Shatterstar meets Shadowcat and it gets Negative

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Shatterstar meets Shadowcat

Shatterstar, Shadowcat

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10/01/12 00:30

The Danger Room

Shatterstar and Shadowcat meet in the Danger Room

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-----==[ Danger Room Control and Observation - Sublevel - Xavier Mansion ]==--

A simple, yet functional, booth-like room that sits perched above the training facility dubbed 'the Danger Room.' There is an expansive computer console on one side of the room, that sits before a large view-screen, that dominates the entire wall. The remaining walls are decked out with various other computer consoles and screens, which provide such things as bio-monitoring of Danger Room users, as well as files and records of previous Danger Room exercises.

OOC: Students do not have access to this room without a faculty member present. If you're a student and want to be in here on your own, please contact an IC staff member to negotiate thieving a keycard for the occasion... and the cameras watching you.

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[DR] - Danger Room - Sublevel - Xavie [O] - Western Corridor - Sublevel -

Shatterstar is in the danger room for another of his seemingly endless sessions, this time facing off against what seems like a platoon of soldiers firing darts. He leaps away from some shots, uses a hapless holographic soldier as a human shield against others, and actually manages to swat one dart out of the air with his -sword- before he's finally tagged and the simulation ends.

Coming into the danger room Shadowcat was dressed in her new X-Factor costume and in flew Lockheed at her side shoulder level from the floor "Wish I could get a look at that deviant device, must be so neat! huh Lockheed?" Looking around she blinks "Not bad, but next time try not using a human shield, if those darts are deadly and this were real...congratulations you just killed someone" a warm friendly smile on her face, lockheed landing on her shoulder.

Shatterstar turns to look at Shadowcat then nods slightly. "You are right. Although I hardly see the issue with using lethal force against enemies who do the same, I know that most of the X-Men would disapprove."

Nods her brown curly haired head "They would yes, and not lightly either, neither would X-Factor. Our enemies may use deadly force and use innocents as shields, lie and frame people, manipulate and engage in subterfuge. That's what seperates us from them, we don't kill and we don't use others to shield ourselves" she shrugs scritching lockheed under the chin with one hand "We even try to save the enemy in such a situation, or at the least protect them. I'm Shadowcat and this little guy is Lockheed" the miniature dragon turning his yellow eyes onto Shatterstar.

Shatterstar raises his sword in a warrior's salute. "Good to meet you. Both of you. I read about you in our files." He gives Shadowcat another quick looks, then turns to the now-empty danger room. "Are you here for a training session?"

Shadowcat smiles with a soft chuckle at the salute before her cheeks tinged a bit pink that she'd been researched "Yup, youngest xman ever, excalibur and now x-factor yadda yadda" chuckling again "So you researching everyone or just me,--?" prompting for a name for him "Yeah I was, hoping to get in some practice for the negative zone" Least it wasn't the beyonders dimension this time!

Shatterstar purses his lips thoughtfully. "I believe there was a session programmed for the Negative Zone...but it was basic. Movement and power use in the environment, without combat." He seems bemused at the idea. "Let me call it up."

Soon enough the surroundings are changed so that Shatterstar and Shadowcat appear to be standing on a large room-sized chunk of rock, floating in space. Other chunks float about all around them, some smaller and some larger. In the distance one can make out a particularly large asteroid with a metal structure build on it, and even farther away what might be a planet. Every so often a flicker of movement catches your eye, most often by the time you look there's nothing, but one time you catch a giant insectoid animal flying in the distance, before it disappears behind a rock.

"My name is Shatterstar," he introduces. "I just recently joined the X-Men myself." He can't quite keep the pride and satisfaction out of his voice.

Kitty nods with a smile "Good to meet you Shatterstar. Someone has explained things round here?" turning her head swiftly as she thought she saw something "Hmm so basically this place is a bunch of asteroids and bits of land floating around.." thinking about gravity and people falling off the edge, would they fall? or just float away?

Shatterstar stands on their chunk of rock, then flexes his knees and leaps for another one with a better view of the metal building. He adds a flip halfway through so that he lands on his feet, upside down. Every rock seems to have it's own gravity, so that regardless of the size or angle once Shatterstar has planted his feet on one, they can 'stand'. Shatterstar peers at the building and then points. "Structures as well," he points out. "That may be a dwelling of some kind."

Kitty handsprings, leaping and twisting end over end to launch off the rock and tuck into a ball before landing on hwer feet "Could be anything, fortess, weapons base...these insects flitting around have to live somewhere"

Shatterstar watches the acrobatics with interest before turning to examine the building again. A fierce grin spreads across his features. "Only one way to know for certain," he remarks. Then he springs from his rock and onto the next one on the way to there.

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