Seek and You Shall Find. The Cake is No Lie.

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Xavier Mansion - Kitty's Room

Illyana finally reunites with her friend Kitty Pryde, the reason she returned to Earth-616

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After a few not very successful jumps to different places and times, Illyana has finally located Xavier's Mansion, and with it Kitty Pryde's room. Not only that, but in the very world she meant to get to! Practice makes perfect! Only she doesn't quite know how to reintroduce herself to Kitty, after all, last Kitty saw her she was regressed to a 6 year old and was sent to Russia. A lot have happened since then, but some memories are special, and Kitty has always remained the one true friend for Illyana, her soul sister, as she often thought of her. How could she possibly overcome the potential awkwardness of such a meeting? By making it unusual of course! That tends to make for a great ice breaker, and so scrying from Limbo, she waited until the right moment when Kitty will be headed for her room and then went about her way.

When Kitty or whoever else, will open the door to her room, they will find a huge cake in the center of the room. White icing, whipped decoration, bedazzled with strawberries and bits of candy. A colorful writing states: 'To my bestest friend ever.' There's no note or anything else.

Whether intended or note, Kurt makes it back and into the room first. "Oh Piotr, he shouldn't have," says the elf going for the cake after reading the words on it, "I mean really, Logan is probably topsies, but he doesn't back, not like this. I just didn't know Piotr had it in him, such a softy. I'm the luckiest elf in the whole world." He knows well enough its not for him, but he's going to milk it.

Shadowcat comes in on let's tail so to speak chuckling at the elf "Piotr does have a soft side that he's not afraid to show. Sides I'd certainly consider you the luckiest elf in the world, you have me after all." looking the cake over curious add to who it was from "any ideas who sent it?"

Nothing happens when Nightcrawler approaches the cake, but when Kitty follows along, candles pop about the cake and light up, before a merry melody starts to play as background music. Funny, as most cakes do not come equipped with speakers.

Curiouser, and curiouser, Kurt offers, "I bet its from someones bestest friend." Lifting his finger, "Thought ... the answer is inside the cake, I'll take a look." He grins, licking his lips. If it was anyone else cake other than Kitty's he probably really would reach in to get a bite of it, but he actually waits for her to make the first move in delving the mystery despite what his stomach thinks.

Shadowcat laughs softly pulling Kurt back from the cake "let's check a few things first" checking the security and analyzing a small sample of the cake fir mind control and poison chemicals, all was clear "I have allot of friends but only one called me their bestest bff..." a smile growing on kitty's face "Illy?"

As if naming the person behind the cake triggered something in itself, there's a bit of a movement from within the cake, when suddenly Illyana bursts from out of it. Sure, she could have bothered studying some film to realize this gag wasn't often done actually with a completely real cake, but them's the breaks. Covered in cake bits, icing and whipped cream, Illyana leaps from inside the cake to latch onto Kitty with a tight and literally sweet embrace. "Kitty! You remember! It is me! I am back! Did you miss me? Because I misset you! Lots!"

Shadowcat laughing and taken a bit by surprise kitty keys go of Kurt too shield herself from flying...oh well that was war was lost when suddenly she had an iguana wrapped around her like a python. Giving her friend a big hug as she laughed "Illy! Course I remember but wow you're not a little girl anymore! You have to tell me everything don't leave anything out!"

Kurt gets a convenient timed message that forces him to bamf away as his player alas needed to go.

"Kitty!!!!" Illyana continues to cry out happily, the poor elf left ignored for the time being as Illyana lets out all of her feelings as she missed Kitty so much. Only after she's had a solid 5 or so minutes of tightly embracing her friend, does she eventually eases her hold and laughs, "sorry for cake everywhere, I'll help clean later, I promise." Illyana beams radiantly at Kitty, thoughts running in her head as she considers how much she should tell, but starts with a simple, "da, I chappen to grow up again," she grins at the familiar instance of her crazy aging and deaging what with Limbo and demonic plots and everything. She's not sure even she quite understand all of it fully enough quite yet. "After I was sent home to Russia, Belasco try again," Illyana has this self satisfied smirk that suggests she bested him just like last time, "only I wint up in different place, Earth, but not dis Earth," Kitty should be well versed with exactly what Illyana means. Naturally there was a botched stepping disc jump that Illyana hadn't quite accounted for, unless she wanted to disappear in another world. "It vas similar but different. Some people I know, but not the people I know. Different. I missed you so much, Kitty! Zo much! You chave no idea chow chappy you make me dat you remember me." There are tears of joy in the girl's eyes, even as she clears a bit of cake from her cheek and samples it, looking quite pleased as she remarks, "you shoult try, coconut-pineapple, pretty goot."

Shadowcat smiles brightly chuckling as she listens "Well not all of you grew up" giving her friend another tight hug before booping her on the nose "You forgot to account for the stepping disc jump difference. It's so good to see you again! Been way too long!"

Illyana giggles at Kitty's words as she gets booped on the nose, which she soon follows up by pressing a finger to her lips, "sshhhh, don't tell I still chaff some small tiny mistakes." Winking, Illyana samples a bit more of the cake, after all, it is there. "So...I chear dere was Sentinel attack, you okay? Yes? Anybody got churt? Do I neet to punish anyone?" She then perks up as if in an after thought, her eyes immediately scanning about the room, "vhere is he?" Illyana demands, there is someone else she really missed after all.

Shadowcat giggles sampling a cream covered strawberry "I'm alright, the whole illusion thing hit the mansion pretty heard while I was in Europe with excalibur. First lmd bits attacked a field trip, then spyders attacked the mansion gate and then 12 sentinels attacked and flattened the place. Thank goodness for our student precog though, she was able to give a day's notice of the attack, luckily there were no tragedies and no one was badly hurt. Ray and I came back to help rebuild" clearing her throat uncomfortably "I'm not sure where Piotr is, he's not here though...he went his own way..." a touch of sadness in kitty's voice

Illyana looks a bit shocked to hear of all the bad fortune suffered by the Mansion, she listens intently, nods, and idlly runs a list in her mind of people she would have killed and tortured. Only guilty ones though, so that's okay. Thought at the last bit she chokes up a little, looking a bit stunned, "Piotr...iz alive, yes?"

Shadowcat smiles reassuringly "yes he's alive and well, Kurt and I had to pay him a visit to talk something over with him. The last relationship I was in that wasn't him, he didn't take too well. So Kurt and I were hoping he'd take the news this time better. I joined x-factor, though Alex really needs to learn to drive" she chuckles before giving a dirty whistle and from under the bed a lil purple head poked out and yawned before flying out to perch on kitty's shoulder "I also teach computers here at the school. We could use more teachers" giving her friend a nudge at the hint

"Slava bogu," Illyana lets out in a sigh of relief, taking a moment to regather her bearing, before smiling bitterly at her own words. "You are no longer datink my brozer?" Illyana seems a little bit disappointed at the prospect. Illyana's eyes all of a sudden light up at the sight of Lockheed, "Dragon!!" She calls out jovially and immediately takes a sampling of cake in her hand and reaches to hold it to Lockheed's mouth, her other hand carefully approaching to pet him, "I misset you just as much as I misset Kitty!" She looks aside at Kitty, "chas Lockheet been terrorizink the unjust?"

Whether intentionally or merely distracted by seeing Lockheed, Illyana as of now does not seem to take the hint.

Shadowcat smiles to Illy in shared disappointment "No, I'm not dating Piotr anymore, he feel for someone else and then they died...a long time ago. I dated Pete wisdom in Europe for a while but when I came back here things picked up with Kurt" chuckling as Lockheed grabs Illyana's hand with both front paws and greedily starts eating cake. "Lockheed had been the terrorizing the unjust and making students and civilians go bug eyed in shock and captivating the avengers. We have an alliance with the Avengers, so they help teach her as well. I'm sure jean would love to have you as a teacher here"

Illyana giggles and seems thrilled as Lockheed nibbles cake from her palm, easing the pain of the news that Kitty and her brother are no longer dating, she kind of hoped Kitty would wind up being family on top of everything they already share. "Dat is shame, but I understant is not for me to stick my nose in to." She pauses a moment and looks at Kitty with a wink, "even if it iz very cute nose, no?" She coos at Lockheed a while longer, and then turns to look at Kitty when she more directly presents the question, "me? Teacher?" Illyana looks almost confused, "I don't know dat anybody woult want me near kids, especially teachink..." she muses and shares, "dere iz one girl I met, Cessilly, she really vant me to pull prank on her. But I vas nice, for now." She motions a thumbs up at Lockheed with her free hand, "good job keepink the sleazoids and crreps at bay!" She then goes right back to petting and scritching. "So, you are now teacher, Kitty? Nice room...much bigger than one we shared together."

Shadowcat nods petting Lockheed before booping her friend's nose "almost add cute as mine, but it was his choice and he chose to explore a relationship with someone else. He didn't take the news I moved on well, leave it to Piotr to be stubborn huh? He kept picking fights with Pete before accepting things" finger a section of her own blue dyed hair tipped in green with white streaks thru it and a red section in the front "Considering Jean has Emma teaching here now part time? Yes I think she'd go for you as a teacher!" leave it to the Dragon to captivate people with his charm as he cringed soaking up the attention "Feel free to prank...I already got jean and Scott good, though if you see any hello kitties please kill them. It keeps me busy between work with x-factor and repaying what Alex breaks. So where you staying now?"

"Look at the trouble my big brozer gets into vhen I'm not dere to vatch over chim." Illyana mock groans, clearly not really intending to decide everything for her big brother, but she would give him a piece of her mind when she next sees him. How could he break it with Kitty? Kitty was the most perfect girl in the world, Illyana could see it clear as day, she wonders why it's not as obvious to everyone else. She grins at Kitty when she gets bopped on the nose again, Kitty being about the only person that can get away with such a gesture. "Emma? Not Emma Frost...right?" Illyana's eyes flash an unearthly red for a brief moment, needless to say, she is not amused by the thought of Emma Frost teaching at Xavier's. She was about to ask about Kitty's hair, and what happened to Jean and Scott, but right now, the news of Emma teaching at Xavier is putting in her in a more foul mood. Perhaps some might say infernal mood?

Shadowcat nods not entirely happy with the idea herself "the very same. jean says she's been in Emma's head and vice versa, that emma wants to help the school. I dyed my hair to soften the blue of jean getting her hair dyed blue in the shower, I passed Scott's cars into his room and office"

Illyana looks far too much drawn back with anger at the moment to truly appreciate the pranks, which are classics, as she'd no doubt relate to Kitty on a different occasion. For now, however, she's fuming. "Emma Frost is a manipulative bitch!" Illyana stammers, "I need to talk to Jean...chaving Emma teach chere is crazy!" And while we're on the subject of crazy, a stepping disc opens up on the floor and two demons jump out of it, as Illyana motions at the room, "you! And you! Clean dis room until it's squeaky clean, understant? Go!" She then turns to look at Kitty, "I'll collect dese bozos vhen they done makink your room clean, sorry about mess. I've been stayink in Limbo, and right now I need to go back and think." Just like that another stepping disc opens vertically and Illyana walks through it before it pops. So Kitty has two demonic servants working to clean the mess from the exploding cake, so at least she doesn't need to do the cleaning all on her own. Illyana seems to be as temperamental as ever.

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