Searching for Snakes, Finding Spyders

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Nightcrawler, Mirage, Havok, Spyder (aliens)

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11/14/12 08:13

Prawling (Upstate), New York

The team goes to a former Serpent Society base to investigate

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HISTORY TIME: The Serpent Society Citadel was the Society's upstate New York headquarters, located near the city of Pawling. It was an abandoned mental hospital purchased by Seth Voelker (Sidewinder) and held in his name. It possessed residential and training areas for the team, a communications center, an infirmary, drop tubes on each floor which led to the hangars, and a relaxing natural-seeming indoor pond area which was, of course, filled with snakes. Residential areas were decorated with a snake motif, complete with ornate serpentine headboards and mirrors. Serpent Society members were given micro-communicators which were monitored from here, but which did not require the Citadel to operate.

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Brightwind carries the two through the frigid climes of a snow covered Upstate New York. Prawling is located north of Salem Center by approximately 60 miles (very close to the X-Mansion). The terrain is nicely wooded with signfiicant developments. Coming to the property, the duo will notice that it's unkempt, overgrown, yet still holds the historic appeal that it once 50 years ago when it served as a mental institution. Now, it sits and rots as a property of the county that cannot afford restoration or demolition. It doesn't appear to have had anyone tread (no tracks in the snow) its boundaries in weeks, if not months or years. Though as Brightwind circles the larger structure, it's noted that a few windows have been knocked out (likely by ruffians who wanted to prove their bravery and sneak into the assumed haunted building).

As the circle on their way down, Kurt points at the snow, which Dani has already seen most likely. "I vote we land on a roof, don't add any of our tracks to that blanket. We can break into roof access, if the kids can get in through the windows."

Dani banks the pegasus around to circle the building as she looks for a suitable place to land. Taking Kurt's suggestion she sends the mount into a descent "We may want to jump down from a safe height." she eyes the rooftop of the old building "With the snow it is hard to tell where we can land without causing a cave in.

"Ok," agrees Kurt, "Let me jump first, if it collapses, I can port out quickly. If its safe, you can follow." And he waits for Brightwind to hover close enough at Dani's command, then leaps for the roof.

The wingbeats of the pegasus stir up the snow as she hovers above the roof. Waiting for Kurt to give her the okay signal Dani watches, ready to take action should the rook collapse under him.

Landing carefully, not so gracefully, in the snow, Kurt calls up, "Seems stable enough, jump close to me, I'll try to put a hand on you in case the roof gives, so I can port us both away." He does just that, looking almost like he'll try to catch her but not quit.

The rooftop is soft, a little more mushy than it should be, but it's old and not maintained. There is a nearby roof access (a door leading to stairs down).

Giving Brightwind a pat on the neck, and mental instructions to find a safe place to wait, Dani jumps from the saddle, aiming herself so she lands near Kurt. It is a practiced manuever, probably one has done often in the past.

As Dani lands, Kurt looks around for the nearest rooftop access, begins to make his way there to try the door and break it in if he has too. He comments, "Remember, if anyone jumps up with knife, let them cut me, not you."

Over the com, Havok says, "You guys found anything yet? We've got nothing but a construction zone here. The hotel that was once here has been torn down and they're building some sort of 'shopping center'."

"How about I just shoot them? No cutting required." Dani replies after a quick eye roll "A lot of snow and cold. I'm definatly going to need a warm drink when we get back." is the reply back "It looks abandonded, but not taking that for granted."

"So, you're saying," says Kurt, still going to try that door, "I shouldn't kick it in if its locked?" He looks over his shoulder, grinning, "I mean, sure I could spot through a window and port in, but that's not as fun as kicking doors down."

Dani looks over the door they are standing in front of "Before we start kicking doors down.." she removes the bow from her back and uses it to prod the door to see if it is even secure. "It'd be best to check them first.

The door is unlocked, but sticky due to the snow packed just outside it. It will take a little digging and shifting to open it properly. When that is done, the stairs that are revealed plunge into the darkness beneath. Flashlights will be needed if night vision isn't available.

Thankfully the door is unlocked, simply because teleporting would mean separating. Also, thankfully, the door is not used in a long while, giving less credit to the idea of the Society being here lately. They could still use other parts, but the stairs are relatively safe. Kurt will get whatever light source they have and lead the way down the stairs, moving slowly, aiming for the first floor unless any doors on other floors look disturbed/used recently.

Frowning down into the darkness Dani glances over at Kurt to gauge his reaction to what they are walking into. She follows Kurt down, treading softfully, just in case "You know, of things I would rather do in the dark, this doesn't make my top three." she whispers as she descends the dark staircase.

The descent is devoid of debris or liter. The stairs, albeit dusty, are clear and every exit to floors 4, 3, 2, and 1 have been removed to allow passage without restriction. Looking down corridors into the floors also reveals that the building has been stripped of useful things (such as metal fire doors and interior glass panes or operational fixtures). There is a musty smell and the hints of rat droppings. The second floor hallway is however litered with lots of metal bedframes, desks, and chairs. All old, and useless. Illumination is sparse on all floors, the ocassional room with a broken or in tact window allowing light into the hallway. But for the most part - dark.

The first floor portal opens into a lobby of sorts. It too is devoid of solid fire doors and seems rather open and vacant. Some light reaches in from high windows in the front of the building.

Grinning quietly, Kurt ponders, "Oh, there is something else you'd rather do with me in the dark? Perhaps we should discuss this?" Though as the reach the first floor, nothing really sticks out to the blue elf. "Perhaps we should go sublevel and search around, this looks like abandoned mental institution, not snake pit hideout?"

Knowing or maybe assuming that he is joking Dani covers a laugh as she scans her flashlight around the lobby "I'll let Kitty handle the 'dark' activities with you." as he goes from levity to serious so does she "Maybe we should have downloaded the blueprints or map of this place from state archives.

It's unlikely that the Society utilized the entire structure for their living quarters when they were here. Though, the second floor wreaks of debris, it's likely the members of the society used it as a dumping ground for all the crap that they did not want in their areas. A basement (underground area) is very reasonable, but there will be a non-public access point into it, not the common stairwell that the duo is presently on. Venturing out is one of the better options.

Indeed, assuming the first floor is the lowest level original to the institution and there is no more 'down' in the present starewell, Kurt will indeed move out to start looking around the first floor. He will be cautious of traps, look for other cameras doing the same thing they intend to do (ie, live feed cameras that might be currently recordign), and he will search about the first floor for non-public access areas to sublevels.

Seeing as how most hospitals have have signs posted near entrances and stairwells that give the basic layout of the floor a person is on, Dani wanders the public areas looking for one of those as well as any other signage that can give a clue as to another set of stairs. If she happens on the actual egress to such areas great or finds signs pointing the right direction, great, if not she will eventually join Kurt as he searches. She periodocally stops to listen. She guesses she could just question the rats, but they don't have the same sense of direction or distance that could be overall helpful.

The structure has been abandoned for quite some time. When the Society was routed, the Avengers surely cleaned the area for traps, and then other agencies stripped it of useful items or evidence to build a case against the Society. There are signs/maps and after a moment or two of orientation, the descent into the sublevel can be found. It's located toward the back of the structure in one of the back hallways. There are two access points, one in the middle of the building, and the other off the eastern wing.
Passing through the structure in route to the stairs down, the duo will notice a few areas where kids broke in and made shelter, perhaps a few homeless lived in the area for a time. But, one thing that does stand out is that the deeper areas were in less disarray than the second floor and seemed to serve a purpose for a group that lived here. There's even a meeting room that was once tastefully decorated with the serpent symbol painted upon the wall (since painted over with graffiti).
The stairs down are found and the darkness is even more prevalent.

Noises are heard within the darkness. The shuffling of feet, the clank of metal striking concrete, a crunching of glass, shuffling of tiny claws on tile.

When the noises are heard Dani switches off her flashlight so its beam won't give away her location. "Did Ship supply us with nightvision goggles?" she whispers to Kurt "Or any kind of thermal imaging device?

Looking down into the darkness then back at Dani, Kurt shakes his head. "No, no cool gadgets, just the recording devices." He is whispering this, "Its probably rodents, lets assume if there is no power and any Snakes return, they won't spend much time in the sublevels as well. We can train a camera on the access points to the sublevel, to catch anyone exiting into them, or entering from the sublevel?" He is paused though, no telling what is down there and they may still have to check it out, with flashlights.

More subtle movement is heard within the darkness along with the sound of silk rope stretching.

"I can work with rats." Dani states in a whispered tone. She mentally scans the area for a rat or similar rodent, but finds nothing with senses that she can easily piggyback on. Plenty of cockroaches and other bugs but they are useless for her purpose. Her head cants at the new unusual sound not sure quite what it is "That didn't sound like a rodent to me.

"You're right," says Kurt, who doesn't wait but turns his flash light about to look around, just in case that silk rope isn't intended for them - garrote style. "We'll have to go with what we have, hope whatever is down here really doesn't see better than us in the dark."

The stairs down will descend half the flight then wind back on themselves to enter the room below. They are not clean.

Dani isn't exactly Ms. Neat, but she does have her limits and the state of the staircase going down bypassed them at highspeed without bothering to look back and wave. Having a job to do, one that is certainly in her best interest she begins to carefully make her way down, using the light from Kurt's flashlight to see, she isn't keen to turn hers back on yet. Not until they get a better idea as to what is making the noises.

Getting to the room below, Kurt looks around for other doors, and up into the darkness all around. He means to scan nooks and crannies, hopefuly to catch whatever has made that sound. "This could be tricky, ja. Not to be forward, but I advise grabbing my tail. Should trouble arise, I can get us both out quickly so long as we are in contact." His tail lifts up higher, offering itself.

Dani smirks into the darkness "You? Not forward? Hell will freeze over first." she puts away the flashlight, since she wasn't using it anyway, and gently takes hold of the offered tail. She looks around, into the areas that Kurt's beam of light illuminates.

Unable to help a chuckle, Kurt nods, "If that day comes, then we must all find a way to keep warm." He pauses in his nook and cranny search to look over his shoulder a moment, "I am only stating a truth." As if defending his guilt over implications in his words, though it would surely be shameless guilt guessing by the growing smile on his face, perhaps somewhat noticeable in the dim room lit only be roving flashlight.

When the duo is securely within the basement level (a large open room with many columns to support the ceiling above (which is 12' high).). They find it filled with crates, boxes, and various junk. They will then hear the shfiting of something, the stretching of silk rope, and then see a creature skittering across the ceiling toward them.

Then in another area, a similiar creature drops from the ceiling and will close on them via the floor.

While in another area, a like creature will also descend upon a webbing from the ceiling.

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"Phase II," says Kurt, "We catch one of these friendly guys for questions." Cause certainly they know something about the Serpent Society, they look friendly enough. Without warning, Kurt drops the flashlight, hopefully to illuminate the room dimly, and bamfs to the one closest on the floor, attampts to grab, then multiport to disorient it. (teleport, grab, grab if miss port if grabbed, port)

Other sounds are heard within the expansive basement level, beyond the light of the torch which may lead the heroes to believe that there are more than just three spyder-like creatures.

Spyder #1 (ceiling spyder) stops 12' up and 20' away to draw something from his utility belt that is pointed toward Mirage. The sound emitted from the weapon is 'sploooosh' as it ejects a glob of sticky webbing. It strikes Mirage in the chest, some splatters about her neck and jawline while other spatters extend to her arms and upper legs.

The one that was teleported by Kurt is still oriented, he attacks twice with balled up fists, missing both times.

The third one dangling from the web will leap toward Mirage to attack with balled fists. Striking once, doing 10 points of physical damage (20-10armor=10).

After the initial teleportation that sends Mirage with Nightcrawler she lets go not wanting to experience the gut wrenching sensation again. As the spyder like humanoids descend she pulls her bow though it becomes useless as the sticky webbing splatters against her upper body. Which makes self-defense useless as well since she is unable to break free. She is knocked back by the attack.

As her struggles to get free from the sticky subtances are fruitless for the moment, Mirage falls back on the ability that doesn't require the use of her hands. She quickly dives into the mutants mind to pull out his fear.

An image emerges from the mind of the spyder creature. It is a monstrous creature that is seen by all the other spyder creatures in the room. They scream (horrific screams that pierce eardrums (+roll/feat E)). Then they scatter in all directions, except for the one in the image who passes out due to the fear.

[OOC] Havok says, ""

This also triggers a memory from Mirage. Perhaps it was the lack of light, but she is just now recognizing the Spyder creature from previous adventures witht he New Mutants. The creature that is in the illusion is the full grown aspect fo the Gosamyr creature.

Covering his ears for the moment, unable to move while the creatures scream, when Kurt does recover he teleports to Dani to get her out of the web. "That's one way to do it, if Alex asks, no one was cut right?" Then he looks at the one living the nightmare of the weird creature, and says, "So, we take him upstairs, tie him up, question him about the Snakes when he comes too?"

The spyders flee into the darkness. The one remains at their feet, unconscious. Kurt quickly discovers that the sticky mess that he wants to get Dani unstuck from is very sticky - such that he needs to now make a strength roll to break free of it (if touched it).

Mirage stares at the vision she has pulled from the, for lack of a better term, creatures mind, "Fuck." is her monotone comment as recognition hits her. Anything else is forgotten as the screaming and fleeing starts, unable to cover her ears, since she is entangled, she winces in pain as it reverberates through her brain. When Nightcrawler comes near and speaks she just nods at him she probably can't hear over the ringing in her ears.

As he starts to stick to the web when he reaches to touch Dani, Kurt teleports them both out, saying more loudly, "Should we teleport topside with him and tie him up for questioning later." Its said slow and loud, like when ignorant people think that helps ESL people.

Suddenly, the ground beneath their feet starts rumbling. The walls start to crack. It's as if there's a major earthquake about to bring down the building.

"Yes." Mirage replies probably overly loud "I know what he is, not sure how helpful he will be. I have had dealings with his kind before. The New..." she pauses as the ground begins to shake "Forget the sticky stuff, just get us out of here before the roof comes down.

Appearing outside, in the snow, near the bank of trees that run along the driveway, Mirage and Nightcrawler see the building before them. The building is riddled with cracks as dust is released and windows breaking. The collapse is immenent. Another thing they will notice is that the ground beneath the structure is heaving upward (if not by a few inches) and there's a horrendous roar (of a rocket engine) just to the right hand side of the structure.

(Just poses it to move it along) ... As the building starts to collapse beneath them, which Kurt suspects might be the Spyders getting into some space craft with their space weapon hotdog belts and all, he teleports himself with Dani, taking the webbing with him, depositing her and his gloves in the webbing outside the building, in the snow most likely, but he returns in an attempt to grab the nightmare/mind zotted Spyder and bring him up too. (Teleport, Teleport, Teleport, Teleport - teleporting another that is immobile doesn't required an attack/agility/whatever role).

Passed out, the Spyder creature will not put up a fight and will easily be ported to Mirage's location.

The willing passenger of Nightcrawler's teleporting out of the danger zone, Dani waits where she is put, watching the building shake and rattle. She does make sure that Brightwind isn't anywhere near the building, though the pegasus is bright enough to get out of danger on her own. Not wanting to spread the sticky web stuff around she keeps still despite the temptation to make snow angels.

The building starts to crumble, first the top floors collapse then crush the lower floors into a heaping pile of twisted metal and broken stone/brick. Dust washes upward causing a huge obscuring cloud.

Then the flash of fiery light is seen as the alien spacecraft (which appears as a giant tick/spider) is seen emerging from the cloud of dust and rocketing away into the afternoon sky.

Kurt's biggest concern is Dani stuck in molecularly bound webbing, the ship catches his attention, but their X-peeps, they've seen it before. He instead turns to Dani, "I guess that means we don't have to put up survelaince now, I doubt they'll come back soon." Half a chuckle, "Bad news is, I don't know what to do about that webbing on you. We can tie up your friend here, see if he can help us, wait it out see if it wears off, or you know, get you to Hank see if he can experiment on it until it comes off ... I promise we'll get it off before the alien impregnates you ..."

Dani gives Kurt a peircing look, "What?" she exclaims before realizing he is joking about it, which she then just eye rolls "I'm sure Beast would look a new sample for his collection." she glances down at the unconcious alien creature "We'll have to have Ship send a vehicle, unless you just want to 'slide back." she isn't going to risk getting her mount all entangled in this webbing stuff.

The spyder ship disappears beyond view.

Nodding, Kurt goes with it, "Sure, let's go with this slide back, as much as I'd love to fly us back in some vehicle, perhaps this is faster and we can get your friend there contained. I hope he is somehow mutant in origin, or Ship will be mad, but I saw we go for it." He doesn't do this slide thing, seeing as he can teleport himself, even if only up to 1-2 miles at a time, it can make be quick enough for blue fuzzy elves.

"Maybe you should grab him." Dani nods toward the Spyder creature "Ship," she says through the comm unit, assuming the web stuff hasn't ruined it, "We need a slide back, directly to the brig, please. Oh and contact Hank McCoy and let him know that we have something that he may find interesting.

Ship says, "Very well." and everyone is slid to their proper places. Then ship notes, "Mirage, you have an adheasive about your body. I'll use my <deus ex machina ability name> to remove it. Report to science lab 1."

"Oh, that's easier, just make sure Ship saves some for Hank," says Kurt, not bothering to tell Ship directly for some reason. "And if Ship could let me know if that space critter made the voyage, where its detained and when it comes around, I'll definitely put Ship on my cookie list for Christmas this year."

Dani gives an affirmative nod "Will do." she glances down at herself and sighs "Better than getting shish kebobbed." she then makes her way to the science lab, to get cleaned up.

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