She is an Imp

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Hellstorm & Aurora

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Columbus Park, Boston

An encounter that leads to hostility and understanding.

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-----==[ Columbus Park - Boston ]==-------------------------------------------

Located right next to Boston's Inner Harbor and the east side, Columbus Park gives visitors another place to take a break from the hussle and bussle of the city. While mostly grass, a few trees give visitors a piece of shade in the summer, and a makeshift umbrella during the winter. Boats can be seen coming and going, as Boston Harbor is still widely used as a port city. Within walking distance is the New England Aquarium, home of more than 2,000 fish and aquatic animals.


Jeanne-Marie is sitting in the shade, holding a French bible with her hands, reading over some passages and enjoying the enormous sense of well being that this activity gives her over all others.

To her left (the sinister side) a man steps up and stands looking out across the expanse. He comments, "Lovely weather, isn't it?"

Wearing a dark Italian suit, the strong frame of Daimon Hellstrom stands within expensive shoes. His hair is longer, pulled back into a pony tail and hung down his spine. He straightens the left cuff and moves to the right as he awaits her response.

Jeanne-Marie looks to her side at the sound of the voice, and then looks up at Daimon's face, and immediately she becomes a bit nervous. "Oui...fine weat'er for reading zee bible," Jeanne-Marie speaks with a faint voice. "You're not 'ere for me, are you?" She just wants to make sure before she decides to run away.

"Of course I'm here for you, lovely. Do you think I stumbled upon you by happenstance?" he smiles as he looks down upon her. "But... allow me to clarify, I'm not here for your soul, unless you wish to freely give it or exchange it for something far more material. But let's disregard that. I'm here because you're here and I was curious as to why you wish to elude me? Aside from the obvious - being the Son of Satan and all. It should be a simple choice of, 'You're beautiful, I'm dashing - of course we should be seen together."

"I was hoping," Jeanne-Marie murmurs as she slowly closes her bible, as if fearful Daimon's presence alone might somehow sully it. "You cannot 'ave my soul, it is only for Jesus Christ," Jeanne-Marie sounds quite adamant and angry at the mere thought. "T'ere you 'ave named zee reason yoursailf." Jeanne-Marie looks away from Daimon where he makes the simple connection of they're both good looking so they should be together, "vanity eez a sin."

"Then you should be wearing a burqa and cover your entire body, do not shave your long legs, wear makeup - or in your case, be naturally radiant, brush your lovely hair or wear attractive clothing. For you are committing sin - by your definition.", comments Hellstrom regarding her last remark.

"You are being ridiculous," Jeanne-Marie says not too fondly to Daimon, not appreciating his tone, "I am not a 'eat'en like zee Muslims." One has to admit it's kinda reassuring having the knowledge you follow the one supreme truths and everyone who believe otherwise are wrong. "I do not wear makeup," Jeanne-Marie states, as she starts to stand up and walk away while placing her bible in her purse. "My clothes are modest enough, I do not draiss like a 'arlot."

Oh, that will not do. Her walking away is matched by his own pace and he continues, "Of course you do not dress as a harlot. Yet, I was pointing out that your absolutes are not within natural reason or by your terms, acceptable practice. Whereas you draw the line with your mid range collar, some wear full covering and others allow for a plunging neckline. In all cases, they are defined by their own social standards. You, being the prim and proper lady that you are, are perfect in your own right. Just as everyone else - by their standards."

"Why are you following me?" Jeanne-Marie asks, a tinge of fearfulness evident in her voice, as the Son of Satan, he is about the worst of demons she can think of and she doesn't want to consort with him under any circumstance. That he is following her is making her highly nervous and agitated. "I already told you zat you cannot 'ave my soul." Looking momentarily at Daimon, Jeanne-Marie seems confused, "you are not 'onestly looking to give me fashion tips, eh?"

"Again, you take my origins as my nature." states Hellstrom as he contradicts her assessment of his intentions. "I'm a hero. I deny my father his plan for me and I embrace the path of those that call themselves good. Albeit, my means and motives are not as pure and just as your own. I am but a man drawn to your flame as any red blooded male would. Have you no idea of your allure, your enchantment?"

"It eez 'ard to ignore zat you are a demon," Jeanne-Marie states matter of factly, arching a brow when Daimon insists he is a hero. "Pentagrams are oft related to witch craft and demons," Jeanne-Marie points out the obvious. "I am no seductress! I do not consort wit' naked men! Stop it! Quiet, I do not 'ave allure. Zat...zat imp 'as it! Not me!"

"Zat imp?" He questions in her accent. Hellstrom suddenly has a curious streak as to what she's referring to. "Tell me, what imp?"

"Do not mock me!" Jeanne-Marie snaps, upset as Daimon obviously take to mock her by mimicing her accent, she tries to hasten her pace, but unless she actually use her powers, she's not likely to lose Hellstrom. "Zee imp zat been tormenting me...probably your creation, if not your father's! Leave me be!"

His eyes clear a moment as he stares into her. Realizing she's not going to stop, he will reach across his body to her closest wrist to turn her toward him, "One moment, allow me to inspect you for possession. Perhaps this imp can be exorcized and you can be free of its servitude."

"Monsieur!" Jeanne-Marie cries loudly when she suddenly finds her wrist grabbed by Daimon, the sudden force pulling on her getting her to turn a bit towards Daimon. "W'y s'ould I trust a demon? You are probably going to summon 'er, aren't you? Don't you dare!"

His free hand will move to her face, if allowed, it will cradle her cheek as he looks deep within her eyes. "I give you my word." then he smirks at the irony of the statement and does not bother to continue. Instead, he searches for demonic possession/ he mutters words in latin.

Jeanne-Marie is quick, a little too quick, to block Daimon's hand as it reaches for her face. "Non!" Jeanne-Marie calls out, "I am no 'arlot, don't you dare touch me, Monsieur!" She is getting a little bit aggravated, feeling her private space invaded freely. She's clearly unaware he was merely going to scan her for demonic possession, which if he can do even without a touch, he'll immediately note is not something she is actually suffering from, despite her personal beliefs.

The hand was only for comfort, the words are a small reveal spell - neither did he really need to look into her soul. His head tilts and brows furrow. "Strange, there is no imp, demon, or taint within you. Yet, you state /her/ and that she can be summoned. Who is this /her/ you speak of?"

"Oh she is a tricky one...she is zere, I know, I suffered enough," Jeanne-Marie seems adamant in her belief there is an imp tormenting her. "I rat'er not speak 'er name, it only gives 'er power. One day I will be cured, and she will be gone forevair, I ca promise you zat much."

"Cured?" Hellstrom asks, "As you know I am an exorcist. This is my chosen profession. I'm quite good at it as well and of my very nature I should be able to identify the imp you're speaking of, or even see a taint within your soul. These things are absent to me. Are you speaking metaphorically or physically? Is the /she/ an urge you have that because of your religious convictions feel that it is an evil desire? Or do you attribute it as a real person or entity?"

"Zat does not mean you know everyt'ing," Jeanne-Marie seems unwavering in her view of the matter, "Soeur Anne 'ave seen it, and she is a holy woman," Jeanne-Marie snaps at Hellstrom, coincidentally, Aurora might say Soeur Anne is a royal bitch who deserves nothing short of the worst torments. "She is real...others 'ave seen 'er, spoken wit' 'er, and she does evil wicked t'ings."

"I'm not denouncing your claim. Just trying to understand your claim." states Hellstrom in a clear tone before questioning, "Do you by chance suffer from a multiple personality disorder or have bipolar tendancies, perhaps hear voices in your head?"

Jeanne-Marie gets so upset when Hellstrom touches the point that's so often been raised, more often than not by her twin brother, that she actually shoves him with a surprising amount of force, which stems from the speed with which she shoves him. "Tais-toi!" She screams a bit violently and turns to walk away fists clenched tightly, "I am not crazy! Zere is not'ing wrong wit' me! Zere is only zee imp! She's everyt'ing zat's wrong!"

Being pushed back doesn't land him on his ass, but several yards back after a brief slide of his leather soles upon the green grass. Standing up straight, he will brush off the lapel of his suit and smile. He states, perhaps more to himself than to her as she moves away, "Seem's I've struck a nerve."

Luckily, Jeanne-Marie isn't blessed with super hearing, so she misses out what would have likely made her go on a full out assault on Hellstorm, instead she keeps walking away, her hands still clenched to fists, muttering in a possessed manner some scripture, as if to cleanse herself from the very accusation offered by Hellstorm moments ago.

Hellstrom lets her go. He'll run into her again, soon enough. Presently he has Lilin to hunt, there will be other times to hunt hot ass.

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