Secret Invasion: Lyja vs. Lyra

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Brief Title:

Empath and Lyra NPC: Lyja the Lazerfist

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IC Date:

San Francisco

Empath (still working with the X-Men at this point) is trying to evacuate some people when Lyja shows up. Lyra fights her and wins.

Social or Plot:


San Francisco is in ruins. The Skrulls have invaded. The X-Men have come up with a plan to deal with the alien invaders and have sent out all of their staff and students, warriors to try and stop small pockets of the invaders. They have also contacted S.W.O.R.D. seeking assistance.

One of the X-Men is Empath (during this time of the timejump anyway). He is currently using his empathic powers to control a crowd of humans into evacuating. As he does this, a teleportation beam appears and a powerful female Skrull steps out and announces herself, “I am Lyja the Lazerfist! Humans, you are now prisoners of the Skrull Empire! Resistance will be met with death!” Her hands glow with pink energy.

When S.W.O.R.D. was contacted ARMOR was as well and Lyra was dispatched with a few other agents to
make sure there were no dimensional issues as well. She lands on a roof above where Empath and the
now Skrull is and frowns for a moment. Its not under her orders to jump in but that is one of the
issues that she has with her commanders. She doesn't always listen to orders. She leaps off the roof
to try and land between Lyja and the humans, "Don't think so." she says cracking her neck a bit.

Watching the two colored women stand off with each other, Empath forms a little smile and shakes off a rather devious thought. “Red one. . .Hold her off, I still need to get these people out of here.” Using his emotional control powers to the max, Empath mentally pushes the people away from the area.%r%rLyja ignored Empath and the humans.

Lyja the Lazerfist holds her hand up, “You are one of the Hulks. . .are you not? Well, a true challenge then. Woman, if you can defeat me, then I will simply leave. If I defeat you, you surrender and work for the Skrulls.” She makes no attack move yet to see if Lyra will agree to the terms.

Lyra shakes her head, "Don't see why not, since I won't lose." she seems quite confident as she
looks at the other. A whip of her head and her red hair flars around and then she is looks closely
as she takes a ready stance.

“Very well, then. . .let’s begin.” Lyja begins to take a few steps back as her hands are raised and she fires off two bioblasts of pink energy towards Lyra.

The young female Hulk doesn't really even bat an eye as the pink blasts go flying towards her. It
isn't easy to hurt someone like her though and she shrugs them off like they were nothing, "Going to
have to do better than that." S he says, "My turn." she smiles and then leaps at her throwing one of
her fists hoping to connect.

Being a Skrull, Lyja is able to change her body any which way she wants and so when Lyra comes forward to punch her, Lyja’s form changes to one similar to Lyra’s. She laughs off the blow, “As will you, whelp!” With Lyra up close after having dealt the blow, Lyja raises her fists up toward Lyra’s head and fires off another concentrated blast.

As the two warrior women fight, Empath continues corralling as many citizens as he can away from the fight, using his powers to emotionally control the people.

Lyra continues to try and keep the other woman contained, "Finally a challenge." she says and smiles
broadly as the blasts hit her and once again seem to do absolutely nothing to the hulk. She gives a
bit of a wink and then slams her fist at the other woman again.

Lyja is hit in the face by Lyra’s fist. The Skrull warrior falls back, shocked that it hurt. Her nose bleeds a moment.

Empath watches grimaces, “Damn, that look like it hurt.”

Lyja growls as it did a bit. Her hands shift from normal hands turn to claws and she leaps out at Lyra, “I will scratch your heart out!”

Lyra blinks as the woman's hands shift to claws but the claws strike her skin and do little more
than tear her clothes though she might end up showing too much skin if much more clothing gets torn,
bu the claws don't seem to do anything or if they do, it heals before it is noticable. She shrugs,
"Is that supposed to be impressive?" she asks, and seems quite calm through the whole thing as she
throws another fist.

Lyja laughs as she readies to shapeshift to take this punch from Lyra. But Lyra moved faster then expected. Mid-transformation, Lyra’s fist meets Lyja’s face. The Skrull lets out a scream as blood pours out from her other nostril and she falls back unconscious.

Empath shouts out, “Alright, let’s hear it for the Hulk. . er. . .Hulk-ette!” He then gestures for her to approach and help him clear out more people.

The Skrull ship above hovers over and simply teleports Lyja away and honoring her agreement. It leaves this particular section of San Francisco alone. . .just this part.

Lyra looks up as Lyja vanishes and then moves over, "Teenhulk or Lyra, either works. The Hulk is my
father and he has a temper." she says and then nods, "Alright people, please proceed in an orderly

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