Second Coming: First New Student

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Jean Grey, Julie Power and Mirage

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Xavier's hasn't even reopened and it already has it's first new student.

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The truth is, once they moved away from New York, Power Pack didn't exactly keep touch with their friends at Xavier's. They were busy growing up. So were the New Mutants. Still, there are ties there. Bonds that came from working together and from shared experiences. It was the New Mutants who helped the Power children during one of their most desperate hours and Dani Moonstar specifically who saved the life of Margaret Power, their mother.

So, when Julie Power finds herself needing a bit of help? It is Dani Moonstar she comes to. She flies from Los Angeles to San Francisco and lands on the artificial island known as Utopia. Once it is confirmed that she's both an ally and not a threat, Julie gets taken to Dani and she explains the situation. Dani listens and calls in Jean, then has Julie explain again. She does.

"So, basically, mom and dad say I can move to New York and audition for parts but only if I enroll in an actual school. No distance learning." Julie explains, "And I've heard through the grape-vine that you guys are planning on re-opening Xavier's Institute again. Power Pack used to have an open invitation to the school and I was hoping it was still there? I'm not a mutant but I do have powers and I'm really experienced. I mean, I've saved the world. A few times."

Jean sits in her chair, and smiles a little, "The grapevine, hmmm? Well, the rumors are true, as with the reversal of the decimation, we'll be relocating most of us back to the Institute." She looks carefully at Julie, "And we would be starting classes in the fall. How have your grades been?" She smiles a little, glancing over towards Dani but not saying anything.

Needless to say Dani was surprised by her visitor, there was much hugging and comments about how the young girl had grown, followed by a friendly interrogation about her family and what they had been up to. After calling up Jean and hearing the explanation for the sudden visit again, Dani leans against the table in the conference room that was picked for the meeting. "Audition? On Broadway?" she asks for clarification "I can't blame your parents for wanting you to get an education. How do they feel about you going to a school so far from home?" she pauses as Jean speaks "I wonder who told the grapevine that she school is re-opening.

"Oh, well. I heard it from Johnny... Ricochet. I'm not sure who he heard it from." Julie admits with a shrug. "Word gets around? My family's not super happy with it. I'll admit. Mom and dad say they understand I need to "explore myself." Julie air-quotes those words, "But after failing miserably in Los Angeles they're reluctant to let me go to New York. Which is why they want me in a school and, hey, I thought, a school where all the students have powers, that should be good! My grades are pretty good. Higher in English and history than in science and math but my GPA is a 3.5."

Jean shrugs, "Frankly, with all the rumors going around since I... well, the Phoenix, reversed it..." She looks at Dani, "I didn't say anything, but I doubt anyone is going to need to do so." She then glances back to Julie, "Before we do this, I am going to need to talk to your parents. I'm pretty sure they will want you living on campus." And that doesn't sound like it's open for much debate, either.

"Everyone is just assuming you and Scott will be re-opening." Dani says as she gives a slight nod to Jean "And in this case it's a pretty good one." she has been pretty tight lipped about the arrival of the Phoenix and the re-emergence of everyone's mutant abilties. "What about your brothers and sister? I know you probably don't want them tagging along, but have they expressed interest in Xaviers?

"I think Doctor Richards made some sort of offer to Alex." Julie makes a face. "He got a perfect score on his SATs. Colleges are actually trying to recruit HIM instead of the other way around. Jack and Katie might love to go but my guess is mom and dad won't let them leave home just yet. You know Katie's a computer genius? She skipped, like, two grades." She lets out a long suffering sigh. "I can have my folks call you, umm..." She pauses. "... I have no idea what to call you." She admits to Jean. "Jack tends to refer to you as 'the hot redhead from X-Factor' but we never actually did the formal introduction thing. Always met during emergencies."

Jean looks mildly amused, "You can call me Jean, or Mrs. Summers, either would be fine. Currently I'm going by Phoenix, if you want my 'heroic' alias, since my... ah, Rachel, is using Marvel Girl." She passes a sidelong glance to Dani, "Should I be flattered that I'm still remembered as the 'hot redhead' of X-Factor?"

Dani doesn't seem suprised by the news of Alex and Katie. The Powers children have always seemed intelligent, despite the occasional effort to try and hide it. She gives a chuckle at the familiar sigh, She has heard that tone many times, and probably used it a few times herself, "There will be paperwork they need to fill out. That can be e-mail to them, I'm sure." she lifts a shoulder at Jean "You've been called worse."

"Umm, sure. Mrs. Summers." Julie slides a stray hair behind her ear. She moves quickly, so fast it is difficult to follow her hand. A rainbow trail follows the path her hand takes. "My folks have agreed to the idea. They're happy I'll be in a school. I'm sure they'll ask you to keep an eye on me and make sure I don't do superhero stuff unsupervised."

Jean gives Julie a bit of a stern expression, "And they'd be right, you'll be a student, not a superhero." She then grins, cracking the grim visage slightly, "Field work is something you'll be learning gradually, and I want to make sure you're ready. Even with your previous experience with the Power Pack."

"You're going to have a hard enough fitting auditions into your student schedule, much less heroics." Dani comments as the two discuss where priorties should be "You're going to have your hands full this upcoming school year. Not only does it have the potential to be the largest class yet, but there is bound to be backlash from the other students about flexibility with some students as opposed to other."

"Funny how no one complained when we were saving Morlocks in the tunnels." Julie points out a bit petutatly. "Or saving the Statue of Liberty from that giant ship that almost fell on it. Or when we saved the world. And several others. Yeah, I realize it'll be hectic. I have super-speed. If I'm not busy I feel a little manic, honestly."

And /that/ was the wrong tone to adopt, as Jean suddenly gives Julie a look that she MUST have learned from Maddie. Or maybe Dark Phoenix. Either way, it's a bit disconcerting, "The Institute, young lady, is a privilege, it's not a right. And there are going to be conditions set on your enrollment that you will abide by, past heroics notwithstanding. Now, I'm sure that we can come to an arrangement that will work, but you are a student first and foremost."

"EXCEPT the New Mutants were out all the time playing hero back when they were students." Julie says, firmly. "And thank goodness they were because if they weren't? My mother would be dead. Dani personally fought DEATH to save my mom because it was the right thing to do. Because the responsibilities her powers give her superceded everything else. Even grades." She pauses, then says. "And from what I hear, Mrs. Summers, when the X-Men were students they spent as much time in the field as in a classroom." She takes a deep breath. "For a while, when the SRA was active, I didn't register. I tried to forget I had powers. Tried to not be a hero. But I couldn't. I can't. No one is going to die because I need to get into a better college. No one is going to get hurt when I can prevent it because I happen to have a paper due tomorrow. You, each of you, got your powers when you were what? Fourteen? Fifteen? I've had mine since I was eleven. I've been to space. I've fought androids and aliens and demons and supervillains. I have fought alongside each of you against threats that would make most people puke their guts up. Put me up against anyone my age except my brother Alex and I promise I have more experience in this than anyone. I was given my powers for a reason. Literally to save the world and to help people. I won't turn my back on that, ever, for my own comfort."

A sympathic look is given to Julie. Dani has heard that tone before too (freom Jean) and is glad she has never been on the receiving end of it, she is about to speak up but whatever she was about to say is railroaded by the irate teen. "We would never expect you to turn your back on a situation where your help is needed or wanted. It's that very attitude, the desire for the students to make some sort of difference, that there has always been a group for them to go to. First it was the New Mutants, then Gen-X. It hasn't been discussed yet but there is bound to be a similiar group put into action sometime after the school re-opens.

Jean looks impassively at Julie for a while, then grins, "Perfect. We'll talk to your parents, but I don't foresee any problems." She actually looks rather pleased at Julie's monologue, smiling over at Dani, "Told you she had the right attitude for this. So..." She looks back at Julie, "We'll probably have a field team for the students. As Dani mentioned, we always have had that, and we probably aren't going to change that now. Though the 'New Mutants' team name is taken." A wry glance back to Dani, at that.

"There was no doubt from me on that one. If there is one thing the Power Pack have always have a lot of, it's attitude." They make is sound as if this has all been some sort of test for Julie. Maybe it was. There is a non-commital type of shrug then at Jean, "Sam and I are still going over the options now that everyone moving back to Xavier's. Once a decision is made we will sit down with Scott and you to go over the details." with her powers gone, an open secret certainly, there has been some controversy whether should be on the team at all.

".. oh." Julie actually has the good grace to blush. "Well. Um. Good. I mean. I'd like to go to the school. So, good." She chuckles a little. "Wow. Okay. So, I'll ask my parents to call you? Do you have your own area code out here? Do you Skype?"

Jean smiles, "Yes, I do in fact Skype. Or they can give us a call. Here." She offers Julie a business card, "They can reach me here, and we can iron out the fine details." She looks at Dani, and shrugs, "Well, I think you should still lead the team, but I'm staying out of this. You should all decide what you want to do... after all, Storm led the X-Men for quite a while when she was... well, yes."

Julie takes the card. She reads it, then slides it into her jeans pocket. "Thanks. You should lead the team, Dani. I mean, Cannonball's a nice guy but he's a guy. There's not enough girl power in the world."

Jean nods, "I agree completely, but I think I'll let Scott lead the X-Men while I head up the school. We'll be basing the X-Men out of the school anyway, since... well, there's not much point of Utopia with the decimation no longer being a factor." She rises from her chair and looks out the window, seeming glad to be leaving Utopia in the first place.

"Its a hell of a secret club house, though." Julie says as she glances around the room. "I mean, your own floating suburb off the coast? Not bad. I get it, though. There's no place like home." She pauses. "At least you never had to try to hide your space ship in the Hudson. Poor Friday hated that."

Jean chuckles lightly, "Well, there was Ship..." She glances back at Julie, "But, that's enough for business. We'll get things worked out with your parents, I'm sure there's nothing you need to concern yourself with." Her lips quirk somewhat, "As nice as San Francisco is, it's just not the same as Westchester. But as you said, it is home, and it'll be nice to go back."

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