Second Chances

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Beta Ray Bill, Captain America, Kisha, Sandman, Scarlet Witch, and Shadowcat

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01/12/13 17:00

Courtyard - Xavier Estate

Everyone talks about fighting and second chances

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It is a Saturday late afternoon and early evening, Sandman had opted to spend the weekend here, but other than the Danger Room, Guest Room, and Dining Room, he has no idea where anything is. And so he finds himself in the Courtyard looking dumbfounded as he scratches his head and looks around confusedly. Students come and go, but do not offer assistance and a few snicker comments such as ‘flatscan.’ Sandman ignores those as he needs to make a decision about which way to go.

One of the many students passing is perhaps a little stranger than the rest. After all how often do you see a schoolgirl trying to sneak a pressured gas canister in using what few blindspots the security system has? Kisha does her utmost to appear nonchalant, even whistling cheerfully as she strolls across the courtyard, taking a few pauses to wait for camera angles to shift away from her intended route.

Shadowcat air walked down from the roof add thigh she was walking down stairs. Bean bags hitting some of the students add she fires an air powered gun. once down on the ground she Gibbs slaps a couple students. "knock it off! He is a teacher here, an avenger and it is beyond childish and petty to act like that, show some respect!" shaking her head disappointedly at the students. "I apologize for them, we /try/ to teach them to be decent considerate people, apparently some need a special class in it. Here this might help you find your way around, we all needed maps when we rebuilt" offering sandman a map before looking over at Kisha "And what exactly are you up to?" kitty was still almost the age of the kids themselves but she knew a kid trying not to be noticed when she saw it.

Growing frustrated and ready to finally ask for assistance, he spots different students, but feels none of them are approachable as they are in small groups. Finally the lone student appearing nonchalant garners his attention. She is alone, so she probably won’t be as mean as the other students. Making his way towards her, he is ready to respond when Kitty’s arrival causes him to smile and loudly breathe a sigh of relief. He smiles as he reviews the map and then looks to Kitty, not having thought Kisha was up to something.

"I've just taken collection of a delivery," Kisha offers innocently. "It's empty and entirely within the school rules.. I double checked. Are you allowed to shoot at the other students like that? It seems a bit rude."

Shadowcat smiles to sandman and offers her hand "nice to meet you again" before chuckling at Kisha "call it a bit of combat training. you never know when you're going to get surprise attacked and I /do not/ like bullying or teasing. It is inexcusable to do especially to a faculty member. Mind if I see your delivery?"

Noting the girl’s response to Kitty, Sandman cannot help but chuckle. She may have a point about Kitty shooting the students, but it was funny either way. He shakes Kitty’s hand and then looks to the two female mutants with K names, “Yes, I gotta say that still surprises me. For all the crap mutants get, you’d think the ones here would be cool.” He shrugs, “Racism. It happens everywhere.” He pauses a moment, “Wait? It is Racism? The whole mutant/human thing?”

Kisha shrugs. "Be my guest," she offers with a shrug. "I think it does count. You're not a mutant, but you're a teacher? Some form of science accident? Or are you a wizard of some sort?" If Kitty checks the gas tank she'll find it is indeed empty and happens to be a fairly high pressure container. There is even a faded warning flammable sticker on it.

Shadowcat would have to have a talk with jean about this reverse racism trend among the students, it was counter productive! Still irked she checked over the tank and the first thing that comes to mind is kids and their pranks "This isn't going be part of s prank will it? I don't want anyone hurt. then jean and Scott won't let me have any fun ok?" nodding in agreement with kisha "unfortunately I think it does count add racism and something we elk need to work to correct, this is a place to teach and learn acceptance so humans, mutants and altered can ask live in peace and be treated equally!" luckily Lockheed came flying out of the door and landed on her shoulder, grinning she pressed her creek against the Dragon add she began to calm down. "We might need a mandatory ethics and morals class..."

“No. Not a wizard. I’m not too big a fan or magic, but don’t let the Scarlet Witch know that.” He winks and grins as he continues, “No I got my power by accident. I was running form the cops and fled to a nuclear testing site on a beach near Savannah, Georgia where I came into contact with sand that had been irradiated by an experimental reactor. My body and the radioactive sand bonded, which changes my molecular structure into sand.” His explanation does not sound like something he would normally say with such big words, but then Sandman adds, “That is how Reed Richards explained it to me” Smiling when Lockheed lands, “Sup, ‘heed.” He then looks to all present, “Yeah, racism…all isms suck.”

"Why on earth was someone testing a reactor out in the open somewhere people might run into it? I would have thought they would place that sort of facility in a remote location...." Kisha notes with a frown. "And people say my brand of science is dangerous! For the record I'd rather we didn't have any classes like that. You would ruin my grade point average for the year."

Shadowcat smirks at Kisha "Is that an annoyance that your morals and ethics need readjustment our are anything that we wouldn't approve of here?" then smiles gesturing toward sandman "Sandman is an avenger and they've been nice enough work with us. An alliance of sorts, so they are teachers as well and deserve the same respect add some of you may be working with them after graduation" perhaps a bit of incentive for the kids. Lockheed looking at sandman and raising a paw as if to high five the avenger

“Well, it wasn’t directly out in the open. Like I said, I was running from the cops. I sorta ran into it, I guess. I was a criminal, but as Kitty says, I have since become an Avenger.” Sandman high fives the dragon alien and then looks perplexed at Kisha, “Haven’t I seen you before? Didn’t Hydro-Man attack you or something a few months back?”

Kisha scratches her head, glances between Sandman and Shadowcat, then waves her hand. "Possibly? Since then giant robots have tried murder everyone and I've been doing some science things.... I even helped rebuild this place. Some-one with a name like Hydro-Man doesn't even really register anymore, splashing people with water is hardly scary compared to all the murderbots." She frowns. "Honestly? I don't want an ethics class because conventional ethics don't line up with how my mind works. They're all stupid and wrong."

Shadowcat raises an eyebrow at Kisha "So learning to talk people down rather then punch then it when there's s chance to our treat people with compassion and understanding when they're having a tough time, is stupid and wrong? what about learning to give everyone a chance and not judge on appearances, learning not to be prejudiced?" yeah some of that would come back to bite her about emma...

Nodding his head, “People look at me and think of me as just a former villain and overlook my time with the Avengers. There are all different types of prejudice. But when you are a former villain, trying to do good. That is the worst. You try to be good and you are forced to be bad.” Sandman shakes his head in agreement with Kitty.

"I don't punch people and I judge people via a strict set of scientific standards. Well I suppose I would punch someone if there was a desperate need, but honestly this whole violence thing is a waste of my time." Kisha says solemnly, tapping her fingers against the canister. "Like lately I've been researching rocketry... again. My first set of research got ruined in an unfortune incident that didn't involve the burning of any school property. Just a light scorching."

Shadowcat nods, sympathetically agreeing with Sandman "Kisha I know science is important to you but 'all this combat stuff' is to keep you safe. It's too teach you to control your powers and yourself, defend yourself and others you care for and fight back when you need to. There is no full life Lockheed away from the world"

“Exactly.” Sandman offers in agreement with Kitty. “Fighting is necessary. Not that you need to fight all the time, but at least for defense. Science is cool and all, but even great scientists like Reed Richards are trained in combat. I would say at least learn about it. Aren’t there some martial arts that are used solely for defense?” He asks Kitty.

"If I have to fight people I'll do it with science. Maybe with the aforementioned rockets! And for the record I could well lock myself away from the world. Large portions of it wouldn't mind killing me or locking me up." Kisha rolls her eyes, then leans against a nearby wall. "Look I know you think it helps, but combat training does nothing for my power and teaches me nothing about myself. I am fairly self aware thanks to hours of introspection while recovering from various mishaps."

Shadowcat nods to sandman "judo for one, the art of using one's size weight and momentum against them" then looks to Kisha "I know you don't think so now Kisha but trust me ok? I've been to countless dimensions and met many villains. our science? teens to be a bit primitive to others, science won't always be the answer" a touch of regret in her tone at the admission. Kitty really would like it if people could get along and tech was the answer to everything...

Shrugging his shoulders, “Well, who knows. I guess if you use a rocket against someone that is still fighting. The physical fighting doesn’t do you any good, I guess. Maybe you can use some fanchy schamncy armor like Iron Man.” Sandman laughs and hmmmns as he looks to Kitty, “Judo. Yeah that’s good. You’re like a ninja or something? Maybe you can teach her that? And maybe Iron Man can get his shiny butt here and work directly with you, Kisha.”

Shaking her head Kisha scuffs her feet against the sidewalk. "Look I've been into space and seen alien technology. Sure some people have better toys than I have, but the universe is a big place and there is plenty of room for everyone. I just need to find a nice little corner that no-one cares about." She smiles. "Learning to hit people isn't going to help against anything like killer alien spaceships. They'll just blow us up from orbit... Well me anyway. You two are probably both pretty hard to kill that way."

Shadowcat smiles warmly "Logan taught me a lot actually specially after Japan. What I'm trying to say Kisha Is that you can't spend your life hiding from everything, you have to be prepared for add much add you can be and ready to do what you have to. sometimes that means hiding and sometimes that means showing the world 'yes I'm different, but I want the same things as you'. In the end we're all the same Kisha, regardless of our genes"

“I am pretty hard to kill.” Sandman nods in agreement, “You’ve been space? Cool.” He looks to Kitty, “Wow, those are some pretty impressive field trips. Most I ever went to school was the zoo.” As Kitty goes on to explain why learning self-defense may be necessary. He simply nods as he could not have said it better himself.

"Erm. It wasn't exactly a field trip. Someone had been kidnapped by an alien Empress and long story short she wanted people to appear at a trial but it was a trap. I got to sabotage this cool security system and pester aliens about how the spaceship works. Oh and someone had thier head removed simply to make a point," Kisha explains indifferently. "And I do know how to fight to some extent. The trick is to hit people with overwhelming force before they even know you're there."

Shadowcat shrugs to sandman "I'm still catching up on all the files. During the Ultron trouble, we had spider bots attack and then twelve sentinels leveled the school. Rachel Summers and I came back from excalibur to help rebuild"

"I never did get to see the Ultron killer device I built in operation.... Oh well. Probably for the best. I guess it didn't do anyone any lasting harm, but that sort of machine is a little too awkward for my liking. Nothing good ever comes from including biology into a design," Kisha replies with a slight smile. "I'm not quite sure why something like that would induce you to come back Kitty... Common sense is to run /away/ from places that sort of thing happens."

Shadowcat smiles to Kisha patting "We try to teach our students to make the most of what they are and their abilities but do it responsibly fir the good of all. Sides the lighthouse in Europe was getting a bit crowded." she says to sandman before grinning to Kisha "because I felt I was needed here more and could make more of a contribution. I came here when I was 13 Kisha, this place is not of a home then any other"

“Well, Kitty, maybe you should personally mentor Kisha then.” Sandman ponders, “I’ve been working directly with Cecily and that seems to be working out well. Perhaps more personal direction and interaction with the students may works things out better for her.” He looks to Kisha, “What do you think?”

Kisha shrugs. "I don't believe I need a mentor, not unless it's someone with a large budget for my work? I have tried get on with people, but I just don't have the knack. Nothing personal Kitty, I just don't think either of us would get a whole lot about the arrangement."

Shadowcat grins at sandman, he had a good idea...and the gears in her head start turning "Hmm I'll see what iron man thinks, people skills are very important and your difficulty with them is something you and jeanne have in common among other things"

“Oh does Jean Grey have difficulty with people skills? I met her. She seemed nice enough.” Sandman asked not realizing the difference in names.

Shadowcat shakes her head softly "No jeanne foucault, she's a mimic we gave her the name finesse. but if bad people skills means inviting Emma Frost to teach the kids part time counts as bad? then yes"

Pouting Kisha reaches for her canister. "Look it's not me which has a problem. It's everyone else who just doesn't understand how things should work. For the record Emma Frost was a teacher here when I started. She wasn't any worse than anyone else." She nods. "Anyway I better get back to my work. Nice speaking with you both."

“Ah….well I guess I will need to meet Finesse and Emma Frost.” Sandman shrugs, “I don’t know her. “ He looks to Kisha, “Well, nice meeting you too.”

Shadowcat shakes her head "nice meeting you Kisha" her tone apologetic before she turns to sandman "You don't have to know Miss Frost, you can smell her. My very first day as an x-man and a student, my first day...she attacked me and the X-Men, she tried to kill us and it nearly ruined any chance I had of going to school here and being an x-man. I was 13!"

“Oh jeez. . .then why is she teaching here?” Sandman is utterly shocked and aghast. “Well, I guess you have reason to hate her. . .but we did just say one should give people second chances.”

And there was the bite coming back to her butt..."I'll give her s second chance when she had a serious attitude adjustment. She tried recruiting me fir her own group, the hellfire club! She tried to kill me and the X-Men because I joined the professor and the X-Men instead. She's as cold as her name, calculating and manipulative. She doesn't care who she crushes or destroys long as she comes out ahead" illustrating that frost was also highly vindictive.

“Well, no offense, Kitty. I believe you and everything. But the same has been said about me. Hell, most of the Avengers still don’t trust me.” Sandman makes a sad face, “This Emma Frost is probably as bad and evil as you say. But maybe try and give her a chance?” He hmmmns, “As someone who has been as evil as evil can be. And as someone who is not trusted by his own friends and teammates. . .maybe give her a chance and she will prove you wrong.”

"I have oft found that some beings may act in good cause, though their nature may not have changed, while others change their inner selves but make little hue and cry of it." a resonant voice sounds from the doorway. The mighty figure of Beta Ray Bill strides out into the courtyard and greets his fellow Avenger (and Bill) as well as the X-(Wo)Man.

"I have oft found that some beings may act in good cause, though their nature may not have changed, while others change their inner selves but make little hue and cry of it." a resonant voice sounds from the doorway. The mighty figure of Beta Ray Bill strides out into the courtyard and greets his fellow Avenger (and Bill) as well as the X-(Wo)Man.

“Well does the cause really matter, Bill? Maybe this Emma is just a mean witch, but if she is trying to do good, then she should be allowed to do it with little interference from others.” Sandman shrugs, “But maybe it is good you don’t outright trust her. You can keep an eye on her then. I guess it is like Cap with me. The guy hates me and is constantly riding me for my past. And at first, I was pissed about it. I won’t let the Avengers keep me from doing my part and staying on my path to what is right. And hopefully Emma sticks to that path too.”

"I have my doubts that the Captain wishes to interfere with your...rehabilitation." the alien notes carefully, "He may merely be unable to properly express his wishes for you."

Shadowcat smiles to sandman "I would think by now you've proved yourself to your teammates, just like rogue had proved herself to us here. Maybe cap just wants to look out for a big brother thing"

“Trust me, Cap is not doing the big brother thing. And he is not interfering with me. I think he is just being careful. I guess. Like how you should be Kitty.” Sandman shrugs a bit as he looks to Bill, “No matter I’ve proved myself. There will always be doubt. Kinda like with this Emma. Kisha said she taught here before and yet you still don’t trust her, Kitty.”

"I have heard much of Emma Frost." Beta Ray Bill says evenly, "Manipulative, yes...cold as Niflheim itself...yet one which does seem to genuinely care for her charges...tragic though their end was. But then, there are oft seeds of good buried within the soil of evil."

Over the ambient noise, the telltale muffled whine of Avengers quinjet engines can be heard, becoming increasingly more audible. Eventually the source of said noise makes itself visible in the sky. The quinjet slows and switches to VTOL configuration, depositing it on the mansion's grounds just after the landing gear descend from their housings. Within seconds, the hatch opens allowing the jet's two occupants, Captain America and the Scarlet Witch, to egress. As the pair make their way to the courtyard, Cap says to his teammate, "Must admit I do enjoy the scenery out here."

Wanda smiles, "The advantages of being outside the city. It's rather peaceful out here." She walks next to Cap, and waves over to those already here, raising her voice, "Good evening!"

Shadowcat nods in agreement with most of what Bill says "Yes she taught here then she went off to join serene and open the Massachusetts academy and join the hellfire club." Kitty was a bit worked up about the current subject "I don't have to keep an eye on her, I can /smell/ her...the face of evil" looking over as a quinjet arrives she smirks at sandman "babysitter is here" she teases jovially

Looking at Beta Ray Bill as soon as the two other Avengers make presence known, “Did you do this? I swear. The minute I mention it. . .” Sandman looks visibly annoyed and then sighs, “Kitty, give Emma a chance. As someone who has to put up with it on a daily basis. . .it’s not cool.” He exhales and smiles to Wanda, “Good evening, Wanda.” He looks to Cap and nods to him.

"Wyrd." Beta Ray Bill says evenly, "The tides of probability...'fate', if you believe in such, friend Bill."

Captain America holds up a hand in a cordial wave to the two Bills. "'Evening, gentlemen. Hope no one minds us dropping in unannounced. Wanda's been telling me of the Avengers' co-venture with the school and I thought I should get up to speed." He grins at Shadowcat and nods in deference to her. "Ms. Pryde."

Letting out another sigh, Sandman walks into the mansion, not wanting to speak to Captain America at the moment.

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