Send in the Assassin!

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Elektra Ares

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Somewhere in North Korea

Elektra goes in for her initial recon.

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One thing that can be said for the country of North Korea is that its night sky is a beautiful thing. There are so few lights, so little energy spared for the evening hours that one can almost count on one hand the number of cities that dilute the night's sky with the glow of activity. One can almost see the cloudy curve of the Milky Way far off and away. Tonight, however, near the town of Sinuiju the night's sky is marred by a glow that comes from the active military installation just upon its borders.

That installation rose up out of the countryside a little over a year ago and the city's denizens still know next to nothing about it. It's a mystery for most of the country's citizens, and for those outside that country it's even more. It's a threat.

Out of the night with a flicker of reality wavering appears the two women, sent there to address that threat. A moment as the teleport passes, then the next only one woman remains. Elektra, the assassin.

She's in her own element, now, and Elektra has merged with the shadows even before Spiral's invisibility fades away. The installation is made up of a collection of temporary structures built up around a trio of larger, permanent buildings. Elektra is inside the fenced enclosure near one of the temporary buildings, and Spiral was good enough to put her on the leeward side of a perimeter guard tower. A spotlight makes its sweep, unable to penetrate her shadowy corner. She waits for it to pass before beginning to work her way towards the center.

The installation is quiet, the hour late enough that most of the guards and denizens are within their own heads their thoughts on their jobs, the coming day, life ahead. For now none are aware of the infiltration and at the end of it chances are most of them will not be aware of it still.

The spotlight drifts past lazily and distantly she can espy perimeter towers that guard the exterior. Multi-sensored cameras go through their search seeking information to pass to their operators. Most of them are aimed outward though there is still a sweep through the interior only not as often.

Across the way she'll see a patrol of two men walking the areas between the buildings. The first two are pre-fabricated, clearly North Korean military with that cold war look to them and the somewhat shaky look to their walls. But that third one further to the interior, that one looks as if some of the great architects from the EU had decided to craft something tall and strong and meant to endure the ages. It definitely looks out of place compared to the rest of the base.

Eyes on lights and cameras alike, the deadly shadow makes her way inward, towards the two-man patrol. Intercepting them would be easy; dispatching them even easier. But that will come later. Elektra needs information right now, and that is best done with discretion. She follows the two at some distance, senses alert.

To their credit they don't indulge in chatter between them. Their focus is on the night and their surroundings. They move through their patrol with a steady step, rifles held over their shoulders but with their stances seeming ready to draw when needed.

They move past the pre-fabricated buildings, stepping into the dark courtyard that separates the buildings. For a moment they pause in the middle, then in the next instant they're limned by the glow of one of the sets of double-doors to the large immaculate building opening.

The two men shift their gaze towards it, holding there as their eyes narrow to adjust to the light. Then out that door emerge a pair of men in large grey coats. They wear glasses, and one is marginally taller than the other. Both Korean men and both of them stepping to the side of the door to share a smoke apparently. A wave is given towards the guardsmen, a wave that's returned.

The open door is all she needs, and even before it opens the assassin is edging closer to it along the edge of the shadows. When she's a short dash away, Elektra focuses her attention on one of the guards. He'll -hear- something out in the darkness, back and off to the side. It might be a footstep or it might just be a cat. But in his mind, he's certain that it shouldn't be here. It will also draw attention -away- from the door.

At that feeling of something not being right the guard turns. He even shifts somewhat to unsling his weapon and try to focus upon the distant 'sound' that he hears. There's a moment, then he nudges his companion and they both start to move off in the direction of where they think the sound must have come from.

The two other men at the door both enjoying their smoke look curiously in the direction that the guardsmen go off. One turns and says something to the other, a small laugh shared between them as they start to put out their cigarettes all the same.

The distraction is all Elektra needs to slip up close. Out of habit she runs down half a dozen quick and easy ways to dispatch the two men in the grey coats, but decides to wait for them to re-enter the building and slip in along with them. It's really all about being where people aren't looking, more than actually being invisible.

The cigarettes are stubbed out, the butts picked up by the men as if they were afraid to litter. Then once that's set they step back into the door. It's not a large window of opportunity, but it's one she can meet. The door is closing with nary a whisper behind them, but it is long enough for her to slip through smoothly, quickly.

Within the place is well lit, at the ends of the hall are security devices that look like cameras but are also perhaps more, though luckily she has ways to counter them. The two men are walking down the hall, and they turn left down a particular branch, moving past closed doors and electronic displays that are clearly technology that even Tony Stark might envy.

Yes, the men in front of the padding assassin certainly screen her from most sensors that would pass beyond the visual spectrum, and she takes full advantage of their nonchalance to join their little group. Her gaze takes in the high-tech displays as they pass, and she follows the men at least for now. Along the way, the assassin makes note of any other exits as well as the locations of the security devices. It's bold to be inside the well-lit facility, but sometimes infiltration measures success with equal parts discretion and audacity.

The two men break off after a few minutes of walking, heading into what looks to be an observation booth that gives view to what is most likely the central area of that immaculate building. She'll see through a bank of windows what looks to be an open area, almost like an excavation site that the building itself surrounds. If the dimensions are correct most of the building is taken up with simply surrounding this central area and there are many observation booths along each side of the large square area.

Down several hallways she's able to get closer until she's able to find a set of doors that lead to a central computer area, though the systems are offering a display of data that isn't in Korean, nor English, nor any language she's familiar with.

Elektra pauses there in the central computer area, looking over the displays. The headset she's wearing takes video images of everything she sees, and she makes sure to focus on the text for more than just a few moments. A brief search doesn't turn up anything useful (i.e. - readable) on the terminals, so she makes her way back out towards one of the other observation booths. With the whole building set up around the central area, she wants to see what all the fuss is about.

It's when she's in transition that things start to not go according to plan. Moving from that computer area she's walking silently along a hallway towards one of the observation booth areas when abruptly the lights cut out. There's no sound to acknowledge the change, though two moments later there's the faint sound of a series of clicks.

And then out of the darkness there's a voice. A gravelly voice, harsh and grim not recognizable as anyone she knows when it says, "What country sent you?" There's a subtle shift of sound, as if someone moving in the dark. "So we know where to send the corpse."

Elektra is quite at home in the darkness, already shifting her perception more towards listening. That subtle shift of sound, someone moving in the darkness. It's enough. And of course she does not reply with words. Her answer comes in the form of a full spread of thrown spikes as she dive-rolls. Not away from the voice, but -towards- it. Katana are drawn as she comes up, the steel blackened for stealth.

She hears the /ting-Tink-TING!/ of the spikes striking the wall, then clinking to the floor. There's movement even as she moves and in the dark when she draws blade she'll 'feel' the movement of an attack that she's able to catch with the flat of her blade. There's the sound of metal upon metal, pressure. Her opponent is strong as he forces her back a half-step, then uncoils with a series of lethal strikes that would have already ended the fight were she someone other than who she is.

That voice again lifts, apparently he's a talker. "There's no hope for you, you know." Her opponent shifts his weight, presses with a shoulder to try and rob her of her balance. "I know what you're going to do before you do it. I already know how this fight is going to end. Make it easier on yourself. Tell me who sent you and you'll die without pain."

Elektra blocks the strikes with one blade and then the other, favoring neither one especially. Still no reply from the assassin, as she -yields- to the pressure against her shoulder. Rolling onto her back, she disconnects conscious thought and fights instinctively. One katana sweeps while the other thrusts into where her attacker's midsection was, at least a moment ago.

There's a stop step, a shift. She'll hear the brush of a foot upon the floor. In her mind's eye she can see him, can picture the way he moves. He's very good, very very good. There's a moment when a fist draws back with a whisper of air and then darts forwards. When her blade connects with his forearm she'll feel the jolt up her arm. He's open-handed, but not unarmed, a length of some sort of metal lining along his arms that he uses to block and at times strike with.

For a moment they're close and he whispers with an amused tone of his voice. "Notice I'm not asking you how you got here? We picked up the port signal. Already got it locked down. You're not getting out of here, girl."

When she replies, Elektra reaches out with the telepathic sending that's used between ninjitsu-trained warriors like the Chaste and the Hand. *Neither are you.* The katana are silent in their sweeps, and there is no hesitation as she stabs one into the floor... aimed towards the soft brush of his foot. Hit or miss, she leaves the katana there and draws a shorter sai in an upward stab towards the sound of his voice. Just to mix things up.

When she touches his mind it's a wild thing, going a mile a minute and ringing with a white noise that speaks of enhancements, technological ones most likely. She's able to plant the blade, turns, then strikes upwards. She can feel the blade bite flesh for an instant, a spatter of blood, it's enough to barely set him off balance even as his internal processors catalog her movements and now the realization that she is also telepathic.

He's forced to evade in that instant, forced to fall back and there's the sound of glass shattering. One of the windows broken giving her at least a point of exit, but what's more she can see the faces of observers suddenly looking in on where they are. The lights come up with a /whump!/ and she sees her opponent. A man in black leather, full face mask like something out of a bondage film, and trickling down his cheek is a tendril of blood.

Of course the camera catches it all for later, and then the assassin makes good her escape. Sheathing her remaining katana, she recovers the one she'd dropped and dives out the broken window with the blooded sai. *Death's not that bad, by the way.* she whispers into his mind. And then she closes the connection. Out into the compound, she expects the place to be on full alert as she makes for the fence. But while she moves quickly, Elektra keeps in control and keeps to the shadows.

To her surprise there are no alarms, no base alert gone out. Even though there are gaping faces who look after her as she makes her way out that window and dives into the clear. She has a moment to get clear, and it's all she has. For a moment a guardsman will catch sight of her, bringing his weapon up in line only in the next instant to have his nose shattered and the fragments driven up into his skull by that man in the leather. "That one's mine!" And as he says this he breaks into a leap, a run, and begins to pursue her into the shadows as she makes her way across the military facility.

Elektra is out in the clear, now, and when she sees the lack of alarm she sprints for the fence line. She's accomplished her mission, at least after a fashion, and sheathes the other katana while she runs. Timing the sweep of the spotlights, the assassin doesn't even zig-zag unless she absolutely needs to. Crossing security fences is something she's quite adept at, and this particular one barely slows her down. Momentum carries her halfway up, where a half-twist and a kick carries her cleanly up and over the top.

The other figure is after her in a flash, his footsteps slightly faster than her own though his movements not quite as graceful. She can almost feel him behind her, feel the heat of his pursuit and the intensity of his hate and rage. As she makes that jump up over the fence, her lithe form twisting smoothly to avoid the razorwire, he hurls a set of exploding spheres that burst with each impact around her.

He's close, and the rendezvous even closer. Spiral should be here... any... moment.

There is no hesitation as Elektra lands on the far side of the fence, clothing torn in places by the exploding spheres. She is intent only on reaching her goal now. The assassin knows her pursuer won't relent, but she leaves him with a parting shot just to make sure. *I left your facility as easily as I entered. I wonder what else you are wrong about.*

To be continued…

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