Shattered Past

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Spiral, Shatterstar

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A subway in NYC

Shatterstar and Spiral continue their conversation

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Shatterstar walks up the steps of the subway into Midtown. Even in hero-filled New York his outlandish costume will draw looks, but he does his best to ignore them as he walks over to a tiny map posted outside of the subway entrance, studying it.

Spiral on the other hand probably will draw looks, because she looks particularly outlandish. And more than that, every other person seems to know she's Rotten to the Core. Except her - well, sort of.
"So. You seemed to recognise me. I do not recognise you. You are not mentioned in the files I have obtained, either." she says, eying Shatterstar curiously. Especially his hands. They look like Longshot's hands, or, indeed, her own.

Shatterstar nods in agreement with Spiral. "I would be surprised if any files mentioned me. I haven't been on this world for long." He looks up and down the street and then nods in one direction. "This way, I believe."

After they start walking, Shatterstar turns his head to look at Sprial and continues (the conversation, that is - he hasn't been able to keep from watching her out of the corner of his eye this entire time). "I know you, of course. Everyone on our world does. Except you, I suppose." He adds this last part gravely.

"Ah... you /are/ from the same dimension as myself and Longshot." Spiral says, and gives him the eye. A rather less friendly eye. Even thought of Longshot makes the bile rise in her throat. She doesn't remember exactly what he's done, but she knows it's bad - and she knows hate. She has a /lot/ of hate, more than enough hate to cut through her partial amnesia easily enough.

"Longshot? Then you do remember something." Shatterstar steps a few feet farther away from Spiral, reaching up and pulling the sword off his back...but as soon as it's in his hands he shifts his grip so that he's grasping it by the blade, lightly so that it doesn't cut him. Then he frowns in concentration, and suddenly he's holding a long staff made of the same metallic white substance as his swords. "The only question," he continues, "Is how long until you remember the rest?"

"All I remember sometimes is Longshot..." Spiral admits, her voice thick with emotion. "The first thing I remembered on arriving here was him. Though, I did not know why. Now I have a better idea.". A couple of her fists clench unconsciously, as if around that piece of trash's throat perhaps.
She half turns then, glowing eyes looking over Shatterstar with quiet regard. "Time is not something as easily qualified as most people think.".

Shatterstar returns the look evenly, then remarks. "Neither is memory. When I first came here, it took me time to remember why. I knew some things...who I was, how to fight (as if I could ever forget!), even the hunters that soon followed. But it took hours before I could explain to those who found me where I had come from, and how."

Spiral eyes the metal staff in Shatterstar's hand. "No, I suppose not. But for me at least memories and time are inextricably linked. Perhaps for you, it is fighting that is your focus.". She shrugs, not too caring. Now, she's just thinking about Longshot, her mind constantly wandering back to him now that he's been brought up. And while it's not so easy to tell given her odd eyes, her gaze is drawn to Shatterstar's hands often, too.

Shatterstar rests the staff over one shoulder now as they walk. "If you don't mind my asking, what have you learned so far? About yourself, I mean." He finally comes to a stop a block away from the police station. Police cruisers are almost continuously driving in and out of the area, as are officers on foot. Some of them notice the pair and soon are radio'ing information to others using the small devices worn on their shoulders.

Spiral looks rather cagey for a moment. "I know about my involvement in the past of this planet now." she admits, having read the files Ares promised her about her Freedom Force days, and occasional sightings by X-Men. None of which ended too well. "And a few more things, here and there. Nothing concerning you, though.". And then there's the reaction she seems to provoke in people, but that's pretty much a given.
But she leaves it at that.

"I see." Shatterstar watches the reactions of the police that have seen them so far, noting a few more emerging from the station. "What a stange situation!" he suddenly exclaims. "If you've forgotten as much as you claim --" his glance flicks towards Spiral and he doesn't try to keep the suspicion out of his eyes, "Then there would be little point in fighting. And little honor in it, since you would not be yourself." He seems to consider. By now the newly emerged officers have moved to back up the first. And a few of them have hands on their still-holstered guns, although the others warn them not to try.

"It seems like there are plenty of other people here for you to fight. That woman in the subway, and now all these humans." Spiral says with a slight smile, one hand indicating the police with a sweep of one arm. "But you only have two arms, it would hardly be fair." she adds silkily.

Shatterstar looks surprised. "Fight? No, their kind doesn't fight." He seems to speak from experience. "At least not artfully. They've been trained only to subdue. But it may not even come to that. Firestar said they only want to talk. To question me."

Spiral points at the guns in their holsters, as the cops gather around. "Those can hurt." she tells him, and laughs a little, remembering. The laugh sounds a little bit strained - not many people can remember shooting themselves in the back, after all. "If someone is a good shot, anyway.".
A lot of the cops are eying up Spiral as well as Shatterstar. Maybe she's known to a few of them, too! "Perhaps I should bid you farewell at this point. After all, it's you they want.". So innocent.

Shatterstar nods in agrement, then takes a few steps towards the police, using the staff more like a walking stick now. He casts look back at Spiral. "Until we meet again - perhaps your memory will be more intact and we can have our duel."

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