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The Phantasm and Sandman

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01/20/13 13:51

E and E Grill House - Times Square

BIll and Mike discuss his secret identity

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Instead of the snow that is predicted for tomorrow, the sun is making it's last appearance for the begining of the week. However, this doesn't change that it is cold outside. The attire of those inside the grill house reflect that. Coats have become part of the decor as they hang on the backs of many seats in the dining area.

Over towards the bar, a man in a thrift store jacket elects to keep it on. But this man has at LEAST show the decency to remove his knit cap upon entering in. Hair tucked away under the collar of the coat, Mike's hair looks much shorter than it really is. Which is likely good to avoid some of the glances that his presence might trigger. His choice in seating is particular. The very far end of the bar limits how often the bartender comes to check on him, but it also limits the flow of traffic around where he sits and that can't be a bad thing. The bartender's not all that interested in him anyways. In lieu of the usual alochol, Mike has a Sprite in front of him.

The phone by the bar rings and the bartender answers. He seems surprised and looks over in Mike’s direction. He says, “Ok,” hangs up, and proceeds to make some sort of concoction. When he is done, he holds two large glasses of some sort of odd-looking beverage. He brings them to Mike and offers, “I was told you must drink one of those and the other is for your friend who will join you.” He then leaves them and makes his way to a pretty patron, under-dressed for the weather. And arriving on time is the pssamic hero, William Baker, dressed in his usual brown trousers and green and black striped sweater. He wears an overcoat which is quickly coming off as he enters.

When the glasses are brought over and the bartender states the instructions, Mike's brows lift curiously. "Must?" He repeats, watching as they're set down and the bartender heads off. The glass is left untouched as he glances around, eventually spotting the incoming Baker. Lifting up a hand, the rocker gives a tired smile and wave in greeting before he reaches for the Sprite again.

“Hey, Mikey. What’s good?” He looks over at the two glasses on the bar, “Oh you ordered our drinks already. . .cool.” With that, Sandman reaches for the glass and slams down one of the concoctions, followed by a large burp. He blinks in surprise and puts the glass down and lets out another burp. “Damn, what the hell was in that? Though it was tasty.” He looks over to Mike and the other glass, “Not drinking yours.”

"Anything grilled." Mike replies, lowering his sprite to the countertop. When he comments that Mike must've ordered them, Mike's eyes widen. "Wait!" Too late. He slides the other glass out of reach of Bill, turning towards him. "I didn't order those. You mean YOU didn't?"

Shaking his head in the negative, he continues to belch loudly. Sandman grimaces a bit as the bartender walks over laughing a bit and sliding a note on the counter. Sandman looks confused and looks back to Mike. He picks up the note and reads it and shakes his head again, but has a hint of smile, followed by another burp.

Yeah. I thought it tasted weird. And by weird, there is no alcohol in them.” Sandman shrugs, “They are safe.” He looks around the restaurant and out the windows of the restaurant, peering about. “It’s safe to drink, if you want it.”

With the clarification and the vouch that it is non-alcoholic and safe, Mike glances over to the drink curiously, "So who sent them?" He reaches over to take the glass, taking a test sip.

With the test sip, Mike will let out a few burps and Sandman starts laughing as he lets out another burp. “Our good friend, Benjie the Brick.” Outside the window a large man in a trenchcoat waves and points at the two laughing before running off. “Well, it’s my turn to punk da punk,.”

*Burp* "God, it's like soda concentrated to just the bubbles." Mike murmurs before glanceing over to the window, seeing the F4 member dash off. He leaves the remainder of the drink left alone. "Think I'll just stick to the normal soda for tonight." His hand moves over towards the Sprite.

The assortment of burps does have one benefit as some people opt to just wait for a table rather than take seats at the bar. "Guess that's a sign you need to confirm where the drinks came from before you just grab and drink, eh Baker?"

Shrugging, “It’s all in good fun. I’ll get him even. Maybe I can leave him in the Negative Zone or teleport him into Galactus’ mouth.” Sandman starts to laugh and orders a new alcoholic drink. “So. . .” The bartender brings the drink and then turns on the music for the restaurant which will allow Bill and Mike some privacy. “How come you never told me you was Phanties?”

Mike sips the Sprite lingeringly as Baker asks the question, taking his time before setting the glass down. "Probably because there's no one CALLED Phanties." Mike murmurs, hand moving from the glass to allow the palm to rest upon the bartop. "Plus there was that whole thing with you and Flint."

“Yeah, well, Flint has been dead for awhile now. You didn’t think you could tell me at some point and I wouldn’t have to find out in the middle of a mission?” Sandman shakes his head, “I get the whole privacy thing and secret identity. A bunch of the Avengers have that. But you should have told me. You should have told me.” He sips his drink as he peers about to make sure no one can hear them.

Mike looks over towards Bill, voice continuing to be low as he rests his elbows on the bar, cupping his hands over his mouth. "If it helps, I was running under the premise of 'The less who knew, the better.' as well." He chuckles, "Although, fat lot of luck that did me with that summoning bullshit."

Shrugging, “So what you are saying is that you wouldn’t have told me if I hadn’t found out that way.” Sandman shakes his head disappointedly, “Does Ben know?”

There's no nod, Mike's head remains still but eventually Bill gets his answer indirectly. "Sue told them. It was necessary. Just like you found out, because it became necessary." He bites his lip to avoid saying something sarcastic about WHY it became necessary.


“Well, fair enough, but it does hurt, Mike. It hurts.” With that he continues his drink and sighs, “So, who else knows? Other than those who were there?” Sandman asks as he ponders getting something to eat.

Mike sighs, "Geez." He pauses, trying to recall, "Sue, Reed, Johnny, Ben... Ares, Chenda, Moondragon. Selene... uh, can't remember her last name. Then you guys found out, Beta Ray might as well, not sure all of who Ruth blabbed to..."

With the list of names, Sandman just remains silent a moment, “Well, I don’t think I will ever really get why you kept it a secret from me if all those people already knew.” He finishes his drink, “But it was ultimately up to you. You didn’t trust me. Eh. No biggie, I guess.”

"Hey, other than Sue I didn't tell ANY of them." Mike mutters, glancing towards Sandman, "Ares just KNEW and he told Chenda. Ruth's responsible for Beta, and the others picked around in my head without my permission." He shakes his head, "I've never even told Wade and I'd do anything for him." His soda, although low, it's not finished, "As far as ME telling someone, I kept the number to one."

Well, again. It’s cool, dude.” Sandman smiles, “I hope you don’t mind, but I told Dr. Doom and Ultron. So. . .ya know.” Sandman starts to laugh. “Just kidding. I haven’t even told the Avengers. And there is no requirement to reveal secrets and stuff, so hey maybe you will make it onto the team after all.”

"Oh lovely." Mike replies, pausing to give a small smile, "Thanks for not going the route of the Ruth." He reaches over to grab the Sprite once more, "And for what it's worth, I'd probably have told you eventually if it hadn't been forced already. Just never figured there was reason to."

Taking his glass of scotch, Sandman clangs it against Mike, “To secrets.” And with the toast, “Now shut up, the game is on! I want to see who makes it to the Super Bowl.”

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