presently. Now; Return to my inquirey. Do you remember attacking the Avengers?"

“I have only ever been an ally to the Avengers despite their repeated ignorance of me. I did attack the Avengers when I first awoke in this very room. You were among those that I fought. But that has been since resolved as I worked with my friends against Ultron. That is the only memory of an attack that I have. I have since only ever been a friend to the Avengers. My last memory is working with the Captain, the female Yellow Jacket, Hercules, the Hulk and Falcon against the High Evolutionary. I was lost in that battle to a blast from the High Evolutionary. And now I have awoken here.” Sandman hpmhs, “Well, Bride of Ultron, you showed up our house a few days. Beat the crap out of me and had to be taken down. . .no memory of that, huh?” Shaking his head, Sandman pthbbts, “Convenient.”

The Vision accepts what Jocasta says with a simple nod. He turns to regard Sandman for a moment, "She is tethered and restrained, Sandman. Even if she does remember, her denial does not matter. The facts are that she attacked you. Now I am more curious to know why she denies it. Does she truly not remember? If not; Why?" He turns to look back at Jocasta, "Be easy, Jocasta. We have people here at the Mansion that are analyzing and checking you to figure out why you did what you did. You need not fear. Answers for your questions and ours will all be answered in time."

“Very well, Vision. I trust you.” She turns to look at the Sandman, “I apologize if what you say is true. I have no memory and my own internal scans reveal no information as to why such an event would have occurred.” Jocasta then looks to the Avengers, “Is anyone hurt? I meant no harm, Vision. You must believe me.” If a robotic voice could sounds scared and frightened while the tone naturally cold and robotic, then that is how Jocasta sounds at the moment. “I shall remain restrained if to gain the trust of my allies. But, Vision, my last few memories of the Avengers reveal. . .unacceptance. . .as if I was never truly a part of the team. . .Is these memories false? Did the Avengers come to find me? When I first left, I had not been acknowledged as a full Avenger. I left and. . .no one bothered or was concerned. Have things gotten better for us, Vision?”

"Situations have changed and progressed." Is the Vision's answer to Jocasta. He half-turns away from her and says, "You should enter a rest and evaluation cycle, Jocasta. There is work to be done and more clues to uncover." He fully turns away, now, and looks towards Sandman and the scientist. He walks towards them, "So what information have we been able to collect?"

An audible inhuman sigh can be heard as she follows the Vision’s orders. The light in her eyes seems to fade as she enters into the rest cycle. Sandman shakes his head disappointingly,
“Well, that was pointless. We should just turn her off.” Sandman walks towards her body and seems to look around for an off switch. The scientist returns to the control panel, but responds to the Vision, “As far as we can tell, Vision. There is nothing wrong with it. We cannot find any evidence of tampering. If there is any sort of virus, then the virus is more advanced that what we have at our disposal or is something new entirely, but all information reveals the it is fine.”

"She." The Vision corrects both Sandman and the SHIELD Scientist. He unfurls his cape and lets it flutter down to his sides and behind him. He crosses his arms over his chest, "She self-identifies in a feminine gender, so it is respectful to refer to her as 'she' not as 'it'." he turns to look at Sandman, "Mysteries are not often solved so quickly, unfortunately. Exercise patience and everything will be made clear in time." He looks back at the scientist, "If you would; Please copy any data into my personal folders on our network. That is, again, if you would. During my 'off' time I will dive into the data personally."

Sandman shakes his head and he shifts back and is fully human, “Whatever, Vision. Fine ‘she’” He looks over her body, “Ultron definitely got the shape right.” Sandman hmphs as he turns back to the Vision as the scientist nods in response to the Vision, “Yes, sir.” He begins to set up the system to allow for interface with the Vision’s set-up.

The Synthezoid nods to the Scientist, "Yes; Thank you, sir." The Ghostly Avenger raises a hand up, takes a step closer to the Scientist's station and a couple of tendrils slither out of the Avenger's wrist. They connect to two open ports and Vizh's eyes glow bright white. He announces, "Transfer commencing." After several moments and megabytes and gigabytes of data course through the tether, Vizh announces, "Transfer complete." The tendrils retract back into his hidden compartments in his forearm.

“That is not creepy at all, Vizh. Well, your girlf. . .your friend that is a girl. . .hopefully we find out what the hell happened to her. I want some questions answered. . .and an apology.” Sandman hmmmns a moment, “What did she mean by ‘unacceptance’ by the Avengers? Weren’t you a part of the team when she was? I thought you robots, er, synthezoids would be all buddy buddy.”

The Synthetic Avenger turns to look at Sandman. He cocks his head to one side and raises an eyebrow at him, "Those are ancillary questions that can be dealt with at a different time, Sandman. For now, I am retiring to my quarters to parse the data that our SHIELD colleague has been able to compile. You-" he pauses and gestures towards the door, "-should probably not count on an apology until after we determine the cause for it." Vizh floats up off of the floor and begins to ascend towards the ceiling.

A sly grin forms on his face, “Fair enough. . .Vizh, have fun parsing data.” With that Sandman shifts his form to a sand form and spins about a bit and makes his own exit through the vent allowing for quicker movement through the mansion.

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