September at the Mansion

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A hot afternoon out on Xavier's lawn speaking casually as one would expect students of the school to do.

Keith, Seth, Blindfold, Vaughn, Iceman

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09/02/12 19:15

Courtyard - Xavier Estate

A social afternoon for Xavier students and Iceman

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-----==[ Courtyard - Xavier Estate ]==----------------------------------------

The courtyard of the Xavier Mansion is an expansive octagonal area bordered on five sides (north, northeast, east, southeast, south) by the main structure of the mansion, and bordered with walled fences to the northwest, west, southwest.

The courtyard is made of polished golden marble styled in a grid like pattern with a stone border. The center piece of the courtyard is a large fountain (not the Phoenix of modern comics) that is designed so people can sit upon the circular edge and listen to the flow of the water. The fountain itself is composed of various mermaids pouring water from buckets.

To the west, northwest, and southwest there are gates allowing access beyond. To the northwest is a primitive pathway that leads through a copse of trees. To the west is a paver pathway leading to the main parking area (which can be seen), and to the southwest is a paver pathway that leads to the garage (adjacent to the parking area).

To the southeast and northeast are entry points to the main classroom annexes. Then to the east one can gain access through the double doors into the main structure's grand foyer. The southern and northern structures are the living quarters of the administration and are off limits to the student body.

The building itself towers above the courtyard on five of the four sides and rises up two levels with large windows where one can peer through to see the going's on inside.


August in New York can be anywhere between breezy and beautiful, and ungodly hot and muggy. Today, it's been closer to the latter extreme. Apparently not content to just hide in the AC, Bobby has found a truly unique way to beat the heat as the afternoon hits its hottest part. He is shirtless, in a pair of shorts, basking in the sun on what appears at first to be a white plastic lounge chair like might be found near a pool. It is only when one notices the spreading puddle of water around the chair, and realizes that it is coming from the chair, not the fountain, that it becomes apparent that the chair is not plastic at all, but rather is solid ice.

For completely different reasons, Vaughn wanders out into the summer heat. Mainly because he decided that he felt like playing the guitar without worrying about bothering someone's studying or television time. He is wearing a pair of old blue jeans that have been cut-off, rather raggedly, just below the knees. They look like he cut them off with a pair scissors or a knife, while he was wearing them, and a faded tee shirt. Yes, he can actually appear in public without a hoodie. He has a rather scratched up guitar case, the old hard case that one could easily picture him sitting on the ground in the park at his feet playing for tips. He settles down on the edge of the fountain, as he pulls out the ancient pawnshop acoustic guitar.

Of course it has to be hot out when Keith needs to get out for exercise! Granted the whole idea of getting exercise outdoors is to meet more people around the mansion. Luckily for him this seems like what the other students have decided as well. Going for walks and generally trying to stay entertained. He seems to be wearing a pair of tight fitting gym shorts, a fitted tank-top, and Puma running shoes. It's only when he spots the slowly increasing population around the fountain that he finally decides to show off a bit. Might he be attempting to fit-in with the extremely talents elite at the school or attract a new love interest? Either way Keith begins sprinting forward toward the fountain before executing two cart-wheels and two subsequent flips before landing most gracefully just before Vaughn. "Afternoon Vaughn, are we planning a performance?!"

Blindfold came walking along in long blue jeans and a three quarter sleeve top, tapping her cane as she went. How on earth was she walking around in long pants in this weather? then turns her head at the sound of Keith's voice "Hmm snowballs..."

Iceman watches Keith's acrobatic entry to the courtyard and laughs, then does a slow clap. He levers himself up on his elbows, somehow not slipping on the slick, wet ice he's laying on. He says towards Keith, "Nice one, kid." Naturally, his eyes move to the other other two people who just entered. Seeing them together sparks Bobby's memory and he says towards the guitar player, "Hey, didn't I run into you in Central Park the other day? Didn't realize you were a student here."

Vaughn smirks slightly at Keith's display. Of course, he might have been a little more impressed if he didn't already know that the feat was actually much less difficult for Keith than it might be for someone else. He shrugs, "Not really a performance... just came to clear my head... or more like give me something to focus on, 'cause trying to play catchup on this school stuff is giving me a headache... " He starts strumming the cords to Stairway to Heaven without much effort. He cocks his head and looks over at Bobby. He grins slightly, "I wouldn't say that you ran into me... you were talking to someone, I was talking to someone else... in the same area of the park, but yeah, that was me... or it was Armand or Seth... both of which I was talkin' to. " He chuckles, "Yeah, didn't you hear... I'm the schools unlucky charm... I got here the night before the school was destroyed."

Keith chuckles before turning to nod at Bobby's comments. "Thanks, I trained and practiced with a few school gymnastics teams during my education. I find the act of motions quite relaxing and natrual..." Keith then looks over at Vaughn nodding slowly with a grin on his face. "Oh, well that's a downer. So I'm guessing you missed classes for some reason? What did you have to fight a big evil since we last talked?" Keith's expression says it all, he doesn't actually think Vaughn had to battle a big bad. Though clearly being a student of the school it wasn't completely out of the realm of possible. He then chuckles as Vaughn speaks of being the school unlucky charm. It's when Ruth begins walking toward the group that Keith shakes his head. "I'd like to give that title to Miss Ruth over here. Clearly she's the one always delivering the weird..." He then pauses looking puzzled as it's clear he's finally registering what she's saying, "Wait, what about snowballs?!"

Blindfold smiles and waves not quite sure exactly where everyone stand but greeting in general "I don't beckon the weird, I just warn of its coming, yes sorry silly Keith. Snowballs? did I say something about snowballs?" then grins "Bobby, please meet Keith and vaughn, a gravity manipulator and a sound manipulator, please thank you now that you have no distractions" and he could keep his pants on this time

Bobby cocks his head at Ruth's oddly phrased introduction. Then he cracks a smile, "And let me guess....the one that messes with gravity is the one that came in with the acrobatics, and the one that messes with sound is the one with the guitar,." He turns and looks directly at Keith and nods sagely, "She really does see the future, you know." And, without actually looking directly at Vaughn, Bobby whips one hand to the side, in the snowball equivalent of a no-look pass. The fist-sized hunk of snow flies, with surprising accuracy, towards the side of Vaughn's head.

Vaughn chuckles, "Yeah, Ruth is the Herald of Doom not its cause." He cocks his head over at Bobby's deduction of which one of the boys was which, "How did you ever guess that? Your gift is seein' the obvious, huh?" His tone is completely jovial, lacking any real pretense of sarcasm. Vaughn has been around Ruth long enough to know when she says something like 'snowballs' around someone who happens to be sittin' on a chair of ice to be expecting it. So as the snowball comes flying at him, he tries to dodge out of its way. From his position the best option is back. He successfully dodges the snowball right into the fountain, as he screams, "Keith. Guitar" and tosses it at the other boy as he falls back into the water.

Keith chuckles as he looks over Ruth with eyes of wonder. "Yeah, you don't beckon weird, but it comes anyways." He then sighs shaking his head, "Yeah, way to ruin my fun Ruth. Now my acrobatics are way less cool!" He then looks back at Bobby raising his hand, "Guilty as charged, I like to show-off on rare occasions." He then jumps forward grabbing the guitar out of the air fairly gracefully. "Wow dude, that's awesome!"

Blindfold giggles "Sorry, my apologies, though round here it wasn't going to stay a secret for long. Nothing round here stays a secret for long" then points to Bobby still giggling herself "Snowballs" in way of explanation "Bobby is an ice manipulator and likes his pranks as well"

Iceman laughs uproariously, and shakes his head as Vaughn falls in the fountain, "Dude, you would've been better off with the snowball.". Popping up off his chair with surprising ease (have you ever tried to move on wet ice?), Bobby walks over by the fountain and leans over to offer Vaughn a hand out. Still chuckling, he says, "Sorry man, can't let a prank go unavenged. You got me good with that wolf whistle. Well, assuming it was you. If it wasn't, sorry for the snowball." He glances over at Ruth, "I'm sure they know who I am, Ruth. The X-Men have been on the news enough over the years."

Vaughn comes up sputtering, looking rather like a wet kitten. He reaches up and accepts the hand up. He is grinning rather goofily. "Well, I really wasn't thinking... just kind of reacting... " He looks at Bobby with wide blinking eyes, "Wolf whistle? What wolf whistle?" The grin widens betraying, possibly intentionally, his guilt. "Sorry... but I really only manifested what you were thinkin'. I couldn't figure out how to warp the 'awoogga' sound from those old cartoons."

Keith chuckles before nodding at Ruth. "Yeah, I guess you're right. We are a very gossiping bunch, aren't we?" He then watches the interaction between Iceman and Vaughn with intense curiosity. He then points at Iceman with increased amazement. "Oh yeah! That's where I've seen you from!" He then looks over at Vaughn with suddenly more understanding. "Oh, well that explains a bit more. I can figure out if I'm just slow or if I truly was under some strange assumption of what your ability actually was..."

Blindfold chuckles "If I was the gossiping type, you and vaughn would know everything I know about everyone I've met, yes be glad, it's alot"

Bobby grins at Vaughn's comment, "What I was thinking, what the guy down the path was thinking, what, I think, a couple of women passing by were thinking. I mean, come on, she was smoking hot." He laughs again at Keith's reaction, "OK, I stand corrected. Guess they didn't know who I was." He smiles at Keith, winks, and gives in to the temptation to show off. More. "Guess you're more used to seeing me like this..." He holds his hands out to his side, and, starting from his feet and rapidly moving up to his head, coats himself in ice, until he is completely covered, resembling a statue of himself made from ice. He grins again, and even that small motion is accompanied by the grinding, cracking sounds of the moving ice. Something which does not, normally, come through when his picture has been on TV.

Vaughn grins, "Sure if you're into that supermodel, walking barbie doll look... Which I think was probably everyone in a three mile radius, except for Ruth and her friend Armand... which I think she would have to look more like him to get his attention." He looks at Blindfold, "That's okay, Ruth... I don't want to imagine what you know about some people."

Keith nods at Ruth while chuckling with joy. "Good thing, I swear I wouldn't want to be in your head most days. It must be killer to know things and see things before or after they happen." He shivers a bit at the mere thought of having to control such power. It is only when Iceman takes his known form that Keith's jaw actually drops at the sight. He mumbles and fumbles with wordless sounds before finally saying, "Bloody hell, that's brilliant! You're even more impressive in person!" He then coughs looking over at Vaughn with a look of slight shock. "Wait... what did you just say? Why do I know that name, but not the face that goes with it?" Clearly Keith is confused as Armand is mentioned. Could it be that Keith didn't register Armand correctly to memory?!

Blindfold smirks "What? You don't want to know about Keith's childhood in detail? Or who that woman actually was or the real reason Bobby's belt malfunctioned?" then laughs at keith's drooling and taps her cane between his feet "Yes, sorry, someone is a bit star struck" smirking at keith. "Armand, a french pastry chef? stammers and stutters around you Keith?" helping to jog keith's memory

Iceman takes a moment to de-ice, returning to his normal self. He flashes Keith a grin. Obviously, Bobby is not immune to flattery. And then Ruth mentions the belt issue, and Bobby winces and blushes a bit, "Yeah, well, I don't think it's a big mystery, when you're standing next to Wanda, uh, the Scarlet Witch, and crazy things suddenly happen." He runs one hand absently through his hair.

Vaughn chuckles, "Well, I don't think it was quite a matter of crazy things suddenly happening... If I recall correctly, it was in retaliation for your own mischief." He scrapes the water from his arms.

"Clearly you know -way- more than anyone should ever know, dear Ruth." Keith sighs clearly regretting the fact he's let the woman near him to absorb such memories. He then shakes his head in denial before looking away from Iceman. "Am not!" He then looks thoroughly shocked as he tilts his head in confusion. "Wait, the French pastry chef is a guy?! And here I thought something was odd when he was stammering. I thought I'd have to point out... well I guess the obvious." He motions to himself seeming to finally be coming to terms with the unfortunate fact of his life. "Granted, as you know, I'm not way that desires such..." He then stops waving a hand. "Nevermind that, it's not important." <<You can't accept that man, clearly it's still slightly against God's will for you. Anyways do you really need people finding out you have an even more flamboyant lover than yourself? Seriously you'll get the stuffing beat out of you more than you already have from the other lads!>>

Blindfold chuckles nodding in agreement to Vaughn "Course for Anyone to have a shot with that woman they'd have to be a head jock, very rich or Spiderman. Yes, indeed he is Keith, and bi as well with a liking for you. Please no don't blame yourself for what I know of you that you never spoke of Keith and you certainly aren't going to get beat up for anything round here. If such happened Bobby would have been beat up for his pranks long ago" then turns her head toward Bobby "Sorry, my apologies, some of them have been quite amusing"

That rather rambling pronouncement from Ruth brings a raised eyebrow from Bobby, "Huh, that's the second time you said that, exactly that way. Eh, we were in Manhattan, I'm sure there's more than a few women with the hots for Spidey. Maybe he saved her from a mugger or something." He shrugs. THen his brain catches up theo the rest of the statement and he turns his attention to Keith and offers a friendly smile, "If I understood half of what she just said correctly... then you are in the right place. When it comes to being "different" ". He actually makes quotes in the air with his fingers, "You are in the easiest school of all time. I mean, come on... there are two separate blue, furry people on staff."

Vaughn elbows Bobby lightly in the ribs, "Head jock type.. well you might have a shot then... I bet you'd just kill on a hockey team." He looks over at Keith, "Seriously, man. I don't matter what you're taste are.. this place is all about acceptance.. accepting of our differences... of our uniquenesses... " He pauses and blinks slightly, "Wow... when did I turn all after school special narrator..."

Keith looks at Blindfold both with shock and a slight bit of anger. "Ruth!" He then looks between Vaughn and Iceman with increased embarressment. "I just meant... I was just..." <<Damn it man, you have to remember she's capable of reading your...>> "You know, nevermind. Clearly I can't explain away the fact that indeed I've been beaten up for way less reason than engaging in polite conversation and casual relationship with Armand." He then looks at Iceman with a nod slowly calming himself with Iceman's statements. "Yes, well lucky for me. That might work to my advantage for a little while, though excuse me if I don't completely believe I'm in the clear even at this place. I don't think even us mutants are above schoolyard teasing." He then sighs before lightly chuckling. "I guess you're all right. I just hope that I can avoid schoolyard banter for at least a couple more months."

Blindfold cringes as Bobby jumped to conclusions, just happened to be the correct conclusion. Moving quickly toward Bobby she taps her cane to find his feet and ducks behind him. "We've all gotten beat up...even Bobby has taken his licks Keith, yes sorry!" she mutters with a hint of a whimper.

Iceman looks at Ruth as she tries to hide behind him and shakes his head, then looks at Keith again. PUtting on a totally serious face, he says, "No Keith, we are totally beyond that sort of thing. There is absolutely no teasing of any kind allowed on this campus." He holds that serious face for about 3 seconds, then cracks a smile and adds, "And if you believe that then you've never seen half the faculty dealing with each other. We tease each other because we're friends, and because we know each other, and because if I bite my tongue trying not to talk, it hurts, and putting ice on it just doesn't work for me." His smile is easy and friendly, "But if someone's giving you a hard time you can't handle, and they won't stop, you talk to me, and I guarantee that they won't even want to see ice in their soda when I'm done with 'em."

Keith looks at Ruth scuttling before he scans Iceman with a look of embarressment. "Oh God, I'm sorry." He quickly looks down burying his face into his hands. "Ruth I don't know why... I didn't mean to start flying off the handle like that. I'm sure you must think I'm a short temper monster." He only grows redder as he glances over to see Vaughn's reaction. "I really need to start working on being... nicer and less stand-off." Keith then chuckles as

Iceman looks at Ruth as she tries to hide behind him and shakes his head, then looks at Keith again. PUtting on a totally serious face, he says, "No Keith, we are totally beyond that sort of thing. There is absolutely no teasing of any kind allowed on this campus." He holds that serious face for about 3 seconds, then cracks a smile and adds, "And if you believe that then you've never seen half the faculty dealing with each other. We tease each other because we're friends, and because we know each other, and because if I bite my tongue trying not to talk, it hurts, and putting ice on it just doesn't work for me." His smile is easy and friendly, "But if someone's giving you a hard time you can't handle, and they won't stop, you talk to me, and I gaurantee that they won't even want to see ice in their soda when I'm done with 'em."(repose)

Vaughn smirks, "Um yeah.. you think I'm not going to give you a hard time.. then you apparently haven't met me yet... but considering the fact that you have visually undressed me nearly every time we ran into each other.. I think it's only fair. But it's all in good humor, or it is meant that way... Friends tease each other.. " He grins, "I mean I give Ruth absolute hell at times, but she stalks me, so she deserves it."

Keith looks at Ruth scuttling before he scans Iceman with a look of embarrassment. "Oh God, I'm sorry." He quickly looks down burying his face into his hands. "Ruth I don't know why... I didn't mean to start flying off the handle like that. I'm sure you must think I'm a short temper monster." He only grows redder as he glances over to see Vaughn's reaction. "I really need to start working on being... nicer and less standoff." Keith then chuckles as Iceman speaks of defending him. "That would be more than nice of you. I assure you though that I'll attempt to salvage my own situations before resorting to that. Though it's lovely you offered." He then looks at Vaughn nodding in a shy fashion. "Sorry about that, I can help that you're so clearly superior than most guys I meet." He then looks away seeming guilty as his tone also changes with it. "Oh yeah, she's totally stalking you. I see her around you most of the time... I mean... I just meant..." He stops as he begins to seriously stumble over his words and if he could get more scarlet he'd redefine the color.

Blindfold peeks out from behind Bobby "Oh've just had to be overly careful for too long about public appearances..." stepping toward keith as she tapped her cane before holding her arms out in offer of a hug "Most of the celts are known for their tempers, yes I'm sorry, I didn't mean to embaras you or make you lose face but no one thinks less of you and along with teasing there plenty of pranks by friends but it's all in good fun"

WIthout Bobby's continued attention on it, his Ice chair is quickly being reduced to a mere puddle by the day's heat. Just as Bobby goes to say something else, there is a crash as one of the legs melts past the point where it can support its share of the weight, and the whole thing falls over, sending a spray of ice skittering across the pavement. Bobby glances at it, then turns his attention back to the kids, "This place is not without its problems, but our problems tend to come in interesting flavors like giant robot and the psycho-of-the-month club. Just don't piss of Logan before he's had his morning coffee, and you'll be fine. Or after he's had his coffee, for that matter."

Vaughn blinks at Kieth, "Me superior?" He offers his hand out, "Hi, Keith. My name is Vaughn. Obviously you have me mistaken for someone else. I'm far from superior to anyone... Unless maybe in embarrassing myself..." He pulls the wet shirt that is clinging to him away from his body, "Then I generally excel at that..."

Keith looks up with a clear expression 'well duh' before saying, "Yeah, you're not kidding." He then politely hugs Ruth when she offers attempting once again to save face even through the embarrassment. He then chuckles at Iceman's comments of Logan. "Yes, well I've begun to understand that concept from stories I've been hearing. The man doesn't seem to be that oriented in helping children. Why he's a teacher here kind of alludes me." He then looks back at Vaughn nodding as his face begins to go back to it's normal flesh color. "I wouldn't say that Vaughn. Though you are the nicest guy I've meant up north here." He then looks the boy up and down before saying, "Well besides Armand, but I think I'm starting to understand his motives more clearly."

Blindfold gives Keith a big warm hug "Logan is a teacher here because he has lived so long and done so much. He has expereinced things that would break a normal person and he has persevered and still has faith in humanity. He is harsh on everyone including himself because he knows the nigthmares that people can turn into. You turn a very pretty shade of red Keith, yes you do" turning her head to face him with a smirk before turning her head toward Bobby "Least the danger room AI woman won't be back for a while”
It is mid afternoon, on a hot and muggy day. The courtyard holds a few people obviously in the midst of a conversation. A pile of broken ice bearing some resemblance to a beach lounge chair (or at least a broken one) sits near the fountain. Vaughn's guitar and its case sit nearby, out of the puddle, while their owner stands, wet from head to toe, his clothing dripping.

A shirtless Bobby chuckles and shakes his head, "Only here would you ever have a girl born without eyes comment on the color of someone's blush." He smiles.

Vaughn shrugs slightly at Keith remarking about how nice of a guy he is. "Well, I know what it's like to be on the receiving in of 'not nice'... You know do unto others as you would have them do unto you... I think it's generally a good way to treat people." He plops down on the edge of the fountain. He looks over at Blindfold, his smile fading as at the mention of Danger.

Keith looks stunned as Blindfold rattles off her explanation of Logan teaching at the school. "Wow girl, you need to take off-handed questions less seriously... especially if the question requires such a deep answer like you just spat off." He looks around at the others seeming to be almost asking their opinions. "It comes off as kinda creepy." He then looks toward Iceman with an even more shocked look. "Oh good Lord, I didn't even think about that! Ruth you seriously get more alarming by the moment. I do dearly like being your friend, but you could do with not shocking the crowds as much." He then looks around slowly seeming a bit uncomfortable. "You know, I think I should learn from my own advice and shut my trap." He then crosses his arms as he looks up in the air, slowly beginning to float off the ground. Either he's doing it intentionally or he might actually be losing grips on his powers. How shocking?!

Seth walks into the courtyard, looking around. As it stands, he's wearing denim pants and a sleeveless t-shirt, the dress for the season. As he walks about, he spots his friends, and decides to approach. "Hey, guys! What's going on?" He looks at Vaughn, "You know, if you're that hot, there is a pool you can jump into. The fountain is decorative, you know?"

Blindfold blushes unwittingly " apologies, though vaughn's has a very colorful portrayal of you" wincing as she immediately realizes she put her foot in her mouth again "I should just hush.." but then Keith was floating and she reaches up to tug on his sleeve with a concerned expression

Iceman comments with a teasing note, in response to Seth, "Well it started as a snowball fight, but in this heat..." He chuckles, the pauses and clears his throat as Keith begins to float. "You know, you really should keep your feet on the ground." He pauses then, winces, and brings one hand up to his face, pinching the bridge of his nose for a moment as he mutters, "Dear God, I sound like my father." He shakes his head as he lowers his hand, "I'm goin inside. Out here is a little too crazy."

Vaughn looks at Seth with a raised eyebrow, "Really? Well, thank you, Captain Obvious, I don't think I'd have ever figur'd that out myself.. While you're at it, and handing out such masterful insight, you wouldn't happen to know next weeks powerball numbers." He stops and looks at Ruth, "Seriously, any time that pops into your head, you are more than welcome to let me know." His gaze returns to Seth, "I fell in because trying to get out of the way of Mister Drake's ruthless and totally unprovoked assault of me." He sighs, "Though speaking of which... I probably need to go get out of these wet clothes... Last thing I could ever want is to get sent back to medbay."

Keith looks over to see Seth walking into the scene and speak before Ruth notifies him of his floating. It's only seconds after that he drops with a clumsy motion onto the ground again. Though it appears he is shifts the air around himself intentionally to ensure he doesn't actually fall completely on his rear. Those near him might feel the gravity field shift in reaction. "Way to state the obvious Seth. I'm sure Vaughn had no idea this place had a pool." His passive-aggressive sarcasm practically bleeds from his tone as his focus shifts back to Blindfold. "Wait, you can do that?! I mean... that's interesting."

Blindfold smiles and offers Keith a hand up before turning her head toward Vaughn "Well, you see more colorfully than other people" and shrugs "I can pick up thoughts and yes sorry, I can sort of poke around. Hercules gave me open permission to cruise his head whenever I wanted, though for some reason he warned I probably shouldn't there's attractive ...uhm he called them 'wenches' I think he meant women around, cuz his thoughts get quite vivid"

"Well, for next week's powerball numbers, I'd prolly defer to Ruth here", he chuckles. Then to Keith, "Yes, I figured. I was joking...?" He hmms, "Like, for instance... I don't think that's what's meant by 'attraction'...?" He shrugs. "Come on, guys... It's harmless."

As he turns to walk inside, Bobby chuckles to himself. The current crop of X-students were, if nothing else, entertaining.

Vaughn looks over at Seth with a lopsided grin, "I didn't take it personally... I was just responding back sarcastically... Sarcasm is like my native tongue, right along with babble." He shrugs slightly, "Sorry if I sounded more snarky than I intended." He walks over and puts the guitar in its case and closes it up. He waves to everyone, "I'll catch you guys later... after I put Lucy away and put some dry clothes on." He looks over at Keith, "Seth's cool... He didn't mean anything by it... So everyone can just relax... No harm, no foul." He gathers up the guitar case and starts heading back to his dorm room.

Keith takes the hand of Blindfold with a chuckle. "Thanks Ruth, I got this now." The air around him begins to settle after the manipulation. "Wow, well you really know what you're doing if you can control looking through others eyes in real-time." He then looks between the two other boys a bit embarressed. "Sorry, that was rude of me. I just hate seeing two fairly decent guys cut each other down. I think you two are really... you know, on second thought I'm going to shut up now before I really turn up the heat of my own hot seat." He then nods as Vaughn re-enforces the issue with his comment. "As you say Vaughn. See you around." He then looks increasingly apologetic toward Seth, "Again, I'm sorry about the comments."

Blindfold chuckles and waves to Bobby and Vaughn, and rubs Keith's back "Not so much seeing in real-time as seeing their memories. But the powerball numbers Seth? What is that? Ohhh a lottery? Hmm never thought of using my powers for that, sorry, my apologies"

A shrug from Seth, "I guess there are too many apologies going around. Nobody took it personally." He looks at Blindfold, "You know... Now that you mention lottery...!" He grins wickedly. "That's quite an idea, isn't it?"

Keith waves to both Bobby and Vaughn before nodding back at Blindfold. "Certainly, certainly. Yeah, yeah..." It's almost as though Keith really isn't paying much attention to what Ruth is saying as much as he's watching both Vaughn and Bobby walk away. What a scandalous scene indeed! He only snaps out of his trance when he realizes what Seth is suggesting. "Wait just one moment! Ruth certainly can't supply us the lottery numbers. It'd expose us for sure!"

Blindfold nods with a smirk toward seth "Wish I had thought of it when the school was short on funds after the mansion got levelled." then grins teasingly at Keith "Yes, I know, you have plenty of mental pictures to fuel your dreams tonight" then snickers at keith's objection "I'm too young to purchase tickets anyway but it's an idea if the school has a charity fund or something"

Seth looks at Keith, "Next time around, I'll get the t-shirt that says 'permanently trolling since 1996', man." He gives him a pat on the arm. He looks at Blindfold, "To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't know what to do with all that much money."

"That can only end badly, I assure you." Keith says with a worried expression while looking between the other two. It takes him a moment, but he also looks a bit defensive at Ruth's comment about the boys. "God Ruth, I really need to talk to your mentor or mentors around here. Surely they can assist with you not dropping into my personal matters?" It's clear he's only slightly irritated to the outside world. <<I know, they're quite cute. Especially Vaughn, he's kinda got the whole appearance thing without looking overly worked-up. Though I can't say Seth is that bad either.>> Keith slowly looks over Seth from toe to head as though somehow insisting on absorbing the finer details. "I guess you're right. If it was for a good cause maybe we could pass it as just being lucky."

Blindfold blushes unwittingly and gives Keith an apologetic face "Well you do sort of broadcast but I apologize I don't mean to, it just sort of happens." covering her mouth as she tries to keep from giggling and fails as keith compares vaughn and seth "I don't know, I think I'd make sure my team had what they needed and then donate some to the school here and if any was left over some to charities as well. Shouldn't get caught though unless we did it at predictable intervals

Seth hmms, "No, that's not right... I think I would know what to do with it. All that money would go for my mom and sister's therapy bills." He grimaces a little, "The service pension from the Police is just... Overwhelming." He lifts his head up to feel what breeze there would be. <<He's looking me over, isn't he?>>, Seth asks Ruth through telepathy.

Keith chuckles as Blindfold seems a bit embarrassed and attempts to hide her giggles. "It's alright, I guess we all lose our control sometimes. And broadcasting might be my own doing as much as the next guy." He then nods and hums in agreement while looking back at Seth. "I guess you're right."

Blindfold smiles at keith as she recovers before nodding to Seth "Yes, you're welcome" answering his unspoken question.

"Well", Seth sighs. "I gotta get ready for my music session." He chuckles, wiggles his eyebrows. "'Rovember Rain' always rocks." He starts hovering and after reaching some distance, flies off in the Mansion's direction. "See you guys after practice!"

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