Shatterstar meets Rahne and nobody gets attacked

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Shatterstar meets Rahne

Shatterstar, Wolfsbane

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10/12/12 15:59

Xavier Institute Woods

Shatterstar meets Rahne

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-----==[ Eastern Forest - Xavier Estate ]==-----------------------------------

The forest around you now are full of old growth oaks towering into the skies above. They have been here since before the pilgrims and perhaps will be here long after we are gone. Birds sing to each other and provide a cacophony of sounds each with it's own purpose. Each with it's own soul behind it. And for a moment, as can happen only when one is standing in the deep woods, a stunning idea begins to form in that back of the mind. That behind each of those songs is a heart that beats and a mind that thinks and feels. That underneath each leaf is a root that tunnels ever downward past rocks and beetles and worms and further down past old bones that someone long ago sloughed off having learned they didn't need them anymore.
Bones that supported a heart that pumped blood to a tiny mind that could sing a song only a bird could understand but could touch the soul of any man.
There is a small path that leads from the Eastern Grounds of the estate to a small lakeside clearing. The path winds through the forest and is paved with cobblestones.

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[E] - Cliffside - Xavier Estate [NW] - Northern Forest - Xavier Estat
[SE] - Cove - Xavier Estate [SW] - Southern Forest - Xavier Estat
[W] - Eastern Grounds - Xavier Estat

Shatterstar trots a path about the grounds. He doesn't seem to be jogging strictly for excercise. There's the way he stops occasionally to kneel and examine features on the ground. There are the frequent pauses when he comes to elevated terrain to pan his gaze about the surroundings. And there's also the way he holds his sword unsheathed in one hand, occasionally transferring to the other but always ready for use.

He's not the only one in the woods. The question becomes: is he aware of it? Someone else has picked up on the fact there's another in the woods, this being a wolf of a reddish-brown color. It's one often found in these woods, as if it's part of the she's territory. One thing's for certain: she's tracking him in some fashion. Is he doing the same?

Shatterstar isn't tracking the wolf. In fact, he seems at first to be completely oblivious to her presence. But soon he comes to a fallen tree (which appears to have been sliced through about five feet from the ground). Shatterstar leaps onto the trunk and balances there, turning slowly to look around the forest...

Silence around him, except for the usual forest sounds. A bird here, some crunch of undergrowth there. Other than that, it seems he's the only one there. Thing is, he's not. Quietly, almost ghostlike, the wolf prowls as she moves closer, eyes locked on him as he balances, facing away from her.

Shatterstar steps into space and then drops the short distance to the ground, flexing his knees as he lands and shifting his sword to one side so he doesn't accidentally skewer himself. Then he's trotting off again. Although his path changes often, sometimes seemingly at random, he keeps in the same general direction. A huge circuit outside the perimeter of the mansion.

The idea is tempting, but the prospect of coming to terms with the sword is less appealing. So it ends up that the wolf moves on and circles around ahead of Shatterstar's path. When he comes around a bend she's there, Wolfsbane, leaning against a tree by a shoulder, arms folded across her front. She's in costume. "Hey, bub." Granted, she's hardly /that/ guy.

Shatterstar slows to a stop, but then nods respectfully. "Wolfsbane," he greets her. "Are you patrolling the grounds as well? I didn't realize, I can move to another region so we do not waste our efforts..."

"I think I'll leave tha' gretting tae Wolverine," she murmurs, pushing away from the tree to step closer. Her look is mostly human except for the mild traits of the wolf, mainly in fur, claws, ears and teeth. Face is fairly normal, hair tied in a ponytail to the middle of her back. "Patrolling? Och, nae. I was just off for a run when I caught yuir scent."

Shatterstar nods in agreement. "Yes, running is one of the best ways to maintain stamina and overall fitness levels." He peers at you more closely. "My scent?" He turns his head slightly to one side, listening, thinking, remembering. "But the wind is in the other..." Understanding dawns on him then - or so he thinks. "So you were running behind me and then overtook me? Impressive!"

Wolfsbane wears a somewhat amused look on her face. "I know these woods like th' back of muh paw...well, hand, right noo," she explains, looking at one that is very much not a paw at the moment. "An' aye, I followed ye an' looped around a wee bit." She can't help but add with a grin, "I remember X-Factor getting th' best o' X-Force before, but.." Shaking her head, the smile goes by the wayside. "But I guess we're X-Men noo, aren't we?"

Shatterstar's brows lower slightly, but then he nods again, more slowly this time. Being an X-Man overrides any feelings of resentment he might have for past defeats. "Indeed. It is an honor." He examines her again, then turns his attention to the woods. "So, you find yourself at home in this type of terrain? Your senses and shapeshifting abilities must help, but how much time did you spend in this area? How often did you come here?"

There were many other factors that led into the situation that pitted X-Factor against X-Force, but who can forget what Wolfsbane did to Feral? Since then she's been cured of what ailed her, namely certain Genoshan influences, and here they are. "It was something we always looked forward to in th' New Mutants," she says, a look of reminiscence passing before she nods. "Usually a' least an hour a day. It's just part o' muh routine. Th' running is good for me, an' it lets me spend some time as a wolf." Then, "What about ye? What led tae ye coming back?"

Shatterstar slides his sword back into a case on his back as he thinks over the question. "Cyclops asked me to join the X-Men," he finally replies. "Doing so entailed returning to Professor Xavier's mansion." He nods in that rough direction. "X-Force has grown...directionless, as of late. Most of our time is spent pursuing individual interests, and the MLF and other mutant villains seem quiet. So it seemed a perfect time."

"I needed some time away from X-Factor an' th' mansion, so I spent a year or so in an apartment in New York City," Rahne says in response. "He eventually asked me th' same question an' I finally said yes..about a month ago noo?" She sounds unsure of the timing, but nods as if to say it's close enough. "I thought it made sense tae go in another direction. It sounds like ye needed a new path as well."

"Something like that," Shatterstar admits. Then he shakes his head. "Not so much for myself - I'm content with being a warrior, a fighter. When it is in service of such a glorious cause, so much the better. But someday I will return to my own world, to overthrow the twisted regime of Mojo and his kind. But to bring real change, to make things different, I will have to be different."

Nodding slowly, Wolfsbane paces a few steps this way and that, remaining in motion. "I remember something about tha' Mojo. Na verra much, though," she says and admits, seemingly unsure of what else to say about that. "In th' meantime, I'm sure ye can do good with us."

You say, "Yes. Although the rules of engagement are more constricting than ever. No killing, no maiming, respect the government authorities and when possible their laws and restrictions..." he sighs. "Not to mention the trainees."

"An' how do ye cope with tha'?" Wolfsbane wonders, aware enough of his training and tendencies to understand it's definitely a restriction on what he's used to. "I dinna like th' idea o' killing people, but I've done it before an'..well, I'll just leave it a' tha'." The sudden memory of it makes her frown, glancing away.

"Non-lethal combat was part of my training as a warrior," Shatterstar assures. "As bloodthirsty as Mojo - and more importantly, his viewers - can be, they sometimes want to build rivalries. Allow for longer storylines." Shatterstar shrugs. "But this world's laws and regulations are burdensome. And worse, inconsistently applied. A human hero violating a law during the course of their adventures may be forgiven. But a mutant violating that same law..."

Wolfsbane remembers the shows, leading to a slow nod. "As ridiculous as ye probably think our world is, from what I've heard o' Mojo it's even crazier where ye're from. I canna imagine having tae fight for..TV ratings an' stories. But ye're right about th' laws, an' that's why we're trying tae do what we can an' show people mutants can be good an' helpful, na just bad an' destructive."

Shatterstar considers that. "Yes, I think I see what you mean." He focuses on Wolfsbane now. "And if our skills and powers help to defend the school and the trainees here, so much the better. Speaking of which, how have you found the school since you returned?"

Wolfsbane pauses to lay a hand against the trunk of a tree, a claw tapping against it. "I'm still working on finding muh place in th' X-Men. I'm na used tae feeling like I belong in tha' group. I guess it's also different being here na as a student, but as an adult. It's also taken some getting used tae since it was rebuilt."

"Your place?" Shatterstar seems surprised. "Doesn't that come as a factor of your powers and experience?"

"I mean..Wolverine, Cyclops..they've been doing this a long time compared tae me, an' have seen a lot more," the wolfen mutant explains. "Aye, I've been in X-Factor an' we did things as th' New Mutants, but I need tae see how we all work with each other an' how our powers go together, if tha' makes sense," Wolfsbane finishes. He might - it's the strategy side of it.

You say, "Yes, that's a good point. Well, one of the other benefits of being part of the X-Men, is the danger room." Shatterstar can hardly contain his excitement. "I've aready spent many hours in battle simulations. It's even better than I remember."

Wolfsbane sniffs, as if amused. "Aye, what with ye an' Dani having been using th' Danger Room so much lately, plus some o' th' students, there's hardly any time for th' rest o' us." It may not be quite that bad, but the schedule is often very specific. "But ye're right."

Shatterstar looks apologetic now. "I didn't mean to exclude others from training by my own use," he murmurs. "Perhaps we should set a time in which to train as a team."

Wolfsbane waves it off, shaking her head. "It's na a problem, really. We all do need th' time as a team, though," she agrees. "I know ye're verra focused on th' things ye work on." She rubs an ear, picking at a bit of the costume near the shoulder.

"Of course," Shatterstar seems surprised at the comment. Isn't everyone? "I have a question," he ventures. "Your senses - you can use them to track others, correct? How long does a 'trail' last?"

"More than some o' th' others, I mean," she explains, like it's all he lives for. Wolfsbane leans against the tree again, studying him with more than just her eyes. "Aye. It depends on how strong th' scent is an' what else is around. Something in th' woods, like yuirs..I could follow it a lot easier than one in th' city."

Shatterstar rubs his chin in thought. "What about rain? Or if many people are in an area...would that make it harder to track a specific person?"

Wolfsbane's head tilts. She's curious. "Usually anything tha' weakens th' scent I'm after or makes it harder tae pick oot, it makes it harder. Why?" She's figuring there's a point to the sudden questions.

Shatterstar hesitates, then replies slowly. "I was taken to a crime scene by the police...a murder. It's been a few days now since the actual events took place, but I was considering going back and looking for signs of what happened. And who is responsible."

Wolfsbane frowns at the news, looking about the way one would expect as she listens to it, namely saddened. Unfortunately for him and his possible hopes she says, "If it was in th' city an' it's a few days old, I doubt I could pick up anything. If it's more than a few hours old in a place like tha', it's verra hard, almost impossible. I might be able tae see some things, but smell..probably na."

Shatterstar nods in understanding. "Perhaps I'll have to wait and see what the police officers discover."

Wolfsbane offers, "Maybe Wolverine can help ye find something. Sorry." She gives him a helpless look. Of course she wishes it was different.

Shatterstar shakes his head. "You have nothing to apologize for," he says confidently. Then after a moment he shrugs. "It may have nothing to do with us."

"I know, but thanks. I just want tae help if I can," Wolfsbane says, then she looks around at the trees and other parts of the forest. "I should let ye get back tae yuir run, though. I need tae get back inside."

Shatterstar raises a hand. "Goodbye, Wolfsbane." He then reaches over his shoulder to draw the sword before heading off again into the woods.

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