Searching for Snakes

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Havok & Shadowcat

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11/14/12 8:14

Bronx, New York City

Havok and Shadowcat set out sensors.

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In route to the Bronx, Havok fills Shadowcat in on the information they've gathered about the former Serpent Society base. The team also possessed a smaller base in a multi-story hotel, the Stuyvesant Arms Hotel on East 238th Street in the Bronx (New York City, New York), and this too was occasionally referred to as the Citadel. This base had many of the same facilities (presumably much of the prior Citadel's equipment was relocated here after that base was closed), and it included technology to create an artificial cloud bank over the building's rooftop to hide the comings and goings of the Serpent Saucers. This became the group's primary headquarters after the Viper's takeover, but was closed after Captain America and Paladin invaded it following Diamondback's trial.

They are investigating this area because of the recent attacks made by the Serpent Society against Mirage. And the team wants payback.

They fly in one of SHIP's flying cars and arrive at the multi-story hotel which has been refurbished and looking quite pristine. It is not yet in operation, but will be soon. It will serve as a residential facility where people will buy apartments and live long term. The hotel is still being fitted with fixtures and such so there's quite a bit of delivery and instillation traffic.

Havok sets the flying car down and will 'park' it on the street. There are a few onlookers when the duo get out, but are used to that type of traffic. Havok radios the others asking status, then pleased with the response, he says to Shadowcat, "This is gonna be a simple walk through and we'll be setting up monitoring devices. If asked why we are here, we're doing a routine security sweep."

looking to havok kitty nods "sounds easy enough but there's not much in our lives and what we do that's routine y' know. Would be nice for this to be a buying walk thru right lockheed?" Grinning as the dragon nods in agreement

"We're super heroes, they know this, we know this - bring the dragon. People may like it." Intones Havok as he exits, grabs the backpack and starts walking to the building as if he is on a mission.

laughing kitty nods "people go all big eyed in disbelief when they see him. THEN they start to like him if y'know they're tyranasaur or one of the kids the cops always think they're hallucinating like they've seen casper the ghost or something" hugging lockheed and purring him as though that could make up for people's reactions

Havok grins and shakes his head in humor.

They move into the hotel without any hinderance or reticence from the occupants (who are mostly transient themselves). Only once is Havok stopped to ask what's going on by a foreman, but his presence and answers are enough and the duo are allowed to carry on with their work. Realizing the place isn't hostile, the duo splits up (keeping an open radio channel) and will set the electronic devices while scanning around for anything that stands out as a former Serpent Society item/area/something. But nothing stands out or is found.

When they're done (1 hour later), they meet up at the flying car and having a very non confrontational day Alex says, "That was a whole lot easier than I expected."

kitty nods "get the feeling it was too easy? I sure do, either that our we missed something"

"We totally missed something. But, that's why we put in the SHIP stuff, so he can scan and monitor." Havok answers while starting up the flying car.

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